Run two MySQL commands as SET @a = 'foo '; SELECT @a; in Labiew?

I would like to test some MySQL's stored procedures that have parameters OUT. In Toad for MySQL, I can write

CALL CleverProcedure (42, @var);
SELECT @var;

And I'll get the @var out parameter value. If I try the same thing in my standard, simple '' I get syntax errors when using several MySQL set commands. "I use ' DB tools run query VI" on the basis of data/advanced palette.

I think that there is a quick way to do this? It's only for the test, so I don't mind beeing solution quick and dirty!

/ Ola

Use creating parameterized query VI.  The text of the query will be the name of your stored procedure, and you will need to build an array of parameters for the input and output parameters.  Entrance to the stored procedure must be true.  A thread that in executing query VI, followed by the Get parameter value VI.

Something like this should work (untested).  You need to establish the connection details.

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    Well, the problem is that you try to control the objects on the page of body and a template at a time.

    It is usually not so simple to achieve.

    I changed a little your form.

    The image of a trombone and the digital field now monitor the valur of the digital field and change the property being searched if the value is greater than 0.

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    } * brqxQ

  • Running two cmd prompt in parallel

    It's been a while since I've posted

    How do you run two guests of cmd in parallel?

    Kind regards


    Please note using LV 8.6.

    Running in execution of highlight mode does not reveal whether or not they are running simultaneously.  Is this the only way that you "know" that they do not run concurrent?  If so, I would look for another way to confirm.  Maybe writing in two separate text files and recording a timestamp.  How long the procedure is that you want to run with the command prompt?

    If you only need to run each command once, the loops are not necessary.  LabVIEW, by design, takes advantage of the multithreaded processors as long as there is no dependency between the two commands.

  • What is the best way to run two concurrent programs using the output of either executing the other?

    I wanted to just kind of get a notice of some people here. I have two main screws the first is a data acquisition system that displays 99 different sensors and which feeds on these data in a table. The second is a real-time processing system that is designed to take the painting and do many calculations. The two output data from screw at the front that I want to see, so I don't want to use just as a Subvi.

    Is there a simple way to run two screws, using the output of the data acquisition system to power the processor so that you can easily see the signs before two screws? I had thought to simply copy the code from the processor in real-time in the DAQ VI, but I fear that the VI resulting will be very large and unsightly.

    On a side note, I'm more thinking about this? I apologize if this is a stupid question, it has been a long week... aaaand it's Wednesday.

    Look at the Architecture of producer/consumer.  It will be a good starting point, even if you find that you need to change.  When performing data acquisition and processing of tasks in parallel loops, they can both run simultaneously.  Both can feed data to the main draw of the VI.

    I'd probably use three loops with the third being the user interface only.  All that must be displayed to the user is sent to the GUI of the acquisition of data or processing loop loops and commands or entered by users are returned in these loops, probably through queues.  The wall of the VI of data acquisition and processing VI are never displayed to the user.  Especially the treatment, because it runs on a system in real-time, should avoid synchronization issues that can present a graphical interface.


  • Running two engines step by step at the same time of a port


    I have to run two motors at the same time - was used to move a linear ball screw and the other to get a grip. I do voltage and test on small twist wires, but the tension and torsion must be made at the same time. I must also build capacity for each engine to take several steps, IE. have an engine steps number at speed x and then move x number of speed z steps. The two engines must be able to do. However, I have problems to make the engines to run at the same time and to take all measures. The engines are connected to two RMS Technologies R356 controllers. The two controllers are then connected to a RS485 to USB converter card and this card is connected to one of the USB ports on the computer. Currently, I spend an array of orders to two loops each VISA containing read and written. I have attached the vi to watch. All the stuff in the code synchronization is because a new order cannot be sent to the controller until the engine is running the previous command. If orders are sent right after the other, the controller will not execute the first command and then return with an error.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • running two SSID, WPA2 and WEP


    I have a WRT610N.

    How isolated are two SSIDS that I can run?

    I know that one runs at 5 GHz and other 2.4 GHz.  I gave each a SSID and a different security policy: I run 'sensitive' under WPA2 stuff, and I run the other supported legacy hardware that supports only WEP (for example, my son Nintento DS).

    But these two keys to the same House, so to speak?  If somebody cracks my WEP network, can access the machines on the WPA network?  Or they are completely isolated?

    Does make sense?

    Thanks for any clarification.


    Yes, they are "two keys to the same House.   Home' is your LAN.   If someone crack your WEP and intones wireless to your router, then they have access to your local network.   It would be like allowing an attacker connect your computer directly to your router.   Being on your LAN, puts the hacker in a very good position to penetrate into any other computer on your network.    Your WPA2 encryption gives you no protection from someone who is already on your local network.

    The solution to your problem is to run two separate wireless routers:

    Modem - ROUTER1 ROUTER2-

    ROUTER1 is set to 'Local address IP', encryption WEP, "AP Isolation" value to "activated", (note: no printer on ROUTER1)

    ROUTER2 is set at "IP address local', WPA2 encryption, use a password (and not something similar to the WEP password).

    modem is connected to the Internet of ROUTER1 port

    Of the ROUTER1 LAN port is connected to the Internet of the ROUTER2 port

    Channels 2.4 GHz Wireless on both routers must be different and are preferably at least 5 channels apart.  Usually channels 1, 6 or 11 are working perfectly.

    With the above two router configuration, the Internet of ROUTER2 port should protect you from intruders on ROUTER1.

  • Single command to set "CapturePacket True" on all transmissions?

    Is there a single command to set "CapturePacket True" on all transmissions? Or I have to create a script to copy and paste that tells the ID to capture the packets for each signature one by one?

    Thank you!


    If you ran IPS v5, via IDM (https protocol and the sensor directly), you would be able to signatures 'select all' and enable "verbose alert" which is the 5.x equivalent of "packet capture" in a single action for all signatures.

    Via IDM in 4.x (which judging from your question that you are running) - No, can't do it. I forget if there is a way through IDSMC (part of the VMS package) to do this, though - I seem to remember that it is not.

  • run two view object whit same settings.

    Hello everyone...
    Im trying to run two display objects using the same parameter

    I mean for example with a point of view that I create an array of the adf and Pentecost my second point of view, I have create a chart, in this case a pie. This objects are created in the same page.
    now the two views have created a parameter of the same type.
    I put a text for this setting entry and when I press the run button, the two views must generate the data based on the parameter.

    I know that I can drag and drop the ExecuteWhitParams operation but I need whit asociate both views. How can I do? or what is the code that I need in a bean support.

    Thank you for your time and help
    Kind regards.


    1. make the connections for both the ExecuteWithParams in your page, and then set the value of debit page extended entry # {pageFlowScope.InputValue}
    2. at the bean, create a method that performs:
    a. set the flowrate range of page with the value of input text
    b binding1 Execute method
    c. execute the binding2 method

    Example of method to define the scope of page flow:
    {} public static void setPageFlowScopeParam (String paramName, Object val)
    Card pageFlowScope =
    AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance () .getPageFlowScope ();
    pageFlowScope.put (paramName, val);

    Example of method execution of method links:
    public static Object callMethodBinding (String pMethodBindingName) {}
    Make a method call and get the result
    FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance ();
    ExpressionFactory exp = fctx.getApplication () .getExpressionFactory ();
    DCBindingContainer Colombia-British;
    BC =
    (DCBindingContainer) exp.createValueExpression (fctx.getELContext (), "#{bindings}",)
    DCBindingContainer.class) .getValue (fctx.getELContext ());
    OperationBinding = operation
    bc.getOperationBinding (pMethodBindingName);
    Operation.Execute ();
    Object result = operation.getResult ();
    return the result;


    Published by: amseth Sep 24, 2010 11:44
    Call this method from bean of the action/ActionListener to the button.

  • I've just updated TB I was running two clients installation 1 now have server problems

    I run two clients TB since an installation - never had any problems. I've just updated to 24.4.0 and one of these installed works fine, the other will not receive or send e-mails. I get the following error.

    The message send failed.
    The message cannot be sent because the connection to the SMTP server mail.just - failed. The server is may be unavailable or refuses the SMTP connections. Please check that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again or contact the server administrator.

    Any SMTP server I use - I have 4 that (usually) work, no matter which I use I have the same problem. I can use the same SMTP server to send the other as the other install - install works, this one isn't. VERY STRANGE.

    connectivity immediately after an update issues are generally anti too cautious anti-virus programs and blocking everything in this new unknown.

  • can you run two sessions of firefox, in privacy and confidentiality not in a mode

    You can run two Firefox sessions, one in privacy and confidentiality not in a mode.
    Basically, in chrome, I can connect facebook with 2 different account, I opened got chrome FB and login (account1), then I click on ctrl-shift-n and go on FB and login (Account2)
    Here, the question is, is it possible with firefox?

    Use-no.-line switch remote control to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and to different instances of Firefox running concurrently.

  • How can I run two different versions of Firefox, the last does not work with a site important I need to use?

    With the latest version of Firefox, I can't ' fast email ' to my students through the ANGEL of the College System. I had to uninstall and go to an earlier version. I prefer the new rev.

    A way to run two different versions. It doesn't have to be simultaneously. Seems to be a problem on the Mac and my XP systems.

    Thank you

    You can install the portable version of Firefox 3.6.x to access Web sites that don't work with Firefox 5 +.

  • Can I hurt my graphics card by running two monitors?

    I use a 15 Mid-2010 "MacBook Pro with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MB. I usually run two monitors from 15 "when I'm using photoshop or to CAD drafting, but I'm considering upgrading to a 27" of 2560 x 1440 monitor. Is there a risk of damage to my computer or the graphics card by doing this? I would like a larger screen to work, but he also takes my computer to last a little longer and can't hurt it. Thank you!

    N °


  • HP EliteBook 8570w: is it possible to run two monitors on a 8570w without a docking station.

    Is it possible to run two monitors on a 8570w without a docking station. Connect a monitor to the VGA port and the other to display port.

    I was able to get this to work. My 8570w has an Amd over-pants 7700, don't know if that matters. One is connected VGA other Displayport. The port monitor must have a custom resolution defined in the over-pants Control Panel. except that it works perfectly. More laptop screen no. Docking Station 2 24 inch Dell.

    And thanks for the quick reply Provost.

  • Portege R600-108 - the tool to run the TRIM command to improve the performance of SSDS


    We have a couple of R600-108 with SSDS, they run Vista Business 32-bit.

    I was wondering if there is a utility I can download to run the TRIM command on drives to improve performance?

    Thank you



    To be honest I m not an expert in the increase in performance of the SSD, but according to the Wikipedia article, TRIM has been implemented in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and came out with the final versions of these operating systems in October 2009.
    It seems former SSD drives have firmware updates, otherwise the new command will be ignored.

    According to Wikipedia, there are utilities that can send TRIM commands manually.
    These utilities are available from various manufacturers such as Intel or G.Skill.

    You can consult the Intel tool called "Intel Solid - State Drive Toolbox and Optimizer".

    I hope this helps a little

  • Can u run two different browsers both in ipad pro?

    is it possible to run two browsers both on windows divided into an ipad pro? If I want to use safari and firefox at the same time?

    Why? What advantage would be that you give?

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