S50 satellite - B - 15U problem with the cooling system has been detected.


I bought a Satellite S50 - computer laptop B 15U and have installed Windows 10 - it seems to work ok but the above message appears asking regularly return for repair. I can hear the fans walking up and down though the window of the pc health monitor does not reflect this but shows the cpu temperature to approximately 45%.

This really should go back or is there a setting somewhere or firmware update?

In order to encourage some answers, I would add that I loaded the last BIOS 2.00 successfully and also uninstalled and reinstalled the monitor integrity of Toshiba. I was wondering if this alarm is generated by the health monitor utility and might be a bug in the software as the fan chart sometimes does not work and it was then that you seem to have the alarm. To reiterate that the fan seems to need.

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  • Satellite C660D - a problem with the cooling system has been detected

    My laptop is a * Toshiba Satellite C660D-11th * and I have a message that keeps coming up every once in a while 'alert system' head and reads as follows: "WARNING: a problem with the cooling system has been detected." (Next line) Please, turn off computer immediately and return it for service. »

    I had this warning for the coming weeks and it tolerated, but it worsened and annoyed me for the last time. I can hear the fan and the computer is not over heating (the CPUCool freeware tool detects a 51º CPU temprature C). No further questions arise as the computer slows down, it is right in the path of what I do, like typing right now.

    I tried to solve the problem by changing the "Power Options" in the control panel of Windows 7 'High Performance', and then selected under the 'battery' both 'Sector' columns, 'Never' for the parameter "put the computer to sleep. It seems to work, and no error message has occurred since then. However, this is not a solution...

    Please help quickly, this prevents me from working and even other things now.

    Thank you


    Usually, this message would appear if something is not wrong with the cooling system. But I read here in the forum that maybe it's a bug of software and after new system recovery this message should no longer appear.

    But if you notice some upper temperature or abnormal noises, then I recommend to check this with a service technician

  • Satellite A40 - attention: problem with the cooling system has been detected.

    Hello guys,.

    From time to time, I get the following message is displayed:

    WARNING: a problem with the cooling system has been detected Toshiba
    Please turn off computer immediately and return it for service.

    I have Windows XP on it.
    I opened the cooling fan and clean it. Of course, I found it dirty rally.
    But still, I get this message!
    What should I do?
    I live in Northern Germany.

    Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance.



    The message says it all!
    In this case you should contact the service provider authorized in your country!

    > I opened the cooling fan and clean it. Of course, I found it dirty rally.
    Eventually, the cooling modules don t like needs and that is why the message again!

    Nothing to my friend... you need help laptop technician

  • Satellite P500-12D - a problem with the cooling system has been detected.

    Hi there everyone,

    I bought a Satellite P500-12D, which was a return of retail. When I start it up it runs a few minutes and then it appears on the screen:
    WARNING: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please, turn off computer immediately and return it for service.

    Follow the health of toshiba CPU is less than 50% temp and if it goes much higher that the cooling fan turns on and it lowers down and the fan stops again, I noticed that only the fan works r/h to cool the cpu, both should come together? What is a software problem?

    TThe unit is new without even the plastic off the surround screen or webcam. Any help or even point me in the right direction would be much appreciated, gary


    Which program gives you this error message about the cooling system?

    Before contacting a service partner, as you can read in the error message, you must clean the cooling system using a jet of compressed air. Maybe dust blocking the fan or something else. Of more to clean up it of not necessary to disassemble.
    Here is an article on this topic: [how to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=40]

    If it doesn't help, contact the nearest service partner.

  • Satellite U500 - problem with the cooling system has been detected

    I have a Toshiba Satellite U 500 series, and I just got a message saying "a problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the power immediately and return it to service.
    Before that, I would like to know if anyone has had this problem and if there is a software solution?

    Check HERE to see if anyone else had this problem in the past.

  • Qosmio G20 error message: problem with the cooling system has been detected

    I'm trying to fix a Qosmio G20 (which is about 3 years old, it is no longer in warranty).

    Error message: Warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected.

    I managed to remove the outer case and observe the operation of the machine, and basically one of the fans does not at all. The fan which is closest to the power connector seems to work very well (he seems to be turning a lot, do not know if this is normal), but the other fan who does not seem to move at all.

    When I put in place the case and on the machine, I noticed after a few minutes the vent of the fan working heat sink had warm enough, while led the non-working fan remained cool.

    I cleaned the fan from dust and have also changed the BIOS battery mode mode high performance, but the problem still exists.

    I would be grateful if someone could give advice if the problem is the fan or something else.

    If the fan is the problem, where I can buy a: i live in the United Kingdom?


    I think there might be something wrong with the cooling module and the replacement would be necessary.
    Usually, this should be done by an authorized provider (ASP) in your country.

    Technicians could replace it with a new part and also could renew the thermal grease which is placed between the module and the CPU cooling.

    So contact the ASP in your country and ask for later handling.

    By the way; also, you can buy the cooling of the ASP module!

    Good luck

  • Error message "A problem with the cooling system" on Satellite A660

    Hi all

    Hope I can get help here. I got about 5 laptop computers HP after each of them had problems and errors. I got sick of them and so got a refund and bought a high spec A660-1FH.

    The A660 is a great laptop for two days until yesterday when I started having a saying of warning message "a problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the power immediately and return it for service "."

    The cpu fan works fine you can here it turns and the temperature of the processor i5 - 460 m is around 40 degrees for two hearts - that seems normal to me. I noticed that this happens only when running on battery, and if you switch from eco utility to the power saving mode. Its fine when running on the "balanced" power setting The fan is louder before when this message appears.

    Like its less than 28 days my retailer swapped it for a brand new immediately. Got a new home page, and the same message reappears. Everyone knows this. Like two laptops had this, I was wondering if it is normal that the laptop A660 series or if it was really a hardware problem?

    I tried to update the eco utility and the bios of the laptop, but the two are the latest versions. Can someone help or share if they have a similar problem with their laptop?

    Thank you

    In front of me, I have Satellite A660-13 q (PSAW3E) and I have about 6 weeks now. It works almost 10 hours a day and so far I didn't notice this message or anything that may be suspect for the operation of the equipment.

    I put really know why this happen on your laptop and don t think that there is nothing you can do about it.
    I would trade it again. What you can also try is to contact the closest service Toshiba. Make a call, explain the situation and ask if they can help you with this.

  • Satellite A660 - message: WARNING: a problem with the cooling system

    My laptop recenly started giving the error "Warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected." Please turn off computer immediately and return it for service"- Yes the fan had stopped working and touchpad area was hot.

    So I take it on the type of service (toshiba) and must answer for fan, Mo, HARD drive, he said. Is this possible? -J' I have extended warranty, but is ' t it much? not to mention that it takes a month to get things down.

    He also mentioned that I could use the machine with a cooling pad until then if I wish.

    Any feed back?

    > Yes the fan had stopped working and touchpad area was hot.

    In this case, there is really a hardware problem.
    But I m wondering why he should replace the HARD drive and the motherboard
    Perhaps only the cooling module began at malfunction of course this is just a speculation
    If the technician has checked the material, then they need to know what parts are not OK.
    So don t think you have no choice.

    But the guarantee is valid for all is free

  • Qosmio G10 - a problem with the cooling system


    Put on my G10-100 this morning and got the following message:

    "A problem with the cooling system has been detected. "Please turn off immediately and the return of serve.

    My other machine running and connected on toshibas website and found the number of support.

    After which left a message there, the automaton response was "we aim to get back to you within the hour," Needless to say, it's now 6 hours later.

    I can't find whether on the web or in these forums, has anyone encountered this before?

    I'm still in my 1 year warranty, but he soon run out.

    Thank you


    This looks like a problem of overheating on your device.
    In this case, you must contact the ASP.
    I don't know if it's a phone number just to post you but please visit this m link:


    You will find a Toshiba service partner who is responsible for your country.
    It should help you to solve this problem

    Good bye

  • Satellite C750-A103 made a lot of noise - problem with the cooling system

    My toshiba machine made a lot of noise... like a plane. And it gives me the message "a problem with your cooling system has been the detection.

    Turn off immediately and come back for the service "."
    What should I do? It has been recently formatted, also?

    + The message was edited: mode number + added

    You did not provide details on your laptop model and system that is installed on the laptop.

    Even his I don't know how old is the laptop, but according to this short message, it looks like there is a problem with the cooling system.

    Probably notebooks cooling fan doesn t work properly and the unit cannot be cooled as it should this can lead to cell damage through an internal temperature longer.

  • Satellite L 655 - 1DV - I have a problem with the cooling system


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L 655 - 1DV with Windows 7 64 bit
    I have it for about 8 months and 3-4 days now, I get this message

    but I can still hear the cooler.

    So what really?
    Is it possible to test if there is really a problem with my cooler?

    Thanks in advance.


    Don t be afraid on this error message.
    The error message indicates that your cooling module is defective, but this doesn't seem to be just read about similar error here in the forum and it look like it s a software bug or something similar, you can grab the laptop using the disk recovery and after that the message should not come back.

    welcome them

  • Problem of satellite L850 - warning system - one with the cooling system

    My L850 Satellite has a future warning system
    "WARNING: a problem with the cooling system has been detected."

    Please, turn off computer immediately and return it for service. »
    Is this a known glich or should I take it back to the store
    The lappy is only 4-5 months out of the box.

    In my opinion you should not waste your time to discuss in the forums. Laptop is fairly new and should work just fine, so my opinion is that you should contact your dealer or supplier of Toshiba service directly and ask for help.

    Do you know how to find the nearest Toshiba service provider?

  • Satellite L655D shows warning of the cooling system

    At this pop up on my laptop
    Application popup: WARNING: WARNING: a problem with the cooling system has been detected.
    Please turn off the power immediately and return it for service.

    had a few changes in the battery socket as the cable was loose...]

    The temp and everything seems fine in diagnostics and no noisy fans or such!
    Sam L655D almost a year, is once appeared, but guaranteed ends in 2 weeks!

    Try to clean it. On Google you can find very good instructions how to clean the laptop using compressed air.
    Do it and check if the same warning will be displayed again.

  • Satellite P300D - 12L - Pentecost of the cooling system problems

    I have a Toshiba P300D 12 L and I have problems whit the cooling system.

    Wich, cooling pad is recommended for this laptop.
    I don't know what type of cooling pad I could buy.

    Can u recommend one please?
    Thank you.


    I assume you mean on the cooling module
    Well, each piece is created specially for each series laptop
    This means that you need a cooling module that is compatible and designed for the satellite P300D.

    All compatible parts can be ordered from local ASP (certified partner).

    Therefore, there is nothing to do to get in touch with a local service point and order the necessary parts

    Notes; disassembly of the laptop is tricky not easy as with desktop PC
    That is why the cooling modules should be replaced by a professional

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    Hello! I have HP pavilion dv7-2250em, and I have a problem with the base system device. What should I do?


    Maybe that's a problem with the card reader driver.  Try to download and install the driver from the link below.


    Once the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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