Safe to buy adapters from Ebay for Satellite M105-s3041?


I just lost my power adapter for my computer Satellite M105-s3041.
I want to get a replacement, but I bought my computer in the United States and am not sure that a replacement would be a plug 3 pin UK.

In the same way to another guy here I also wonder if it is safe to byuy adapters from e - bay that I don't want to pay so much money for a replacement adapter.

Any of you have experience with 2 bays replacements?

I do not know what adapter would be OK for my model,

I hope you can help,



For me, it seems that Satellite M105-s3041 is an American notebook series.

I checked the Toshiba page we and found this page:

[Satellite M105-S3041 specifications detailed | d = 1420312]

You need a 15V - 5A AC adapter with frequency 50-60 Hz (Universal) entry.
The Global PA2521U-2ACA Toshiba 90W AC adapter would be also compatible...

You ask if it s safe to use an adapter from Ebay.
Well, generally, you must use compatible parts and supported.
But I think you can also use another part, but it is important that a 3rd party adapter would support the same specifications as the Toshiba power adapter.

Then, everything should work ok

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    I think that it has already solved the problem. ;)

    Otherwise, he would publish again.

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    I hope I could help you :)

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    Hmm, unfortunately, but I think you might be right
    The problem could be really related to the defective graphics chip

    But if you want you can connect the laptop on the external monitor to check if it of really issue a GPU.
    If the same lines would appear on the external monitor, then the graphics card is defective!

    It would be the worst case, because the whole motherboard must be replaced :(

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    Why you just don't check s manuals for your laptop. There you should find a list of all the sides built into your laptop model. There are also list with all compatible dimensions. Most models of laptops come with a few different sides and it is possible that your laptop is delivered without player Super multi.

    BTW: have you bought new and original book packed or maybe used one?

  • Question about ODD on Satellite M105-s3041

    I have Satellite M105-S3041 and there PIONEER DVD-RW-DVR-K16A. Is this right?


    I don't know why the reader should not be ok?
    The notebooks drive DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) supports 11 formats:

    Here the maximum speed and compatibility:
    CD-ROM (24 x: read), CD - R (24 x: write), CD - RW (10 x: write),
    DVD-ROM (8 x: read), DVD-R (single layer, 8 x: write), DVD-R (Double layer, 2 x: write), DVD - RW (4 x: write),
    DVD + R (single layer, 8 x: write), DVD + R (Double Layer 2.4 x: write), DVD + RW (4 x: write), DVD-RAM (5 x: write)

    I think that the disc is not bad. I don't use it, but I have found no complaints about this player.

    Greetings ;)

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    I found the AC adapter I need...§ion=1&group=2&product=2792

    I'm not so happy to pay the price for it. I found the same adapter on ebay...


    My question is if safe to buy accessories for laptop on ebay? Has anyone we bought an adapter here and what is your experience? I don't have the means to buy one on the site Web of Toshiba due to financial problems and want to save...

    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Generally, you should always use the Toshiba power adapter that is fully compatible with your laptop.

    To my knowledge the A30 Satellite was equipped PA3290U-1ACA * 120W AC adapter 19V * and you must use the AC adapter that supports the same specifications.

    The power adapter on the Ebay page seems to support the same specification too, in my opinion, it should be compatible with the A30.


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    Help appreciated.

    Of course, you can buy an extra battery. Just search PA3817U-1BRS. It's the original battery part number for your laptop model.

    You want to have two of them?

  • Satellite M105-S3041 power connector part number


    My Toshiba laptop (M105-S3041) seems to have a lot of problems with power.
    My OEM adapter broke and I bought a replacement (not OEM) on ebay.
    That worked fine until a month ago I started having problems charging my laptop.
    In my view, the adapter works just fine (as the light on the adapter goes on) and I have a problem with my power supply.

    I've been looking for model / part number for the power outlet without a bit of luck. Someone please help me on with the model/part number correct, where to buy and the approximate price for it?

    Secondly, does anyone know if the power supply is plug ' don't play or should it be soldered on the motherboard?
    I was pretty well to say it-assemble the laptop and put it back together (except for a bloody screw which does not come off, I will probably saw this guy here).

    Thank you


    I m not very well, but I think that the DC-in socket is soldered to the motherboard.
    In this case, it would be difficult procedure to replace it.
    But it seems that you are not 100% sure that this part is malfunctioning.
    It could also be the problem of AC adapter, as you say, you bought a non original part.
    It s just a suggestion, but I would try to replace the power adapter with a recommended Toshiba one before trying to disassemble the laptop and replace the DC-in Jack.

    PS: All parts can be ordered from local Toshiba ASP!

  • Where to buy the CD from recovery for Satellite Pro L20?

    Does anyone know where to get a copy of the recovery for the L20 CD as mine is damaged


    The CD can be ordered from the Toshiba service provider in your country:

    Follow the link and choose the point of finding a certified service provider

  • Where to buy a new motherboard for Satellite M40?


    I have disassembled my laptop satellite M40 son and need to buy a new motherboard in England... I'm in Surrey... of ideas?

    Thank you.



    There is not a lot of options for me:
    -Partner allowed in your country
    -Hardware independent laptop store (Google can help)
    -Or perhaps used on eBay main Board

    What do you think?

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    The OS on the laptop is Win95 (I want to change this)
    I modified config.sys and autoexec.bat.
    For this I used the original drivers for the cd from the drive (downloaded from the internet).
    But the system don't see the cd drive.

    The BIOS said it is possible to boot from the CD, but why not my system?

    Who can help me with this problem

    Thank you

    As far as I know that the CD of your laptop is hot swappable (change of disk CD) without turning off readers with Bay exchangeable are perhaps available on ebay and your operating system should already have the drivers or go to the manufacturer s website and download them.

  • Want to buy slim remote control for Satellite A500 - 17 X

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    All parts of Toshiba, options and accessories can be purchased from a supplier of service authorized in your country.

    Contact the local ASP and ask this remote.

    Welcome them

  • Where to buy drive HARD MK4019GAX for Satellite Pro 6100?

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    All devices, you can order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    As far as I know the MK4019GAX is a 40 GB ATA-100 HARD drive.
    You can also use an another 2.5 40 GB HDD.

  • Re: Where can I buy a new screen for Satellite A200 - 1 k 8?

    Hello world

    I would like to know if it is possible to buy a new screen (across the top in fact) for a Satellite A200 - 1 k 8 and where?

    I'm unable to find information on the Toshiba site, so maybe you can help. ;)


    You can check in, manual, there is a list of the Toshiba service centers. If you haven't, tell me your country that I find in my manual.

Maybe you are looking for

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