Samba of 128 - bit authentication

I have a windows 7 domain having a security policy that requires encryption 128 - bit NTLM to access SMB shares. Assuming that policy should remain unchanged, is it possible to set up OS X Server (El Cap/server app 5) to understand the demands of 128 - bit? All searches refer to disable 128-bit on the windows client, but it is not an option. OS X 10.11 samba supports this configuration?


OS X does not Samba; not since 10.6.   Apple says 128-bit is not supported.

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    I need 128-bit encryption to complete a form of Government. The site says that it has detected that the version of mt, the last to date, Mozilla didn't do it. How to do it?

    In fact the 128-bit encryption is obsolete and should not be used today.
    256 bit encryption should be standard for any site that wants to be sure.
    There is usually a button continue if you redirected to a page that if you fill out the test conditions.
    It shouldn't be a problem in cases like this.

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    How can I get this encryption? Thank you

    Some websites incorrectly detects encryption and features report that the Mozilla Suite and Firefox do not have 128-bit encryption. You will be able to work around this problem by changing the user agent string of the browser as Internet Explorer.

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    See also report (strengthen net) SSL encryption in the response of cor-el , in the "support.mozilla" link in the link above.

    Thank you

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    And what versions can suport it but has not delivered with him? We want to stop allowing the weak encryption for SSL sites. Thank you.

    support for the 256-bit AES started with Mozilla Suite 1.3 (12 March 2003) and Firebird 0.6 (May 17, 2003), as well as 128-bit support should not be a problem with any version of Firefox.

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    When you create an access to my online banking account, he mentioned the need to have at least 128 bits. He told me how to find it in windows Explorer. By opening the help tab and then selecting the option to windows Explorer. Now when I tried for firefox, that information is not displayed.

    See the Site identity button

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    While registering for online access, the Web site of the Bank tested to see is my browser has the incription recommended 128 bits. I like firefox and you want to use as my browser. Y at - it an update that uses 128bits registration? On March 26 this year is the date of last modification for my version.

    Thank you


    If websites complained about 128 bit encryption is not available then that can be caused by the "U"; It is no longer present in the user agent of Firefox 4 + versions.

    Firefox supports the algorithms of encryption 256 bit since Firefox 2 was released in 2002.

    See also "the Site identity button.

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    I need to go to this web site for an app of the job, he won't let me submit my information, because he says that I need 128-bit encryption

    Firefox supports 128-bit and 256-bit encryption even if the site provides support.

    The problem is that the is obsolete in their browser sniffing in the research of the useragent like who U no longer applied say ten years then there is now. The U has been removed from the version of Firefox 4.0. The details on the U is in the second link above.

    I even contacted them on this a few months ago and email even sent someone to deal with this but no go for me since.

    For this one site you could use the portable Firefox 3.6.22 (will impact install Firefox 6.0.2 not) or use useragent switcher extension on 6.0.2 to move to an earlier version of Firefox as 3.6. * to trick the Web site.
  • Satellite Pro 4600 unable to use 128-bit encryption

    I have a Satellite Pro 4600 running Windows XP SP1 with the card WiFi PA0307U-1MPC. Installed all the latest drivers listed for the 4600. I can connect to networks using 64-bit encryption, but can not enter the 128-bit encryption. Is it possible to use 128-bit encryption?


    As far as I know that this unit is about 4 years old and at that time, it was impossible to use encryption 128-bit with this wireless network card and can be no change.

    Good bye

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    Thank you

    If websites complained about 128 bit encryption is not available then that can be caused by the "U"; It is no longer present in the user agent of Firefox 4.

    Firefox supports the algorithms of encryption 256 bit since Firefox 2 was released in 2002.

  • Satellite L50-A-105: 64 bit or 128 bit bus memory GT740M


    I have a question for users or people who play with this equipment.
    I can't find information below:
    GeForce gt 740 m in this particular model has a 64-bit or 128-bit memory bus?


    AFAIK the GeForce GT740M carries the code name NVIDIA N14P-GV2 support 2 GB of video memory.

    There are two different architectures of the GPU:
    The GeForce GT740M * 64-bit * architecture calling "Kepler GK208' 980 Mhz reached base speed.
    The GeForce GT740M * 128 bit * architecture calling "Kepler GK107' speed reached base 810 Mhz

    If install you hardware diagnostic such as Sandra Sisoft or Everest Home Edition Tools, you need to get more details about construction hardware.

  • How can I get the 128-bit encryption in Firefox 4.0 for a financial Web site?

    I need the ability to 128 - bit encryption on my web browser in order to use a specific Web site financial for the payment of the invoice, test of encryption of the site shows that Firefox 4.0 (newly installed) does not provide this level of security. Help?

    Firefox will match the level of encryption uses the Web site, and Firefox is able to top encryption to 128 - bit (256-bit if this is what uses the Web site).

  • MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 4 GB memory DDR3 128 bit on my desk p7 - 1380t

    I am looking for a new graphics card that will not require a new power supply and I was wondering if it would work with my computer. I don't have any top of the line stuff and nothing too expensive either

    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 4 GB 128 - Bit DDR3

    A - diddy, welcome to the forum.

    If it's the video card you want to buy, I do not think that it will work with the existing 300W PSU.  It has an additional power connector which means that it requires more than the 75W provided by PCIe slot to work properly.  The specs say that it consumes only 45W.  I don't know why they have an extra power connector.  Your current diet doesn't have the necessary cable to the connector.

    I suggest you call the after-sales Service of the manufacturer to find out the requirements are correct.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Satellite A100-083: A Geforce 7600Go with 128-bit or 64-bit?

    Hi, has the Geforce Go 7600 128 or 64-bit?


    Remember that the Satellite A100-083 (PSAA9E) has installed a Code name G72M graphics controller NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300.
    I searched on the NVidia site for more details and it seems that the Geforce Go 7300 supports 64-bit and Geforce Go 7600 G73M 128 Bit

  • Will be GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5 128-Bit card video work with HP Pavilion HPE h8-1010?

    Hi, I need to update my graphics card and I was wondering if this graphics card work with my HPE h8-1010.

    EVGA GTX of GeForce G 02-P4-3757 - KR 750 Ti 2 GB 128 - Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 FTW w / ACX cooling video card

    Everything on the PC is stock.

    If this would not work, please tell me why not so that I can pick up another card that meets the requirements.

    Thank you much in advance.

    Requirements for the EVGA graphics card

    • 300 Watt or greater power monophase.* *.
    • PCI Express, PCI Express 2.0 or PCI Express 3.0 compatible motherboard with a chart.
    • A PCI-E power connector 6 pin available.

    For the EVGA card you will need a power 6-pin PCIe connector. Your PSU stock doping likely not have one so that means updated POWER supply required. PSU stock is a little power for the treatment as well. EVGA said minimum 300 Watt, but the majority of gamers and enthusiasts use 450 Watts minimum. For your Carmel motherboard, I would consider a MSI Radeon R7 250, 2 GB, PCI-E 3.0, card DirectX 11.2 rather than unity of EVGA. With an upgrade of the power supply or video card should work without problem. POWER supply upgrade: I highly recommend Corsair as a choice of valuation gamer and enthusiast. Great price for the value. A Corsair CX430 or CX600 PSU would be a great choice. The price is also quite reasonable. The cards are in the following link & N = 100007657% 2050001459 & IsNodeId = 1 & name = Corsair

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