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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Player 5. This is my first Android device. I use Skype on my PC to talk to my granddaughters. After you install Skype on Galaxy 5, I tried to contact one of my granddaughters. I could see and hear her fine. She could see me, but couldn't hear me at all. I noticed an icon of microphone and tried pushing thinking the microphone can be disabled. It did not help. Finally, I disconnected then reconnected using my PC. All was well with two PC talk. Is this a known issue with a Galaxy 5 using Skype? Is there a setting that can be changed to fix this?

The version of Skype on the Galaxy is and was installed from the Google game store.

After reading others Android questions, I took advice of one who suggested to delete Skype 4.0 and install Skype 3.2. This seems to have fixed my problem of sound. Thank you all.

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    Hi SylviaSkeeter,

    (1) if it works well before?

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    You can use the software provided by Samsung to sync media, or you can use Windows Media Player.

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    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities.

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    Hi karens32402644,

    Flash Player is not supported on any mobile device (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone).  Flash Player is only supported on Windows and OS X operating systems.



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    Thank you!


    Is there no Flash Player for mobile devices, desktop computers only.

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    Because there is no longer any Flash Player for mobile devices.

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    Hi jerry3D,

    Flash Player for Android is no longer available. For more information, see here: date.html

    Android users can always download and install Flash Player from Flash Player Versions archived page on the Adobe Web site.

    Please visit:

    Please visit this page for a list of all certified devices:Flash Player certified devices

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    Hi nsimmons-graham

    Every Android device is different, but you should be able to manually install the Flash Player by following the instructions on this page of the FAQ.

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    Thank you.

    Loading side older versions of Flash Player leaves your device at a significant risk of malware infection.  Versions of Flash Player for Android are 2011 and lack of hundreds of vulnerabilities disclosed publicly at this stage.  Install an older version of Flash Player on your Android device is a very bad idea.

    The only decent option at this point for security is to use a browser based on a cloud that streams Flash content on your device, like:

    Puffin Web browser - the fastest mobile browser with Flash support on cloud on iPad, iPhone and Android.

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    Do it through the USB cable provided with the phone and the Samsung Kies you can download form here...

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    I use the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit with the Intel processor i5-2450 M CPU @2.50 GHz. recently the past 4 months, I have observed that Samsung Galaxy S3 does not connect to the Dell laptop

    We could not see the content of Samsung Mobile in the PC. No Popup message is coming

    I tried the options below

    1. connected with different cable to the laptop, the original cable

    2. try with Samsung Kies

    Can you please help us in this regard that I wasn't sure if the drivers problem.

    We have seen the error in the mobile below.

    "Could not find the software on your computer that can recognize your device.service Pack 3, Windows Media Player, version 10 or greater, for Android File Transfer for MAC OS or Windows XP must be installed.

    You can download and install Kies on your computer to synchronize with your device data, back up the data and upgarde your device (Windows and Mac OS are supported). »

    I use Windows 7 and Media player version 12.0.7601.18150.hence was not, of course, why the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not connect to the DELL laptop

    Thank you


    Hi Kalyan,

    From my research, this error message indicates that you have an old version of Samsung drivers installed on the computer.

    Several clients are faced with this question after that they have updated the version of Android to 4.3, but the version of the driver is not updated.

    I suggest you uninstall all traces of Samsung is installed in the list programs and then reinstall the device drivers Samsung from the link provided in the previous post.

    To uninstall a program see the link below.

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    Once you uninstall programs related to Samsung download and install the drivers for Samsung devices.

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    There is no more Flash Player for Android and there will be another. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player. Flash content playback is very non-rational processor and it drains your battery, also shorten the life of it. Android (Google) recommended "The Dolphin" or "Puffin" as your browser if you need to display Flash content with a motive under Android. They are both free in the GooglePlay store. These browsers use the rendering of the 'server-side' to reduce the load on the device.

  • Download probelem on my samsung galaxy tab 3

    I go to play the youtube video but says download adobe flash player and I tryto download aadobe flash player, but don't download.

    Please help me. MyDevice is samsung galaxy tab 3 7pouces sm t210

    Samsung tablets use Android OS. Flash for Android PLAYER, there is more and it won't again. Andorid is therefore more comaptible with Flash.

    Google (Android) recommended "The Dolphin" or "Puffin" as your browser if you need to display Flash content. They are free in the GooglePlay store, and they use "rendered server-side" for Flash to reduce the load on your tablet, which prevents the evacuation of your battery and the battery life reduction.

  • samsung galaxy tab 3 flash drive

    3 Flash player on samsung galaxy tab how to install

    Side-loading Flash Player means that you are using an older version of Flash Player that is missing several hundred security patches.  It is not recommended to use it to surf the web at this time.

    It's the only decent solution, I know not at this stage:

    Puffin Web browser - the fastest mobile browser with Flash support on cloud on iPad, iPhone and Android.

    I'll lock this thread now, since nothing on this front will change.

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    my questions are: is usually run on versions mod cyanogen (custom rom) with my samsung galaxy s ace 5830 ff?
    If no, which is the lowest (oldest) "samsung galaxy" - series, where I can download ff for android, and what version of android it takes me at least?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    with sincere friendships.


    That old phone of 2011 is ARMv6 cpu that is no longer supported.

    from Firefox 31.0 support for ARMv6 was ignored, because only ARMv7 and Intel x 86 is supported.

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