Sansa Fuze connects, but does not load and does not appear on my computer.

Hello everyone.

I have a 4 Gb Sansa Fuze, which is (of course) out of warranty.  I have been enjoying his music for quite awhile and have had absolutely no problems with it until two days ago, when it ran out of battery.  I left it in my car and the next day went to connect via the USB port on my computer.  The sansa has begun with its typical "splash screen" reading "Sandisk Sansa, followed shortly after by a blue moving the ring and the words 'Connected', followed by about a second later"writing", followed by a second. later 'connected'  This is normal for my fuze (that I know).  However, the problem with the logo of the battery in the bottom right of the screen, which normally indicates a small "lightning bolt" next to the battery and it shows the battery 'filler '.  Now it shows only a white empty battery.  There is no bolt of lightning, and there is no charge to the battery.

I have tried to consider the sansa as a device via "My Computer" and sync in Windows Media Player.  None of them show that I have nothing connected.  The sansa updater doesn't recognize not my rocket is connected.

I know for a fact that the USB loader is not faulty, as I also have a second Sansa Fuze that connects perfectly and was purchased at the same time.  I don't think that it is the slot USB itself that I changed the port to all others and still did not have a change in the status of my sansa (broken).

If it helps is that I connect to the computer:

HP Pavilion m7580n

AMD Athlon 64 X 2 processor Dual Core 4400 +

2 GB DDR2 RAM 1.8 GHz

Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2

Thanks in advance for any help that can be given...

also, I would like to apologize if this has already been discussed (I read until my eyes hurt and couldn't find something similar).

Thanks again,



Apparently the good things come to those who wait (and leave that their Sansa rockets connected for days despite the hopes of oinitial n it will load).  Today I woke up and found that my Sansa Fuze, which previously were not load had miraculously blamed himself.  I have unfortunately no idea as to the reason that he works all of a sudden.

Thanks for your help anyway!  It is good to know that there is a place to come when your Sansa is broken...

Thanks again,


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