SAS/6IR - Array new PermDegraded after replacement - apply Sync?

I changed a hard drive failing to another. SAS/6IR controller started synchronization but failed again now ("PermDegraded"). How is it possible to apply a re-sync on this new hard drive?
Best regards, Jens



If you do not already have a backup, you should probably get a fact. A table showing that PermDegraded is where the volume is permanently degraded. This state indicates that the snap on the primary member threshold has been reached while no secondary was available for correction. The data on the volume can be accessed, but the volume can be returned to the optimal state. If you must back up and then remove the volume and reformat the drive. After that, you can install the operating system and restore the data.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.

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    I thank.


    You have a Toshiba Recovery disk?
    If so, then start on this disc.
    The installation process should start automatically and you must follow the instructions on the screen.

    If you n t have such recovery disc, then you will need to use a Microsoft Windows disk in order to install the operating system.

    Satellite 5205-S505 is a series of laptop Toshiba us and old drivers can be found on the Toshiba U.S. driver page:

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    Note I already passed the 30 day trial period.

    Case of failure of the online activation:

    Call Microsoft use the manual phone Activation

    Note: If you always install Windows page enter your product key, do not enter your key and uncheck the "Automatically activate when online" then click OK/next to complete the installation.

    If you have trouble activating Windows 7 you can call Microsoft to activate it by following the steps below.
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    3. Select your country.
    4 Select the telephone activation option, call the number given - do not select all options and wait for a person pick up, then explain what happened.

  • HP Envy 5530: HP Envy 5530 told to replace the color cartridge, even after replacing with a new one.

    HP Envy 5530 said to replace the color cartridge, even after replacing with a new one.  Printer is 1 year old and I replaced the cartridges several times over the past year.  I am enrolled in the program of HP ink.  I can run the printer mode single cartridge using a black ink only and it works with my pc XP, Ipad, Chrome pc and mobile phone.  My pc win 8.1 will not print anything other than a test page.  Printer on the pc file lists always attention required when you try to print from the pc win 8.1.  I believe that the problem may be related to surface of cartridge for printing inside the HP envy heads 5530.  This part is available for purchase, and if so, where?

    I found a work around.  On the pc win 8.1, it seems that the print request must see a reset of the HP envy 5530 to print mode single cartridge.  I just start the pc and then reset the printer by lifting the hatch for the print heads.  That's all.  Once this is done, the 'attention required' message goes to the loan and it is able to print.  It will open a window, which suggests you add the color cartridge, but it will disappear when printing.  Simply open the door once and you can print until you turn off the pc.

  • 48 new important updates after you apply the language pack

    Original title: Windows 8 updates after you have applied the language pack

    Hi all

    I bought the laptop with the English version of Windows 8 in 2013 and a few days ago decided to change the default language to Spanish.

    Language Pack has been successfully installed. But when I checked for Windows 8 updates available (I subscribe) I have seen that it is necessary to install 48 new important updates.

    Regularly, I installed all necessary updates. And now, after you apply the language pack, I have to repeat all the facilities of updates once more to be up-to-date and continue with Spanish? Or I missed something during the installation of the language pack?

    Thanks much for the advice.

    Kind regards

    Sergei Sumskoy

    Hi Sergey,

    We will first check if the 48 new important updates are already installed on the computer or not.

    To view your history of update

    1. Open Windows Update by sliding into the right edge of the screen and click on settings.
    2. Click change PC settings, and click then on update and recovery.
    3. Click view update history.

    Method 1:
    If the important updates are already installed on the computer, you can install all important updates available.

    Method 2:
    If all updates are already installed on the computer, you can reset the Windows Update components and check if there are new updates available.
    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Note: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    See the article for more information.

    Add a language or keyboard

    Hope this information helps. Answer the post with an up-to-date issue report to help you further.

  • How can I get photoshop to do not block a new copy of my picture after I applied an action?

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    Hello, perhaps one of the steps of the action is to create a copy of the image. This is a very good tactic if you want to avoid affecting your original image.

    Could you put the action, or a screencap of the action with the deployed action panel, if it's not too long?

  • My printer HP LaserJet 1536dnf printer prints black pages after replacing the toner with a new one!

    I changed the toner cartridge for my printer HP LaserJet 1536dnf with a genuine HP toner cartridge and now it's printing the pages in black.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Thank you!

    Hi @Beaglemom49779,.

    I see by your post that you have replaced the toner and now get all black pages. I can help you with this.

    Have you had the same problem with the printer before replacing the toner?

    It could be a hardware or with the printer fuser problem.

    If the problem started just after replacing the toner then most likely, the toner.

    Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (do not use a hub or a surge protector)

    Number one cause of problems with toner.

    Check if the drum unit for damage:

    1. remove the cartridge of toner product and check that the tape has been removed.
    2. check the memory chip for damage.
    3 examine the surface of the imaging drum on the bottom of the toner cartridge.
    CAUTION: Do not touch the roller (Imaging drum) on the bottom of the cartridge.

    His fingerprints on the imaging drum can cause print quality problems.
    4. If you see the scratches, fingerprints, black on the drum, or any other damage on the imaging drum, replace toner.
    5. If the imaging drum does not appear to be damaged, rock the toner cartridge gently several times and reinstall it. Print a few pages to see if the problem is resolved.

    Please call our technical support if the there is a problem with the toner and you learn about a replacement, to the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Contact HP.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

  • Satellite M30-704 slow start and IDE #2 0203 failure message after replace it


    two problems:
    first after replacing the cd/dvd drive, my computer does not start now automatically and displays a "IDE #2 0203 failure" message. I can start then it but all of that takes time?

    second problem: until I can access any program, a message will appear: "apdproxy.exe - Application error - the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006)" appears twice before so I can continue and then the computer is very slow.

    Can anyone offer solutions? (ps - these two problems are not related that they occurred the month apart).

    Thank you, Gardiner

    (1.) I would say that the BIOS can't handle the new drive correctly because wrong settings master/slave/c-salt but he s strange the player is running.
    I think you should check in the Device Manager, the primary and secondary IDE channels.
    The transfer mode must be on DMA if available and the type of automatic detection device

    2.), it seems the ' apdproxy.exe is a part of the Adobe Photoshop or a similar application.
    This software may cause an error. So just try reinstalling this program

  • HP Pavilion dv6: System recoovery after replacing the HD because of the disk hard 301 error

    I have problems with the original of my HP Pavilion dv6 PC hard drive portable. I get an alert (SMART disk error 301) every time that I reboot, but I can still load my Windows 7.

    I just bought a new hard drive (SSD SATA3), but I would like to recover my original OS using my license key.

    How can I do? Should I create a partition on the new disk (D, copy the contents of my RECOVERY disc and use Esc + F11 after reboot?) Do I need a recovery CD/DVD? In this case, can I create one of my system?

    Thanks in advance.


    Drive smart error 301 indicated fall drive hard/failed hard drives

    If you have recovery disks, no need for product key, insert the disc after replaced by the new fair SSD & insert the recovery disks to reinstall everything, including the recovery partition.

    You can also order HP recovery discs

    You must ensure that the size of the SSD is equal to or greater than the size of the previous HARD drive to perform successfully the recovery discs recovery.

    If you have not created recovery disks, you can create one -

    Back up all your personal data now first.

    Thank you

  • HP ENVY 17-3290NR: wrong information after replacing the motherboard

    I have a problem after replacing my motherboard because the old stop working
    I had a new HP spare parts for my HP ENVY 17-3290NR after installation I realized that in hp say assistance:
    HP pavilion dm3 instead of hp envy, series and product number say 123456789
    so I can't use my drive recovery or the app by default because I've read that I must retatoo the motherboard, but hp do not provide me with dmifit or something similar, then what can do? I call the tech support of hp and they just told me to go back to that motherboard despite the part is correct, he's simply wrong information

    so, how can I change the information on the bios?

    I retattooed my motherboard using dmifit and now everything works fine

  • High temperature after replacing the CPU T2500-> T7200 at T60

    After replacing the T2500 CPU temperature CPU T7200 varies from 70 to 85. It seems high, I think about the replacement of the thermal grease or thermal paste application. What could be better? To finish with the original grey Ribbon and fix a new radiator or better coat of toothpaste?

    orion9727 wrote:
    There was a test done and toothpaste is out near dough more themal.
    Artic 5 should never be used in a laptop.
    He money and this is a no no on mobile cpu.
    Use a no driver or a thermal buffer.

    the gray Ribbon is a preferable themal pad use this WHICH CAME into IT.
    Because maybe a wedge and to finish with this and without contact.

    you upgraded from a 31 to 34 watt TDP watt not much, but he's going to run hot.
    75-80 c is hot Yes, but you have class 65nm cpu will run hot because it is old and a lot of work.
    If you all know toothpaste can served in the tests but I have not use because it can dry out and not sure what exacly.
    heat wise, I do belive in toothpaste is wise very good heat but stick with the gray Ribbon.

    Please do not take into account the (re) post above.

    I used AS5 on thousands of ThinkPads with no ill effects, in fact the opposite. Research experiences minimal posted by other owners on Bill Morrow ThinkPad Forum will confirm this statement as well. Arctic Silver is as good as it gets unless you want to spend $50 for a tube of thermal paste.

    To OP, your machine is running too hot for the processor in question. My 15 "T60p with T7600 is inactive at least 50 degrees C and does no more than 62 in normal use. And Yes, it was AS5 inside.

  • System Restore to factory settings after replacing the hard drive?

    I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre A52, which recently required a change of hard disk and the removal of a defective RAM 1 GB stick. When I bought my computer, it came with Windows XP Pro and the new hard drive that the updated computer has Windows XP Pro, but it seems to be missing a large part of the software (drivers and programs) that originally came with the computer, and even if I downloaded and installed most of them since the Lenovo Web site There are still some problems related to software that I can't fix. Ideally, I'd like to go back just to restore the system to the factory settings using the ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery program, but I don't know if it will work. All programs and the necessary drivers will be installed again, even if my current hard drive is not 'knows' thereon? I need to get a Windows XP Pro installation CD, if I want to keep my operating system? Also, is it important that my current hard drive is half the previous, or that I now have half as much RAM?

    Thank you

    After replacing the hard drive, the only way to restore it to the State of the plant is using the Lenovo installation diskettes. You can also ask if Lenovo has a solution to your problem without having to reinstall Windows.

    You can download Lenovo drivers if they are not included on the installation disk. The size of your hard drive does not matter.

    Lenovo - call to order recovery disks:

  • Impossible to reactivate XP Pro OEM after replaced motherboard

    As the title says, I'm unable to reactivate a copy of XP Pro (OEM) after replacing a dead motherboard. I did have problems in the past when replacing hard drives.  I reinstalled the operating system three times in the last 24 hours, does not. OEM drives are SP2.  Download and install SP3 and IE8.

    I wonder not to enter the product key on installation/set upwards (although I seem to think that I was the first time and ignored). There is no option to validate through start programs etc because there is no such thing as the "Activate windows" option.  The validation simply said the key online tool is not valid and directs me to a page to buy Windows 7. I tried the phone... free license key number by selecting personal user... but after the long string of numbers, the 'voice' says that the key is not valid. [I'm not sure if it is relevant, but in the part of this page Web where it says change key if the instructions (or words to that effect)... the key already indicated in the boxes is not the same as the one I have.] Is it because it's what they would say to change it too or what MS thinks that my key is already?]. The options trying to activate via the warning in the system tray do not help either.

    I think at present to remove the hard drive, which is the one that came with the pc and already partitioned if not used (I replaced it with a larger immediately after you have configured the pc), delete partitions and reformat before you try to reinstall and activate again... but I was wondering if it is simpler and less time-consuming option.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Update (a few hours after the original post): I read a few topics where it is explained how to talk to an operator.  I'll try later today that before anything else.  However, all the other advice always welcome.

    Replacing the motherboard outside the warranty terms invalidates an OEM license.

    You will need to purchase a new license for Windows - and it will take a full commercial license.

  • After replacing my motherboard, I get an error message that my upgrade from Windows is already in use. How can I fix it?

    You will need to upgrade my new hardware after motherboard failure - product message already in use.

    I have upgraded xp to vista home top about two years ago.  My motherboard is dead.  I used my upgrade disk to upgrade my hardware replacement.  He tells me now my upgrade is already used, but that the material is now dead.  How to use my update (XP to Vista home top) without paying again?

  • Windows will not start after replacing the motherboard

    To begin, I must say that I am pretty clueless when it comes to computer skills.

    To summarize, I sent my CPU to a repair shop when my computer has stopped working. I removed my hard drive before starting the repairs because it contains confidential data.  They have narrowed the cause to a faulty motherboard and replaced by a new dissimilar.
    At the store, the guy had a vista 64 bit recovery disc so I have it home and tried to fix it. He said it will be a breeze and relatively bug free. As part of the Startup Repair, I tried to drive the Startup Repair, and tests were all successful except one. An error of diagnosis readings
    "Unspecified system configuration changes may have caused the problem.
    Repair action: repair and checking the integrity of system files
    Result: failed. Error code 0 x 490
    time taken = 720023 ms
    Everything I've done has led to a brief blue screen to the Windows loading screen and then it restarts itself.
    I also tried to restore to the previous two points, but it has also led to the square - a brief blue screen after the loading screen and restarts on its own windows. I'm not ready to reinstall vista and I can't afford to do it too, because I don't have enough disk space to perform another installation. Nor am I willing to reformat one of my two disks.
    If you need additional information on the specifications of the material that must be provided, ask me.
    IM at my end intelligence now, and I really hope to solve this problem.
    Thank you.
    Bryan M


    I'm sorry, but you have to completely reinstall the operating system after replacing the motherboard with a different motherboard.

    "Startup Repair" is exactly that: a start NOT a repair system repairs

    What has happened, it is the operating system on your hard disk contains the drivers for the old motherboard and does not and you can't change drivers in doing what you do.

    The only way to solve this problem is to reinstall Vista.

    You wipe the hard drive and restart and make sure that the repair shop gave you the disc to install the new drivers of motherboard after you reinstall vista or download on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard.

    And here a question for you to consider, too.

    If you bought a copy of Vista retail yourself, you can use the method above to a new installation and then install the new disk motherboard drivers.

    But, if your computer is a trademark of purchased manufacturer, HP, Toshiba, etc., you can not change the motherboard that the license of Vista OEM is stuck at motherboard the origin of the manufacturer that it has been installed on and now you canceled your Vista license.

    See you soon.

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