Sat Pro L10 DVD Super Multi Drive

I have a new Satellite Pro L10 with DVD Super Multi player running XP Pro. I was not able to write on the DVD player - either it does not recognize the DVD in the drive or it blue screens and crashes when I use the Windows backup installation until I read the error message. Now I get very nervous, I could not support the 6 weeks I got it...
I can play the pre-recorded (of movies) DVD in the drive and it can read CDs and some brands of DVD. The manual is singularly useless on the use/troubleshooting of the Super Multi drive


Hi Christine,

I don't think you can use the Windows backup to record directly to CD or DVD. The following is an excerpt from the Microsoft web site: -.

• .......... Unfortunately, the Windows backup utility cannot save files directly to a CD - RW disc.

Have you tried the software to burn DVDs. I think that you should have Sonic RecordNow and Windvd.


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  • Satellite L10 DVD Super Multi Drive - E/s of entry Error Message

    Does anyone know why, when I try to play a CD or CD-ROM, I get a box saying i/o error of entry?
    I have a Satellite L10 with a DVD super multi drive. It can read DVDs and DVD ROM

    I thought maybe it was a cable connected the drive itself, but if it's that I need how out of the car and how to support.

    I tried updating the driver and uninstall it then reinstall the drive, but I still have the same problem.
    Cannot use the accompanying software as is all the cd.

    Please can someone help me.
    Thank you


    In most cases the entrance of e/s, error message is related to a hardware malfunction (CD/DVD drive).
    The readers of the lens laser can not calibrate properly and therefore it can not read the CD inserted.
    These errors are not uncommon and occur mostly after a long period of use due to a material stressed.

    But let's check the last possibility of solution;
    Go to Device Manager and remove the drive from the list of devices CD/DVD.
    Then start the registry (regedit) and delete the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Then, restart the computer and check if it of possible to read CDs.

  • DVD Super Multi Drive problem - cannot access any CD - Satellite A100

    Hi, 1st post:

    My Satellite A100 features a DVD Super Multi drive, which worked very well. However I cannot now access any CD - error message ' D: / is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error."is displayed.

    However I can still access DVDs without problem. Can anyone help?
    Thank you.

    can try this
    Right click on the drive w / the problem
    Recording tab
    and then check the box "enable recording on this CD player.

    If this does not solve it you have Roxio Easy CD Creator is installed to check this; EN-US; 315350

    or if you get an I/O device error message, this problem may occur when Windows tries to use a transfer mode that can not use your CD player
    To resolve this problem, change the transfer mode for your CD drive in IDE channel properties. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click Start, right click my computer and then click on manage.
    2. under the (Local) computer management, click Device Manager.
    3. in the right pane, expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.
    4 right-click the channel where your CD drive is connected, and then click Properties. In general, this channel is secondary IDE channel.
    5. in the Advanced Settings tab, in the zone transfer Mode for the device that represents your CD-ROM drive, click PIO only. As a general rule, this device is device 1. And then click OK.
    If the problem is not resolved after you change the transfer mode for the secondary IDE 1 channel device, your CD drive should not be located there. Use the same procedure to return to the DMA transfer mode if available. Then, repeat these steps to change the transfer mode for IDE devices in the following order until the problem is resolved:
    Primary IDE channel, device 1
    Secondary IDE channel, device 0
    Channel IDE primary note, device 1 is connected to your boot disk. It's the hard drive that contains your operating system.

    hope that fix you :)

  • Don't burn DVD Super Multi Drive no CD

    Carpet * a DVD Super Multi Drive not burn a CD but DVD
    Burn - no problem


    Try to remove the drive from Device Manager. After the start, the player should be recognized. Check if this procedure will solve the problem

    Good bye

  • Satellite M40-185: DVD super multi drive does not read the CD

    I own a Toshiba Satellite M40-185. It is mounted with a carpet * a DVD-RAM UJ - 831S.
    When I put the CD - R, which are supposed to work on this drive however it read as a CD - R [i.e. the icon changes from DVD - RAM drive in my computer to a CD - R]

    However, when you double-click the drive it says D:\ accicble not. But it works fine with DVD.
    Recently, I found that it stops between buring DVD as well. I got the replaced disk from Toshiba, but it was not to last long either.
    I wonder if his software level problem.

    I tried to update the firmware but it does not work because it's another drive for this what is mentioned on the website for drivers...

    Maybe it s only a registry error?
    I read different statements here in the forum and especially the deletion of in the upper and lower registry filters helps to address these issues.

    For more information, see this page of Microsoft Knowledge:

    Completely remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters from the following registry key values:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    and then restart the laptop

    Good luck

  • Qosmio G20-126 where I can buy DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive?

    Can someone help me and tell me where I can buy DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive
    DVD model: UJ-846-C flop in 12.7 mm
    Qosmio g20-126

    Thank you


    Have you tried to search some online dealers that provide this part?
    In addition, you could contact a certified maintainer Toshiba in your country to order this part.

  • DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive does not not in Satellite A200 - 1 M 4

    In A200 - 1 M 4, suddenly DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) is not in operation.
    In Device Manager, the device is listed with an exclamation mark?

    I tried to restore the system, but the system restore does not work also.

    Operating system is Windows Vista.

    Kindly help me to solve this problem.


    Hello Kamal

    The solution under Windows XP Home edition is known to me, but I never had the opportunity to check it out on Vista. If you want a quick solution to recovery DVD and reinstall Vista.

    And of course, don't forget to backup all your data before doing this.

  • Satellite M60 - 164 need Win 7 driver for Player DVD Super Multi TS - 632B

    I have a portable satellite m60-164, I put windows 7 on it and windows does not recognize as a multi drive only a dvd - rw.
    can someone help me find a readers who works on Windows 7?



    I completely agree with Akuma. Windows 7 supports and include clean driver CD/DVD from Microsoft. If the optical CD/DVD drive should be automatically recognized by Win7.

    You see the ODD in Device Manager?
    If there is a yellow exclamation point, remove the ODD of Device Manager, and then restart the device after restarting again the laptop must find new device and should recognize this.

  • Sat Pro L10: Cannot install printer


    I have a portable Satellite Pro L10 and have had problems to install an HP photosmart 7350 printer.
    After installation if I try to print, the computer indicates a failure to print warning. This printer works very well on my main computer that is running windows 98. So I tried a brand new HP PSC 1610 with the same result.

    But when I tried a friends HP Jet 5500 desktop it works very well. I tried to reinstall the operating system using the restore disc that came with the laptop for each printer has been tried with a new installation every time. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you
    Tony Jones


    Unfortunately, I never heard talk about this. But I don't think it's a problem of unity because another printing works correctly.
    In my opinion, you should check the printer drivers.
    If you have problems with printer drivers, try to use the original OS drivers.

    Good bye

  • Sat Pro L10: Disable the wake on lid sensor

    I have a Satellite Pro L10 and disable all power on/set off the power of the actions that occur when the lid is closed - that's very well under windows, and I have disabled things sur-cloture in the power supply of the control panel section. BUT in PARTICULAR, I want to disable the automatic turning on when the lid is opened (i.e. a Bios or other material toshiba parameter). Where can I do this?


    I think that light will be activated if the device is in stand-by or hibernation mode. If you open the cover, the device starts automatically.

    If the device turns and you close the lid that nothing will happen if you defined any action. I think that just display will be switched off, but after opening the lid he display will be activated immediately.

    Auto lights up when option doesn t open cover exist.

    Good bye

  • Sat Pro L10: built in WLAN issues


    I am using the inprocomm WLan on a new satellite Pro L10 running XP Pro with Windows zero configuration disabled.

    I have 2 routers netgear acting as access points, with several other wireless devices work well.

    I found a few problems:
    local network utility does not define the WEP key at startup (and does not work with reliability of boot).
    You cannot run the utility except if connected as an admin user.
    profile settings not retained "broad machine", only by the user.
    the support inprocomm website does not appear to exist (

    most are small problems, but the lack of reliable startup is a major problem. I had an another toshiba I got before reliable machines, but this feels like the beta test software.

    the drivers are up-to-date (even if it is not updated on the web site of toshiba, and pilots were dated 2004)

    Anyone got directions on how to do it?

    I spent a day of evil and cannot do this work anyway for a non admin user, and must always start manually for work at all.



    I m unaware of this key WLan card because it s are not a product of Toshiba but
    I found a site with Inprocomm WLan drivers. Please check for this possibility.

    Do you have accounts for different users on this device?
    I think that you need the appropriate permissions for all users.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120: DVD/CD-RW drive does not work

    Hello: the dvd/CD-RW drive does not work. apparently it has been disabled somehow! Any ideas on how I can turn it back on?

    Have you tried the Device Manager and it says it works normally!

    Any ideas please?

    Thanks :)

    > apparently it has been disabled somehow
    I put t think that the disc has been disabled!

    How someone or something should turn off the drive? You have disabled the drive? I don't think so!

    You said that the drive appears in Device Manager. So I guess that the drive is enabled and is recognized by the OS.
    You are getting error messages or what's wrong?

    Perhaps the reader can read or burn CDs or DVDs.
    This happens if the lens of the drive cannot calibrate properly and can not handle the inserted media.

    Maybe the replacement drive is required!

  • Satellite P100-221: DVD Super Multi DL drive does not work properly

    Hello world!!!

    the problem is that one day I inserted my CD - RW in drive, launched Nero but failed to remove any previously saved data of him cause I couldn't push the button 'clean' (sorry, not sure he's called this version in English).

    In my computer, where all readers are collected, in the context menu for my drive I couldn't find option to erase the disk. In the properties of the label record disappered (label where I could mark the box: Alow CD recording).

    I also tried to burn many Cd - R with nero, I recorded using multisession with a small amount of data, but after this, I was not able to record something on their cause, they have all been closed and developed, too, I told nero ot not to develop.

    Maybe someone can help me, I don't want to reinstall windows.


    I think that this is not a drive problem but possible it s more a configuration issue between Nero and second burning software.

    I think on many laptops Toshiba sound recording has now been installed.
    This software can be used for disc erasing and finalization.

    Please check the application.
    I put t don't know if this helps but maybe when you remove the sound recording now Nero does not improve.

  • Sat Pro L10 - its two continuous tone unusual

    My L10 Pro Sat has begun to emit a two-tone sound. This continues when the speakers are turned off, and even when all sources of energy are removed (sector and battery). Any ideas what is cuasing that and how can I stop it.


    I am very interested about your case, but I really don t understand you not at all. Two tone without feeding sounds. It's very strange. I guess that your unit is fairly new and the warranty is still valid.

    On this path, it is really not easy to give you some explanations. In my opinion, you should contact Asp and they should check the device.

  • Satellite A300-1NO: super multi drive does not work

    Hello again.

    I have a big problem (as every day since I have this laptop).
    My DVD multi writer rarely does not work.

    When my system starts up, it works very well, and he can read everything, no problem.
    But after several hours, it is simply not open.

    The orange LED flashes for a second, but do not open it.
    When I restart my sytem, everything works well again... What do I do? It is so boring.

    It's on my desktop, I do not...


    If the CD/DVD drive is not ejected automatically by pressing the button and then try to open it manually using a small thin object. Insert it into the tiny hole near CD. Diving DVD eject button.
    This should allow you to open the ODD.

    But if it will always happen, then I recommend you contact the ASP in your country in order to verify this CURIOUS.
    Maybe the drive needs to be replaced

Maybe you are looking for

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