SATA drivers to install XP Pro on HP630 via diskette (F6 at startup)

I have a laptop HP630 with SUSE OS installed. I want to install XP Pro but I don't know where to find the SATA drivers for installation via floppy with the F6 key at the start of the Installation of XP. Where can I find them?


Ciao, Renato:

You can get them at the link below: XP 32 bit is the second listed download. & ProdId = 2991 & DwnldID = 20625 & ProductFamily = Chipsets & ProductLine = Chipsets + Laptop & ProductProduct = Mobile+ Intel % c2% ae + 4 + Series + Express + Chipset + Family & lang = eng

When you are prompted to install the driver, use your up/down arrow and scroll to select and install the Intel (r) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller.


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    I want to install XP Pro.
    Can not find a driver for a SATA drive. nLite will incorporate into xp driver SATA and install XP and then install any driver and the program.
    You will connect to the SATA driver, please

    I don't know who is right.

    Thank you

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    Check this thread:

    Jimi posted a link to the worm: Intel Matrix Storage Manager, which includes the necessary SATA drivers!

    Good bye

  • Need SATA drivers to install Windows XP Home on my Tecra A8

    I want to downgrade my A8 - 103 to Win XP, but probably will need SATA drivers (and floppy) when installing (F6), but can't find where to download the SATA/RAID drivers for my model?


    To my knowledge that the Tecra A8 does not support RAID.
    It supports the interface ATA (SATA) series.
    But these drivers do not exist on the page of Toshiba. The operating system should include the Sata drivers or you'll get it on the Intel page.

    The XP must support all service packs. If your XP includes all the patches and SP, you can create a bootable CD of windows with an application called nLite. Check it!

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    I can't upgrade because of the other language.
    I downloaded all the drivers of your site, but after insttallation I still have a problem with the FireWire (lack of driver).
    Then I also checked that the drivers of toshiba sure power are missing too.
    What can I do?
    Best regards


    on the driver download site, you can download the installation instructions. Follow this order of installation. Toshiba Power Saver utility can be downloaded from the pilot site, too.

    You can also use your CD tools & utilities. There you can find all the programs and drivers for XP. Doesn't matter if it's home or teacher, the drivers are the same. But maybe some drivers from the download site are updated to a newer version.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L100 - need SATA drivers to install Win XP

    Hello world!

    I need your help... This is my story.

    There was a time when I need to reformat the computer laptop satellite L100 and a XP cd is used instead the recovery disc, I'm too dense to know.
    When I found out about the use of the recovery disc, I tried to boot from it, and I've seen the menu which gives me the chance to restore the configuration of the laptop, but I didn't move because I didn't really need to reformat the way at the time.

    After a while, (again), I need to reformat, but the problem is, claims the installation from the toshiba raid recovery disk drivers.
    That's happened? and what do I do?

    I have read a few forums and they propose to change the SATA mode in the BIOS options, but I can't find it in the laptop, you I saw in the other computer toshiba laptop. How can I change the SATA mode in the L100 laptop?

    I also read that I have raid drivers must be copied to a floppy disk, in which I don't have an external floppy drive.
    Is it possible that I can install it without pressing F6 or something, which is on the Windows desktop? Or I can save it on a USB flash drive?

    Thank you!


    First the SATA mode option is not available in the L100 BIOS, so you cannot change this mode compatible.

    Secondly, you n t need the floppy drive to install the SATA drivers.
    If you had read several threads here you would like to know that you can also use the software called nLite that would help you to integrate the SATA drivers into Win XP.
    This application creates the new Win XP with SATA drivers, and you can use this CD to reinstall windows XP.

    I wonder why the Intel Storage Manager was not placed on the page of the European driver Toshiba in the region however, L100 driver download as mentioned, the Intel Matrix Storage Manager contains the SATA drivers and you need this package.

    You can search in other series of laptops such as the Intel Storage Manager or looking for on Intel page and it would download.
    Then as I ve mentioned use the nLite and include the SATA drivers.

    More details about nLite you will find on the page of nLite:

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-400: need SATA drivers to install Win XP

    Good evening

    I would like to know if it is possible to give me a link with the SATA drivers for the laptop that I specified on the subject of the topic.

    I ask this because I would like to change Windows XP MCE, Windows XP Professional SP2 and for that I want to format the hard drive and install the operating system.

    BTW, a few days before, I checked the temperature of the processor in my laptop, and when it's 90% it loads reached temperatures as 90-100 ° c!
    It this normal, so high temperature? I checked with CoreTemp, I heard it is a good software to use with Core2Duo processors...

    I'll wait for the news
    Thank you.
    Best regards.


    As far as I know that you need not all SATA drivers. Put the CD in your laptop and start the installation of the OS. With the help of facilities CD you can format the whole HARD drive and create clean partitions. After completing download and install the drivers, tools and utilities Toshiba support page. All that s!

    On the temperature of the CPU, I can't tell you much, but if the laptop works well you should not be worried about it. Just make sure that the laptop is placed correctly on the desktop and aeration is free.

  • Satellite L350D 213 PSLE4E - how to include the SATA drivers to install Win XP

    Hello my laptop came with win 7 installed
    I would like to have xp instead, but may not work on sata drivers I need to do this.
    If anyone can help
    Satellite L350D 213 PSLE4E
    see you soon


    You have two options;
    Either you install Win XP with SATA drivers or without the SATA drivers.

    If you want to install Win XP without SATA drivers, you will need to draw the SATA AHCI compatible mode option in the BIOS. But in this case the HARD disk, performance would be lower.

    If you want to use the SATA performance, then you need the SATA driver.
    For this I recommend this HowTo:
    + How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver into a Windows XP Setup CD.

  • Hi, I have hp mini 110 netbook do you 3601, I slip stream its sata drivers and install Windows xp, help!

    I installed Windows xp and downloaded all the drivers that worked perfectly but driver wifi did not work and there is a "?" in the named device manager as network controller, I can show pic u of this thing, can u please tell me what it is and how can I solve this problem? so that I can use wifi in my college.reply urgent please

    Install the drivers from here

  • SATA drivers

    SATA drivers to install xp pro on sata Hhd .desktop is a motherboard very Carmel 2 p7-1125.

    I do not know.

    I just installed an operating system with a single hard drive in a PC.

  • While trying to install XP Pro on T60 he does not see the hard drive, but the fact of the laptop.

    Have a lenovo t60 disk opportunity was wiped out when trying to install XP Pro, I get message windows does not see the hard drive, but he sees the laptop.

    If its SATA you need SATA drivers to install. Since the XP CD doesn't have the SATA drivers on it

    Unless you disable the AHCI in the BIOS. Or their wake.

    Or get the SATA drivers. Check out them on diskette, press F6 during installation and then add them.

  • Satellite A300-1Affichage (PSAG4E) - can't find SATA drivers for XP installation

    Hello :)

    I am tring to install Windows XP on a Satellite A300-1Affichage as in the object, but it is impossible, because I can't find SATA drivers to install during the installation of Windows XP. In the page drivers I can't find them.

    Can you help me please? Thanks a lot


    What is the chipset installed on your laptop? If you post here, I'll try to find the sata drivers. How to decide for you, read here:

    You can also install Windows Xp, mode compatible, just switch to AHCI in Bios

  • Need SATA drivers for installation of WXP on Satellite L40 - 18Z


    I bought my laptop in a local computer store and I was not given any CD or anything. I recently had to replace the HARD drive due to issues listening "classics." In any case trying to reinstall my personal copy of Windows Vista I had to include the SATA drivers to install.

    I downloaded those required for Windows XP, and it worked well before that, incidentally, but now when I try he doesn't know... I even tried to install Windows Seven, but this has always had the same problems. For the moment, I'm just under Ubuntu, but I really need windows for my work.

    SATA what drivers do I need to install Windows Vista? - And before someone says; the BIOS does not allow IDE emulation, or a other SATA mode.

    Thanks I would really appreciate any given notice...


    I m a bit confused now because you talked about Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7...
    What you want to install now?

    Drivers you want, you can find the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    You need the Intel Storage Manager and it s is available for Windows XP, Vista 32 bit and Vista 64-bit.

    Good bye

  • Looking for HP Mini 110-1109NR SATA drivers

    As shown in the topic, I'm looking for HP Mini 110 - 1109NR SATA drivers.  Installing windows XP on the computer broke down and needs to be reinstalled, but when you use an optical drive USB installation fails to find the HD installed.  A quick response would be much appreciated!


    Download the second file listed.

    Extract on a USB floppy and press F6 when you are prompted to install the SATA/RAID drivers or integrate the drivers in a copy of your XP installation disc.

    The specific ACHI driver you need for your laptop computer is the Intel(r) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller.


  • Satellite M70: How to install WXP Pro without SP with SATA drivers?

    I know that this topic is discussed repeatedly,
    I get a blue screen when I try to install WXP pro... blah blah blah

    The solution is to install the SATA drive.

    The problem is that I don't have a floppy drive to install the SATA drive, so what can I do?


    The use of the disk is the best way to install the SATA or RAID drivers.
    But I searched a bit on the net and found nLite.
    You can use nLite and include the drivers then you do not have to use the

    Good bye

  • Trying to install XP Pro on a laptop with a SATA drive on it.

    I'm trying to install XP Pro on a laptop with a SATA Hitachi drive and no floppy drive to load the drivers from. Hard drives is visible in the BIOS and AHCI in the BIOS as well. USB floppy drives will not work (will not be considered 'A' during installation). Is there a way to make an installation with appropriate drivers disk, added to this?


    Please go to the bios and switch from AHCI mode and try again.

    If it does not work. You could integrate the drivers in XP Pro

    With the help of Nlite

    Follow the instructions only the wake and burn to a CD.
    Please keep in mind that my answer is based on the information in your message. More the better I can answer, Slan go foill, Paul

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