SATEL. R15 cable required external card wireless provider?

I have problems with my connection Wireless on my satellite. R15. I was able to connect here at home, but were not in a position this week. So I called my cable company technical support and was told that he could not support 3rd party software, like Configfree. He said someone would come out can get me Setup with an external wireless card. I remember the first time I'm connected, the Tech (same company) person somehow connected me - without an external card. But this Tech person says it cannot help me. Anyway, Configfree reports force signal excellent, but unable to renew the IP address. Windows cannot configure the wireless connection - but Configfree has in the past. Any ideas on what I can do? Or should I get the external card to the cable company? Thank you-



I don t think that the Configfree tool can configure the wireless connection. As far as I know, that this tool is only a diagnostic tool for wired Ethernet and Wireless LAN and IrDA. Am I wrong?
AFAIK for Toshiba laptop come with wireless network cards Intel or Atheros. In this case, you can use a configuration of Windows or a utility Atheros wireless configuration options.

Well, but if you're suggesting that this tool has works, then I suggest to reinstall the Configfree. Perhaps this will help you solve your problem.

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    There are no errors in the event log.

    I am using wireless mini-PCI cards and have already updated to the latest version of the driver.

    Any ideas gratefully received, for now every morning is a 20 to 30 minutes of rebooting frustration trying to get my connection work.

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    I have the same problem if I stand for laptop and access point at the same time. If the access point is already in use, the connection is established shortly after. First the access point must establish a connection to the modem. Now the wireless connection is not available.

    I guess after the second reboot, the connection between the AP and the modem is already finished and you can use the network wireless successfully.

    Good bye

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    Hi, I bought an Envy6 fantastic 1100sl in 2014. Used only to work with a small charge. However, all of a sudden my (Ralink) wireless card stopped working and out of my system and its peripherals. Now, seeing the wlan led is always RED (also if the airplane mode is off). Tried to remove and reinstall (several times) the driver official of but it is not worked, and now the only way to use it wireless using an external USB wireless network card.

    I'm waiting for a new SSD to accelerate my ultrabook; I will try to do a clean install of windows on my new SSD 10 hoping to operate the integrated Ralink Wireless card in return.

    My questions:

    I try a trick to revive this material before new clean install?

    What can I do if after the clean install the wlan card still does not appear?

    Thank you


    Hello @cospps,

    Thanks for the information!

    I understand that you have performed the test hardware on the WLAN Module, and he said that the card was not installed.  I understand that you checked the map, to see if it is properly installed.  If you're still having problems, then you can consider replacing the WLAN Module.  You might want to test the card on another compatible device.  I hope this helps.

    Kind regards!

  • Card wireless for Compaq 8000 Elite CMT PC

    I bought a PC given to nine Compaq 8000 Elite CMT. It has Ethernet connectivity, but not wireless I can say. It has 4 slots for pci (?) cards. (Sorry I am a newbie) Is this compatible tower with a wireless card and if so which one should I buy? Thank you very much!


    I would just get an external usb wireless adapter.  No muss. No fuss.

    If you are determined to buy into the internal card, one made for your model.

    HP features on the map...

    I launches wireless adapters external USB to dual band on my HP dc7800 CMT, 8000 Elite CMT and 8200 Elite CMT.

  • G6R35UAR #ABA: can I upgrade the card wireless 802.11ac

    Please let know us if it is possible to upgrade the card wireless in my laptop to a 802.11ac card.  A currently installed 802.11b/g/n card.

    My PC is a HP Pavilion 17 laptop.

    G6R35UAR #ABA product name

    Thank you.

    There is no white list. Here is the Service Manual:

    See p. 96


    You have the 17 inch model and for the 15-inch model AMD HP actually an AC card. This one:

    2x2HMC AC + BT4 Broadcom BCM 4352 WLAN 802.11 for HP Pavilion 15 AMD computer models available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 724935-005

    It is an equivalent spare card sold on

    The card would work for you, but I have to warn you that the installation is no easy thing. It requires extensive disassembly and will jeopardize the warranty. You should not try to install an Intel card as they are called does not play nice with AMD computers. The Broadcom will be your best bet.

    If you have questions let us know.

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  • J9M28UA #ABA: cable for white missing wireless antenna? or this laptop doesn't have it?

    I jumped out of the back of my new laptop to see why my internet wasn't working all the time. Turns out the wire black antenna has not been pushed all the way so it kept popping market.

    But I noticed that the white wire is not there? I got this laptop only for 2 weeks so I was wondering if the new hp 15 inch touch screen laptop windows 8.1 this lack on an accident or done this way?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is normal or if it was an oops of the company and the lack of white wire?

    Thanks to anyone with an answer.

    I included the picture of what it looks like - I went through all the info just in case by case


    Some models with wireless cards single band (2.4 GHz) come only with a single antenna.

    I have no idea why HP did this because two antennas on a single band card would provide to improve wireless reception.

    By the part number on the wireless card, I see that it is a Realtek 8188EE model which is a single band card.

    HP do not make a mistake and leave out an antenna.

  • the upgrade of the card wireless LAN on my HP Elite HPE-210f desktop PC

    Y at - it recommended for my Realtek 8111C Wireless LAN card upgrade existing?

    Unlike laptops, HP does not publish information about wireless in desktop cards, otherwise their existence. The manual indicates that the wireless card is a x 1 pci-e expansion card. In laptops, the BIOS block cards wireless non-approved to allow the system to boot. I don't think it's true in desktop computers.

    Here are the specs, including a photo of the wireless card:

    Here is the manual to upgrade:


    You should be able to remove the existing wireless card and replace it with any other. Here's an option: & qid = 1393681688 & SR = 8-3 & Keywords = PCI - e + Wireless + Card + 5 + GHz

    Existing card is a dual-band 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz and must perform well but Ralink cards tend to have problems and that is an understatement. You might want to try upgrading the driver, and you can check the antennas to see if they are connected to the right.

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  • Satellite A500-1GL - card wireless adapter problem

    Hi all

    I had a problem with the card wireless on my laptop for months and have no idea how solve more.

    Basically, the wireless card seems to go through phases does not turn on. One day I can boot up my laptop and it works fine, then the next day it won't work. The wireless button on the front of the laptop is turned on but don't turn on the red light.

    In the past, I've managed to get over this by several reboots the laptop (until he decides to work) or reinstall flash, wireless etc. drivers card drivers. However, none of these things today seem to be making a difference.

    The worst, it's that there is no continuity with when it does not work and how it is fixed (sometimes reboot once fixes it, other times reinstall drivers fix it and so on).

    For this reason, I assumed that this may mean that there is some sort of hardware failure? But if I run the laptop in safe mode, the wireless still works without any problem.

    Someone has an idea what is happening?

    Any help would be appreciated,



    First of all I would like to know what system you are using and if you have tried to recover the laptop to factory settings in the past.

    The point is that these issues are mostly related software and could be solved by resetting the system.

    However, I think you know that the wireless network card can be turned on and off using the FN + F8 key combination.
    Have you tried this combination in the past?

    Second, you must check the WLan card status in Device Manager.
    The point is that problems of card driver WLan, Wlan card doesn't would be not listed correctly in Device Manager. So this should be the next step.

    Where the Wlan card is listed correctly, I assume that the driver is installed and working properly.

  • Change of card wireless in the Satellite L630


    I recently bought a Satellite L630, which has a Realtek 8172 (or possibly a 8191SE;) I can't say the PCI ID) wireless chipset.
    I installed a 64 bit version of Linux on it and there seems to be a total lack of support of the drivers for the wireless card.
    The Realtek driver only a binary blob and blocks my entire system when I try to load it.

    I have a card Intel 4965AGN Minipci wireless lying around that I know works very well under Linux, and I want to spend this card wireless with the Realtek card if possible. First of all, I need a few questions answered:

    1. the Satellite L630 use a miniPCI wireless card slot?
    2. about the motherboard location wireless card? (I can't find all the L630 anywhere internal diagrams)
    3. If I do this, it void my warranty?

    Thanks for your help!

    > 1. The Satellite L630 use a miniPCI wireless card slot?
    Yes, the L630 and other new age Toshiba laptops support slot for WLan miniPCI card.

    > 2. About where on the motherboard the wireless card is it located? (I can't find all the L630 anywhere internal diagrams)
    I think the Bay of WLan is placed at the bottom of the unit.
    To my knowledge it s secured with a screw.

    > 3. If I do this, it void my warranty?
    Yes, I think so.

  • Satellite M30X-129 card wireless system breaks down

    My wiresless card began to crash my system start up. I get a too brief to read flash of blue screen with the text after the Toshiba start screen and then he tries to start again and this cycle continues.

    If I change the power supply for the Wireless card off switch it starts OK and operate without wireless connection.

    If I put the Wireless OFF card using the harware manager and put power on ok wireless, it will begin what it seems it's a software related problem.

    The hardware Manager shows the card to function properly.

    Is there a way to debug the startup process to see what is the origin of the crash?


    > Is it possible to debug the startup process to see what is the origin of the crash?
    I think that these tools are available for the service people only I put t know any free tool which can be downloaded from the internet.

    > If I put the card Wireless OFF using the harware manager and put power on ok wireless, it will begin what it seems it's a software related problem.
    If the wireless network adapter is disabled in Device Manager, then the operating system cannot access this device and therefore the system not crushed. The Wlan switch material command the WLan antenna, so I think the issue may be related to software or hardware.

    In your case, I will try to update the WLan driver.
    If this is not enough, then the WLan miniPCI module must be removed and another miniPCI Wlan module must be added in order to check if the module is not defective.

    In this case, you can determine the question

  • Sprint SmartView error 635 for USB card wireless Novatel U760

    I couldn't use my card wireless U760 Sprint for more than two weeks now. I called Sprint technical support and tried to solve the problem. SmartView boots, shows normally; then I try to connect. Error is returned, RAS return error value: 6. found another thread that MS suggested running a file called rarepair.exe, which I ran. Now, the error that I get (after trying to connect), is "an unknown error 635". Windows detects the device properly, but it will not just connect. I removed and installed SmartView more times than I can count. Sprint maintains that it is a computer problem and not a card problem. Someone has an answer for my problem? Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer...

    I know it's the late response, but I have been dealing with this error for some time now.  Try this, and I'm sure it will solve your problem.

    Connect your air card, open the SSV, goto tools > settings > hardware > RAS change to NDIS.  Then try to connect via 3G.  The only problem you may encounter later is THAT VPN combined, whose your should be able to help with, if that happens.

  • How to keep playing the last song played after the external card refresh

    Does anyone know how to continue to play the last song played after the update of external card? Every time when I connect and disconnect the player from the PC to update some of the songs it refresh the external memory card and then play the first song of the record. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

    Adding or deleting files trugger a database refresh to disconnect from the computer. This resets the file before playing. There is no way to change this.




    Actually try updating your driver and check with Dell Support and Forums if necessary.

    Control Panel - network - write down of the brand and the model of the Wifi - double click top - tab of the driver - write
    version - click the driver update (cannot do something that MS is far behind the pilots of certification). Then
    Right click on the Wifi device and UNINSTALL - Reboot - it will refresh the driver stack.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    Download - SAVE - go where you put it - right click – RUN AS ADMIN.

    Dell - drivers

    You can download several at once however restart after the installation of each of them.

    After watching the system manufacturer, you can check the manufacturer of the device an even newer version. (The
    manufacturer of system become your backup policies).

    Repeat for network (NIC) card and is a good time to get the other updated drivers as Vista like
    updated drivers.

    I would also turn off auto update for the drivers. If the updates Windows suggests a just HIDE as they
    are almost always old, and you can search drivers manually as needed.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx

    Dell support

    Dell forums
    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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