Satellite 1000-Z2: cannot find operating system


I have a satellite 1000 Z2 with a windows xp operating system. When I turn on the computer, I get the message "cannot find the operating system". I tried using the recovery disk, but I get an error message saying that there is a mistake of partitioning, and it does not work. I watched utility recovery options to see if I can reformat the hard disk that you use this method, but I'm out of my League and don't know what do the options mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi Dex

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it means that your hard drive is broken or is a failure.

If you have a bootable diskette that puts in the BACK, use it and see if it recognizes your hard C disc drive (or whatever your drive letter). If she sees it then do a DIR and see if your files are still there. If it does not find your hard drive chances are, there not.

Good luck!

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  • Satellite L300 - 22L - cannot reocver operating system after installing Win XP


    I bought the Satellite L300 - 22L with preinstaled Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
    My computer has a problem and the blue screen appeared on my screen so I tried to reinstall it.

    I don't have any recovery CD, so I decided to install my old Windows XP.

    In the BIOS I changed the hard drive SATA compatibility mode before installing.
    During the instalation I deleted the partitions of origin and the new C: and D: partitions with sizes like origins.
    XP works fine, but I would like to recover the original Vista Home Premium laptop.

    I can't launch the utility of recovery with 'Zero' button after starting.
    How can I start the other way recovery utility?

    Thank you

    > I don't have a recovery CD so I decided to install my old Windows XP.
    You didn t receive the recovery disk because there was an option to create the recovery disk!
    Mentioned everywhere, you should read the user manual.

    > During the instalation I deleted the partitions of origin and the new C: and D: partitions with sizes like origins.
    > cannot start with 'Zero' button recovery utility after the start.

    First of all, I think that it is a European model for Toshiba laptop. In this case, you must press F8 for advanced boot menu and there you can choose repair my computer option. In a new window should appear the recovery option.

    BUT it will not work now because you have formatted and recreated the partitions!
    Now, you have no choice as to order the new recovery disk to reinstall Vista again.

  • Y50-70: Windows cannot find a system on this computer image

    As he attempted a recovery with a copy of the provided by Lenovo recovery partition, I get: "Windows cannot find a system on this computer image.

    I have both the recovery partition of Lenovo on the HARD disk that came inside the laptop (15,56 GB, PBR_DRV) and a copy of it on an external HDD USB (started from it!). Why recovery software do not?

    Where is this "System Image"?

    Help, please.

    Thank you.

  • Reinstalled Vista, now it cannot find a system volume that meets the criteria for installation

    OK, I caught a virus really bad and had to reinstall vista.  I have 4 hard drives on my computer. When I was going to do a fresh stall of my cd of Vista 64-bit, the first thing I did was to reformatt all my hard drives but the one with the files I wanted to save on this. Now, the problem comes when I try to select a hard drive to install vista, I get a message that says "windows cannot find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation"!  I get this message on each of the hard drives that I tried to install it.  These are the same drives exact I had at first and installed vista on several times before with no problems.  I even deleted the drives and tried repartioning them and always got the same message. Help, please!

    OK, for anyone else who might encounter this problem, the solution is to disconnect all but one of the drives that you want on your computer.  Make sure you leave the one you want installed on connected windows and then do the installation. Subsequently, you can reconnect to the rest of your hard drives. !

  • Win 7 Pro, FX6100, 8 GB of ram, 250 GB ssd; cannot find the system partition

    Basics are there.  It blocks from the tent to set up partitions.  I am giving all of the 250 GB SSD to use as seems it and it is just lost.  It does work with no partitions, partition of the entire disk.  He didn't tell me what he wants.  And error messages make no sense.

    They are like: (and my response)

    cannot find the system partition (do a stupid)
    Can not find the installation partition (crikey, I gave you the entire disk, make one)

    Talk about mega-frustration.  How about a useful error message and some useful ways to respond.


    If the ssd is not recognized in the first part of the installation process, as a location to install win on, you need to check the manual of the card mother about all the necessary bios for its port settings, or weather, you need to install any third-party disk controller.

    And if it's a new ssd, must not contain any partition table, unless you have prepared this ssd when you started in one of your other installations win, that can be part of your problem.

  • How to find the driver of modem of Toshiba Satellite U305-S7432 for Suse operating system?

    Hello friends! I have laptop Toshiba Satellite U305-S7432. I use the Suse operating system. But my OS couldn't find the modem driver. Where can I find the driver of modem for Suse OS? How can I solve this problem. Please help me. ?:|

    Best regards. ;)

    Hey Buddy

    Unfortunately, it seems that Linux is not supported by Toshiba and so there is no Linux drivers published on the page of the driver.

    If you need some drivers, I would recommend looking at the sites of chip manufacturing.

    But visit these Internet sites about Linux on Toshiba laptops:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L300D-11V cannot find a WLAN

    I have 2 x Satellite L300D-11V notebook PC series and both have the same problem: they're not detect my network wireless in my house but I've proved the wireless hub using a third PC (HP) and works perfectly.

    I ve checked the wireless switch is enabled and made key FN + F8, but it cannot always find a network. I checked the devices in the network adapters and find Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI - E Fast Ethernet NIC but it's a card LAN isn't?

    Other devices show a unknown device, but where can I find the wireless device?


    I don't know what kind of stories you heard in stores, but the fact is that Toshiba offers laptops with wireless network inside card. These laptops come with preinstalled operating system (recovery image) and have factory settings.

    This recovery image contains the operating system, all the drivers needed (including the WLAN driver), Toshiba designed tools and utilities and some additional software. So if you buy the new laptop with OS preinstalled WLAN driver is there.

    The statement in both stores is a disinformation or there is a misunderstanding.

    Hi John
    I'm happy to hear that your problem is now solved. Just FYI: your laptop wireless network card is REALTEK RTL8187B 13CH 802.11(B/G).

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70: ConfigFree cannot find WiFi signal - counter ist off

    I have a problem with the tool configFree. It worked when I bought the satellite M70, but then I removed it from the trunk of the car. Now, I installed it for an automatic start and now he can't find a Wireless Signal. Connectivity doctor said wireless meter is in the 'off' position, but it's to 'on' and with the normal windows network I'm connected with internet.

    I have it uninstalled and reinstalled but it does not work.
    What can I do that the ConfigFree tool recognize that the meter is on?


    You can try to restore the Windows operating system to the point initially by using the System Restore tool. Win Xp supports this option. You can find the tool to:
    Accessories - System Tools programs.

  • Satellite T110-11U - cannot find the router WLAN


    I have a Toshiba Satellite T110-11U. Have had since February and loved it-fortunately it wireless used throughout the House. Then one day on a month, unless I was in the same room that the wireless router, Wireless does not work. I have 2 other laptops (and iPhone) which still connect wirelessly throughout the House and the garden without problem.
    As you can imagine, it was very strange. When I take in the garden, my other laptops are all networks wireless in the region, but my Toshiba can't find any.

    Suspecting it was a driver problem, I made sure that the wireless drivers are up-to-date. With no joy, I got the system as it was at the time of purchase (do a complete restoration by interupting, starting and leaving the hard drive to be deleted and reinstalled etc.). Still the same problem. I even changed the rooms in which the router is, and the same problem - the Toshiba cannot find the router unless the router is located a few meters from the laptop.

    Until I lose the will to live, can anyone suggest the cause of my problems, or is it time I admitted defeat and brought back to the Comet under warranty (where likely test next to a wireless router and tell me everything is fine!).

    Thank you very much


    Hey Buddy,

    Did you check if the wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager? There may be a yellow exclamation or unknown device. Try also updating the driver WLAN from Toshiba Web site:

    See all other WLAN routers?
    The wireless network card can be activated using a combination of keys FN + F8 and in the BIOS. In the BIOS, you should also load default settings and test again.

  • P850 satellite destroyed by the Windows operating system


    I own a Toshiba Satellite laptop model: P850 part number: PSPKFV-00H002AR bought the United Arab Emirates.
    OS: Windows 8 x 64 pre installed/installed at the factory.

    It doesn't have the capabilities of the 3D display.
    There can be no Blu ray.
    It has the fingerprint reader.

    Since I started using it I have big problems with the operating system, drivers and utilities Toshiba.
    * I'll post the PROBLEMS the MOST IMPORTANT I have so that I can get help easier.*

    Initially, the laptop felt good, utility worked as they should. the only thing that was not at any time was the ECO button, but not a big problem. * Accelerator of Toshiba HDD has been working flawlessly.*

    The first thing I did when I started using my laptop has become familiar with the operating system and of course to create a secondary partition for my stuff (files and so on)

    I used a * free * 3rd party software called:
    * Mini partition Wizard tool * which turned out to be very good.
    (no not advertising, it's a free and very useful program)

    Before performing any operation, I made a thorough search for the operation of the recovery and windows partitions 8 so that I don't accidentally makes them useless.

    * The first thing I did was record to create 3 DVD using "Toshiba Recovery Media Creator."

    * Then using the above mentioned software (partition Wizard) I created a second score by taking the amount of space between the Rugged C
    * During the creation of a second partition (called D) I _DID friezer move, resize, format or fusion of the partitions.* system and recovery plant

    Then I continued using the computer for things I usually do. I've updated some drivers, windows installed and computer updates worked well.

    * Then Microsoft has officially released windows 8.1 * so I decided to give it a try. I have read the manual about installing "* updated Windows 8.1 *" Toshiba driver download page. Windows 8 updates installed, then went to store * downloaded windows 8.1* and waited the installation.
    Then I continued to update my drivers as it said in the manual.

    * When working with partitions on my drive and before installing windows 8.1 I Formaldeide disk of windows and Partition Assistant Manager screenshots_ *.

    * After the installation of Windows 8.1, I immediately noticed that the installation has created a partition_ of recovery (also known as Windows RE) _the with the 350 MB_ _size *.
    I of course took screenshots of windows disk manager and mini partition Wizard tool.

    I'll upload the screenshots as soon as I can please stay tuned.

    > Y at - it a way to factory reset and return to windows 8 and return the * HDD factory State? * Exactly as it was when I opened the box?

    Of course, you can return to the factory settings. You said that you have created 3 discs of recovery using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.
    These disks will again install the image of Toshiba and will fix the laptop in the same condition as at the first day of the purchase.

    Take the first disc, the start of this drive and follow the instructions on the screen

    Note: this will format the HARD drive and delete the created partitions.

  • Satellite A300-247 cannot find the folder of HARD disk recovery

    I tried to reinstall my Vista home premium on my Satellite A300-247. I have buit - in the OS. I did it axactly according to manual (reboot - F8 - repair your computer-...) When I clicked on Toshiba HDD recovery system recovery tools wrote me this:

    "the recovery of the operating system is impossible
    File recovery HARD drive on the second disc of the first hard drive not found.
    There is no environment recovery valid HARD drive on this computer. "

    I would like to ask what do I do reistall my OS. I have no disk with OS and backup disc creation tool does not work.
    Y at - it an option to get my OS on DVD from Microsoft or Toshiba?
    If I use this tool to reinstall the OS, I will loss all the information on the D drive (Vista is on the C drive)

    Thanks for the reply


    Seems that drive HARD recovery does not work.
    Perhaps something has changed on the recovery of HARD drive partition or recovery files has been deleted

    Usually it s always advisable to create a recovery disk in a first time. This should be done at the beginning and this recovery disk is always useful if something would go wrong with drive recovery HARD or with HARD drive

    Now, you can't get the phone because you don t have this drive and the HARD drive does not work

    What to do?
    Well, I think that you would need new control disc.
    You can do so here:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - can not install operating system

    I just bought a laptop Satellite A300.
    At first she had no operating system, but the at a store installed Windows 7 ultimate (trial version).

    Now I have problems to install another system.
    It shows me an error and one more thing. When I bought the laptop he had no cd - s, no drivers, it's ok?

    Answer me, I don't know what to do.


    As far as I know Toshiba portable computers can be purchased with an operating system Windows.
    There is a Toshiba image that contains the Windows operating system (Vista, Win 7, etc.), drivers Toshiba, tools and utilities

    I put t know why you plug a laptop without OS to maybe was a bit cheaper to buy it without the Windows operating system

    What to say to the original Windows disc to install
    The Toshiba drivers are located on the page of the Toshiba driver

  • Satellite C660D-14F - error "Missing operating system".

    Satellite C660D-14th, W 7.
    System froze and I had to turn off. The following happens
    1 error message "Missing operating system".

    After cutting the boot won´t system.

    I have no hot spare. I have a separate PC.

    Can I download a boot sequence to use on a USB key?


    Looks like something's happened on your HARD drive. Its defective, or maybe just the system partition is possibly corrupt.
    Well, in the best case, you will need to reinstall the system.

    If you n t have the recovery disc, you can order it here:

  • Re: Satellite L450D-13F cannot find the WLAN drivers

    I bought this machine, but without an operating system and I have installed win7! This drug is recognized, except wireless! I can't find a driver for it! There is no any driver for WLAN on this site! Help, please!


    Please, check here:

  • Satellite A200-1AE cannot find my disk hard flash

    Hi to everyone.

    I have a SATELLITE A200 1AE and I have a little problem...
    My phone cannot find my disk hard flash. I contact toshiba here in Greece, and they told me that they don't know what to do!

    Can you help me please?



    Can you please write a little bit more kill your issue? Since when you noticed this problem? What did you do last time? Maybe installed WXP and now the HARD drive is not visible for the BIOS or does not appear when you use F12 at startup?

    Please write a little more. I don't think that the service can't do anything.

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