Satellite 1400-253: where to find the card network LAN driver

Hello, my network adapter does not work and I can't find a driver for it anywhere. Can anyone help?

Thank you


Also, I wasn't able to find the LAN driver on Toshiba page.
But I had an idea. The network adapter that is installed in this notebook supports a
network I / F chip Moab (Intel 82551 (Lavon)).
You can try to search for the drivers on the Intel page for this LAN chip.

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  • Satellite A105-s4064: where to find the Ethernet controller (LAN) driver?

    Hello, I was recently forced to reformat my Satellite A105-s4064 due to some virus problems, and now when I look at my device manager my Ethernet controller is not installed.

    I checked the main site and they don't have an Ethernet controller I've ever seen.
    I can just be giving on it or research in the field of evil, but anyone know where I could find the Ethernet Controller driver for my laptop?

    Thank you

    First of all, it would be interesting to know which driver LAN do you need? XP or Vista

    Second, the A105 laptop is an American series. I know that because of the last digit in the model number. 5 at the end means that it is a series that was designed for the American market and you need to find the drivers on the Web from Toshiba site we!

    However, if I understand correctly, you have already activated the Device Manager and the network card is not in the network adapters. There is an unknown device. Am I wrong?

    Often the LAN chip must come from Realtek. Then maybe you should try to download the driver directly from the Realtek page.

    Check it out

  • Where to find the XP Wireless Lan driver

    I have run your routine Identification and the LAN card on my machine is an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 ABG, driver version references, my OS is Windows XP Pro, the download-only that show you for this version of the driver is for Vista 64.

    Where then would you please?


    Mr. S. J. Windsor


    Please see the new download page under
    As I see the 32-bit Vista driver is here.

  • Satellite L50-A01Q: where to find the latest Intel graphics driver

    I brought a Blu - Ray external drive and tested to see if I could play blurays but the Intel graphics driver is outdated.

    I downloaded the new driver from Intel, but he could not install.
    He said I had to download the driver of my manufacturer.

    But the new driver is not available from Toshiba?
    There, because I can not play blurays.

    > I downloaded the new driver from Intel, but he could not install.
    > He said I had to download the driver of my manufacturer.

    Of course, you can install the Intel driver downloaded from Intel page.
    You must download the zip package where only files are placed in the record of the driver.
    Then you have to unpack this package, then go to Device Manager and update the driver by using the Advanced installation procedure. This will allow you to point to the folder of the Intel driver you have unpacked (desktop?)

    This procedure worked for me

  • could you please tell me where to find the AMD/ATI video driver for my acer Apire 5942 G

    could you please tell me where to find the AMD/ATI video driver for my acer Apire 5942 G

    could you please tell me where to find the AMD/ATI video driver for my acer Apire 5942 G

    Your best resource is the Acer support site. They will have all the latest downloads for your model.

    Acer support: Downloads & Support Documents - family of products:


  • Satellite L500-1DT - where to find the audio driver?

    Just reformat the laptop, went from windows 7 64 bit for windows 7 32 bit. Reformatted the disk that came with the laptop. I have no sound at all, the sound worked perfectly before and it keeps saying that I have no sound card. I tried to install the audio drivers but I can't find the right on the site with my model.

    I have a satellite L500-1DT with model PSLSOE.

    Tried to install the drivers available and I just get an application error after installation

    no idea how to fix it or where to find the correct drivers?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    To be honest I n don't know what problems you have with the driver audio but that's in the right place for all drivers: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E

    But before installing the latest version, remove the current version first and clean the registry with CCleaner

    Check this box!

  • Need to format Satellite C850D-119 - where to find the drivers


    I want to format my Satellite, but I can't find the drivers I need to install later.
    Can someone direct me as to where should I look?

    See you soon

    Satellite C850D-119 is part of the PSCC2E series.

    The drivers are available here:

    Laptop-> Satellite-> Satellite C Series-> 850D-> PSCC2E Satellite

  • Satellite 1900-703 - where to find the drivers?

    We can I download this drivers: s

    I can't find the drivers for this laptop, and support area or if someone can tell me were to download wireless drivers

    Thank you

    You can find the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.
    You can find it in the archives.
    In product type choose Archive, then by Satellite

    Then, you will find the drivers

  • Portege M400 - where to find the touch screen XP driver

    Hello, I was wondering where I could find the touch screen for my Portege M400-S5032 pilots.
    I looked on the site Toshiba driver but could not find them.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Hi mate

    Take a look at the Toshiba driver page we
    [Drivers Portege M400-S5032 | rpn = PPM40U & modelFilter = M400-S5032 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768662]

    There you should find the Wacom Dual Touch driver for Windows Vista/XP
    I think it's a good thing.

  • Satellite M70-375: where to find the SD card reader driver?

    Where can I find the drivers for the SD card reader? It is not in the list of all the drivers of the M70 series.

    I checked the s information about this device and it seems that the Satellite M70-375 has a number PSM70E-xxx.
    First you must choose the category good pilot because there are two sets of Satellite M70.
    In addition there is no own available SD card driver. You must install the driver cardbus.
    This driver is also responsible for the use of the SD card.

  • Re: Satellite A210-16F: where to find the latest driver for the graphics card?


    I have a laptop A210-16F Satellite with an Ati Mobility Radeon HD 2600 graphics card...

    After having checked my device manager, I discovered that my graphics drivers are from 2007 which are not good: S but for the life of me I can't find the right drivers anywhere... If you see the screenshot, you'll see that drivers are since 2007 and after I click "update driver" and then "search automatically software update of the driver" never he can't find something and tells me that my drivers are up to date: SS any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Oh, also, my OS is Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

    Thank you!

    Hi mate

    You must use the drivers of Toshiba page
    These drivers are tested and certified for the unit

    Why do you want to update the driver? Just because it s of 2007?
    You have problems with this driver?

  • Satellite A40-221 - where to find the drivers for Windows XP?

    Hello everyone.

    I hope someone here can help me with my problem. I have old Toshiba laptop - Toshiba Satellite SA40-221, here it's picture . I reinstall windows xp and now I can't find the drivers. I have search on the official Toshiba web page and other internet resources, but couldn't find anything. So I hope you can tell me, where can I find the drivers for this laptoop.

    PS Sorry for the bad English BTW :)

    Hi LIAPb,

    Your model is Satellite A40-221 and no SA40-221.

    The drivers are placed on the official website of Toshiba, but you should look in * Archive * because he old laptop s model, but it is still possible to download the drivers: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Archive > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A40 > Windows XP

    Check this box!

  • Satellite U400-151 - where to find the drivers?


    I need help to find the last version of the DRIVER on my Toshiba Satellite u400-151, but where in what site can I find the drivers?

    Thank you.

    Lööw salvation,

    Satellite U400-151 belongs to the series of PSU44E. Therefore, you can find all drivers for Toshiba European driver download page.

    Check this box: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite U series > Satellite U400 > PSU44E

  • Satellite Pro M30: Where to find the BIOS for download

    I'm looking for the new version of BIOS to my laptop.
    When I go to driver download site I can see only Satellite Pro M70 downloads but not by Satellite Pro M30.
    Where can I find the version of the BIOS, My F keys do not work and maybe the new version fix it (BTW I use XP SP3)


    It seems that all drivers for some older series of laptops have been moved to ARCHIVE.
    So please first select the Archive.
    Then satellite Satellite Pro Pro Satellite Pro M30 M

    There, you can find all the drivers and BIOS.

    BUT NOTE; the update of the Bios will not help you to get the Fn keys work.
    You should first try to reinstall the * common Modules *, then the * utilities Hotkey for display devices *.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro M30: Where to find the Vista drivers?

    Hello everyone,

    Please I need to know how to find toshiba updates drivers for windows Vista, my computer model is Satellite Pro M30.

    Please guys, I found it very difficult to not be updated. I've already updated my Rams to 1 GB.

    PS: It is a sequel to update my VGA 256 or 512.

    Hi Ziad

    Unfortunately, your laptop is not Vista support and you will not be able to find the official drivers on Toshiba download page. All you can do is find the drivers (if available) on the manufacturers of hardware technical support site.

    Update graphics card is not possible.

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