Satellite 1800-504, doesn't have a LAN port

I have a friend who has a Satellite 1800-504 he bought 5 years ago. Now, he bought an ADSL modem, what he wants to connect to the computer. The problem is that when the connection (ethernet) is supposed to adapt is closed. I've never seen anything like this and I'm wondering if anyone knows what it is? Is it not possible to connect to this computer to a network (ADSL modem)? or what we can do about it?

We live in Sweden, hope someone has the answer to my question, so I would be very happy.


I saw several times on the Toshiba notebooks. LAN port on this good old classic is not available, but the solution is LAN PCMCIA card.

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    driver toshiba Satellite 1800-504 screen/sjerm til


    I put t know what you need exactly but maybe you're looking for the display driver.
    Please visit the Toshiba page for the right display driver.

    But please post again what exactly is the problem

  • Satellite 1800-504 manual search?

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a manual on my Satellite 1800 504, I can't seem to find in the download section, can someone help me?

    Greetings from the Denmark



    You can find it on the homepage of European support from Toshiba:> download-> Toshiba operating manual & support

    To look for in * zone Archive

  • Keyboard for Satellite 1800 504

    I am looking for a keyboard to this old computer.

    Anyone know where I can buy this, or did someone has lost PC where I might be able to buy the keyboard?

    / Martin

    New keyboard use Google and search terms Satellite 1800 keyboard. You will find many online shops where you can order the new keyboard.

    Good way to find material for the old models of laptops is eBay. Check it out!

  • Satellite A660-10W doesn't have a resolver.

    I have the A660-10W, which announces resolution +, explanation HERE:
    Using Toshiba's resolution + technology unique, images from standard-definition DVD image quality can be improved to a level close to HD, convert the 480 p signal on standard DVD video in 720 p or 1080i signals for optimal display on screens quality high definition. Thanks to Toshiba of technology resolution + picture
    the quality is just great. Details of the contours is more clear and images look crisper, with enhanced images that friserait the quality high definition
    End of quote
    but there is no programme resolution + in the laptop for that.
    Please provide details.
    Thank you

    And how do you know that your laptop doesn't have resolution +? Is it confirmed by your local dealer or you have discovered yourself?

  • Re: Need Satellite 1800 504 - drivers Win XP

    Can someone help me find Win XP drivers for my old laptop? Or maybe win2000

    Your notebook in the series are in the old archives on the pilot site of Toshiba.

    You will find the European driver page:> Support and downloads-> download drivers

    As I said, you should check the * archives-> Archive Satellite-> Satellite 18xx *.

    Good bye

  • HARD drive size should I use with Satellite 1800 504?

    What size of hard drive can I install on this laptop?
    One installed is only 15 GB.

    You can use the 30 GB HARD drive. For example, Toshiba HDD2159B.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-17N - t - it have port series and how to get there?


    To help my studies in microcontrollers, I need serial port, but I did not on the Panel of my laptop. I know that some laptop models have one on their motherboards, but is not on the Panel. If satellite A300-17N is one of them I enjoy any help and instructions how to get manually.

    Thanks in advance.


    Satellite A300-17N doesn t have serial port and AFAIK no Satellite A300 was equipped with this port.

    But I saw a few online shops, they listed an Express card that offers the serial port (RS232). I found one on Amazon:

    I think it would be easier and less expensive way for serial port. :)

  • Satellite 1800-712 does not recognize my USB external HARD drive


    I would really appreciate the help. I own a satellite 1800-712. I have receently bought a usb external hard drive for some extra memory (IE Toshiba MK4026GAX USB Device)

    When I connect it to my usb port it records any with the computer. The green light so there is power to the hard drive. The usb ports recognized of other fine features (a modem and memory stick)

    I tried the external hard drive on a desktop pc and it works fine.

    I have downloaded all windows xp service pack updates and updated my bios. Don't know what to do now.

    Please help and thank you in advance!


    Although sometimes, I know that the OS is not able to recognize the external USB device, because the device external USB (HDD) consumes more energy than the 500mA.
    The USB ports provide 500mA power and if the device needs more power so it s is not possible for the Windows operating system to recognize the external device.
    You have an external power supply for the USB HDD? You should use it.

    Good bye

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    Any suggestions?

    Use something different? I have read there are some cards, but you are right, that the v4 of the Apple TV doesn't have an optical port.

  • Satellite 1800 Windows XP - can't get Ethernet/LAN to work

    Hey everybody,

    I am struggling with this for hours...
    I installed windows xp on this old laptop, Satellite 1800 PS181C, and I can't get the drivers to work for ethernet can work

    It worked fine when I had windows 2000 on it, but as the OS crashes constantly, so I opted for XP instead.

    In Device Manager, it lists the network adapter under 'hidden features' for a reason, it is called "Intel 8255 x-based Fast Ethernet.
    It is said there is a driver installed for it, but when I try to create a new internet connection, it tells me that no adapters are installed!

    I tried the site LAN driver, the last that appears is for windows 2000, I tried anyway according to the installation instructions, didn't work at all

    I watched the driver on the Intel Web site, she me tied to a PROWin32.exe file, I tried to install, it says I have no card compatible?

    This leads me into the wall. There must be a way to make this work.

    Help is very appreciated!

    Thank you

    Can you please send the exact model laptop (1800-xxx) name?
    What WXP version do you have installed (service pack)?
    Have you consulted the Toshiba download page? This model is supported for Windows XP Home edition?

  • Win2K LAN driver for Satellite 2410-504

    Hi all.

    I wonder if you could help me. I installed Win 2 K on my laptop Satellite (2410-504) and everything went very well except that I can't find the LAN drivers for the NETWORK interface anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    The laptop must support a network chip Intel Chinnereth (ED82562)
    Simply search for the W2k drivers that support this kind of chip.
    You might find something on the Intel site.

    But have you installed the chipset driver driver Toshiba page form?
    The chipset driver is important and must be installed

  • Satellite 1800: Model who exactly should I have?

    I now have a second hand satellite 1800 in my possession, by the manual in PDF on this computer HARD disk laptop I know it's a series 1800, but I know nothing more... How can know which specific model I?
    I tried to download the drivers etc, but I don't know who... I have tried to identify with the specifications of the American site of computers, but differ from European models... I have 1.1 Celeron, cd drive, LAN, standard modem where can I somehow understand this?

    Hi Gamca,

    There should be a sticker on the bottom of your laptop that will give you an exact model number, you can then search on the Toshiba site.

    Kind regards

  • "Connecting to LAN" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

    Yesterday I just internet browsing and all of a sudden my connection died. I check on my ethernet connection and he says that he is not identified. I started to get many fixes and I couldn't find one that solves my problem. My ethernet connection was initially a public connection until I changed it to a working connection where it still does not work. I also tried to diagnose the "connect to the Local network' and it comes up with"Connecting to the Local network"doesn't have a valid IP configuration.


    No IP address is valid:

    Hello Alan,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    1. you made any hardware or software changes on your computer before the show?
    2. What is the brand and model of your computer?

    Thank you to provide detailed information on the issue and your efforts to resolve.

    This problem may occur because of corrupted or incorrect settings of Internet connection.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    IP address to renew and check. Please follow these steps:

    a. Click Start and type cmd in the start search box.
    b. right click on cmd , and then click run as administrator.
    c. type the following commands in the command prompt and press ENTER after each.

    ipconfig / renew

    If this does not help, use method 2.

    Method 2:
    Reset TCP/IP and check.
    Refer to this article:
    How to reset TCP/IP using the NetShell utility

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • Satellite 1800-921-Maximum extension

    I have a 1800-921 Satellite running Windows XP. It starts and works fine, but as soon as I put the antivirus software on it slows down to a crawl. I want to improve its performance, but have the recommended Maximum 512 MB system memory. Can I wear this in any way to make the laptop run faster?

    The hard drive has been defragmented and 8 of it is 20 GB free.

    Is there anything else I can do?

    It will be interesting to know what antivirus you have installed on your machine.
    In my opinion the best anti-virus is AVIRA antivir. He doesn't need a lot of resources and works perfectly on Windows XP Home edition.

    Back to your question.
    I know for sure that the Satellite 1800-911 can be upgraded up to 1 GB of RAM, so I think that your Satellite can be upgraded to 1 GB.

Maybe you are looking for

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