Satellite 1800-514: display strange question

Hi all

I have a portable satellite 1800-514. now recently I can not the laptop for initialization or power on when I press the power button. Although sometimes it lights up then the sreen flips on and off with a beep. Fortunately, now it's on and uses it to write this post may be at the time wherever I stop later he won't come again. also, I need the display driver for this laptop please help.


Copy all the files in a folder. Go to Device Manager and open display adapter properties. Change tab pilot and use the update driver option and navigate to the folder of the driver.

Try it on this path.

It's very strange that you can not start the unit at all. In this case it is probably a hardware problem (beep).

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  • Satellite 1800-514-display is off every few seconds

    Yesterday, I have a Toshiba Satellite S1800-514. I have install the OS (Windows XP Home) again.
    Laptop screen turns off every few seconds. When I press the small button above the power switch (sensor for portable fence) there is a beep and the screen wakes up again.
    Same procedure again after a few seconds (5-50 sec).

    Is there someone who can explain what happened and how to fix this?
    The problem exists in all modes (Setup/bios dialogue, BACK, starting of WinXP, running current WinXP command prompt).

    Thank you!


    It's not easy to say what is causing the problem, it could be the inverter FL, chip graphic, LCD display...

    In your case, you should first test an external monitor. If the external monitor doesn't work properly, it s a problem with the graphics chip or motherboard. If the monitor does not work this is a problem of the FL inverter or LCD.

    Good bye

  • Need satellite 1800-514-pilot display for Win XP


    I'm looking for a driver for xp for Toshiba Satellite 1800-514 grafikcard

    Can someone tell me, which grafikcard have this laptop?

    Why the S series is not listed in the socket driver?

    Hey mate.

    You can find the display driver on the European driver Toshiba page.
    You must choose Archive for laptop product type.
    This laptop is old so that the drivers have been moved to the archive area.

    The graphics card seems to be Trident but there are two display drivers;

    Check it!

  • Cannot install Windows 2000 on my Satellite 1800-514

    I am trying to install windows on my Satellite 1800-514. but when Setup tries to copy files to the hard drive I have some errors on some files are not copied correctly (it says it can't find them, I checked well and they are on the cd).

    is not always, but often the same files. jump results in an unnecessary installation (cannot start). It is the first time ever I am trying to format and reinstall windows on this laptop. I tried gentoo (linux) for a few days and it seems to work very well (except it's me mistakes sometimes when starting from cd)

    so far I have tried:
    -Another cd (all seem to give me the same problem, they worked on all the others I've used them on front of the pc...)
    -windows XP pro cd, gave me an error of not being able to load a file (looks like the installation of 2000?)
    -have you memtest86 to check memory, he finds no errors, also I tried to install with just 1 of my 2-bands memory, that has not helped either. so I don't think that memory is the problem.
    -do you have a chkdsk /R from the recovery console to check the hard disk for errors, no have been found...

    I'm naïve, what to do/try then?


    Reset you HARD drive after using the Linux operating system? If please do it properly and then try to install Windows using the recovery CD.

    If the error again please contact the Service partner. In my opinion there must be a missing file.

  • Recovery from sleep - Satellite 1800-514

    I'm developing an application on a Satellite 1800-514. Here's the problem: is it possible to turn on the laptop in sleep mode without pressing the power button (for example, by pressing a key on the external keyboard to PS2, or by moving an external mouse)?

    Thanks for any help!


    You should know that if the Toshiba power saver is installed on the unit the Microsoft power management doesn't work. In addition the energy saver is responsible for standby and hibernation mode.
    Here, you can set different parameters.

    Well, I can't say much about your developed application. I think that if you want to use you own tool, so you should remove the energy saver. But you know all the tools and the 3rd party applications, you can use at your own risk.

    PS: I'll be a happy man if someone here in the forum will give you a precise answer.
    It is a forum for users with currents and issues problems and not an application developer.

  • Cannot find drivers for Satellite 1800-514


    I just installed Windows 2000 on my satellite 1800-514 because with Windows XP, it's so horrible slow and I hope that goes better with win2000.

    then I tried to install the drivers of my cd but then after restarting, I got a blue screen. so I guess that the pilots were not compatible with Windows 2000.
    im looking for the correct drivers, but in the section download toshiba is now no Posibility to select the 1800 series. So where can I get them.



    Please check a little better all the options before you write something absolute here. Everything you need you can find on the download page of Toshiba under

    Please note that Satellite 1800 is old enough laptop model, and you should search under Satellite-Archive first choose Archive under product type.

    All that s!

  • Satellite 1800-514 - reboot with puppy linux 431

    Hello, I installed puppy 431 and 412 (frugal HD) on a Toshiba Satellite 1800-514 with processor celeron 1 ghz, 256 MB of ram and 15 GB HD.
    When I try to restart it just hangs in a black screen, but does not restart. If I want to stop, no problem.
    Windows XP restarts correctly.

    could someone help me please?

    p. s.
    I have updated the bios with the latest version, but makes no difference
    I tried several versions of linux, but all have the same problem (puppy 412, eccentric 1.1, pup214rc5).

    I tried everything I was advised to do in linux forums, they think it's something related to bios... 5021bed2078a398b0

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    Hi abarnabe,

    If Windows XP starts correctly, the problem is related to your Linux distribution. What does s and there is no hardware malfunction.

    As you know I hope, Toshiba doesn't supports Linux distributions. This means that you have to look for a solution yourself, and here the most users use Windows. So I think you should ask the Linux professionals.

    Here's a helpful article:
    [You know a useful site for Linux on PC support? |]

  • Satellite 1800-514: I can put 60 GB HARD drive

    can I put a 60 GB HDD in a satellite 1800-514

    AFAIK you can certainly use the 2.5 s of 10 GB, 20 GB or 30 GB HARD drive but I m not 100% sure if BIOS will recognize the size of 60 GB.
    I searched a bit for certain part numbers: HDD2151B, HDD2157G, HDD2154B, HDD2159B

  • Satellite 1800-514: what FL inverter is compatible

    What other Toshiba can I take the inverter of to adapt to a satellite 1800-514

    If someone posted check if please and request technicians.

  • Satellite 1800-514: need parts such as keyboard, screen, inverter

    I have a portable Satellite 1800-514, I need to get some parts of second hand for this that I have a few internet size for parts, but I need to know what other laptop I can take parts to repair it.
    These are the parts that I need of keyboard, screen, inverter and the front of the case where the screen is.


    If you are looking for second hand parts then I would recommend the search on Ebay for a Satellite 1800-514 of second-hand sites.
    Especially a full section of second hand is much less expensive than individual parts and devices!

    In my opinion, you can use the entire Satellite 1800 series parts.
    The screen, keyboard, FL inverter and the screen frame must be the same.

    In addition, if you want you can contact Toshiba service provider in your country.
    Guys might provide a list of compatible parts and devices


  • Satellite 1800-514: D - link G650 + PCMCIA card - cannot install drivers

    I finally decided to add wireless to my old Satellite 1800-514, but when I try to install the card, reports of windows that my drive does not contain the correct driver. I downloaded the latest drivers from the website of Dlink but I get exactly the same error, is this model of incompatible card with the machine?

    I was originally under XP Pro SP2, but I went down to XP SP1 incase it was an SP2 issue, but nothing did.


    I don t think that there is a problem with the device.
    I studied a bit on the net and found information about the pilot.
    It seems that users have problems with d-link driver that was downloaded from the d-link website. The driver on the CD supplied with the PCMCIA card should work properly.
    But if there is no if you need to contact d-link support.

    Also check this site:

  • HDD upgrade on Satellite 1800-514

    I m Maxuer and I have Italian m.
    I have a portable 1800-514 Satellite with 15 GB hard drive (model ic25n01atda04-0). Can I put HDD with another hard disk of 40 GB of equal or greater capacity.
    If yes which model I have to take

    Thank you

    Excused for my English


    In my opinion, it should be possible to upgrade the 40 GB HARD drive.
    In my view, that the device supports the 40 GB of HARD drive.
    See this page. I think you need HDD like this

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-504: display driver

    driver toshiba Satellite 1800-504 screen/sjerm til


    I put t know what you need exactly but maybe you're looking for the display driver.
    Please visit the Toshiba page for the right display driver.

    But please post again what exactly is the problem

  • Satellite 1800-514 - CPU cooling fan

    My Satellite S1800-514 has now more than seven years. I never had any problems with it. But I'm a little worried now the CPU cooling fan. Basically it runs continuously since I bought the laptop.

    I'm a guy of 'maintenance' of a man "fixing after the failure." On the other side, there is truth in "Do not open a market system".

    Should I replace or let you replace the fan (cost?; risk?) after 7 years of non-stop work or wait that the failure?
    Should I open the notebook and clean the fan and air conditioner?

    Anyone here with experience?
    Thank you

    You are absolutely right with him "never touch a running system" ;)
    And if you encounter any problem until now, let it well.

    But what you could do is, clean the fan and cooling of the modules with a sort of a jet of compressed air to get rid of the dust.

    Try this and good luck with your laptop. Seems to be a pretty strong and durable unit.

  • Extension memory satellite 1800-514

    I have a Satellite S1800 - 514 TV EN with the standard 128 MB of ram. What is the extension of the maximum available memory and the part number for Toshiba memory for this product, please. I tried the product/expansion page, but this section on the premise that you know the part number you are looking for.

    Thank you del = Satellite 201800-514%

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