Satellite 1800-712: what comb drive can use?

Can anyone let me know the model number / part of the CDRW/DVD combi
walk in the 1800-712 of Satellite specifications. Mine has failed, and I need
to get a new one.



Have you checked you user manual?
In the manual of the user that was preinstalled on the computer laptop m, I found some compatible players. I think that in the manual you you should also find a list of compatible drives.

I think that you could use a DVD - ROM SD-C2502 or CD-RW/DVD-ROM Toshiba SD-R2002 / SD-R2102 or CD TEAC CD-224th for training

But I think you should take a look in this document yourself.

Did you know that a compatible player you can order the ASP in your country?
If you order the drive of the service partner you can be 100% that this drive is compatible.

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