Satellite 2450 auto start after stopping down

My laptop is a satellite 2450 and he began to turn on when I stopped him.
I think that this is a power supply problem or a problem of mtherboard.

Other users had this problem and what was the cure?

Thank you



You have a connected network cable? Maybe Wake-On-LAN is enabled.

Or maybe the LCD lid switch must be a pure: p

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    strange question.

    the 'fastest' solution will involve a backup of your data and a reinstall of windows.

    If you don't mind not to do, turn off your laptop and turn it on by pressing ALT + F10 to launch Acer erecovery process.

    If she starts always slowly, we try to limit the question on a clean system.

  • repeating beeps after stopping down. cannot restart

    Repeat single beep after stopping down and restart.

    Do not answer to command at least the power.

    Beep Code list examples:

    J W Stuart:

  • Satellite Pro U200 starts after some time it stops after 5 minutes

    Satellite Pro U200 stops after 5 minutes, then starts after some time. When she stops the
    blue screen say - stop: (0x0000008e, 0xaa846f58, 0xa9f29808, 0x00000000)

    Sysaudio.sys - address aa846f58 base at aa843000, datestamp 41107f1a


    Believe me; It's not easy to say exactly why the BSOD appears.
    It usually happens because of a malfunction or severe software hardware fault.
    Have you used the operating system of the image of Toshiba?
    Message it says something about sysaudio.sys.
    This file is a system audio WDM filter processes and it s a part of the Windows operating system. It controls the material such as the printer or the graphics card at a lower level.

    Note: The virus uses these files as a camouflage. You should always use an anti virus application.

    In addition, you suggested that the laptop stops after 5 min.
    Well, this looks like an overheating problem. How did you use the laptop? You know that free space around the laptop is very important due to the circulation of air. Fans should also be free.

    I you use Notepad in the right position and it happen, so I recommend asking for help Toshiba service partner. They should check the laptop.

  • Satellite 2710XDVD crashes at the stop down

    My 2710XDVD Satellite crashes to farm, the "Closing Windows" screen. I am running Windows 98 SE, bios 7.60. The problem started after installing a Sitecom WL-011v2 card.
    When I remove the card (in fact, turn it off using the control panel pc card Manager) Windows stops normally. Sitecom says it's a bios problem.
    Does anyone have a solution?


    Sorry, but in my opinion there no solution. As far as I know that some cards may get in trouble because they won t is disabled. I put t know exactly why this happens. Maybe they need a permanent power supply or something like that. A friend of mine has the same problem with the modem card.

  • Re: Satellite C660 - fan starts then stops


    Sorry for my English, I'm French, I have a Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop a few days ago and I noticed that the fan starts and stops every minute at any time when the temperature exceeds about 40 degrees (noted with SpeedFan).
    Even if I'm just the desktop, the Internet. However, it does not heat up much. Is this normal?

    Before I had a laptop and the fan stops, but almost never had low-noise. I prefer it, but it's can be a simple matter of habit for the Toshiba...?


    Try it please change cooling method option in the advanced power settings.

    Open power options > n a click your power profile that you use > choose the advanced power options > Toshiba Power Saver Settings > cooling method > change two optimized battery options.

    I think that this will reduce fan activity.

    Please test and send feedback.

  • Satellite 2450 - no sound after I re-installed XP SP2

    I need to find a driver for my sound card, and I don't know how.

    I have a Satellite 2450 and I bought it in 2003 at the Denmark.
    That's basically what I know on the PC and it does not help me much because looking for drivers is structured in A, B, C... etc the series, I don't see no number 2450.

    Can you help me?


    Your series of laptops is very old ;) to look for in the area of ARCHIVE page of European driver of Toshiba.

    There you should find an audio driver that could be compatible with the Win SP2.

    Please post feedback after reinstalling the driver.

    Good bye

  • My Satellite will not start after installing Vista updates

    My Toshiba satellite laptop does not start after the installation of updates. I get the Toshiba screen, then a screen that gives me two options. Start windows normally or repair windows. I tried both but you just Tousez in circles to the same screen.

    I didn't have any rescue CD or save a Vista CD with my computer

    Can someone help me. Do you have ideas how to run again.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Christine

    Can you please tell us which laptop model you have?
    Did you start your laptop with F8?
    What happens when you click Repair option?

    Please give us more information.

  • Satellite A30 554: start and stop the question automatically

    After about a year of use my computer laptop (Satellite A30 554) started having problems with the starter. Quite often when I turn it on cooler starts working and the LEDs are showing that the computer is on, but the screen remains black. Sometimes, I need to turn off the PC and on a couple of times so that he can start to begin. What is the reason for this and can it be resolved?

    Once I had a problem with this computer off by itself while working, which was not caused by a virus. Some people advised me to vacuum clean :) under cooler. I did and it helped.

    The problem was supposed to be linked to the dust on the heatsink, which does not allow that it works correctly. The current problem also connectable to the cooler, or is - it a motherboard problem?


    Generally speaking, if it starts and does even not initializing the monitor, or starts and turns off immediately, it could be the motherboard. It helps to remove each device at a time and try to start the computer. Sometimes when the parts become defective they still affect the ability to start. If, after removing all devices, that the problem persists, then your motherboard is faulty and must be replaced. Hope that fix you the problem.

  • Z600 workstation: workstation Z600 not auto start after power loss

    I use a HP Z600 workstation.

    BIOS version

    786 G 4 V0.3.54

    OS is duel boot Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit Ubuntu & 14.04LTS

    Using Setup F10 I have:

    1. active Advanced-> Bios Power On for all days of the week and took one hour for power on

    2. under Advanced-> Device Options, I enabled wake on lan

    3. under advanced-> power on-> Options after the loss of power, I put the option "always on."

    If push the power on button on the front of the machine, it auto starts with Linux.

    If I pull the plug, the machine switches off immediately.

    If I plug the machine in, nothing DON'T get PAST!

    It lights up. I have to press the button.

    If I unplug the machine and then plug it in and wait for the moment Pwoer of BIOS on, do NOT start machine or turn on at the set time. Again, I must press the button to turn it on.

    What I'm missing or doing wrong. The machine is used as a remote server. It should restart automatically after a power loss.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Nothing changed and the problem disappeared.

    Had a power outage for 4 hours in the building.

    When the power was restored machine automatically restarted.

    So pulling plug on Z600, machine is not self-priming.

    Be able to fail the entire building: boots of router, monitor, Z600 and machines.

  • 4540 proBook s does not start after stopping

    Brand new Probook s 4540, B7A48EA #BED, of the box. Memory 4 GB DDR3, 500 GB, processor i3, SUSE Linux disk.

    I have install the battery, connect the power supply and turn on laptop. Linux installation started, got the message 'creating recovery root tarball' and wait, wait and wait with the same message of Linux. I rebooted the laptop and after that got Linux message 'Cannot find size info part of recovery' and restarted itself, every 120 seconds.

    I turned it off, by pressing the power button / stop 5 sec.

    After that, I can't turn on laptop. When I press the power button / stop, power, drive, browser and Flash of LED wireless, you can hear disc trying to turn but fail and all the lights go out and about 2 seconds later all lights flash once again, drive tries to spin but fail again and laptop does not start.

    I have 'power reset', updated the BIOS (F.40), removed the drive and DVD drives, tried without battery but no change in behavior. I returned the drive and the original DVD. After removing the memory, portable lights, as if, and caps lock flashing of LED 3 times which means error memory. After that, I did a "reset power" once again, reinstall memory and try to start the laptop. After pressing the power button / stop at the beginning I had same symptoms I described, and after 2 portable seconds began. I installed Windows 7 Pro. Laptop computer can be restarted Windows, but after stopping, he can't press start button to start / stop.

    One way to start is to move the memory in the other slot, but it cannot start after his stop. After his return in the first memory location can be started again until the next stop. And when start, does not start from the beginning, but after 2 seconds, for his second try. The BIOS memory test, the EFI system diagnostic and memtest86 has errors. I tried with different memory module but got the same symptoms.

    Should I change a motherboard?

    After replacing the motherboard (systemboard), everything works.

  • Dell xps 13 restarts immediately after stopping down

    I bought my new dell xps 13 a month ago to Microsoft online store and had with 10 Windows.
    From the first moments, the laptop won't stop. If I try to stop it, it will stop down and a millisecond after it restarts already.

    I checked devices (USB, tuchped etc.) for power management options does not allow them to turn on the computer and also checked for differences in integrity and found nothing.

    What could be?

    Thank you


    This has been a problem of knowing for a while... Do not know if he is connected to W10 or Dell...

    Temp solution: press and hold the power button until the computer turns off completely. Wait 1 min and then turn it back on (important to wait at least 1 minute).

    Long-term (!) solution is to transform the hibernation that is made in advance for your power management settings. The standard is '180 min', set to 0.

  • Keep the power to the USB port after stopping down?

    I would use one of the USB ports to plug in my cell phone to load from one day to the next off the computer. What are the steps to follow to set computer to keep providing power via USB ports after shutting down the computer?  I'm a novice so need to know where to find the place that controls the settings and what to click on. Thank you!

    If you put the computer in Standby Mode when you stop, the USB ports are not powered off.

  • Satellite 2450 - PXE error after upgrade of the 40 GB HARD drive

    I have a Satellite 2450 and have just replaced my 30 GB drive with a 40 GB drive and trying to use the recovery disk, I get the error PXE.

    I understand that I need to change the boot order of LAN, but when I have the power by pressing F12 it lets me select the CD/DVD drive, and then gives me the same error.

    Any help is received with gratitude.


    It seems that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc, and therefore the BIOS passes to LAN and try to boot from LAN.
    In this case you will receive the error check cable PXE.

    Did you check if you can use another bootable disk?
    I mean you can try to install Windows using the Win XP disk
    Maybe booting from another disc would work

  • find software for auto delete changes made to windows after stopping down


    Is there any software that can remove all changes in XP software or new downloads made by a user when the computer is turned off?

    My wife runs a home for the homeless. We had problems in the past with our customers to download software

    files corrupted which and slowdown in the computer.

    Thank you!

    Windows steady state does exactly what you want, and it always seems to be available for download, despite the declaration of intent of Microsoft to remove it on December 31, 2010. Note that is supported by Microsoft is no longer after June 30, 2011 , but the program continues to run. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

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