Satellite 2450 S402: Question on the motherboard

Hello everyone

Nobody knows how much is: Satellite 2450-S402 coast of the motherboard.
because mine does not work and I need to change but I don't know how much it will me side
(my warranty is over)

Hello abb

You can also contact the partner in your country. Ask them how much it costs and how long you have to wait to get one. List ASP, you can find

Good bye

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  • Satellite A210 a1o: question of the motherboard chipset


    Can someone tell me who is the manufacturer of the chipset of the mother card? I have the model psaele. And I search drivers xp, so I can't find sm bus controller.
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry, but the Satellite A210 a1o is unclear to me. Can you please check the thumbnail in the lower corner and display the exact laptop model name and model number.

  • Satellite P20-932 PSP26E - on the motherboard PCI resource conflict

    I have a Toshiba P20 932
    REF.: PSP26E-02NH9-GR
    with Windows XP

    In a first step, that the USB port not working, I reinstalled Windows XP with the drivers from the Internet for Toshiba Satellite P20.
    When I start now the following events occur:

    1. Press Start button
    TOSHIBA screen
    Press [F2] for INSTALLATION. Press [F12] to the boot device selection Menu
    1.1 if I press F2 - replace the following screen:
    ? BQ01 BIOS Version V1.10
    CPU = Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
    ? M 047 system RAM passed
    ? 12K Cache SRAM passed
    System BIOS with a shadow
    Video BIOS with a shadow
    Fixed disk 0:...
    ATAPI CD-ROM:...
    Initialized the mouse
    Conflict of resources - Bus USB PCI controllers on the motherboard
    Bus: 02, device: 00, function: 00

    Press [F2] for installation

    1.1.1. If I press F2 - nothing happens

    1.2. If I press F12: nothing happens

    2. If I press ESC and start the computer, it changes immediately on the screen 2nd with counting / checking of the system's RAM and Cache SRAM... with the same error. and nothing happens if I press F1 to resume or F2 for Setup.

    Then my laptop is not booting and I do not get access to the BIOS! What can I do?

    Dieter cordially


    The error indicates that certain devices that are directly connected to the mobo are in conflict and try to share the same resources. This happens usually when the BIOS has been incorrectly installed or the motherboard is a failure.

    In case you would recommend I affecting the default BIOS. But for that you need access to the BIOS, but it seems that it's not possible.

    It seems to be a motherboard problem. You said that the USB ports do not work. Perhaps this is the reason for the error message and question PCI Serial Bus Controller.
    You have USB devices connected to the laptop?
    If so, just unplug the laptop and check again.

    But what to say; If this does not help, I see a lot of options here. In my opinion the mobo must be replaced if it s really a motherboard problem

  • Satellite L350-170 - number of the motherboard?

    Hi guys,.

    I need the motherboard reference number a Toshiba Satellite L350-170. I should be grateful if you would help. Thank you.

    Hi varioxx,

    The problem is that here you can talk with normal like you and me only, and we don t have access to Toshiba databases to verify the part number.

    So I think you need to contact a service provider allowed in your country and ask the guys for part number. You can give them a call, for example, I think he should take a few minutes to get the part number of technicians.
    And by the way: guys can order the motherboard too!

    You can find a list of aspic here: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite Z830 - I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 GB of memory

    Hey, I bought a Toshiba Satellite Z830-10w. It's a fine ultrabook.
    I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 GB of ddr ram.

    Have some of you tried it with a block of 8 GB of RAM Regand flemming

    > I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 GB of ddr ram.

    The chipset is responsible for the RAM
    Therefore, know if the chipset would support the 6 GB of RAM.

    Z830-10w supports the Intel HM65 Express Mobile Chipset and it should support the 8 GB of RAM

    To my knowledge the unit is equipped with a 2 GB internal RAM that is NOT removable.
    You can update ONLY one slot
    So one slot can handle 4 GB of RAM, and in this case the 6 GB of RAM are supported.

  • Satellite Pro M70: Question on the port on the left hand side

    Another question regarding the Pro M70 PSM75E, next to the hard drive (left side) there is a port which you can take off. I took it of and it looks like a chip grafx or something: s someone with the M70 not what it is.

    Thanks again


    Well, there are of many Satellite Pro M70. It s a great series.
    But for example Satellite Pro M70-110 has a PCMCIA Type II slot.
    You can use the different PCMICA card in this slot. But they must be compatible.
    I guess this slot machine, you found a plastic Board. This is only for security.

    However, if you want to learn more about your device, I would recommend reading the user manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop. You will find very, very, very ;) useful information.

  • IntelPro2200BG (miniPCI WiFi module) and Satellite 2450-201 - question

    I want to buy a miniPCI WiFi module to my Satellite 2450-201.
    My laptop has a type III miniPCI port and a WiFi antenna version.
    Upgrading WiFi cheapest I found is IntelPro2200BG (IEEE 802. 11 b / g).
    This card will work with my laptop?

    See you soon,.

    Hi Tomek!

    The Intel card, I have no information, but why don't you look at the Toshiba products?

    Take a look at
    You will find the "product catalog" and click on "Options and accessories.

    Search for 'Communications' and Mini PCI cards.

    You will find in many card Wifi from Toshiba.

    Take a look!

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210-1AP - number of the motherboard


    I have the Satellite A210-1AP. part number: PSAELE-03R009G3 I want to know the motherboard model.

    Thank you.


    The reference number of the motherboard can give you an authorized service provider. So, you should communicate with the guys and give them the part number of your laptop. Then, they can tell you what motherboard you need.

    Here is a list of the aspic: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite A100-811 - number of the motherboard


    I have the Satellite A100-811. Part number: PSAA8E-0YT026G3, I want to know the motherboard model and price to buy.

    Hey Buddy,

    Why you want to know the reference number of the motherboard? You can buy a new, authorized service and they can tell you how expensive it is.

    Don t forget that the laptop parts are specific designed for a series and that means t, you can choose between different motherboards as on desktop computers.

  • Satellite M30: Options after replacing the motherboard's missing energy saver

    Hi all

    I just got my laptop back from the service center, and not surprisingly, they've pushed a device that existed!

    I had my laptop (M30 1.7 GHz special edition) for the centre of repair for a defect and they informed me that the motherboard had to be replaced. I got the laptop back a couple of days and I immediately noticed the laptop is overheating, fan has not turned too often that he was setting the profile to "Full Power".

    After hours of investigation, I noticed that a few options that existed in the Toshiba Power Saver no longer exists. So, in my opinion, that my laptop is running as optimized battery even if it is set to full power.

    As I said, the fan is not put on too often, leading to the laptop is overheating. Then the fan used to be almost constantly on full power before the replacement of the motherboard.

    Here's how the energy saver used to look like 'before' to take the laptop to the repair center:

    And here is how the energy saver looks now, after the replacement of the motherboard:
    with maximum processing speed of the CPU to 3 instead of 4.

    Note how I'm now lack the "CPU control method" option, and I cannot adjust the speed of treatment to more than level 3!

    Cooling method does not appear the maximum performance for me either, because of the symptoms I mentioned above.

    Any idea on why that might happen? Please note that I used the recovery CD system and everything back to factory settings, still no luck. I'm sick and tired of going back to their ugly repair center. If someone can point out the problem, I'll be very grateful.

    P.S. I use version 7 of the energy saver, verion BIOS 1.4 (original)

    Thanks in advance.


    I wonder why you did not contact the service guy again.
    After the repair everything it works fine and if the laptop is not working properly, you should immediately report it! I think it s a claim.

    However, to my knowledge after the replacement of the motherboard that the micro code to the Board of Directors must be updated with the CPU could perform specific performance.
    What CPU speed appears in the windows system?

    I m not 100% sure if the microcode update missing is responsible for your problem, but I recommend asking to view ASP.

  • Satellite P200D-12O - number of the motherboard?


    The motherboard in my laptop died, so I need a replacement. I noticed there are two available for P200D different mothers: K000056190 and K000055940. What is the difference?

    Toshiba has offered two different Satellite P200D with the numbers PSPBLE and PSPBQE.

    Check that you have your Satellite and make sure that search you or order the right/identical one.

  • Question of the motherboard for M58p Tower

    Hi all

    Have a question that I think will work but need anyway to confirm him. On the motherboard of my computer, I have what seems to be 4 sata connectors. 1 orange, the others are red. I intend to have 4 sata devices hung; 2 hard disks and dvd drives/burners 2. Watch here:| ThinkCentre 20M58p % | 6138 & family = 20Desktops % Lenovo | ThinkCentre 20M58p & = 20Desktops % Lenovo machineType % | ThinkCentre 20M58p % | 6138

    He says that orange is an esata connector. Now, what I can say and tried to google, I think you can use a sata device in this place.

    Double question. Is it indeed possible and has anyone done this or done this?

    Thank you!

    OK, thanks for the reply. I just wanted to make sure before I made using a device sata off of him.

  • Can satellite M70-159 - I replace the motherboard with another?

    The model of the M70-159-card mother K000033840 can replace another motherboard with a number K000033860?

    Thank you.

    I put t know if it s possible because I m not a technician for laptop.
    Normally, you should only replace the motherboard with the same.

    I put t know if it works. Contact a local ASP and ask for a technician. They know where the other is, and if it would work.

  • Satellite U405D-S2874: Question on the potential problem of hard disk

    Trying to fix a Satellite U405D-S2874 for a friend.
    As a first step, that it won't turn. Once I have re-seated hard drive, it turned on and starts very well.

    However, he still intermittently will not be powered from a power off State. I get a few indicators as power, load, etc., but at least I see Satellite logo light up, I know that it won't start/turn on fully and I get nothing on the screen.

    What is a problem with the hard drive, or the connection of drive hard, or...? I was wondering if we buy a new hard drive online, that will fix the problem.

    Thank you

    > What is a problem with the hard drive, or the connection of drive hard, or...? I was wondering if we buy a new hard drive online, that will fix the problem

    I put t think that this problem could be linked to the defective HARD drive.
    Usually, the laptop must be able to turn on and the BIOS splash screen should be visible even if the HARD disk is defective.

    Moreover in most cases a message or underscore flashing appears on the screen if the HARD drive is malfunctioning

    However, it is possible to check the status of the HARD drive.
    Download the tool called Drive Fitness Test and test the HARD drive by using this software.
    If some errors would be detected, then you must replace the HARD drive.

    But if the HARD drive is ok, then I would recommend checking the RAM modules first.
    Test the laptop with a test module. Try the two slots.

    If it would not help you, then a motherboard must be verified but generally it is a work of a technician for laptop

  • Satellite Pro A30: Difference between the motherboard K000013790 vs K000011360

    Hi all

    I need to replace my motherboard on a Satellite pro A30.
    The Board of Directors is to be replaced is a k000011360.
    The advice I can get to replace is K000013790.

    Can someone tell me the difference between these two?
    I have a 2.6 GHz CPU that may not be supported by the
    replacement card.

    If I understand correctly, all Pro A30 boards have a standard form factor
    so can be interchanged.



    I'm really skeptical that anyone here can give you accurate information. Maybe you will be lucky and a technician will be post but before wait you here and size your time I recommend you exchange it with the same.

    On this way, you will be sure that it will work well and there will be no problem with the other hardware components or maybe sort of moderator suites like overheating, permanent cooling fan running.

    Also can you check if this card fits into the A30 (ports on the right place) case?

Maybe you are looking for

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