Satellite 2710XDVD crashes at the stop down

My 2710XDVD Satellite crashes to farm, the "Closing Windows" screen. I am running Windows 98 SE, bios 7.60. The problem started after installing a Sitecom WL-011v2 card.
When I remove the card (in fact, turn it off using the control panel pc card Manager) Windows stops normally. Sitecom says it's a bios problem.
Does anyone have a solution?



Sorry, but in my opinion there no solution. As far as I know that some cards may get in trouble because they won t is disabled. I put t know exactly why this happens. Maybe they need a permanent power supply or something like that. A friend of mine has the same problem with the modem card.

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    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 two weeks ago.

    Here lately, I can't seem to stop completely. I select the closing down in the start menu. It seems closed down (the screen becomes black) but the power light is still, and I can hear noises inside as if it was still running.

    I am running Windows Vista.


    This question seems always? I mean is it a permanent status that your laptop won't turn on properly? Or is it that sometimes?

    To my knowledge the Vista default action for the power in the Start Menu button is sleep. If your laptop does not but would go in the mode 'sleep'.
    You can change it as described here:

    In addition, you should check if your BIOS is up to date.
    Choose your model of laptop (it seems like an American series) and download the compatible BIOS.

    Check it!

  • Satellite A200 - crashes all the time

    I have a 3 years Satellite A200, great machine until about 3 months ago, when he started crashing randomly. The first time, I'm sure it froze just where it was, but after that the screen would just be black. It happened more often and a lot to restart. Now, even with the recovery disk in it will take 5-6 attempts to restart before it will go even to the start screen. The machine is practically useless now, but when his work a few minutes everything is perfect.

    I read on another site that other people have experienced similar problems and that it can be connected with the fan.

    Anyone has any advice on how to fix this?

    Hi elight47,

    Theoretically it could be connected with the fan because dust could block the fan and therefore, it would be necessary to clean the laptop using a jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans. You can get this jet of compressed air from each computer store I think.

    Also, here's an interesting article from Toshiba:

  • Satellite 2450 auto start after stopping down

    My laptop is a satellite 2450 and he began to turn on when I stopped him.
    I think that this is a power supply problem or a problem of mtherboard.

    Other users had this problem and what was the cure?

    Thank you


    You have a connected network cable? Maybe Wake-On-LAN is enabled.

    Or maybe the LCD lid switch must be a pure: p

  • Satellite Pro L670 - 14 p - stops down, often


    My son has an i5 - 430 Pro L670 - 14 p Dual Core running Windows 7 64-bit, which is less than 6 months old. He plays World of Warcraft for several hours at a time and found that the laptop stops after maybe an hour of constant game.

    We bought him this model because we assumed that he could handle him being on various games for hours. Is this a problem with the laptop or should we just tell him to go easier on this subject? Otherwise, if it is quite normal for this model, is there something we can do to upgrade the fan, assuming that it stops overheating cause? When he left he turned off for an hour it can then restart it and start the game again, but the same thing will happen again after some time.

    Thanks, Ric


    I imagine your son uses the laptop often enough if he's a player of World of Warcraft ;) so according to me, there is a lot of dust in the cooling modules. This means that you must clean the laptop using jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fan. It is very easy and only takes 5 minutes, because it s not necessary to disassemble the laptop.

    An exact how article you can find here:

    I hope that helps!

  • Satellite A65 - Crash during the upgrade of the BIOS. Not now boot.

    I have a satellite A65 s-1064, and I was upgrading the BIOS from windows. Suddenly, the computer turns off, and I thought that it meant that the update was made. I pressed the power button, and booted the laptop, but remained at a black screen. I thought maybe the BIOS was always something, so I left for a while. After an hour, I returned to find even on the black screen.

    I pressed the power button to restart, but nothing happened. I finally had to pull on the power cord and the battery. Once I did, I plugged it back in and put the battery in, but nothing happened. No battery charging lights. No power lights at all. Nothing happens when I press the power button. My question is, could do a BIOS upgrade failure, and could I somehow reflash the BIOS without power?

    Hi Brandon,.

    It is very unusual for an upgrade of the Windows BIOS cause this kind of problem. Normally, the power subsystem is quite independent of the BIOS.

    Is there a reset button that you can use to reset the system your A65? (Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the A65). If so try to press it to see if this will allow you to restore the power of your laptop.

    If you get no power at all (try removing the battery and then connect to the AC adapter), then it is possible that the power supply or the motherboard did not in this case, you will need to contact an approved Service Agent for the laptop repaired.

    As for your question about flashing the BIOS without power, I'm afraid that this is not possible. You will certainly seized the restoreds power to your laptop you can proceed with your upgrade of BIOS.


  • Satellite L300 crashes when the AC adapter is plugged

    As long as the laptop is running off the battery voltage, it works perfectly.
    The moment where that I plug in the power adapter, it crashes. If the laptop is turned off, the adapter can be plugged in and it will charge the battery as usual.
    The adapter was traded with a new unit and this has not solved the problem.

    Then, the question seems to be on the system board.
    Someone out there has experienced this and, more precisely, is the ONLY solution to buy a new card system?

    Hi mate

    I agree. Seems to be a problem with the motherboard because new AC adapter didn't solve this problem.
    Maybe something wrong with the DC IN jack
    On the other hand, there must be something wrong with the party that would be detected by the POST (power on self-test) because it affects the system and force the laptop to close

    I put t see other solutions as to get in touch with a local Mobile ASP technician and to check the mobo, I think it should be replaced if it s the value case because the mother board is not a party at low prices

  • new SSD HP Pavilion HPE win 7 home Premium Error: Driver_Power_State_Failure Bluescreen from 30 to 45 minutes waiting for the stop down.

    Hello all, there

    I recently installed a new SSD in a HP Pavilion HPE with windows 7 Home premium. After this event I get bluescreen Driver_Power_State_Failure after about 30-45 minutes waiting for the computer to stop. I have a minidump file if this will be useful and I would be very grateful if someone could help me solve this problem :D


    I hope this helps and all support is most appreciated!

    The tihub3.sys seems to be in question:

    BUCKET_ID: X64_0x9F_3_POWER_DOWN_IMAGE_tihub3.sys

    The tihub3.sys, which is dated January 14, 2011, is a Texas Instruments USB 3.0 driver so try to update this driver by installing the next update:

  • Satellite P10 - start/stop down do not work

    I hope someone can help me. My Satellite P10 problems start and stop.

    When it starts, it goes to a black screen with white wording, asking if I want to start windows normally or in SafeMode etc - he doesn't let me start normally, so I choose the option "last good start of files" (or similar wording).

    The pc then door on commissioning. I did a system restore, but it made no difference. Once it is started, it's a lottery if she going to be ok, or if he's going to crash.

    Stopping down, I have to press the off button, there is no other way it will stop.

    I ran avg, spybot, adaware lavasoft, xsoftspy, registry mechanic, spywareblaster etc but it doesn't seem to be something "wrong".

    The only thing I installed recently is the new avg 7.5 and legacy family tree software - I downloaded both programs on the sites of manufacturers. AVG is free, but I just could have visited a site of crack for the Legacy code :)

    I would really appreciate it if someone is nice to give me some advice :)

    You didn't describe what happens exactly when you want to turn off but I imagine some don t want to be off process and maybe somehow, blocks, unity. When you force the unit turns off after that put on it is nothing unusual that start menu occurs.

    In your problem, the only problem is the unit of decommissioning, correctly of course. I recommend you to check all running processes before you turn the power off and try to identify some of them. You can check what happens if you change some of them manually from the Task Manager.

  • Satellite Pro P500 - standby and Shut Down crashing

    I have a Satellite P500. Bought new with Windows 7. It is new and has had a bad hard drive replaced.

    Since then, I've reconfigured everything and everything seems to be working - except when the sleep and the closure are activated, they do not work. Stop going just to close to the bottom of the screen and stays there for centuries until I force a stop down by holding down the power button. She won't be in standby mode and Hibernate properly either - drafts of the screen and hard drive starts to do something, but system remains active and fan works.

    I found another forum thread where something similar happening in the model of the A300, and someone suggested to turn off the wake-up on LAN and keyboard settings. Both of these Jefferson already out on it so go there.

    Help is greatly appreciated.


    IF your laptop hangs on farm screen and doesn't go into hibernation/standby layout, I think that it s not bound as a result of the functions in the BIOS. This is more important if your computer starts up without any reason.

    Anyway, in your case I would of BIOS update.

    If this doesn t work you should try to reinstall Windows. This could also be a software problem.

  • Satellite A100-225 keeps freezing and crashing with the new HARD drive

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A100-225 with a 100 GB SATA Hitachi drive I int it that recently started showing bad sectors. Then I bought a Hitachi 320 GB SATA II drive to replace it. I tried the drive and it was recognized right away, so I didn't need to change the SATA speed. I ran the restore a disk installed newest. The problem I have is that the computer keeps freezing and crashing with the new drive. It takes a lot of time to load up when turned on and there is a noticeable to untermittant delay when you drag the cards around solo.

    I tried to run the Hitachi drive test and it comes back fine. I also tried to turn the SATA speed of the drive down from 300 to 150 via the firmware, and although I saw a slight improvement, it is still not right.

    I talked to Hitachi and they say that he could not be 100% compatible, so the problems. Someone at - it else sucessfully set up a replacement for this notebook drive and if so what make and model. Has anyone else had simular problems?

    Thank you

    Years ago, I've updated yet more former Satellite M70 with SATA HDD (270 GB if I m remembering well) and everything was fine.
    In my view upgrade with SATA HDD normal shouldn't be a problem. Do not SATA II because it will not work faster.

    I can't say for sure, but there must be a compatibility problem.

    Let's see if someone else had better luck with the upgrade of the disk on the Satellite A100.

    Have you checked this forum with advanced search option? Maybe you can find some old NET on upgrade the HDD on A100.

  • Satellite L675 crashing when you do whatever it is the linked graphics


    I recently got a new Satellite L675 and am stuck with problems.

    I am running * Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1 * and it has a Mobility Radeon HD 5650.

    As I received the laptop, it would crash when doing something that contains a little graphic, IE running Windows Experience Index, certain opening excel docs and even to open games.

    The laptop was running windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition (where the problem already taken place) and decided that a new facility would be sorting. However, this is not the case.

    I have the latest video drivers, which can be found [here | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 5414 & selSh ortMod = 988 & language = 13 & selOS = 30 & selType = 11 & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = all & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = 11 & page = 1 & ID = 74607 & DISO = 3 0 & driverLanguage = 42].

    On a side note, when you run dxdiag, it shows the system model is L670, L675 and not like the label under States. Don't know if this is normal, however the display drivers work for both models.

    Also I sent again to where it was purchased and they did tests of material and there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

    Post edited by: JohanD

    > Also I sent again to where it was purchased and they did tests of material and there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

    You can replicate this problem or not the laptop down occasionally and only from time to time?
    What happens exactly? Do you get a BSOD?

    I think that if you are not able to reproduce this problem, it would be really hard for the tech guys check the hardware
    However, it's really unusual that runs any application causes the crash then maybe his hardware issue in this case I recommend asking Toshiba ASP (service) for assistance.

  • Satellite A210 - 1C0 - stops down automatically

    Hi, Satellite A210 - 1 c 0 stops on its own.

    He did it after a short period or after 2 days,
    Sometimes it stops down and sometimes not.



    Is the laptop warm when it stops? It could be that the fan does not work or that he had to clean it with a jet of compressed air.

    Maybe you can give me a little more information.
    More new BIOS?
    Special applications?

    Good bye

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    has tried the f8 combo command but to reboot the installation all over again and just sitting here watching the installation goes nowhere

    plan to leave overnight this time

    any suggestions?

    If you have compatible hardware and your computer still stops responding, disable any unnecessary material. Remove (USB) universal serial bus devices. Remove or disable network cards, sound cards and cards of the series; and then restart the installation.

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    Combinations of keys start for Mac - Apple Support

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