Satellite 2800-400 Bios Update - will not start

I hope someone here can help me.
I just did an update of the bios on a S2800-400. The machine worked perfectly up to this point, has never had a problem at all. (should have been better I guess)
Anyway, he is been 192 MB of ram and a 60 GB drive upgrade and works happily in this config for some time. The change I wanted was the ASPA compliance, but for some reason, the machine pours just as soon as he's trying to start now. The update of the bios has been according to the instructions and successful that the messages show. Do not know what to do now... Where can I find the old bios files? return to orig
Thanks in advance


As far as I know old BIOS version can be installed just in Service partner. Another possibility is to try to reinstall the OS from restore CD. Maybe using.

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  • 2800-400 BIOS update will allow LAN wireless 802.11 g?

    I recently bought a Belkin 54 G cardbus wireless adapter for use with my Satellite 2800-400, which has a Windows ME OS.
    The installer would not install a driver, even if I was told to be supported.

    I wrote to Belkin and they told me that it was because the BIOS of the laptop did not support wireless 802.11 g and that I should update the BIOS. I've updated to version 2 of the BIOS, but it made no difference.

    I don't know if the Belkin instructions were on the right track or if they were they just push the responsibility too far from themselves as they could.
    Please can someone tell me if my laptop supports 802.11 g wireless, with or without the BIOS upgrade?


    I m not 100% sure that if your laptop supports a local network because wireless connection I put t found any information about it. But as far as I know it s not necessary to update the BIOS with the wireless card works.
    I recommend you contact the service partner. They have more detailed information on this unit.

    Good bye

  • Once the Satellite L350-172 BIOS update will not boot

    Satellite L350-172 Bios setting bios-20090203164614 bios-201002250 updated

    I just lie down the BIOS of my notebook to 1.60 to 2.20. Now, the laptop no longer starts.
    'He was arrested for reason not to damage the computer' - blue schreen.

    How can I downgrade the bios again? Or - that I have to change in the bios settings?

    >.. .which I change in the bios settings?
    If I understand you just can't start your laptop so enter the BIOS settings is not possible.
    Can you confirm this?

  • The BIOS update will not start on Satellite L40 - 14F

    My laptop was acting wonky so I downloaded the latest update of the BIOS, but when I opened a small black window jumped to the top for a brief second and then nothing happened.

    I tried several times, it does the same thing. I use Windows XP with SP3. I'd appreciate any help :(

    Update BIOS you have now and the one you are trying to install?

  • Re: Satellite Pro L300 - update after the BIOS, Windows will not start


    I updated the BIOS on my laptop to the latest version and now it does not start in Windows. I can get to the BIOS menu. I tried to restore the default values and saved the day, but he's just a blue screen with writing on whichIi do not have the time to read it before it tries to restart and continues to do the same.

    Any ideas anyone?

    see you soon

    Hi chaospunx,

    Which HDD mode did you use before the BIOS update? Perhaps this option, you need to change, then Windows will start up again.

    You can choose between the mode of access AHCI and Compatible HARD disk.
    Check this box!

  • Satellite Pro A300 (PSAG9E) - after updating BIOS Windows will not start

    Restart went well after update BIOS and Windows XP logo appears loads for a few seconds then a beep and restart - last good known or start Windows normally same effect.
    Reboot back to start - this is a new laptop - using the BIOS of Toshiba s official download site.

    Quite annoyed to try to find a way to upgrade or downgrade the BIOS.
    Took battery and RAM to see if I can delete it?

    Any ideas anyone?

    I think you mean BIOS * update * and do not upgrade ;)
    An upgrade is not possible

    However, you can try to remove the battery and the AC adapter and wait an hour. After that, reconnect the battery and the AC adapter and try to start Windows.
    Moreover I would load the default settings in the BIOS before starting Windows.

    If it doesn't work, it seems that your ROM module needs to be reflashed. In this case an ASP can help you.

  • Satellite A200-PSAF6A - white screen, will not start

    I've had for about a year or more now, out of warranty, and I had no problems so far. The operation of the machine is perfect, done a little warm here and there, but I never had blockages of material etc. The problem lies in the boot process where it lights up but the screen remains black and the HARD drive activity light flashes once, the optical reader clicks like it normally does at the start, and all the normal power supply/battery lights are as they should be, but the laptop will not progress beyond that. The power led remains blue and there is not much activity from the hard drive or any part of the material. This not even the screen of the BIOS at all. At some point, which I suppose because I can't see a pattern emerging in any form, the laptop will emit several beeps and the HDD led starts to blink signifying a boot up is ongoing, but the screen remains blank. At this point, if I turn off the laptop holding the power button / I am sometimes able to start with the display work, but once these things are depend on chance then sometimes it works and sometimes it isn't. Is that a real problem for me because I use this laptop for school and I get sometimes it will feed any or he will, and I'll have to wait a certain amount of time, which could be easily half the class and when he does the beep hard distracted others which is quite annoying.

    Now, I went through a lot of similar topics and tried what was said, but to no avail of course. I tried to delete all the components (RAM, HDD, optical drive, Wifi etc.) and reinstalling them that sometimes only a temporary solution. In the RAM slot I have 800 mhz and 1x1GB 667 mhz-1x2GB, I tried various arrangements with the installed RAM and RAM I have around my house, but I have not yet come to a solution. I find that I can't start up with RAM in just the second slot, I guess it's probably normal, but if it's not please comment and tell me otherwise because I read about another solution to a similar problem a person should use the ram in the second slot to get his laptop to start.

    My suspicion is that it's to do with a kind of BIOS check or maybe a BIOS corrupted, that I could not resolve without a technician because I am already in the current version of the BIOS. I did not update the BIOS that is not. If not then I'll assume that it is just a fault of power on the motherboard circuit. It's a really weird problem because it works quite well after, and I don't think it's a hardware problem perfectly serious because he wouldn't if it was.

    Any help is appreciated on the topic, share your knowledge, if you have had a similar problem because whatever it is would be useful

    Thank you


    I'm not 100% sure but I think that the graphics card can be removed. Maybe you have enough experience with replacement of equipment, but laptop disassembly without maintenance manuals can be risky.
    I really hope you know what you're doing. Maybe you should contact the nearest authorized and ask for help.

    BTW: Where you want to get the new graphics card Satellite A200?

  • Re: Satellite A40 - hard drive error - will not start

    My friend bought this laptop in April 2007 and has been very happy with it until about a month when he stopped startup in windows xp.

    At the start, she now gets the message

    "PXE - E61 media test failure - check the cable for.
    "PXE - M0F outgoing intel boot agent"
    "Insert system disk in drive."
    "Press a key when you are ready.

    and then the laptop does not start in windows.

    I thought that the hard drive can have detached, so I took it out and he handed in a State, but in vain.

    I also tried to reinstall with the recovery CD but get the following error message
    status «»
    GDISK (E) no such fixed disk 1 "

    It is followed by * ERROR *.
    Error number 11030
    invalid message destination drive

    I ran a Toshiba (or he could have Hitachi) utility disk that I burned on a cd and went up on the audit boot.

    It said there are problems on Toshiba MK4025GAS, which is the hard drive. details coincide with what it actually says on the disc.

    The BIOS sees the drive start on as he is listed as the master, with the cd as the secondary drive.
    Therefore, is it true that the drive is broken. If so - can it be repaired or is there another solution.

    I tried Googling the error message and there are conflicting messages on this issue, so your help would be very appreciated.
    It seems crazy that the reader can break after only 18 months - was there a defective batch?

    If that's the case Toshiba offers a replacement or it will cost a lot?

    Thank you


    Post edited by: Nashy - sorry - it was bought in 2007 is NOT 2006

    In your case, the HARD drive is certainly defective and you need to replace. Satellite A40 is pretty old laptop without guarantee valid and there is no replacement from Toshiba.

    Just buy a new HARD drive. Hard drives for this good old classic are not more expensive.

  • HP Envy x 360: HP Notebook System BIOS update will not install

    I tried to download and install the BIOS update.  Looks like if it downloads but just turn the gears instead of install. Waiting an hour for completion, but not worked.


    Try the following.

    Close HPSA, restart the computer, and then download the update of the Bios from the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    Once the download is complete, close other open windows and programs, then open your download folder and double-click the installer to start the process.  The real flash will occur when you restart the machine - do not interrupt it somehow, even if nothing seems to be happening for a while - when it is finished, the machine will load in Windows as usual.

    Note:  If the update option arises as being 'blocked on this device', you will need to contact HP in this regard.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite L40 - 13G: Bios update is not on Vista SP1

    I have a Satellite L40 13 G and the latest Bios update refuse to update.

    I'm trying to update my BIOS because the laptop freezes randomly in time and I have problems of "graphic design" where the lag games where there is no form of explosion such as gunshots or a bomb.

    There are no instructions, not in the exe and certainly not on the screen. If I didn't know how Flash a BIOS I would certainly not choose the .bin BIOS file in the directory between all DLL files.

    Thank you

    Hello Jako

    Can you please tell me what your problem is now? What questions are you writing about?
    If I understand you well you have correctly updated the BIOS. Am I right about that?

    And what now? What do you mean?

  • iOS update will not start - check says no WiFi internet - works

    My 5 received an iPhone upgrade to iOS 9.3.  It goes to the screen install now, demand for my access code. Provides terms and Conditions.  I agree. A "check for update...". "is displayed.  Then an iOS error 9.3 failure of verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet.  WiFi is active and I can access the programs based on the Web, including the APP Store.  Any ideas?

    Apple removed temporarily updating on 'old' devices, so you will not be able to update until they release it again.

    Don't bother trying for a few days.

  • Satellite P300-1 c 8 will not start up disk drive


    I had a little play with the start up programs, partitioning the hard drive and the marking as assets and remove programs I thought I didn't need.
    I of course had no idea what I was doing!

    Laptop will go to toshiba screen then turns off, I can not boot from the hard drive.
    I put the hard drive in another laptop and it works fine.
    J’ai mis le disque dur de l’ordinateur portable dans le buggered un et qui fonctionne très bien.

    How the hell can I put the original back with it works?

    Really really stuck with it!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The only thing I have not tried is the restore disc but I'm not paying for one if it does not start as itl be a waste of money.
    Looks like it is a compatibility issue with the processor and hard drive because they won't be friends!

    Thanks in advance


    You can start in safe mode?

    If you don t have a recovery disk, use the Microsoft installation disc and try to boot from it.
    And you said that you can boot from the hard t disc, done you have tried different discs?
    Maybe some are not legible or not bootable.

    The best way would be a recovery disk. The installation takes a few minutes and you have a clean install with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba.

    Good bye

  • HP Pavilion 15 - ab 155sa: download the BIOS update will not end

    I was prompted to download HP Notebook System BIOS update (AMD processors. ) The "Setup" screen confirms that it is to install the update of 8,89 MB but does not end. I tried three times wait more than an hour each time with success.  Would appreciate your advice on how to solve the problem.

    I was able to get this problem solved by Mike via online do chat on case no 3027047713 (disconnect WiFi problem). Using remote on my laptop, it was able to download the proper drivers. So far, everything seems to work ok.

  • 9.5.1 ACR update will not start

    I have a Mac 10.11.4 running ACR 9.1.1 on CS6. I need to update to ACR 9.5.1 because 9.1.1 did not open my new NAVE of Nikon D500 files. I downloaded 9.5.1 successfully, ran the installation and he says that it has been installed successfully. However, the old version 9.1.1 continues to be the opening ACR version that will not open these new files D500. I installed the new version several times and reloaded several times but 9.5.1 still will not be displayed, but whenever he said that it successfully installed. Any help would be appreciated. I'm frustrated to tears to know why this does not open.

    Ceased of Adobe Camera Raw to 9.1.1 for CS6

    You must convert your RAW to DNG with the free DNG Converter.

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  • Since the last update will not start using 3 gb switch.

    From the windows of the last update we cannot start Windows XP (SP3) x 32 using the/3 gb switch. What is happening on three different computers. We need the switch / 3 gb to properly run SolidWorks.

    We have finally "solved" the question of rolling back our video drivers. I'm at home right now so I don't know the exact nVidia video card or driver, as far as I know, it's that they came on ready Solidworks HP workstations. I also know that we had been turn most recent for a year with no problems drivers until this update of Windows one did what he did. Just for fun, I reinstalled the latest driver once and once more the switch / 3 gb stop working.

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