satellite 4030, win98 does not start after installation ethernetcard (new).

I have a laptop 4030cds satellite. I recently, I deleted my HDD, installed win95 from a recovery cd toshiba and after I installed the updated release of win 98 2nd.

After that, I installed an ethernetcard (3com10/100 Lan cardbus fast ethernet) to be able to use ADSL.
Since then, I've installed this ethernetcard, windows 98 2nd edition. no longer starts.
When I leave the card out of my computer and I restart the computer without the windows startup card and there is no problem. I want to be able to start my computer with the card in my computer, I hope someone can help me solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Additional information: it seems to be a problem with IRQ 11, causing the problem. How can I solve this. Maik

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  • Satellite A200 PSAEOE does not start after upgrading memory

    Hi, I am first time here.

    I bought a Toshiba A200 PSAE0E-03J02JDR with 2 GB of RAM. I bought a pair of ram Corsair (2 * 2 GB VS2GSDS667D2). The computer does not start after that I installed the memory. I have intel 945 chipset, which is capable of 4 GB (manual page 1-2). The bios version is 1.8 2007.

    Can anyone help me, please.

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    The A200 series supports different chipsets;
    Intel 945 PM
    Intel 945GM
    Intel 943GML

    As far as I know your laptop supports the * 943GML * Intel chipset and the chipset supports 2 GB RAM max.
    Take a look at your laptop s user manual * Page 18.*

    Summer: 4 GB of RAM are not possible, and therefore your laptop does not start.

  • Satellite P200D-130 does not start after upgrading RAM

    Hi, I just upgraded the RAM on my P200D 130 but it does not start after that.
    I removed the 2 Hynix 1 GB PC2-5200 and put in 2 SO Kingston DDR2 2 GB PC667 (should be the same as PC2-5200).
    Post-market nothing happens, light power control is turned on, I him stays CD drive but screen black, no beeps.

    I put one of the 1 GB modules, it starts normally, then I tried a 1 GB into the lower slot module and a 2 GB module in the top slot and it works.
    I tried a single 2 GB module in each slot, even in the form of 2 2 GB modules.

    What could be the reason, better: what would be the solution to ensure that the modules of 2 x 2 GB to work?

    Thanks in advance,



    I think that both modules are not compatible to the laptop.
    Normally you can upgrade your laptop to 4 GB. Look in the user manual.

    The RAM, you should bring the computer dealer and request a new one. More buy modules with the same specifications and dimensions. Try buying RAM with the same specs as before.

    Good bye

  • [Solved] pc with xp home edition as the operating system does not start after installation of SP2 via automatic updates

    Hello everyone. After formatting my hard drive I reinstalled windows xp edition sp1 family and then installed the latest version of windows update agent. I have the auto update set to download the updates automatically and notify me when they are ready to be installed. Initially, he found 3 updates that I installed and rebooted. He concluded 58 updates. Again, I've installed and restarted. After that, we found ServicePack 2, I installed as well. But after the reboot, the pc does not start. What I get is the windows xp logo which discoloures after a few seconds and I don't see a bar moving from left to right. I left it like that for 3 hours, but nothing has changed. Also, it does not start in safe mode. I get a screen with red and green vertical lines in this case. Anyone know what's the problem? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.

    I was finally able to solve this problem. That's what I did. I reinstalled windows xp home and followed the same path (but his definition of the automatic updates notify me before downloading or installing updates) until the automatic updates found in the new service pack 2. This time that I did not choose to download it. Instead I downloaded from here and then started in safe mode and installed. I don't know one that makes the difference but service pack 2 has been successfully installed this time and tha pc was able to start after installation. Before that, I also downloaded and installed the latest versions of 2 drivers through drivermax. I mention this in the case where he has also made a difference. After the service pack 2 installation and restart, automatic updates will be found a few others brought up-to-date, but after installation and reboot, it found no others. I had to visit update windows Internet explore and search for updates it and managed to find other updates and finally SP3.

  • 6 Lightroom does not start after installation


    After that installation LR6 on imac 2013 10.9.5 os does not start correct LR. When you start LR you can see the image of start of LR for a very short time. That the image of the disspear and nothing more happens. LR does not start. Is anyone who has the same problem? Solution?

    Sincerely, hoping to help


    Try to connect on the desktop by these instructions application: connect, disconnect | Creative desktop application Cloud

  • Satellite 1410-304 does not start after upgrading memory

    I tried to extend the memory of 512 MB to 1 GB by placing two memory modules in my laptop Satellite 1410-304.
    These blocks of memory are each 512 MB and type: DDR400 PC3200 SODIMM.

    Each memory separate block in one of the memory slots A or B works well, no problems.

    However, when the two blocks of memory are installed, the laptop does not start no more.
    I hear the soft beeps indicating that a problem has occurred. The system works under Windows XP.

    Someone who can tell me how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance for your help



    Memory sticks are made by the same company? If this isn't the case, it will not work.

  • Satellite L100 113 does not start after upgrading memory


    Our Integrator bring to our company KVR800D2S5, but laptop memory modules does not start :(

    I read manual - this laptop supports 533 PC4200 memory modules.

    But SO-DIMM 533 MHz will be delivered in one month...

    The memory modules, we can install to Toshiba L100-113?

    Thank you.


    I think that the laptop does not power upward because of a barrette memory faulty or not fully compatible.

    Please visit this memory 3rd party:

    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite L100 113 |]

    As you can see Satellite L100 113 memory can be upgraded up to 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) and you must use the DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM


  • Satellite A60-672 does not start after upgrading memory


    I bought an additional memory for my laptop, but after installing it the PC will start is no longer, when I turn it on it makes a brief noise then nothing. After taking the memory expansion out again once, the laptop still does not start.



    I agree with "guy sos." There is no doubt motherboard problem now. I assume you used the incompatible memory module.

    In any case, contact the after-sales Service of Toshiba partner in your country and explain to them the situation. The address that you will find under

    Good bye

  • Satellite L670-1EE does not start after upgrading RAM 4 GB to 8 GB

    I'm trying to upgrade the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB. If I replace two 2 GB of 2 modules of 4 GB modules, the BIOS (which is the most recent) realize the 8 GB, but does not start at startup. There is just the white cursor blinking not.

    When I put in the 1 4 GB module and 1 2 GB module the system starts without a problem and has 6 GB. I checked the two 4 GB modules, they work in any combination, but not when both are installed together.

    I couldn't find any rider or the settings of the bios for the RAM...

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    The last plausible explanation is that both modules are ok, but not compatible with each other.
    The laptop can be upgraded up to 8 GB of RAM. This should not be a problem since the unit is supported by the Chipset Mobile Intel HM55 Express.

    So I think that you need to replace the modules Kingston modules are great and work without problem.

  • Computer does not start after installing a new graphics card

    I am owner of a HP Pavilion H8-1020 with a processor intel i7 - 2600 s Windows 7 and am trying to upgrade my Radeon hd 6570 to a Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9 280 OC. I improved my diet for a Corsair CX750 to meet the requirements of power and installed with number. After the installation of the new card, which as far as I can tell is well seated in the pci slot and correctly connected to the PSU, my computer does not start.

    System powers on, all fans of begin to run including the fans on the new graphics card, but it does not begin the boot process, no entry is received at my monitors, no light on the keyboard, my OS starts loading, I can turn off the system without the delay that will flow normally. Then I reinstalled my old graphics card and the computer started as usual.

    Now, assuming that the card is not DOA, which unfourtunatly I have no way to verify, and I'd like to see if it could be another problem before going through the process of restitution. I did some reading on the internet, which helped, but did not help for a technological neophyte like me.  Now, I know a few things that could cause this problem but lack the necessary skills to determine what question is making me. What I've read, these could be possible questions:

    1: my new graphics card is not compatible with my motherboard. It's something I know now that I should have checked before buying and something I should theoretically be able to do it now, but I am at a loss on how to do it. My card is compatible with my motherboard?

    2 could be a BIOS problem. I updated my bios driver with the version provided by the HP site. I am running FRIEND 7.16 05/10/2011.  And from what I've read it might have something to do with my bios to UEFI mode and I would need to go to a legacy mode so he can recognize a new device, is it true? I am extremely wary of messing with my BIOS settings for fear of bricking my system. How can I check my current BIOS settings are and what I should change and how would approach I change them? Will one of these changes affect my system if they are not what is not causing the problem?

    In addition to these issues, anyone know any other matter which may be the cause of the problem that I should look for? Thanks for any help.

    Hello @Eric_Z,

    I can see why you are having problems with your new graphics card, and to get to the fast response that your motherboard is not compatible with the new graphics card that you have purchased. And here's why.

    Your motherboard according to the page HP Pavilion HPE h8-1020 Desktop PC product specifications is the Carmel motherboard, which has the following expansion slots:

    • A PCI Express x 16
    • Three PCI Express x 1 connectors
    • A PCI Express Mini Card x 1

    As there is no version indicated for your PCI Express x 16 it slot means that it is version 1.

    Now, your previous graphics card was a PCI Express 2.1 x 16, which means that it was version 2 and compatible with your PCI Express x 16 slot on your motherboard. However, the new card is PCI Express 3.0 and will not work in your motherboard due to a compatibility break. While the technology is supposed to be compatible there are many cases where it is not, and I'm afraid that you meet one of these cases.

    I am offering an article entitled: the final answer to the controversial compatibility of PCIe x 16 version. where your situation has been tested and examined.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day and thank you for display on the HP Forums!

  • Satellite 1800-814 does not start after the installation of the software

    If I pass on my old Satellite S1800-814, it seems to start correctly: it shows the symbol of "Toshiba", then "Windows XP loading", then the screen goes completely blank, followed by a black screen showing the cursor that I am able to move. The hard drive continues to hum as usual for a few seconds, but then begins to repeat a series of clicking noises, somewhat like a disk that is stuck. The boot process is not still engaged.

    Here's the context: I installed my (old) version of Avid Xpress Pro editing software on my Satellite 1800-814. I managed to install a newer version, even if it does not function effectively, where my attempt to install an older version more closely adapted to the processing speed and the size of the RAM 1800-814. I got the usual warning at the end of the installation program of Avid saying that Windows can be affected if I let the installation ends in letting the computer on. But I pressed the option "continue anyway" (as I've done it before without negative effects). The computer off, but he came in as described above. Please tell me what I broke. Can I ever solve this?

    Thanks for your help.


    Try to start your computer in safe MODE and try to remove preinstalled software. Please report the results.

  • Satellite Pro A40 does not start after water spilled on it


    I have a problem with the laptop of my companion. After she pours water on her, she has stopped working (no surprise really lol). I took it to pieces, right down to remove the motherboard to try to find the fault. Now when the AC is connected and batt is in place, NIP of the led, same thing happens without batt.

    BUT the computer does not light when you press the power button. Im guessing that it is a hardware failure, since water isn't really best friend elecrtics, but I was hoping someone else might have other ideas/solutions?

    I searched the toshiba site and found nothing on this laptop.

    Any help is very appreciated!

    Hello Danny

    You are absolutely right. It's probably hardware failure and I fear that the motherboard must be replaced. I recommend you contact Toshiba service partners in your country and look for info on the repair and costs.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite M30-604 does not start after upgrading RAM

    I have exactly the same problem with a Satellite M30 604! I have 2x1GB sticks and screen stays black. It works if I use one of the 1 GB sticks and one the old 256 KB stick but not the 2x1GB sticks as it should be (according to the specifications of my model manual).

    Boths glue work perfectly, I tried to the sepparately.

    In addition, computer does not work with the single 1x1Gb stick, mandatory I have to combine a new (1 GB) with an old (256Kb), or just stay on the two old sticks...

    What can I do? PLEASE, I BEG YOU!


    Satellite M30 can be upgraded up to 2 GB of RAM, but you must use compatible RAM modules.
    As far as I know, you can use the modules of PC2700 and PC - 2100 DDR SODIMM 200 pin.

    I think that you problem is certainly linked to a not entirely compatible RAM modules

  • Does not start after installation of the graphics driver

    After installation of the graphics driver from Nvidia NVS 140 m on the new installation of XP Pro SP0, black screen on reboot. All solutions?

    If the minimum driver was SP2, then you must have installed. I recommend that you have installed SP3 so that all the latest patches and security patches are in place.

  • Satellite U400-128 does not start after hibernation


    I currently have problems with my Toshiba laptop. I use it for internet, games, multimedia, programming... Yesterday, when I went to bed, I close the lid that does the same thing as usual--went to hibernation. But today when I tried to start the following things Notepad occur:

    1. If battery is in and laptop is plugged into AC - Laptop starts but after 1-2 seconds it stops again
    2. If the battery is out and the laptop is plugged into AC - same thing
    3. If battery is in and laptop don't is NOT plugged AC - computer laptop starts but nothing is displayed on the screen (it's not far, it looks like even a wink or something). Strange thing is that I can't turn off the laptop and then pressing the power button / stop. The only way is to take out the battery.

    The lights seem to work - well they are the right things.

    THX in advance for any guy advice;).


    It's strange and looks like a hardware malfunction.

    In your case, I'll try to remove the battery and the AC adapter. Wait up to an hour and then put in the battery again und plug in the AC adapter. Try it and maybe it works.

    In the worst cases, you must go to a local ASP and ask a technician for help laptop.

    Good bye

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