Satellite A-C55-1N1 black screen turned on

I've had my laptop for 7 months, I had a lot of problems with it from the beginning.
It has always run slow and started to disconnect internet without no reason.

A few days ago, she refused to connect to the Internet at all and now when I turn it on I just get a black screen.

No beeps or logos just a black screen. It turns on OK, and I tried to turn it on so that hip and with just the battery running.

It is still under warranty, but I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I am really disappointed that my last Satellite has been brilliant for years, had no problem.

You are able to access the BIOS?
To access the BIOS press the F2 button power button.

In this case isn t possible try this:
Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery.
Now hold down the power button / stop along 30 sec.
After that, connect the AC adapter and the battery and press the power button once to turn on the portable computer.

Is this possible? Your comments would be appreciated

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  • Satellite L500 - flicker and black screen turns green

    Toshiba Satellite L500-screen color problem; White and black green turn turn pink. When the laptop is turned on after a while, the screen back to normal, but just for a second. Then he turns his back to the Green and Pink for black and white color again. The display also flashes.

    Anyone, please help me.


    Theoretically the two parties may be affected: Notebok display or graphic card itself.

    Way simpler to check that connects to an external monitor. If the external monitor is ok, the graphics card is affected. Otherwise, the screen of the laptop must be exchanged.

    Is your laptop still under warranty?

  • Satellite L850 - 17 k - black screen with blue dots

    Satellite L850 - 17 k black screen with blue dots see photo
    It is THE video card, can't find it.

    See photos

    If you see the same on internal and external display LCD, I presume that the video card is faulty.

  • Satellite C55-B5101 - black screen after Windows update

    Mobile received Christmas day (all new) Satellite C55-B5101, saves Windows update (formerly 8.1) by getting only now black screen... Not very in computers so if you know what please he dumb down for me! Thank you

    I'll post a similar problem with mine. Here is something I've read elsewhere that can solve yours.

    Unplug the cable from the main charger.
    Remove the battery if possible.
    Press and hold the power button for 1 minute.
    Leave battery and connect the cable.
    Turn on.

  • Satellite L500-1WG - black screen, turn on

    Hi all

    I am looking for some advice,
    I'm far from being a computer whizz but know my turn well enough. I put my model below.

    No apparent reason, I have the black screen.
    The laptop was working fine yesterday. Windows has shut down the computer automatically to install an update. Since the laptop this morning train, nothing.
    The power lights, flashing web cam, windows sound times.
    No courier. But nothing
    I can even enter my password and it is registered on. I tired to fix battery, but it did not work. Thanks in advance to all who wish to help!

    my model is
    Satellite L500-1WG
    Part number: PSLS0E-07501DEN

    Main features
    Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery) and
    Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)
    -Intel Pentium processor T4400
    -DVD - RW SuperMulti drive (Double Layer)
    -RAM (1066 MHZ) DDR3 4096 MB 2048 + 2048
    -39.6 cm 15.6 "TruBrite HD 1366 x 768 display high brightness with backlight LED with aspect ratio 16:9

    By pressing keys FN + F5 allows to switch between the internal and external screen.
    I recommend you connect the external monitor (or a LCD TV) and press the keys mentioned in order to verify if the external display will work properly.

    But I'm a bit confused... you said you were abele to enter the password...
    You see the field for the password?

  • On the Satellite A210-14 t LCD screen turns black randomly

    For several days, I have the problem, my lcd screen turns black all of a sudden, the 'photo' is just disappearing. but the backlight is still and the system is still running (which happens most of the time in battery mode)
    When I close the laptop, pc goes into stand-by mode and so I open the pc again and the screen works again
    But this isn't really a solution.
    What can I do? Fresh grafix drivers are installed.

    I use WinXP

    HM, how long do you want the machine. Maybe you should check the powersaver for battery operation parameters when the display is sharp because it can be a characteristic powersaver the screen turns off.

    If please check your powersaver settings and set the time when the screen turns off at maximum or turn it off, then check if the error appears again.

    Would appreciate the your part feedaback. :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite X 205-SLi3 - black screen with the mobile mouse at startup

    I have a computer laptop X 205 - Sli 3 satellite, which is a little more than a month and running windows Vista. (let me know if the exact specifications make a difference)

    Yesterday morning my laptop was working fine, I arrested him at home because I need to take to work with me to get some files there. However, when I tried to turn it back on all I got was a black screen with cursor mouse mobile white dead center. I saw other posts with similar problems, but no solutions.

    Loads everything up as normal at the beginning: I get the Toshiba load screen (this allows me to make changes to the boot from there with F2, F8, F12 or, but none seems to have no effect) and I get the little green loading bar of Microsoft just before the screen blinks a few times and then turns black except for the white mouse. The touchpad, Capslock and scroll lock keys * are * admissible, but the function keys and Ctrl + Alt + Delete to do * not * work. There is no way to stop the laptop at this point without maintaining the power button.

    I tried to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, only to get exactly the same result after Windows loading bar. (only a lower resolution on this beautiful Virgin high-def screen mouse cursor). I activated the boot record, nothing, I tried to start with the "last known good configuration", nothing.

    I tried windows repair options: repair system, System Restore (it * was * a windows update just before restore point in my laptop screwed up and I m wondering if that has something to do with it because it was the first time the computer was turned off since the auto update installed... but get an older restore point does not help) , as well as the windows memory diagnostic tool. Everything is displayed normally but still black screen after the loading bar Microsoft...

    I also tried the debug mode, and directory services restore mode just for the heck of it - each time the black screen of death.

    I even put in the Toshiba recovery disc and put my laptop to boot from the CD rather than the HD (it gives me the same options by pressing F8 and go to repair are starting only I didn't have to put my admin password)

    The only thing I can think that I n t done is format my whole hard drive, I know that this is not always a solution, and I prefer to keep all my school and work files if possible. Fortunately I am able to get into the command prompt BACK and some of the most important things am copy on a USB key, but I'll still probably lose all my programs and larger files.

    Someone had a similar problem?
    If so, what was the solution?
    I would call all technical support, but I won't have time until after the new year to spend on the phone and I have a feeling that their solution will be to format and use the recovery disc.

    Man, such an expensive machine and then all this work of wouldn because of some software sh... So, if you have backed up your most important files, then, I would _recommend_ you to recover your machine. Won´t solve you anything just trying to find the error, believe me, you'll go nuts.

    Just put the recovery in the drive and start the process of "delete-all-my-programs-but-protect-my-nerves-and-make-everything-OK".

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100 has a black screen and will not charge in the Bios

    I bought a Satellite A100 - (model psaa8c-0fh00e) about 5 months ago. It was left overnight, which is not uncommon, and when I came back using about 15 hours later it was just a black screen. moved from the touch screen and keys, and nothing did. so I cold it starts and he died. I then turned it back as usual and the laptop turns on but the screen is completely black. It's not loading the normal Toshiba Bios screen.

    Now my question: If there is any way I can solve this, I am familiar with computers and parts. I don't get this cause I've ever had to reflash the wood or something like that. I am unsure of how to activate and I really want to have to take it to a shop, any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Conrad,.

    If your 100 starts normally (spinning HARD drive, optical drive LED flashes, fans turn etc.) then I suppose that your FL inverter or LCD screen is not. You can check this by connecting an external monitor to the laptop to see if it shows the normal display.

    On the other hand if there is no activity at all portable computer turn when you turn it on then I guess you have an internal hardware failure, possibly the main card, which must be checked by a Service partner authorized Toshiba since the unit is still under warranty if it is only 5 months old.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite C660-10 d - black screen after adding extra RAM!

    Hello world

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C660-10 d and have recently bought a 2GB additional RAM to upgrade my laptop to 4 GB in total. The RAM stick is identical to the 2 GB ram origin that settled in the laptop.

    I added the extra ram and when I turn on the laptop the screen remains black, however the laptop fans can be heard etc. When I remove the extra ram com starts up fine and shows the windows login screen. I also tried the two ram sticks on their own to slot 1 and both work well, its only when they are both in the connectors that I get the black screen.

    Any help asap would be fantastic.



    > When I remove the extra ram the com starts up fine and shows the windows login screen.

    Its a problem with your extra RAM module.
    Is not fully compatible.
    Recommend you use two identical Kingston RAM modules, these modules are great, tested and provide good quality.

  • Satellite M60-128: start: black screen/delay/blocking

    Hello guys,.

    I have a strange problem with a Satellite M60-128.
    When I start the laptop there are a few problems:

    * Sometimes the remains of black screen (no Toshiba logo) and the laptop does not start
    * Sometimes the laptop starts normally (when he hung before and I turned off with the power button)
    * Sometimes the Toshiba logo is visible but stop there

    I also sometimes have a problem that the USB ports does not work. When I reboot, it works fine. When the USB ports fail, there is a warning in devices.

    I made an update of the BIOS (v1.60) but the problem remains.

    I noticed this: when the laptop does not start and I 'click' on the right button of the Toshiba logo toutchpad is visible and Notepad starts.

    Anyone familiar with this problem or some knows a solution? Thanks for advantage.


    > I noticed this: what laptop doesn t start and I 'click' on the keypad touch s right button the Toshiba logo is visible and Notepad starts

    Very strange question usually the laptop should automatically start without pressing the button of the touchpad. For me, this is meaningless and it looks a bit like a motherboard problem
    What do you think about this?

    Have you tried to reinstall the operating system with the recovery CD Toshiba delivered?
    Maybe you should do to make sure this isn't a software problem

    Best regards

  • Satellite L300 - update BIOS black screen caused to go

    Got Tempro opinion on Satellite L300 Bios upgrade. During the upgrade installation, laptop rebooted by itself. Result is fresh light on and power light, fan turns but black screen. What should I do to recover the machine.

    Try this:

    Remove the battery and the AC and let sit for an hour, then try to start again.
    Open memory cover and remove the second Module of RAM (or change the size of the RAM). This may reset the system and startup.

    If this fails, the BIOS was damaged, in which case you will have to send the laptop to an ASP for repair.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - cursor black screen flashing

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L300 Vista.

    The customer earned him in because when it starts it goes to home Toshiba screen then goes to a black screen with cursor flashing at the top left. I connected external monitor with the same result. Swapped RAM as well.

    Have run Memtest (spent), Seagate HDD long test (past), Ultimate boot CD and Winternals without success.
    * F8 does not work * and no more than the resumption of the plant.

    Can enter the BIOS F2 and F12 no problems and the HARD drive is listed.

    I reinstalled Vista on CD and on reboot it goes back to blinking cursor. I tried booting from the Vista CD repair and system restore. FixBoot commands and FixMbr prompt as well as with the same result.
    I feel that it may be a corrupt CMOS sensor? It's like the OS installs correctly, but the computer loses his memory on reboot where the operating system?

    Is the battery CMOS easily accessible and removable on this model?

    Has anyone experienced these symptoms? Is - fixable at lower cost?


    If you have clients, I guess you're a technician and hope you have a few pieces of equipment in your store.
    Have you tried to set the BIOS to default settings and check again?
    If possible try to exchange the HARD drive and test the functionality again.
    You can use laptop with Linux live CD (HARD drive not required)?

    To be honest that I think n problem t is ORGANIC and, in my opinion, the exchange of the CMOS battery is not necessary.

    Please test it with the new HARD drive and post comments.

  • Re: Satellite L675-10 t black screen after disassembly problem

    Hi all

    I recently had some problems with my L675-10T overheating, even when I was with a big fan of cooling for the games.

    I realized that the problem resulted from blocked exhaust and dust and it is why, after reading and watching the many tutorials, I opened my laptop computer successfully and all cleaned up.

    The temperature dropped to 20 c and I was happy.

    The next night, however, took my laptop and headed for the living room, and it will stop.
    Black screen and nothing passed. So I ran to the internet and found this solution, it worked btw.

    1. turn off your computer
    2. unplug all wires (including energy)
    3. disconnect the battery from the bottom of the computer.
    4 re - connect the power cable. (the battery should not be in the computer)
    5. turn power on. The screen works. Choose start windows normally. (if you get this screen)

    The thing is, the same thing happened to me this morning as well.
    Twice in 2 days and im a little worried I did something wrong during Assembly of the laptop or something. Any ideas? Or do I keep accountant with the above solution?
    Looks like a mess of power upwards of sorts.

    Thank you in advance.


    I assume that this question has not happened before you have disassembled the laptop. Right?
    To be honest this similar issue happened to me to. The portable light not (black screen) after I'm entered in the mode 'sleep'. However, this happened only once

    It s hard to tell why this happened to you it of not impossible that you have damaged something for disassembled the procedure.

    However, the fact is that the warranty is not valid more because you opened the laptop. That is why any approach (especially parts replacement) to solve this problem would cost money.
    So ultimately it s your decision: a technician visit to downtown to see the pieces of equipment or keep your stay with the workaround mentioned above.

  • Satellite L450 (PSLY0E) - a black screen after BIOS update

    It seems I have "brick" my phone during a bios utdate that went wrong... black screen as suspect: o.

    The laptop is a Toshiba satellite L450 (PSLY0E)
    The new bios image is named "bwaa150a.rom".

    Anyone know if it is possible to recover the bios of the flash or floppy drive, using a sort of toolfrom recovery inside the bios chip?... .or something?

    Anyone know who is the manufacturer of this bios?
    If I rename the bios image during a recovery, what 12xxxxx be named?

    To my knowledge, it is possible to reflash the EPROM module using the special procedure of crisis of the BIOS. But this crisis BIOS disk for Toshiba computers laptops isn't available for download.
    This must be done by authorized maker Toshiba.

    But I also read in the forum about those who tried some discs of crisis 3rd party BIOS.
    Sometimes it worked, but in most cases, you need advanced help technician.

    However, to use the forum search option advanced to search for similar topics on crisis disk BIOS. Otherwise, as I said above: you last chance might be the ASP.

  • Satellite Pro L770 - intermittent black screen

    I had some problems in the last few weeks with my L770 Pro Satellite.

    Occasionally, the screen is blank, it comes and goes without apparent cause, it can sometimes be empty for an hour, sometimes more, sometimes much shorter.
    There is a display when I connect to a TV via HDMI.

    The screen of the computer itself can go motionless on a desk, as well as come back when it has not been moved.
    As far as I know that some drivers have been updated.

    From there, I can only assume that there is a bad connection?


    The display turns OFF when using Notepad or while staying away from the laptop?

    Please check the option called choose when turning off the display
    It is found on Panel-> power-> left column Options

    Here you can set the time when the display would be sounded.
    I would recommend settings this forever in order to test the functionality

Maybe you are looking for