Satellite A10 drivers for Windows 7


I restarted just my old A10 Satellite by installing Windows 7, but I can't find the drivers based on the new operating system. Tried Vista 32-bit drivers from the Toshiba download page with no luck.

Is there, or will be there, all the drivers based on the model of the A10 for Windows 7 and if so, where can be found?

I know it is an older machine, but I want to keep living for networking!

Thank you


I m wondering that you want to use Windows 7 on this oldie
In my opinion, you should be happy with OS preinstalled Toshiba rather new Windows 7 where you n t get all the drivers.

Your only chance is to Vista drivers. Most of them are also work on Windows 7.

If this isn't the case, boot from the recovery disc and install this OS. ;)

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  • Satellite A100 PSAANE - need drivers for Windows 2003

    Hi all

    I try to search the Internet for satellite a100 PSAANE drivers for windows 2003 but I can not find...

    Can someone help me please!


    You won't find these drivers anywhere
    Win 2003 uses Win XP as the basis
    This is why you must use the Win XP drivers!

    Visit the European driver of Toshiba page and choose the satellite A100 PSAANE

    Then, you will get all the drivers for Win XP

    Good bye

  • Drivers for Windows 10-Satellite P70-A-120

    Hello everyone.
    I have problems with my Satellite P70-A-120, I can not find drivers for Windows 10. Now I have a problem with the bluetooth connection, all devices to show me "Retribution" (unknown).
    Excuse my English...
    Thank you and greetings from Spain

    Here you will find the drivers for this model.

  • Re: Satellite M70 - why not until now no drivers for Windows 7 available?

    I'm working on Windos 7 nowadyas & everyting seems okey. The problem I am facing no. is lackin' Toshiba drivers > why so far no Toshiba drivers support Windows 7
    Thanks in advane

    I was working on the Vista SP2 and everything is OK


    I think that it of normally that is up to now no drivers for Windows 7 available. What do you think?

    I mean Windows 7 is not yet on the market, and it comes out in October. If Windows 7 is out, I think that the support of the pilot will also begin. On Vista and XP was the same thing, until the version of the OS a few days and weeks later new drivers was released.

    I hope for you that Satellite M70 will build for Windows 7, but I put t know. I think we will have to wait a few more weeks until Toshiba will begin support of Windows 7.

    Moreover, on the Toshiba page we you can find some beta drivers for Windows 7. It is perhaps useful to you.

    Good bye

  • L50-B-27N - system Toshiba Satellite drivers for Windows 7


    I just got my Toshiba Satellite L50-B-27N (PSKTQE) today.
    Since I prefer Windows 7 on 8, I got my laptop without any OS so I can install Windows 7 on.

    Now I wanted to install the PC Health Monitor on my laptop, but the installation does not work, always tells me that the Toshiba system drivers are missing.

    After some searching, I can't find system drivers for Windows 7 64 bit only for Windows 8. Yet, there is a Pc monitor health for Windows 7 on the driver page.

    My question is, where can I get drivers for windows 7 64 bit system so I can get this running Pc health monitor?


    Toshiba system driver is not available for Win 7.
    There is another software called Toshiba Value Package added for Win 7.
    This is required and must be installed

  • Satellite U500 - need drivers for Windows 7 32 bit


    I recently installed Windows 7 32 bit but I can't find drivers for this version of the OS here:
    Could help me is it you please with installing the drivers for WIN 7 32 bit?

    Model: Satellite U500-1DQ PSU8CE

    Thank you in advance,

    Hi Gint,

    There is unfortunately no drivers for Windows 7 32 bit so I think that the Satellite U500 doesn t support this operating system.

    Why you have installed another OS without checking the availability of driver?
    AFAIK U500 is pre-installed with Windows 7 64 bit then why you changed obsolete 32-bit version that supports a maximum of 3 GB of RAM?

    In any case, I think you need to get yourself to drivers so check other sites such as Intel, Realtek, etc. directly to get 32-bit drivers.
    Alternative, you can search the Web from Toshiba site for other models of laptops they support 32-bit and have similar hardware as U500.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite X 200-15 K - I want drivers for Windows 7

    I waited for months and even you you created drivers for x 205 for the months of usa there is Windows 7 drivers (x 205 and x 200 are very similar) you did nothing for x 200. Don't tell me that x 200 is an old laptop, it is upscale and costs a lot of money, so it is obvious that there should be drivers for Windows 7 for her.

    Remote control does ' t work, and there are problems with the nvidia drivers.

    Hey henio,.

    First I assume you didn't understand that you can only speak with users like you and me here. If you want to talk with Toshiba, send them an email, but normally an authorized service provider is your first counterpart.

    In any case, I m not Satellite X 200 owner, but have you tried the X 205 drivers? I agree with you that the models are similar so it s worth a try to try these drivers! ;)
    Finally and above all most of the Vista drivers are also working on Windows 7. I can say from my own experience.
    Check it!

    Satellite X 200 isn't an old notebook, right but don t forget that it of designed for Vista and not Windows 7.

  • I use the 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 from the Satellite on the Qosmio?


    I have 2 laptops Toshiba, Qosmio X 300 - 14U and Satellite T130 - 12 K, and my question is:
    I use the 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 from the Satellite on the Qosmio?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi frakri,

    What drivers tell you exactly? Display, chipset, sound, etc. ?

    Theoretically, it should be possible, but it s according to the material. For example if your Qosmio has the same chipset as satellite you can use these drivers. Otherwise it wouldn't work because the hardware is different.
    First, check the features!

    In addition, you can get all the drivers here: > support & downloads > download drivers

  • Satellite L300-01:00 - where can I get drivers for Windows 7?

    How in the title

    Where can I download the drivers for Windows 7 RTM (32-bit) for Toshiba Satellite L300-01:00? Is it possible anyway? I see on the drivers only independent site for Vista/XP/OS.
    Which of them are compability with Win7?

    Thanks for your help.


    > I see on the drivers only independent site for Vista/XP/OS.
    > Which of them are compability with Win7?
    The drivers for Windows Vista are compatible to Windows 7 and most of them work on Windows 7.
    Then you can try these drivers.

    But the drivers specifically for Windows 7, you won't find right now because Windows 7 isn't on the market yet. You must wait until the official release because some days or weeks later normally the drivers support begins.

  • Satellite A300 - order of installation of drivers for Windows 7

    I installed Windows 7 ultimate on my laptop Satellite A300 - 1 5. I downloaded all the drivers for Windows 7 and I have a backup drivers in Windows Vista. * You can tell me please what order of drivers should I install? * (windows now works perfectly)

    Here is the list of the drivers that I have don responsible for Win 7:

    1. ATI display
    2. Bluetooth stack
    3 sound drivers.
    4 ConfigFree
    5 registry patch.
    6. its driver.
    7. hardware Setup.
    8. utility chipset.
    9. Robson package... (I don't know what the hell is this..)
    10 value Added Package.

    * What is playing on my list? * Oh, * I don't know what (Firmware) should I choose *, and * I couldn't take a driver for Windows 7 for my Wireless LAN *. There is no one for Windows 7 (Intel PRO wireless 3945ABG Network Connection), even if I am able to connect to internet (writing this post from my Windows 7 laptop)!

    > Can U tell me please what order of drivers should I install? (windows now works perfectly

    There is no special installation order.
    But I recommend that you install current drivers first.
    I mean the driver audio, Chipset, ATI display driver or Bluetooth stack utilities.

    After following with value-added package etc.

    The Wlan card driver can be downloaded here:

    See you soon

  • Satellite C660D-13 q - need drivers for Windows XP


    A Toshiba Satellite C660D-13 q (PSC1YE).

    In the BIOS I changed the controller SATA from AHCI to Compatibility Mode to allow the installation of Windows XP. In AHCI mode during the installation, I am getting blue screen all the time.
    (Besides - is it possible to install Win XP on SATA control Mode switched on AHCI?)

    I installed Windows XP SP3 and I need drivers, especially for Bluetooth - I tried BT-stack - of the file (after unpacking: v80012T_20110809_x32.exe size: 38 786 027 bites) of Toshiba server but it does not work.

    I can find drivers for Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) - why Toshiba does not support Windows XP - some applications and games still does not work on Windows 7, and I guess that never will.

    Is there a necessary chipset/APU driver for this laptop because it is based on the new processor of merger, which combine the CPU and the GPU to a single processor architecture called an APU (AMD E-240 of CPU and GPU AMD HD 6310)?

    > I can find drivers for Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) - why Toshiba does not support Windows XP
    Good question, but I m you know very well why.
    Offer Windows 7 Microsoft has set new standards for integrated hardware and, in general, your laptop is designed for Win7.

    Win XP is history and if you check other manufacturers of portable none of them offer full support driver for Windows XP Home edition. I highly recommend to forget WXP and use original Win7 preinstalled.
    Support for the old operating system is obviously not profitable and costs a lot of money so I put t think any laptop manufacturer will spend money for it.

  • Need drivers for Windows XP edition family 64-bit for Satellite Pro A100


    Where can I find drivers for Windows XP 64 - bit drivers for my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 (PSAACE) series? I was looking on
    [this site |], but there is for the 32-bit version of Windows XP.

    Thank you

    Yes, you are directly on the European driver of Toshiba page you will find only the 32-bit drivers XP and Vista.
    It seems that the Vista 64 bit drivers are not being released especially for this series of laptop.

    But don t give up buddy;
    Several series of laptops are equipped with the same features. SO try a few only Vista 64 bit drivers from other series that supports the same devices.

    In addition, you can search on some external 3 Web sites from third parties for the Vista 64 bit drivers.
    Many manufacturers of chips provides 64-bit Vista drivers own address for specific devices.

    Good bye

  • Need drivers for Windows XP Home edition on the Russian language for Satellite M35x-s149

    Help, please. Can not find the drivers for windows XP SP3 or SP2 on the Russian language for TOSHIBA Satellite M35X-S149.

    I agree with sanremo, your model is designed for the American market, so I don't know if you can find a driver in Russian but look on this posted sanremo m Web site.

    In the worst cases, you should choose an English language pilot, but this shouldn't be a problem.

  • Satellite L500-164 drivers for Windows XP?

    What about drivers for Windows XP (32-bit)?

    On the Toshiba Driver Site for this product there are only drivers vor vista 32 bit and vista 64-bit...

    where can I find drivers for Win XP? Or the Vista drivers work for Win XP, too?

    I can't test it now because I want to first ensure that it will work with win xp, after that I tried to install it...


    The Satellite L500 doesn t Windows XP, it supports only 32-bit Vista and Vista 64-bit. Windows XP is pretty old OS, it the past. Now it of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    If you want to install XP you must collect the drivers by yourself on external sites, such as Intel, Realtek, and far.

    But to be honest rejoice with OS preinstalled. All new laptops are fast enough for Vista. ;)

    Welcome them

  • Drivers for Windows Vista 64-bit on Satellite L300-01:00

    When can I get the drivers for Windows Vista 64-bit? Or I have to intall drivers 32-bit on my 64 bit Vista operating system?

    Please links ;)


    What Satellite model do you have?

    You cannot install the 32-bit drivers, you need 64-bit. I think 64-bit is not available for a laptop Satellite L but you can search on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    In addition, you can also search on external Web sites for 64-bit drivers.
    For example:

    Good bye

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