Satellite A10-wireless problem

Hello! I have the Satellite A10 with integrated wireless Windows XP Professional. I was trying desperately to make wireless communication integrated works, but without success. Windows has found two "Base system device", and I suspect that one of them is the wireless. I tried to install different wireless drivers that are supplied with the CD for the laptop, but so far without success - Windows refuses to accept these drivers for unknown devices. No idea what I am doing wrong? I downloaded the latest drivers wireless for A10, but nothing has changed. One of my friends suggested that the BIOS must have a setting to toggle wireless, but I couldn't find this setting in the BIOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Initially, you are sure that your computer has preinstalled absolute Wifi?

To be sure about you could give me the complete Modelnumber or serial number.

I am so lucky to find the installed equipment.

THX & bye

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  • Satellite Pro A10 wireless problems

    I am having trouble getting my laptop to a linksys adapter
    I installed it to the letter, but there is no icon in network connections.
    The router is working ok and I can connect to Internet, but no sign of the adapter.

    I have uninstalled several times including the use of registry clean softaware obtained at toshiba
    What I can / should I implement first ethernet cable?
    If the function/f8 key play a role in this?

    My notebook says specification is extensible wireless and I need some advice please

    Dave Martin

    Hi Dave

    You must first check if the material is properly recognized by the system.
    First, you insert the card (I guess it's a card PC, right?).
    After this, Windos should either charge automatically the drivers for the card or should ask you for drivers.
    If that works, you will get an additional network card in respect of the class of network devices in Device Manager.
    This is an important check!
    If all goes well up to this point, there should be a new available network connection and it should be wireless.

    Tell us the first not - worked and you need to provide the drivers?



  • Satellite L300 wireless problem - 11 c

    I have a problem with my L300 - 11 c.
    I can't find a connection with my router.
    The serial number of my toshiba is: PSLB0E
    If I turn on the wireless switch, nothing happens
    FN + F8 does not work either.

    It says everywhere that there is a wireless network card.
    but in my list of equipment (configuration-> system), it seems to be this card:-Realtek RTL8102E Family...
    I tried looking for an update for this card but could not find.

    I searched further discussions on this issue, but they do not give the answer I need to solve it.

    Please help: p

    It seems that the drivers are not installed properly. The network adapter you mentioned is just for the LAN.
    Wireless network card is the RTL8187B.

    Go: (Support + downloads)

    Go to the download page and choose the right laptop type and operating system.

    You need the drivers realtek wireless lan.

  • House of satellite L655 wireless problem

    So, I confess that I don't know a ton about computers, but I know enough to get. My problem is the following; I can connect to the internet fine at my friends houses, or any where that has open wifi, but I was not able to connect to the wifi in my house. We have two other laptops that connect very well, so I know its mine that is the problem. I wonder if wifi we have is not compatible. We have 5 Verizon internet spot.

    I called Toshiba support and asked how to solve this problem, but they have just sounded confused and told me to go on the internet to solve the problem, which of course, I couldn't do.

    Could someone tell me why my computer is having this problem?

    If WLAN works with all other routers which means that WLAN card in your laptop works fine.
    Problem may be your router at home.

    I can't say for sure, but the problem may be the wireless mode. The first cheque card WLAN advanced settings and check that wireless mode is enabled in your laptop's WLAN card.
    If I m remembering well on IEEE 802. 11 b, b/g, b/g/n.

    Compare it with the settings of your router and make sure that it's on the same mode.
    You can also contact your internet provider and ask for help.

  • Satellite A660 wireless problems


    I just bought one of these 2 days. The first day wireless worked perfectly, but now it doesn't detect a network. When I do FN + F8 I get a message saying 'wireless communication is disabled. Please activate the switch of communication. " But it is on and seems to be running.

    Any ideas?


    What is the WLan card status in Device Manager?
    You have no yellow exclamation?

    Even if the yellow exclamation point is not visible in Device Manager, uninstall the WLan driver and reboot the device. Download the most recent update of the driver WLan from here: and reinstall.

    I hope this helps to resolve the issue.

  • Satellite M70 Wireless problem persists

    Now, I tested my wireless a few weeks with the latest drivers Intel and I also set on max PSP.
    I still sometimes have waiting periods. Especially when there are a lot of load on network bandwidth.

    How about other users? Especially users Laurent0001 and Ciyounck?

    Hi Laurent

    The same situation on my M40. The WIFI network is OK, but sometimes connection goes down for a short period.

    Interesting is that the connection works perfectly with friends Netgear router.
    It's very strange, but I assume that the Intel WiFi card is very selective with routers.

  • Satellite A10 - good need driver wireless

    I have a laptop Satellite A10, have reinstalled XP and can not find the driver for the wireless card. Have you tried all those on the A10 download section over some pilots generic atheros.

    The problem is that the dev_id is in any of the infs for all drivers.

    Anyone else have one of these cards wireless so if you could point me to a wireless driver that works and the attached successfully.

    Tosh part number:-PA3233U-1PC
    Atheros chip:-AR5211A
    Hardware XP ID:-PCI\VEN = 168 & dev_id = ff12

    See you soon


    Toshiba WLAN portal you will find an Atheros driver you should work for you too:

    Try it and post your result!

    I m wondering that the download page of the drivers on the Toshiba driver do not work for you. Normally, they are prétestées and compatible with the hardware on the laptop

  • Satellite A10 problems...

    Hi, I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A10 with Windows XP Pro and I upgraded the RAM to 256 MB 510. But... does not work all my new game on it! The laptop must be pretty hard! I've updated all the drivers... but still nothing!

    Can someone tell me what is the problem?

    Kind regards... Hans

    Hello Hans,.

    Sorry, but what does not work?

    You get an error message during playback?
    Is there a plugin missing as direct X for example. Or is the power of the graphics card to the inadequacy of this games?

    You may have a game for example?

    Good bye

  • Setup wireless network to Satellite A10

    How can install a wireless network to Satellite A10


    As far as I know this unit is scalable and compatible cards WiFi are wireless (802 11b Agere) PA3212U-4MPC and PA3273U-2MPC(802.11a/b) LAN card. I'm not 100% sure, but the slot must be somewhere under the keyboard.

    If you do not know how to do this contact the technicians or your dealer before damage you the cover on the keyboard or some other contacts.

    If you have any other questions, please write again.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A10: Could not find the card wireless on my system

    I have a series of Satellite A10 on which I can not find the wireless card even if it is built in.
    I tried to install it, but windows is unable to read the driver information in the .inf on th cd file.


    Is the laptop comes with the wireless network card or that you have built into single? Can you please explain the situation in more detail.

    The laptop comes pre-installed with recovery media?

    If I remember well with WLAN driver is also a txt file called README. It is step by step explains how to install the driver.

    Good bye

  • Problem with booting from a cΘdΘrom-Satellite A10 - S513

    I have a laptop, Toshiba Satellite A10-S513, who does not want to start from the CD.
    To crystallize the problem, when I want to move the arrow (right or left) to access the CD-ROM icon in Start menu, nothing will be selected and it starts automatically from the HARD disk. I tried to change the startup configuration, but I couldn't because the choice of start-up has been grayed out, although I use the account controller BIOS.
    What should I do to enable booting from CD, taking into account the fact that I had done the CD several times starting.
    A few tips:
    I upgraded the operating system win XP Home to XP Pro and then installed Service Pack 2.


    Is there the same situation if you try to boot from the CD drive, hold the C key to the start-up of unit?

  • Satellite L100 - connection problems with a wireless internet connection


    I had some of my Satellite L100 connection problems to my sky wireless broadband connection. My laptop detects the connection and I have a bubble appears confirming that the wireless connection is connected. However, when I open internet explore it appears with 'cannot display the page'.

    Now, the wireless works with our other non-Toshiba laptop so I know that the connection is ok but it does not connect with my Satellite. Is there something I can do?

    Try reboot you the router. In many similar situations, it helps me.

  • Satellite A10: WinXP SP2 & problem sound :(

    I have laptop Satellite A10
    System - Windows XP and SP2
    The sound does not work :(
    Has implemented the last driver - did not help :(
    Everything works without SP
    Help me!!!

    Hi sm,.

    When you want to download a driver there is a document entitled information update Microsoft Windows XP SP2. All right, I see the update for Driver Sound is not necessary for your A10.

    Check sound and Audio Devices Properties all settings anyway.

    Please also check your Volume control side dial on the front of your laptop. :)

  • Problems about my mouse usb (Satellite A10)

    Hi all!
    To easily write my thesis, I bought a Trust friend mouse to use it on my Satellite A10. When it is connected to the usb port, the mouse is recognized by windows, but I can move the pointer only vertically. Mouse instructions say to disable the touchpad in the Bios, but I don't know how. What is a possible solution? What can I do?
    Thank you!


    Start your laptop and the meadows to the bottom of the ESC key. After that, you can see statement you just inside the BIOS with the F1 key. Check please if you can find the settings for the pointing device. There are a few options. You can change it with the space bar. I don't know, but there must be option called simultaneous or something like that.

    In this case, you can use the internal and external mouse at the same time. I would like to know if it works properly. ;)

    Good bye

  • The site Web of Toshiba LAN drivers - won't work - Satellite A10-163

    I downloaded the following drivers (for my laptop; Satellite A10-163 model number: PSAA9E)


    I unzipped each other and cannot find a file PROUnstl.exe, which UN-installs all the existing drivers. I can't find a "Setup.exe" or something that puts in place one of my wired or wireless network cards. I use Windows XP Home edition.

    Is there anywhere I can get a driver that has a more easy to use the file "install.exe" inside?

    Is there anyone who can help me to overcome this problem?


    First of all, all the drivers that are available on the page of the Toshiba driver should work properly. I m 100% sure on this subject. If you n t find any install.exe or setup.exe in the folder of the driver, then you must use another driver installation procedure.
    Go to Device Manager, select the network card and install the driver. Please select the driver form the driver download location.

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