Satellite A100 - 003 PSAARE - Ram upgrade question


I have a Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit installed and 2 GB of RAM (1024 + 1024 DDR2 533 MHz).

I want to improve my system with 2x2gb DDR2 667 MHz Ram.
When I use 2x2gb Rams, my system recognizes them?
Or he will recognize less than 4 GB?

Is there a link between the ram and 32 bit OS?
What are your suggestions?

Thank you.


> When I use 2x2gb Rams, my system recognizes them?
> Or it will recognize less than 4 GB

You use the 32-bit Windows System. This means that your Windows operating system can recognize 3.2 GB of RAM max. It's max possible RAM for 32-bit systems.

But as far as I know that it takes in charge max 2 GB of RAM. Has been mentioned in the page manual user 22 and 33

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  • Satellite A100 - 003 PSAARE - information necessary Ram upgrade


    I have a Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) with 32-bit Vista installed and 2 GB of RAM (1024 + 1024 DDR2 533 MHz).
    I was wondering if it is possible to change the 1 RAM (1024MB) with this RAM: 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz?
    Support page says that this laptop supports up to 4 GB of RAM total.

    Thank you in advance.


    Generally this information in the user manual it s always mentioned in the manual that is preinstalled on your laptop.

    I downloaded the manual on the Toshiba page and found this:
    Slots _Memory: _
    + PC4200 256 MB or 512 MB or 1024 MB modules of memory can be installed in the locations of two memory for a max memory 2048 MB system. +

    _Memory expansion; _
    Only the memory modules with the number of following parts can be installed:
    256 MB PA338QU - 1 M 25
    512 MB PA3412U - 1 M 51
    1 GB-PA3411U-1M1G

    By the way; the 32 bit OS Vista won't recognize the 4 GB of RAM due to the limitation of the 32-bit operating system. The 32-bit OS can handle max 3.2 GB.

  • Satellite A100 - 003 (PSAARE) - disk HARD help upgrade


    I have a Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) Windows 7 Home Premium 32 - bit installed and 3 GB of RAM 667 MHz.
    I want to spend my hard drive. But I don't know which model is most suitable for my computer.

    There are two options: 7200 rpm or 5400 RPM HARD drive.
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of hard drives?

    If I buy a 7200 RPM HARD drive, do I have a problem with the heat and noise?
    If you can give me some names of HARD drive model that you suggest, it will be better for me.

    Thank you.

    > There are two options: 7200 rpm or 5400 RPM HARD drive.
    > What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of hard drives?
    The 7200 RPM drive is faster than the or 5400 RPM HARD drive. This allows read and write faster data on the HARD drive, but to be honest; in most cases, this difference is not noticeable

    > If I buy a 7200 RPM HARD drive, do I have a problem with the heat and noise?
    No, normally you should not get any problem the two type of HARD drive are compatible with laptops

    > If you can give me some names of HARD drive model that you suggest, it will be better for me.
    To be honest, you can use any HARD SATA 2.5 drive. The SATA controller is not limited to a capacity of HARD drive that you can take any disk of your choice

  • Problem upgrading to Satellite A100-011 (PSAARE) RAM

    I have the Satellite A100 - 011 (PSAARE) and I just upgraded memory RAM of 4 GB 2x2gb Kingston (KTT533D2 / 2G).
    BIOS can see all my 4 GB installed, so my windows (x 64) but my task manager shows me 3069 Mo!
    How is that possible? Is it possible to fix this? My BIOS version is 6,00.

    Thank you!


    Are you sure that you have a 64-bit version of Windows XP?
    I ask this question because the Web from Toshiba website does no drivers for Windows XP 64-bit.

    If you really have a 64 bit OS make sure that you have installed all Service Packs and patches from Microsoft.

    And install a program such as Everest and watch this program shows the amount of RAM.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) VISTA downgrade WXP - need drivers XP


    any who can publish a security way how I can install WXP on my Satellite has 100-003 (PSAARE)? Or where I can download the appropriate drivers for this OS?

    Security how? Medium security is not necessary. I recommend you to install the drivers in the usual order. Driver graphic, sound driver, LAN, touchpad, etc.

    XP audio driver you can find on the page of the Toshiba driver article PSAAR A100.
    Other XP drivers can be used in different series A100. Simply check the only drivers Sat 100 XP and Equium A100 series.

  • Satellite Pro A100 - 244 PSAAC - RAM upgrade Question

    Hello everyone,

    I have Satellite Pro A100 - 244 (PSAAC) comes with standard RAM "512 (533 MHz)" and I replaced it with 1 GB (533 MHz)

    And now, I want to add 2 GB of RAM in the other slot but I couldn't find RAM 2 GB with bus (533 MHz), I can find only the Rams with (667 MHz)

    I just want to know if it is acceptable to add these two RAMS with these different bus "1 GB (533 MHz) with 2 GB (667 MHz).

    Please let me know if there a danger or cause any problem or if the computer would decrease performance

    Looking forward to your help

    Best regards

    667 MHz * should * work at 533 MHz, but his has not guaranteed to work, you will need to test it before buying the memory.

    Memory usually has a SPD table that tells the BIOS which timings to use at different speeds, but even if the SPD has a 533 MHz on the table, there may always be a compatibility problem.

  • Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question


    Who are you? Ttime for some great upgades for this laptop and some few questions and I'll be happy to answer for me.

    1. is there an empty space to install a second hard drive SSD?

    2. If there is not can put off the hard drive DVD and in the empty space to fit an SSD? I need something like that? ---> fb4d
    This is an adapter.

    3. the quantity of RAM max supported Satellite L500D? I installed 2GB and I have an extra plug and I want to install a single 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM total

    Its sounds good to you this idea? I thank you and have a nice day


    As you can see on the underside of the laptop doesn t supports a second HDD because there is no second Bay HARD drive on the underside.
    The map you posted is unofficial so no one can say whether it compatible s part or not. For laptops Satellite AFAIK there is no CD/DVD Bay adapter, but you can ask a provider of service authorized for more details.

    The maximum RAM capacity depends on your phone model correct. L500D was delivered with different hardware, so you must post your exact model laptop number.

  • Satellite A100 - 784 PSAANE RAM upgrade

    Hi guys,.

    I want to ask you for advice. I would like to change my 2 x 512 MB (SO - DIMM DDR2 533 MHz PC4300) to 2 x 2 048 MB (I use Vista 32 bit and I know that it will not use 4 GB of RAM, but I heard it is better to use two same modules). But I would ask what module I can use:




    Thank you for your advice :)


    If you have the choice between the 667 Mhz and 533 Mhz module.

    The fact is that both modules must be compatible, but speed supported depends on the bus front end (FSB)
    If the FSB is 533 Mhz so your 667 Mhz will ONLY work at 533 Mhz.

    Simply put, said that the FSB might slow the speed of the memory.
    Then you should check what FSB, supports your laptop.

    You could install a free tool like Everest Home edition to a diagnosis of the hardware.

  • Additional package for Satellite A100-003

    I have a Satellite A100-003 and I just installed vista 64-bit, which is the correct for toshiba value added package, because I get an error at the end of the installation. Thank you

    First of all the buddy I wonder about your first message.
    You said;
    > I just installed vista 64-bit, which is the correct version for Toshiba package extra

    I visited the Toshiba European page and I didn t find drivers for Vista 64 bit and VAP for Satellite A100 - 003 PSAARE.

    Because of this, I DON T wonder that you receive error messages.
    The error messages appear because you use wrong and NOT compatible software.

    You have updated the BIOS?
    OK, this grand but the BIOS is designed for Vista 32 bit and not 64 bit.
    So it s no matter if the BIOS has been updated or not.

    So he just said; Don t install the VAP for Vista 32 bit on 64 bit Vista version

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-003: Question about RAM and recording model number

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    1. the first problem is that I bought the notebook of Toshiba Satellite A100-003 model. But when I tried to save the European web site of Toshiba with my serial number it says Satellite A100-011. I do not understand what it means that. But I do not know my phone model A100-003-PSAARE-0470257Z. The serial number of my laptop is: 17739127G

    2. Another problem is the European website of Toshiba and Turkey Toshiba official site ( says Rams are 533 MHz "2 048 (1, 024 + 1, 024) MB of RAM DDR2 (533 MHz)"but mine is at 266 MHz. "

    I was wondering in Toshiba laptops of the Turkey has problems or handed in state something? I sent e-mail to the web site of Toshiba Turkey but they don't send me emails or information.

    Thank you for helping me,


    First of all your registration number is not a 'problem '. Maybe it s just a small mistake in their database. When I registered my P200 registration reported me another type as mine was, but after a call to the hotline of toshiba told me, that my machine is listed correctly in the database.
    Don t worry, register just she.

    With regard to the RAM:

    Do you know why's called it 'DDR' ram? That means 'RAM memory' and the goal is to double the frontsidebus.

    In your case, that means: the REAL AND PHYSICAL frontsidebus is 266 Mhz, but because the flow is double you have a 533 MHz frontsidebus (532, 34.Mhz).
    CPU - Z and WCPUID are simply display the physical clock of the RAM, but the frontsidebus double the signal and then you pure and authentic to 533 MHZ.

    I hope I could explain something to you. ;)

    Have a nice weekend

  • Can satellite A100-003 - I install Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit?

    Hello everyone,

    I have the Satellite A100-003 and I've been running it with Windows XP since I it (triple). Now I want to install Windows 7 on it, however, I'm confused about what can I install on it.

    I have a few places on the Toshiba site, I found that I can install Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), but I can met some problems with the BIOS, in other places, I tried but could not find the drivers for Windows 7 64 bit.

    So what is the case? My first goal is to install windows 7 64 bit, because I have 4 GB of RAM on my laptop, but even the 32 bit would be a better choice than XP right now.
    So I can install Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!


    Important before installing another OS, you check the Toshiba driver download page. Satellite A100-003 belongs to the PSAARE series and is therefore not available for Windows 7 drivers. You can only get the drivers for Windows XP and Vista 32 bit.

    This means that you can try to install Windows 7 because Vista drivers most also work on Windows 7.
    If this isn't the case you find newer drivers yourself, maybe you can find something.

  • Need driver for Win XP for Satellite A100 - 025 (PSAARE)

    I have a toshiba satellite a100-025 (psaare) with windows vista.

    I want to download drivers for windows xp because I have a licensed version of the software with sp2:
    I don't have vista linke because it uses too many resources of the nucleus and too many areas of memory.

    So I want drivers for xp but I can not download ' em, because I can't find my model of laptop in the download page of the site.

    My question is: How can I get drivers for Windows XP?

    You re right Antonio Luigi

    Now your laptop is not in the form of Windows XP driver :(
    But don t worry and be cool B-)

    It seems that Toshiba updates pilots and published the new version every day.
    I think that next time, you should be able to download the XP drivers for your laptop.

    But if you want, you can test the drivers from another series of Satellite A100 Equium A100.
    I think that these books are very similar, and possibly unique pilots will run

    By the way; It of very funny because many people want to update to Vista and XP not to downgrade Vista to XP.
    However ;)

  • My Fn key does not work on the Satellite A100-003


    I ' v I just A100-003 with Vista, but reinstall W - XP. What driver I have to get a Fn key work properly? Only Fn + F5 (switch to VGA output) works well. I can't adjust brightness disp., sound mute or touchpad switch. Where can I find a driver for Windows XP Home edition solve this problem?

    Thank you.


    Satellite A100-003 is a part of the PSAARE series. I visited the page European driver of Toshiba, but I found only the acoustic silence, help them and the driver sound
    Other XP drivers are not available.

    You can try to download and install the tools (Touch Pad on / off Utility, Hotkey Utility)
    etc.) Another A100 series I don't know but maybe it will work if you do not have to give up this feature m

  • Re: Satellite A100-003 - need of Windows Vista 64-bit drivers

    I want to upgrade my OS to Vista 64-bit, but I can't find it anywhere
    I want the functions to work such as media buttons (stop, play,... etc.)
    I got my cell phone as a gift from the Middle East, and now I'm having hard to upgrade

    This is the Satellite A100-003

    Any suggestions?

    If the European driver of Toshiba page doesn t provide the driver 64 bit Vista for this laptop, then you have some many other opportunities to visit some 3rd Web sites and collect only drivers to clean hands.

    Good luck

  • Windows XP Home for Satellite A100 - 600 PSAAR edition drivers

    Hi all

    After a long search of Windows XP Home edition for the satellite A100-600 (PSAAR) drivers

    We found this driver works for this laptop.

    Sound: use the Toshiba driver available on the download page
    Chipset: Intel 945MP - driver infinst_autol.exe
    NETWORK LAN: PRO2KXP.exe (Intel)
    WiFi NETWORK: V11.1.0.0_XP_DRIVERS. ZIP (Intel)
    Display driver: 93.71_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql.exe (NVIDIA) +
    to change the "nv4_disp.inf" in the directory of the NVIDIA driver

    Mass storage: sp33416.exe (Texas instrument) - this package contains the driver for the Texas Instruments PCI (PCI - TI) 6 x 12/7 x 12 Cardbus (card reader
    Internal modem: (on the Toshiba support page)

    And first use Everest software for our laptop hardware information, if you do not have a PSAAR A100-600!

    Hope this helps



    Hello Toto

    Thank you very much for your posting. If you have more information please post again because everyday someone post the same question. If you have the time thanks for posting your description under

    Thanks again!

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