Satellite A100-011 with Vista: DVD-ram UJ-850 s can not burn DVDs dual layer


cannot find answers to my problem, so start a new topic.
Having Satellite A100-011 with Vista preinstalled and Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ-850 s (firmware 1.10).

Recently installed Nero 7.5.9 and you want to burn DVD (6, 5 GB) media dual layer (Immation - Ritek).

First time Nero stopped with information: could not perform start of Disc At Once (without damaging the media).
After that, run Nero as Windows XP - SP2 program and burn half the disc (first layer), but when to start to burn the second layer (I guess), stop once again with the same error information (could not perform start of DAO).

Simple disc burning layer without problem.

Anyone any idea how to solve this problem?
Thank you


tried to record double-layer of a different brand? Maybe you should try it, because sometimes certain brands are not really taken in charge or not very well. And check the toshiba (or google) pilot site for new drivers or firmware for this drive, sometimes that it really helps.

I think that the media are not really compatible, I ve read some similar problems in the roxio forum and they solved by using another brand.

Would be nice if you give some information on this case... :)

Welcome them

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    I have laptop Satellite A100/002 with Windows Vista 64 - bit Enterprise edition. My Wi - Fi died shortly after a random time. When I try to search for a wireless network, he found nothing. The only working solution is to restart the computer, and then it works fine until it dies again.
    I have updated the Wi - Fi drivers but it didn't solve my problem.

    It's really annoying especially when I play any game online.
    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Have you updated the BIOS? Check the Toshiba site for a newer version. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Also try an update of the firmware of the router. You can find it on the site of the factory.

    Last but not least, you must disable the security features of the router for the test. I mean hidden SSID, MAC address filtering and so far.

    Also, make sure that the option of the energy-saving WLAN card is disabled:

  • Satellite A100 (PSAA9A) and Vista DVD maker problem

    I just got windows ultimate on my laptop that I got about 2 and a half years and he says about this Windows Vista capable. So I have to drop out and everything but when I open something like Vista DVD maker, he says that my video card meets the minimum requirements.

    Check my driver and it says Standard VGA graphics card? Strange huh? So went on Notebook driver downloads > Satellite > A100 (PSAA9), but then he only gave me the opportunity to PSAA9E and I need A at the end.

    In any case I put t know whether or not that counts, but I downloaded the driver and check the update driver > Browse pilot, first of all it only let me not click Desktop and didn t let me inside the office even with submenu.

    So I just clicked next and guess what! After all that palaver he said the pilot has the last updated and doesn t need to be installed but it obviously hasn't t because it's model is something starting with 6 and the driver Vista I want download it something starting with 7, so I'm really stuck and really help.

    Thank you


    At the bottom of the unit, you should find the name of detailed; something like Satellite A100 - xxx PSA.

    Could you please post this number and name?

    The A100 is certainly capable of Vista, but this does not mean that you can use all the features of Vista.
    My other laptop manufacturer is Vista capable, but for example the doesn t run Vista Aero due to the performance of the weak graphics card.

    Creating Windows DVD is available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, but some features may require advanced or additional hardware.

    Check this box:

    In any case, the graphics driver on the right must be installed to ensure that such feature Vista can run correctly.

  • Its virtual does not support my Satellite A100-998 with Vista


    I have the Satellite A100-998, and yesterday I find for my driver the new laptop. I download Virtual Sound to my laptop and for vista, and when I try to install the driver that I have error "Toshiba Virtual Sound can't stand your computer." Why

    PS. Sorry for my bad English, but please help me!


    I think the problem is that your computer has a sound card, which was designed for XP and not Vista. Thus, you need to download a special driver
    to make the Gizmo work.

    Try here:

    and tell us if it worked.

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  • Tecra A9 came with Vista and XP, the disks - but can not activate XP


    I have a Tecra A9, it came with Vista Business pre-installed and on a recovery disk. It also came with a XP Recovery disk.

    Part of the documentation in the box suggests that I should be able to simply install XP from the recovery disc. I tried this, but I can't activate XP. I called the number of Microsoft on the activation screens and entered all the numbers, but I then told me that there is an error and I should change my product key.

    My laptop on a a Vista product key stuck on the bottom. So, I seems to be a little stuck.

    The sheet that was in the box says:

    "it's additionall equipped with a Windows XP Professional Recovery DVD - ROM that allows you to easily install this operating system on your own. To do this, follow the instructions on the packaging of the DVD of restoration"

    Usefully, there is no instructions on the packaging of recovery DVDs, I expected maybe a XP product key or something... But clearly not.

    How should I proceed?

    Thank you


    Sorry, but I'm a little confused. As much as I know Toshiba recovery image should not be enabled and if you please be so kind and explains what exactly happens when you try to use recovery media?

    On what stage you must enter the product key?

  • Satellite A100-049 with Vista--> Win DVD won't play?

    Just bought the above. Everything seems great so far (but it was only 2 days) apart from when I try to play a region 2 dvd in the drive. I select WinDVD 8 and it offers the possibility to open from the folder by car. I select 'f' is the disk and the disk rotates upward. No image or its property. The initial screen is right on. (They will play in library car seems fine)

    Cannot see everything change and the drive is set to region 2. Research in the "getting started", he says that to the final version of vista, it "may" be necessary to download a patch, but I can't find one.

    Any help appreciated


    Are you trying to play original DVD?
    If your DVD player was attached to another region it is possible that you will not be able to play these DVDs.

    You can change the region code in the properties of the drive. But be careful; You can change it only 4 or 5 times (don't remember)
    But if you can play movies with MCE so I think you need to change the drive region code.

    Have you tried to install some codex? Otherwise, try it!

  • Update of a Satellite A100-692 with an another RAM or CPU?


    can I use 667 MHZ ram in my a100-692 and he'll run at 667 MHZ or slow 533?

    And can I upgrade my cpu (duo core 1.66 ghz) core 2 duo or core 2quad?

    You can use 667 Mhz in your machine, but it will not work on 667 Mhz, because the FSB is running with only 533 Mhz since these models are just call 533 Mhz due to problems of mobile (powersaving, heat generation, etc)

    And no, you can't spend your CPU because the Bios does not support it, also the cooling system of your machine is specially designed for a couple of CPU´s that were shipped only with the model of your laptop computer.

    Furthermore, if you really swap the CPU, you will lose your warranty.
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  • Need help to install the driver Intel Lan on a Satellite A100-011

    I bought Toshiba Satellite A100-011 with Windows Vista laptop. Now, I went down the operating system to Windows XP. The problem is how to install the Intel Lan driver. I would really appreciate any help, because there is no .exe file and I have no idea what to do with these files.

    Hey Buddy,

    the files that are in the zip file are really drivers, but you must install them manually which means you have to go into the Device Manager, look for the LAN device which should probably have an exclamation point and then right-click on it. After clicking on a wizard should appear which brings us to you trough the installation process. When the wizard application for pilots (if not found already automatically), and then point to the folder where the driver files.

    Then, everything should be good. :)


  • Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade


    I have laptop Satellite A100-011. And I want to improve his memory. It has 1 GB of ram DDR2 533 hz. My questions are the following;
    1. how many ram slots have?
    2-can we add 2 GB of ram DDR2 533 hz more, if so, will total 3GB? Or shoud I replace 2 GB 1 GB?
    3 - ? It s possible to use DDR3 Rams or different frequency as 800 Hz?
    4 - What brand should I use to upgrade? Kingston etc?
    5 - ? f I upgrade the memory of my laptop, can I install windows7 32 bit (I have windows vista at the moment)

    Thanks in advance


    I'll try to give you some answers:

    # According to specification of laptop there two RAM slots
    # Your laptop can handle with 4 GB max, then you can do whatever you want and it depends on how much RAM you want to have inside. You can buy a module of RAM of 2 GB and 3 GB of RAM. That should be enough to work with Vista or Win7 even. Of course, you can upgrade to maximum and buy 2 X 2 GB.
    # It has no meaning at all. If the speed of the FSB of your motherboard is 53 MHz why use 800 MHZ modules. Your laptop will not be faster because of Rams with more MHz.
    # Yes, Kingston product high quality and using Kingston modules, you should not have compatibility problems.
    # I put t see any reason why you shouldn't be able to install Win7, but before this visit Toshiba support page and check if your phone model is supported for Win7.

  • Satellite A100 - 011 PSAARE: utility for Vista allows only 3 partitions

    Hi all.

    I have a problem with my laptop. In fact, when I try to separate my hard drive with Vista utility it is only 3 partitions? I try so many times to nake more but... .no success.

    After E: / Partition space that I divide F: / is not available and I can't format it and use it. There's just the color gray?
    My laptop is Satellite A100 - 011 PSAARE. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Have you contacted Microsoft about this? For me, it certainly comes to Vista and I do not see any connection to Toshiba. Anyway, if you find more about it please report to us.

    I fear that you must use 3rd party applications to achieve.

  • Problem upgrading to Satellite A100-011 (PSAARE) RAM

    I have the Satellite A100 - 011 (PSAARE) and I just upgraded memory RAM of 4 GB 2x2gb Kingston (KTT533D2 / 2G).
    BIOS can see all my 4 GB installed, so my windows (x 64) but my task manager shows me 3069 Mo!
    How is that possible? Is it possible to fix this? My BIOS version is 6,00.

    Thank you!


    Are you sure that you have a 64-bit version of Windows XP?
    I ask this question because the Web from Toshiba website does no drivers for Windows XP 64-bit.

    If you really have a 64 bit OS make sure that you have installed all Service Packs and patches from Microsoft.

    And install a program such as Everest and watch this program shows the amount of RAM.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite A300-145 with Vista 32 maximum RAM?

    Hi all!

    I have satellite A300-145 with Vista 32 home Premimume - now on laptop installed 2 modules of 1 GB of RAM (for mode dual channel)

    Q: if I replace the RAM to 2 modules of 2 GB of RAM this mode dual channel still & 4 GB RAM?
    -May support A300-145 4 GB RAM? and Vista 32? (Intel GM965 chipset have support 4GB RAM)


    Satellite A300-145 was equipped with a Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset. Or I m wrong?
    AFAIK this chipset provides only the 2 GB support

    > If I replace the RAM to 2 modules of 2 GB of RAM this mode dual channel still & 4 GB RAM?
    32 bit Vista will recognize only about 3.2 GB.

  • Satellite A100 - expansion to 4 GB RAM

    * Good at all.*

    I am a happy owner of a Satellite A100-044 with Windows Vista Basic.
    I read the manual that I can increase the RAM to 4 GB. I bought 2 per GB 2 bars on the site of Kingston, but do not work together. I also updated the BIOS. I asked explanations to Kingston, but I have not yet responded. Can anyone help please?

    Thank you.

    I don t think you can upgrade this laptop up to 4 GB.

    Check this box:
    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite A100-044 |]

    Here you can find the info that this laptop supports maximum 2 GB of memory (2 x 1024 MB)

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-192: after Vista installation HARD disk capacity has decreased

    I am a user of Satellite A100-192 with 120 GB hard drive. After I installed Vista Ultimate, I saw this total capacity of my hard drive completely passed to 92, 8 GB instead of 120 GB while it was XP.

    What can be the problem? How can I reach the other capabilities of my hard drive?


    Vista needs and used 2 partitions. The second partition is not visible and it s necessary to Vista backup and restore functions.
    Maybe you have verified that the size of the first partition (C) and didn't note the size of the second partition.


  • Satellite A100-011 - Bluetooth not working after installing Windows 7

    Hi, I have a Satellite A100 - 011 (PSAARE) and I tried to install windows 7 on it.

    I used the installer of the software of toshiba for windows 7, and in Device Manager, all of the devices seem to be properly installed. (There is a disabled person, or an unknown device). However, I can't have my bluetooth appears or use it. I tried to install the 3.00 Vista bluetooth stack, but it didn't work. Why isn't my bluetooth device and function appear anywhere in windows 7? Someone at - it had a similar problem?

    Let me add that the WiFi is working normally.


    I m no owner of the Satellite A100 but I think you need more recent Bluetooth software and drivers for Windows 7 to Vista place

    Check Toshiba Bluetooth portal for the latest versions:

Maybe you are looking for

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