Satellite A100-033 - where to get the cable/connector for power switch?


I change the cable/connector for * power switch button * which connect to motherborad. If anyone no where I can get in? I tried at PC world, but they do not have cable, I am looking.

My laptop SPAC:

Satellite A100-033 part number: PSAANE-03J02GEN

Thank you


Hi rjbuz,

I can t tell you the part number because I m not the owner of the Satellite A100, but a service provider authorized in your country can do this: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

Just give them a call and ask. Maybe they can send you the replacement part. :)

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    But I've lost my product recovery cd and I need format my computer now.

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    Can you help me?

    Thanks from now.

    Toshiba recovery image cannot be downloaded.
    The recovery disk for the new series of laptops can be ordered here and you will have to pay for it:

    But if your laptop is a bit older so maybe an ASP in your country could help you order this disc

    In very rare cases you will not be able to order a disk if your computer laptop would be belongs to a series of abandoned

    In this case, you will need to install the OS from the MS Windows CD

  • Satellite A100-153: where to get the CD from drive Media Express?


    Sorry I Cana´t speak English, but I'll try to explain my problem maybe someone can help me.

    I have a toshiba a100-153 with multimedia function. I can watch DVDs without starting windows with Media Player express.
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    As far as I know it of not possible to download this program.
    The installation CD will come with the laptop.
    It of possible to order the CD of the partner of Toshiba service in your country, if the CD has been damaged or if you lose the Media Express CD player.

    The necessary connection at the base of the ASP in the world, you will find on the Toshiba support page.

  • Satellite L500-154 - how to get the software packaged for Win7

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    As far as I know, you can't have Win7 recovery media. Laptops ship with Vista can update only.

  • Where to get the cable from the monitor to Satellite C660-1TK

    I have a portable satellite c660-1tk and I have problems with the monitor, it turns out that the problem is the cable from the monitor. I went everywhere looking for a monitor cable, but I couldn't find one.

    My question: where can I get one?

    I thought to order it online, but can't find anything.


    You can order these parts of the Toshiba authorized service provider that is available in your country.

    Here is a list of all FSA available worldwide:

    I put t think it should be a problem to get such cable.

  • Satellite M30-821: where to get the motherboard compatible


    I have a Satellite M30-821, my motherboard seems to be broken for a few weeks. I would change it. Does anyone know where I can supply one, even if it isn't a new (actually a cheaper)?

    Thank you

    Hi Christophe

    I assume that you know something about the technology of the laptop and you know the motherboard for laptop is one of the parties outside the expensive laptop LCD screen.
    The new motherboard costs a small fortune :(

    You have two options; either you buy a new Board of Directors of the Toshiba service partner in your country (new = expensive with guarantee) or you will check for example eBay offers and maybe you will get a second hand unit with the motherboard (second hand = cheaper but without warranty)

    It s your choice dude

  • Where to get the new motherboard for Satellite Pro L40 - 14 d

    Hey there.

    I have a Satellite Pro L40 - 14 d (I think).
    My son hit a small stool and he fell on the side of the PCI Express card (which has been inserted).
    Needless to say that the pci card no longer works.

    I opened it to the top, and it seems that the pins were torn off of the motherboard.
    Can it be fixed, I'm not so sure?

    Then someone know where I can get my hands on a new motherboard? I've scanned the internet but come in white.

    See you soon


    This model of laptop is fairly new, and I imagine that it will be difficult to get the new motherboard. Of course, you can order one by authorized service provider, but it will be expensive.

    Have you checked eBay? With a little luck, you'll find a L40 with faulty display or any other hardware problem. Maybe using two defective notebooks, you can have one that works correctly. ;)

    By the way: I assume you want to disassemble without maintenance manuals. Be careful!

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    I m not very good if you want to be able to order the recovery for this unit disc, because in very rare cases, the recovery disc may be pronounced if the laptop model is too old.

    So I hope that you can order it here:

    You can also try to contact the ASP in your country and ask the guy if he could order the Toshiba disk directly

  • Satellite C660-168 - where to get the original BIOS file?

    Where can I get the original BIOS file. I have version 1.00 of the BIOS and the support site says there is no update available BIOS. But I still want the original BIOS V1.00 file.

    > Where to file original BIOS. I have version 1.00 of the BIOS and the support site says there is no update available BIOS

    If you couldn't find ot on the age of the toshiba driver

    This means no update available

  • Re: Satellite A300-1EI - where to get the recovery disk

    Hello world

    I did a very stupid thing! I have formatted my laptop satellite A300-1EI and discovered that I lost the recovery DVDs I've done?

    I called the dealer where I bought the laptop, but they have not the recovery disc for this model?

    How can I recover my original version of VISTA for my laptop?

    Is there anywhere on this site to download?

    I downlowded any drivers from this site, but I want the vista original back...

    Help, please

    Maybe you can order it from this page:

    Check it out

  • Satellite Pro M70: Where to get the Mobile power adapter

    Can someone tell me where to find a removable card for this laptop that is to say one that can power the laptop from the car cigarette lighter charging.
    Tried a Targus one but kept power being interrupted. Returned it for a replacement, but even still... for all do but Targus please!


    Try to google for this part number: PX1188E-1NPO for computer laptop adapter car 120W, 15V, 8A
    This car adapter must be compatible with the Satellite Pro M70.
    You can also order these parts of the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - where to get the new recovery disc?

    On Thursday of last week ended with the blue page of death, tried to use the product recovery disc and found to my horror, it has a large crack in it.
    Can someone tell me is that I can download a new disc of?

    Have managed to cost to get the laptop to the top and running but Windows vista had to install windows 7 Originaly the laptop came with windows XP. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    You can get [Recovery disk |] Toshiba

  • Satellite A100 PSAARA: where to find the latest graphics driver


    I'm trying to run a game and I got the driver NVIDIA ForceWare 163.44.

    My laptop has a NVIDIA 7600 Go and I can only find 97.54

    Is there any other driver updates for my laptop model or a place where I can the latest drivers that will work?

    Thank you.


    I think that these updated drivers are not so good for laptops because they don t have a protection against overheating and if the graphics chip can be damaged.
    So it s your risk and peril to install these drivers.

    Just for info ;)

    Good bye

  • Satellite L20-197: where to get the spare keys

    is there anywhere you can buy a single key and the black rubber for a computer model L20-197 mobile number

    Post edited by: paul999


    I think you'll need special parts which exactly bland with Notepad.
    In this case there is not much to do about the order of these spare parts of the Toshiba service partner in your country.

    Years ago I ordered a DVD player in the ASP. The service guy ordered this unit directly from the Toshiba

  • Satellite A60-156: where to find the graphic driver for Vista

    I recently updated my A60 with new dvd, memory, and hard drive.
    Upgrades to Vista and everything works perfectly except that I can't find an update for my display driver.

    Just as standard graphic adapter shows and I can't get all the 3d features on it even for games in Windows Vista or in screensavers.
    Can anyone advise as to where I can get drivers updated for this function? Graphics card is ati radeon 7000igp.

    Thank you.

    What to say it seems Toshiba page doesn't provide all the Vista drivers for this device.
    Then you can try to use a graphics driver on 3rd part as site

    But note; These aren't the Toshiba drivers and that's why pilots are not tested on Toshiba laptops. You can install it but only at your own risk.

    Best regards & good luck

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