Satellite A100-049: CDs and DVDs do not read after standby

I have a new satellite A100-049 delivered with vista home premium pre-installed. After returning to the computer from sleep/wake (whatever mode is when the yellow light pulses) without discs can be read in the drive. The disc rotates constantly, but nothing will happen.

Everything works well when the computer is turned on at the first time, but after the sleep he stopped playing discs. Is that what I can do about it?


What happens if you remove the media CD or DVD of the training after the laptop back to sleep/wake?

I mean that you should remove the Middle, close the CD tray, then open the drive, insert the CD/DVD and check if the laptop recognizes the middle.

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  • Satellite L670 - CDs and DVDs do not work smoothly


    I recently bought a Satellite L670 and there is a problem with the DVD player: CDs and DVDs do not work smoothly, there is a lot of audio and video clippings.
    I uninstalled the driver for DVD drive and reboot the laptop, but it has not solved the problem.

    Could someone help me with this?

    Greetings from France!

    With cups, you mean peak and its gel for a second, right?

  • The Satellite A100 created recovery, but DVD does not start

    I'm trying to reload a Satellite A100 with the DVD that was created when I started the laptop when he bought the news of recovery 11 months ago.

    I changed the boot order so that the DVD is first and when you restart, the drive runs at high speed, so it works

    No option is presented to be able to boot from this drive (as the usual "press a key to reboot from DVD")

    If I press F8 when booting I get a list of the options-led FIX YOUR COMPUTER that is highlighted.
    I then press ENTER and get a message "Windows is loading files".
    The system recovery options are then displayed, keyboard, layout, then the opening of the session, what I do using an administrator account.
    I am then presented with a screen with 6 system recovery options
    -Startup Repair
    -System restore - restore to an earlier point in time
    -Restoration of Windows complete PC (from backup)
    -Windows memory diagnostic
    -Command Promt
    -Restoriing the full Windows operating system

    There are 2 buttons {color: #000000} * low _S_hut * {color} and * _R_estart *.

    When I select the last option all I get is another screen with the message
    The complete oprtating of Windows System Restore *.

    If the pre-installed files are damaged you can use the product Recvoery DVD - Rom to restore (which is what I'm trying to do)
    A caveat against the loss of data is also included and then the OK button which, when clicked on resturns me to the previous screen without action
    If I select shutdown or restart it's there for that and boots from the hard drive.
    The disc is not damaged, I can copy him on system, then one more

    Can someone tell me how to start and recover from this drive?


    Sorry, but you have misunderstood something. I'll try to be clear now:

    -Via recovery CD/DVD, you CAN NOT repair already preinstalled the operating system. Using Recovery CD/DVDs, you can make clean OS install only. Please note that, prior to installation, the procedure begins old BONE is removed.
    -Reading your ad, I think that you try to use Microsoft Vista of origin and not the recovery image options because when you start the recovery procedure is no different 6 menus

    Can you please tell me what is the problem with your Satellite A100? What are the files that you are trying to fix? What happens at the start of your laptop?

  • Satellite L870-14 x - CD/DVD does not read CD

    I bought this Toshiba Satellite L870-14 portable x on 12 October and he's really starting to annoy me now.

    I lost hours and hours trying to install my own content of the previous laptop. I have endless questions, trying to get the product key for MS Office 2010 to be accepted, and NOW I can't get the CD/DVD device to read any CD, including a CD for office 2007 as a stopgap.

    Does anyone have the same problems as me or I just bought a laptop from Trash.

    My heart is broken!
    Thank you.


    Start from the beginning...
    Turn on the device, press F8 and choose fix my computer.
    Then choose HARD drive recovery.

    This procedure would fix the laptop back to factory settings.
    It is important because in this case, you might check if material of your laptop is affected or is malfunctioning...
    After the recovery procedure, everything should work properly.

    The CD/DVD drive should work fine, but in some very rare cases not all disks of all manufacturers of disc would be compatible... its always possible that some brands would not be handled properly.

  • CD Rom and DVD Rom not reading discs


    My CD/DVD-rom is not reading any music cd or a DVD movie that I insert in the drive. I looked in the currency manager and the samsung cdrw/dvdsm-352F material displays a yellow exclamation point. It gives me a code 41. He says that the hardware is installed, but cannot read the device.  Can you please let me know how I can fix this.  Thank you!

  • Satellite A100-049: message: AC monitor does not?

    Can help anyone, on startup, I get a message... AC Monitor not working then check the solutions... then cannot find AC monitor will be closed.

    Did you install the 3rd party applications on the Vista operating system?
    This message appears since the first start?

    CA-Vista monitor is not known to me but I studied a little and some people have suggested that this may be a Lexmark file.
    In this case, you would need to uninstall and reinstall your Lexmark printer

  • Satellite A100-049 stops and restarts

    Have had this laptop for about six months and sometimes, no reason apparent, just turns off and restarts. Obviously, this can be very irritating. Anyone alse met this or know why it happens?



    Did you see any error messages or BSOD?

    Have you noticed a high temperature or warm air, fan of the laptop?

    These automatically and unexpected shutdown from the bottom may be related to high internal temperature.
    The laptop supports protection against overheating.
    If the temperature rises to a critical level, the laptop stops automatically to prevent the equipment from damage.

    In this case mainly the temperature rises because the fans cannot turn with a maximum return.
    The fan simply cleaning may help. Computer stores sell nice tools to clean the cooling modules.

    But if you have no experience and don't know how, ask a technician for laptop for assistance.

  • Satellite U300 - 15 p CD/DVD does not work after installing Win 7 64 bit

    Hello guys...

    I have a portable Satellite U300 - 15 p with 4 GB of memory.
    I installed Windows 7 64 bit one mouth a go and after that, the DVD player does not work!
    Someone knows this problem?


    This is the error

    HM-ETmSE DGDGAM GSE - E1eNe ATA DEVICE * X * a failed


    You must remove the upper and lower registry key filters.
    First remove the CD/DVD drive device manager.

    Then go to the registry and remove the filter top and bottom of this key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    After this reboot of the laptop.

    For more information, check this:

  • Satellite C660-13R - wireless and Ethernet are not working after format


    I just formatted my laptop and I only get the Internet connection with a wireless usb antenna...

    Ethernet, or wireless appear to work. Before the format, that it worked fine.

    Here is the product

    Please help with a solution...
    Should I consider the adapter's death and stop trying?


    I m wondering if you already installed the driver LAN and WLan essential?
    Did you?

    What is the status of LAN and WLan card in Device Manager?

    Your laptop was equipped with a Realtek RTL8188CE WLan card and the Ethernet LAN Realtek 10/100 Base module.

    All the essential drivers for the Satellite C660 PSC0LE found on the page of the Toshiba UE driver

  • Tecra A7 - keyboard and Touchpad do not work after standby or Hibernation

    I have a Tecra A7 to XP. Once time and a some time to wake up from sleep or hibernation, the keyboard and the Touchpad mode do not work. I can always open a session using the recognition of fingerprints. An external USB mouse and then also works.

    I have to close the session and Re-Log-On using the external mouse to the keyboard and the touchpad works again. Very annoying, especially when you are in a hurry... hehe

    Anyone else has a similar problem? All solutions?

    Thanks for any help guys!

    See you soon,.

    Have you installed the drivers for your mouse or external keyboard? For example the Logitech drivers?

    Try to uninstall the third-party drivers 3, they may be in conflict with the drivers of Toshiba.

  • Cannot read CDs and DVDs on satellite C660


    I bought my PC laptop Toshiba Satellite C660 in December 2010.

    I was not able to play any CD or DVD.

    I checked on the properties of Media Player and found that the driver had been disabled.

    I know not how get the laptop to read CDs and DVDs, does anyone know how or why this happened? Is - this rare?

    Thank you


    I do understand that with the driver disabled.
    Optical drive is listed in Windows Explorer?

    If you can't find it listed in the Device Manager and if it is in the unknown device list try this please:

    It is described as a Vista but there the same should be under Win7. Please try it and send feedback.

  • Satellite A100-049, do not load, totally dead

    Purchased: April 2007
    Model: Satellite A100-049 (PSAARE-03G00JEN)
    Operating system: supplied with Windows Vista 32-bit, now under Windows 7 64-bit

    In recent weeks, my Toshiba Satellite A100-049 began to charge not. He went from 100%, 80%, 50%, 30%, 10%. Basically all over the place but I have no worry because I never unplug it anyway, and if I let her she eventually settle and start loading. It worked this way for about 2-3 weeks.

    * He then from the changing of the guard that I discovered despite the orange charging light is on and Windows, he is in charge, it is actually not statement. This means in turn Windows is not hibernate (depending on configuration) when it reaches 3% of battery. Therefore, it goes down to 0% and turns off.

    When he is in this State, it's a real pain so he could start charging again. I left all night and sometimes the charging light lights up, other times it doesn't.

    * I thought it might be the battery so I bought a new *, this fixed for about a week before the same exact problems occurred.

    * Since that it has gotten worse and now does not load period.*, I now have two dead batteries with 0% fee, as well as a dead laptop. Once again I left during the night, nothing, that it refuses to load.

    I searched this forum and tried to turn on without the battery in, it lights. He's dead.

    * Is the main/mother card or would be - this something else? *

    If the Commission of the main mother card, how much a replacement motherboard would cost more work? I live in the United Kingdom, how to fix here? If this is not the case, in U.S. dollars will be fine.

    I really hope I can make it last a few months because A: I can't afford a new laptop and b: I prefer to buy a new laptop when Windows 8 came out, I intend to get anyway. Especially since I already have a valid license of Windows 7 retail.

    Thank you. Any help would be appreciated.

    > I have searched this forum and tried to turn on without the battery in, it lights. He's dead.

    That s not good dude even if the battery is not connected, the laptop must turn on with AC adapter plugged
    What you can do is this short workaround just for testing purposes.
    -The battery should be removed in addition to disconnect the adapter
    -Leave the laptop disconnected for a longer period of time (a long night). then press the power button / stop along 30 sec.
    -Now connect the AC adapter and check if the laptop would be powered.

    If this is not possible, then the motherboard could be affected in such cases is not worth buying a new motherboard since its really, really expensive part.
    New motherboard + fix would cost about 300-350
    In my opinion it's better to sell this unit and buy a new laptop.

  • Satellite A60 no longer burn CDs and DVDs

    Hey, somebody help me.
    My A60 laptop no longer burned CDs and DVDs.
    There do not seem to read empty discs.
    Some regular she reads, but will not start and some, it will not
    not even start.


    Sounds like a damaged disk device.
    Usual that these problems occur if the lens of the player is unable to calibrate correctly.
    In my opinion it has not much to do. I don't think that the replacement of the drive will solve such a problem.
    As the authorized service partner Toshiba for a reader compatible and taken in charge.

  • Satellite 100-049-engraver of DVD writes only a few files and then fails

    My burner is Mat * a DVD RAM UJ850S ATA device and I am running Windows Vista. The problem is this: I start burning Burn option of Windows media player. I select the files to be burned, the fire starts. It breaks down after 3 or 2 files and then error occurs and the burning stops.

    No error message appears. It is not possible to remove the burner CD without stopping the system. You can open the burner again during the restart. My burner is almost unused, it reads CDs and DVDs without problem I noticed.

    Anyone who has experienced the same type of behavior - advice?


    I didn t has experienced these problems, but a quick question: have you you tried to burn files not only with this media player to windows, and then also with a full program of burning (like nero, cdburnerXP, CloneCd, etc.) to see if the same error occurs with a program designed just for burning files?

    It could be that the Windows Media player not fully supports the burner, so it would be interesting to try.

    Appreciate some comments on your success with this issue, just to keep me in the loop. :)


  • Music CD and DVD do not work on satellite notebook

    Hey people

    I have a problem. I'm not very good with computers, but I know the basics. I have a Toshiba Equium with windows XP. It of my girlfriends, so when I got it was really slow with all its stuff student.

    So I deleted everything and re-installed the computer to what it would have been when it is new, but now, nothing works. Music CD and DVD does not infact everything I put in the drive does not work. The orange light is on the cd player suggesting there is a CD player, but the computer is not picking it up.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hello Klark

    If the laptop is installed with the recovery media, there must be preinstalled WinDVD application and you should use it to watch original DVD movies. Have you already tested?

    If you try to use original music CD try to boot with Windows media player. It should work. You can also install the latest version (v.11). What is with mp3 files? You hear mp3 files? Seems works well?

Maybe you are looking for