Satellite A100 - 294 PSAA8E: black and white TV without sound picture

Dear all,
When I select the TV mode, my TV shows black and white color without noise.

I have:
Satellite A100-294
Part number: PSAA8E-02T014GR

I check the cable to use it in my CAM.



I assume that you have chosen the wrong settings of PAL/NTSC.

Please check if you are using the right settings that correspond with your country where you live.

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    laptop works when I connect to an external monitor

    In this case the inside display panel malfunctions and must be replaced.

  • Satellite A100-294: what memory should I buy

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    The laptop is Satellite A100-294

    Best regards
    Lukas Witecki


    I hope that I will receive some reward you points because I think I can provide useful answers ;)
    The laptop seems to be the DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM fragmented into several modules.
    You can use these modules from different manufacturers, but in my opinion it s better to buy a module of brand instead of module without name due to the better performance

    This site provides a few compatible Kingston modules for Satellite A100-294

    You can also mix the modules; I mean, you could use 512 + 1024 or 1024 + 1024 or 512 + 512. All these options are possible

    Best regards

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    Thank you for being a part of the community of HP.

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    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I understand your frustration and want to enlighten us and also bring some answers to your questions about the ink on your HP OfficeJet 6700 systems.

    1. you are able to go to your printer properties and change your settings for printing in black and white only, without having to change it whenever you want to print something. See the steps listed below:

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    I've found this useful information here: a 'ink alert' or "Low on ink" Message appears on the computer or the printer control panel

    Thank you

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  • Just black and white picture on television when connecting my A100 Sat

    I plug in my TV (it's an old model) to my laptop (satellite a100-529) and everything is perfect, but the picture on the TV have no color.
    Where is the problem and how can I solve it?


    Please use the advanced search on this forum and enter the black and white as search terms. You will find an abundance of subjects with the same content.

    Good bye

  • Satellite C660 C660D - Webcam color or black and white?


    I was just wondering if the web camera on the Satellite C660/C660D is color or black and white?
    If its color, how can I change the color?

    Thank you.


    Of course he came s color.
    It s a common webcam you have just black and white webcam photo?
    In your case I would recommend you the webcam software options.
    Start the camera Assistant software, and in properties, you can find the option called backlight Compensation. Check this option.
    Also in the Image tab, you will find some controls like: brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness. Play with these settings.

  • Satellite L10-192: Video Out (TV screen is black and white)


    I recently bought a new notebook Satellite L10-192, and I have trouble with the video out of service.

    The image on the TV screen is black and white. I have read and followed the instructions of the manual (indicate the video mode PAL B, etc.), but it is always black and white.

    I have Win XP Pro without Service Pack.

    Anyone has any advice on this problem? Can I change the resolution or color depth or install Service Packs? Or a Toshiba from the factory CD utility?

    Thanks in advance,



    In my opinion, your settings on the laptop are right but please check your TV also. I put t know if your TV is a S-video port or you use a S-video adapter. Please check menu TV. Maybe it's for S-video option in the port.

    If the TV doesn't have a S-video port, you can connect your unit as follows:
    (1) SVID-adapter that brings back the color! It works with any device with an s-video signal through a plug 4-pin or 7-pin.
    (2) SCART - / adapter S-video

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60-302: black and white photo on TV


    I have connected my Satellite A60-302 to my TV using brand also SCART S-VIDEO AND TWIN PHONO LICENSE that I bought from maplins. Transfers of image and sound on TV when I press Fn + F5 buttons but the image is in black and white, the sound is ok.

    I tried the color on the tv settings but it makes no difference, any help would be appreciated


    The color on the TV settings won't help. Check please the port on your TV settings. As far as I know by the use of the pot from S-video to TV, it must be enabled properly to get the color. I put t know exactly how it works with cable SCART, but check out several channels if you should enable the option of scanning on your TV.

    I also hope that you bought the product of high quality.

  • Re: Satellite A200 - 1 M 4: output TV is black and white

    Hi all

    Thanks for the wonderful forum. I think this is the right place to ask.

    I own a Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 M 4 model, and the problem is with the TV available. When I connect the s-video cable to the TV, the TV shows a signal black and white instead of color. I've tried the settings PAL and NTSC on the TV but nothing worked.

    Went to the market to look for if there is a fault of cable but changed 4 or 5 wires and the problem is the same.

    I guess one of the store people said that there is a software to convert black and white to color.
    I googled to find out more but ended up with nothing

    Can anyone recommend what should I do to get the color of the TV option.

    Thank you

    I assume that your TV settings are wrong.
    I have the same problem. I've connected the laptop to the TV of the parents and the captain was black and white. But the captain was fine on my TV.

    I activated the option s-video on the other TV and I got the color ;)

    I think you should check the settings too.

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    Hi, what operating system are you using?

    Toshiba delivered the clean install or system?

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50 432: TV output is black and white

    When I connect my computer to the tv with the s-video to A / converter v that I get a black and white image I tried to change the Pal - B to everything else, but the same thing happening to any idea what is wrong here


    Can you please tell me what adapter are you using exactly? or

    I tested my laptop tecra with both of them, and it works without any problem. Make sure that you have used the right channel of your TV.

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