Satellite A100-761 battery blinks 11 times

Hi, have a satellite Pro A100-761.

The battery will not charge, the unit will power not with or without the battery inserted and the power supply plugged.

All we get is the battery light on the front edge of the unit (3 LED from left to right) flashing a cycle of 11 flashes orange.

I am an engineer of component-level and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what means this error with this model code.

We have used and removed all devices, hard drive, CD, memory etc etc and still the same.

Thank you very much for your time.



The flashing LED indicates an error code caused by a malfunction of the equipment.
You can read this code flashing very easily, but unfortunately, you can not find the meanings code :(

I guess the meaning of code can be found in service Toshiba documents but these are available only for authorized service providers.

I think you should definitely contact the ASP in your country and technicians must check the laptop.

Good luck

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  • Using the Satellite A100 without battery

    My laptop Satellite A100, the battery is almost dead. Is it bad to use the computer like this?
    Should I remove the battery and use the computer? When using on current alternative computer runs slowly when the battery does not work.

    Thank you

    > Is - that bad to use the computer like this?
    N °
    > Should I remove the battery and use the computer?
    You can do it if you want
    > When using on current alternative computer runs slowly when the battery does not work.
    Performance laptop has nothing to do with food but with parameters.
    I don't know what operating system you use, but if you have Vista, you can switch between the different profiles and each of them has different performance level.
    If you use it for normal work set for the balanced profile. If you require full performance of high power Performance set plan.

    You can remove the battery and continue using your laptop as usual.

  • Satellite A100-847 battery led blinks 11 times, absence of motherboard?


    14 months (only 12 months warranty), I have a Satellite A100-847 was a laptop perfect, but 2 weeks ago the ac-adaptar falls down and since then that if I push the power button the battery orange led blinks 11 times with the same length, but nothing happens.

    ASP did not now what this flashing means but think I have a motherboard problem.
    Now I found on ebay a Satellite A100-153 and my question is, is this the same motherboard, because it's also 945 PM.
    (Sorry for my bad English)

    [Satellite A100-847: _ MODEL = 1 & service = EU]

    [Satellite A100-153 | T_ID = 112714 & toshibaShop = false]


    It seems that two laptop computers support the same motherboard as the Satellite A100-847 and Satellite A100-153 belong to the same series of PSAA9E.
    This series uses the same drivers and the same BIOS so I think that the mobo must also be the same.

    PS; I think that it is a motherboard problem too. Such a code is displayed only if a hardware failure has been detected on the motherboard.

    Best regards

  • Re: Satellite A100-491 - Question on working time of battery

    Nice day

    1 year ago, I bought a laptop Toshiba A100-491.
    Now, I noticed for about a month the battery working time amounts to only about 20 min. So I wanted to watch it once in the Internet, how the time of the battery of my laptop is with distribution.

    Under this side I did then also found. = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 123290

    Technology: Lithium-ion battery maximum running time: until 02:00 (mobile Mark) HR.
    For me, it is clear that the battery working time decreases, after awhile, but around over a year and a half hours, I find already strange.

    What should I do now?

    Many greetings, JaPf


    Battery working time depends on the use of the laptop.
    This means that if you run some heavy performance applications like games, video or graphics programs, then the battery performance would decrease very quickly.

    But if you use common applications like word, or you can navigate on the internet then the laptop should work a little longer.
    In this case, something might be wrong with your battery and the battery should be checked and replaced.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100: Dead battery + Random closures

    Hello everyone

    I'm having some trouble with my Satellite A100 after taking in a service center and I hope you can help.

    One of the brackets holding the button broke on my laptop so I took it to a service center to replace. Once I come back the laptop I noticed that the battery was completely dead and that my laptop stops after about 20 minutes of playing any kind of video game. I thought that the judgments must be an overheating problem, so I cleaned the fan with compressed gas however it made no difference. What is strange about closures, it is that the fan does not work at high speed until the computer shuts down, and according to a temperature probe, I downloaded that the internal temperature is not greater than 55 degrees. I tried my friend's battery in my Toshiba and it worked, so I know that it's just a dead battery and not a motherboard problem, but I mention that the two problems occurred at the same time and in some sort could be related. I have no idea what is the problem and I can't take to service center because I am currently a student in Finland and cannot afford to be without my laptop for a week.

    Thank you for your help.


    Update: I just upgraded my BIOS from 2.0 to 5.1 and had a mistake on the first boot: 0251: checksum CMOS bad system - default configuration used
    I hit F2 paged through the BIOS settings, then straightened and everything was fine. Should I worry about the error? Or is it normal for the first start after an upgrade?


    1.) judgment of problems:
    I'm a bit confused of m.
    Was the laptop connected to the power adapter when the bottom is closed?
    You said you used another battery for laptop you and it worked. So in my opinion, there is a problem with your battery
    Try to replace and check if it works

    (2.) the system CMOS checksum bad:
    It s nothing unusual. The same thing happened to me after that the BIOS updated. I simply set the BIOS settings by default and everything was fine
    Don t worry

  • Satellite A100-225: battery power light flash orange

    Last night, plugged my AGES of NINE DAYS by Satellite A100-225, the lights were on, it was working fine.

    This morning, woke up, lights were turned off, tried to turn it on, the battery power button flashed light Orange.

    Tried to play with the cable by plugging it into other outlets that I knew worked, nothing helps.

    Have tried to start without the battery in it, without success.

    Unless there is a function that can prevent from starting somewhere, I don't know what to say. This computer is nine days old, and I do not understand how something can just wrong all night.

    Adding info if necessary - computer was on when I went to sleep, and was running Mozilla Firefox and WinAMP.


    Perhaps the unit automatically goes in standby mode or hibernation?
    On this device, the automatic system standby/hibernation has been reinstalled. This function automatically stops the system when there is no input or material of access for a specified time. You can specify the time and select System standby or hibernation in the base of the Toshiba power saver settings tab.

    In addition, if the battery LED is flashing it means that the battery charge is low. The adapter must be connected to the battery.
    If it of not possible to charge the battery, so there are several possibilities: the battery could be dead, the AC adapter doesn't work or there is something wrong with the hardware of the laptop.

    Try disconnecting the battery several times and then connect.

    But according to your ad you tried a procedure and it doesn t work. So I think you should ask the ASP in your country to help.

  • Satellite A100-649: battery no longer works


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A100-649 in June 2006.
    Now, 3 months later, the battery no longer works.
    Toshiba Powersaver says it's 94% of the power,
    the LED shows that it is loading but it hangs just to 94%.

    Well, I don't care if he could not load 100%, but this is
    What makes me angry:

    If I don't have my power adapter plugged in, it does not work
    more. It does not start up or anything. Nothing works.
    No LEDs + flashing, nothing.

    Now what is that? I mean, this laptop is like 3 months
    and the battery is already broken. A laptop without battery work
    It's like a computer desktop-computer without a monitor or something.

    So, maybe somebody has experiences like that or any ideas what I could do
    (except the assistance of Toshiba or bring it back to the shop where)
    I bought it, that's what I've done - nothing so far, nor in the store
    (or Toshiba).




    It seems that your battery has a malfunction.
    Generally, the warranty covers the battery for about a year. So in your case all repairs and replacement will be free.
    In your case, I recommend to contact Toshiba service partner in your country and explain the guys the situation.
    I m 100% sure they will help you.

    I don't know if service point will have the entire notebook or only the battery broken m.
    But these details you could discuss with the technician.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A100-233 battery works only 30 min - need a new

    My A100-233 battery has been damaged and it works for only 30 minutes now, when I searched this forum, I found this thread:

    but when I searched on eBay for:

    I found a lot of batteries, but with a different LOOK, I want to say my battery has some SHARP EDGES, but all batteries in eBay a EDGES CURVES!

    So is - can anyone help me and tell me what is different?

    Site Web de Toshiba Options & accessories provides details on these compatible batteries:

    Battery Pack (6 cells, 4300mAh) PA3399U-1BRS

    Battery (Li-ion, 4000mAh, 6 cells) PA3465U-1BRS

    Battery (Li-ion, 4300mAh, 8 cells) PA3457U-1BRS

    Extended capacity battery (Li-ion, 6000mAh, 9 cells) PA3478U-1BRS

    Battery high capacity Pack (Li-ion, 12 cells, 8600mAh) PA3400U-1BRS

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-159: battery not

    I have a problem with my battery.

    Battery will not charge. I tried to change the battery with my father and it does not work either. I change my battery for laptop computer to my father and now it works. even I flashed my bios to version 5.20

    One of the store to say that I have to reset my motherboard because it's one of the problems.

    Anyone know how I can fix it.

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    Please don t use batteries that are not 100% compatible with your laptop!
    This can damage the motherboard and other parts of 3rd notebook.

    AFAIK the A100 is one of the new series of Toshiba and the guarantee to be valid.

    For me looks a little electronic power outage motherboards.
    Who knows?  :| Control of the laptop is necessary to locate the fault.

    So, don t waste time and immediately contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.
    They technicians should check the laptop and provide assistance.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A100-19: battery capacity lower when using Vista

    It is my another problem with Vista Ultimate after using XP. Before installing Vista (I mean using XP), my battery capacity is almost 2 hours but after installation of Vista, the capacity fell suddenly. After fully charging, when I plug in the adapter, the battery shows 44 minutes remaining understood fully charged.

    I would also like to add that this 44 minutes is seen in the energy saving mode and brightness is at the minimum level.
    What can be the problem? My battery is dead?

    Do I need a new battery?

    Hello Alain

    read the various PC magazines, last 12 months, I found a lot, but really a lot, articles on Vista and all of the issues using the Vista operating system. All those who wrote all that was unique in one thing: Vista needs much more resources than Windows XP Home edition and you shouldn't be surprised with your discovery.

    Sorry I don't have any other comment. Maybe you should take more time and pick up info on Vista read different magazines PC or simply Googling autour.

  • Satellite A100-153 battery charging


    I bought my laptop about 2 weeks ago, he worked at the House perfect for me.

    A week ago, I travel to Thailand for a holiday and now the problem startet, the battery recharge at all, anyone have any idea why it doesn't work, they got the same food as in Germany, but nothing.

    hope someone had an idea



    It's very strange. Try removing the battery for a short time and plug it back.
    The battery is properly recognized by the system?

  • CQ57 229YWM: my CQ57 229YWM compaq persario is not turn on no lights, except the battery blinks three times

    My CQ57 229YWM compaq persario is not turn on no lights except her flashing battery three times I did everything I thought about doing but did not work.

    What should I do?

    You mean just for the cable of the wall power brick? You're lucky, those that cost a little money.

  • Satellite A100 - strange battery issue

    My battery takes more than two or three days to load completely, but when the cord is pulled it will not provide any power. My research has led me to believe it could be a bad battery, or BIOS related.

    Anyone have similar problems? Any help much appreciated.


    Published by: ADMIN

    I n t have such problems, but I would say that that's a bad battery
    But it s just my personal opinion.

  • Satellite A100-153: battery drains very fast

    Battery drains 60% once 2 days with the unit turned off. Technical support newsletter went out. "Wake up".
    "LAN on" has been and is disabled. Other recommendations could not be found. Mail written for bear and company, that I bought. No response for a week. Unit bought 3 months ago.

    Can you help me please?

    It s noting unusual that the battery will lose power if the laptop does not work.
    The same thing happens on my old A50.
    If I put t is used for a week or 6-8 days, the battery is empty and I have to charge it again.

    I think you speake on this document to the TSB:

  • Satellite A100-232 battery does not work


    My problem is:

    I tried to turn on my computer using only the battery as a power source - result: dead

    I have a computer connected to the main power supply (battery installed) - result: computer is turn on, charging battery led shines, no battery information in the systray of the window.

    After an hour of charge I tried again to turn on my computer using only battery as a power supply - result: dead.

    What's wrong? Is something wrong with battery or laptop?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!


    It seems that your battery is defective. I suggest the first step: go to the dealer, tell him your problem and he ask if you can test with him another battery in your machine.
    If you are having the same problems with another battery that youre electronic load on the motherboard can be broken
    and you will have to send your unit for repair to an authorized partner that will solve your problem.

    Welcome them

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