Satellite A100-773 - how to install the Ethernet controller driver?


I reinstalled Win Xp Prof on my satellite A100 - 773 (PSAA9E) and have a problem with the Ethernet controller. In Device Manager, the controller is marked with a yellow '?'.

I use this driver = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 624 & selSho rtMod = 444 & language = 17 & selOS = 10 & selType = all & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 12 & electedLanguage s = 17 & type = all & page = 2 & ID = 55434 & DISO = 1 0 & driverLanguage = 42

Install it on the Device Manager and right click on ethernetcontroller - installation driver. This is the message that no driver is found (in the right! folder) nothing can be installed...

I also remove ethernet controller, so that windows automatic reseacht for this, but nothing works.

I don't know what I can do

PS: Chipset utilities are installed



I can post a link where you can download the driver but I put t know what driver is missing now. Do you mean the WLAN or LAN card? What is the device?

Please check the vendor and device ID to identify which device needs a driver. Go to Device Manager > right click on Ethernet controller > properties.
There you should find some information like PCI\VEN_xxxx & DEV_xxxx
With these codes you can look here to identify the device:

After this verification, the page of Toshiba to download a driver.

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    The link in the ad doesn t work earlier then you should check this one out:

    There, you can choose: computer A series-Satellite Mobile-Satellite-Satellite A20

    Well, if you have installed your laptop not from the CD of Toshiba Recovery, so you must install all Toshiba drivers and utilities. This should be done in the right order!
    The chipset utility is very important. It must be installed first.

    Download the right WLan driver and extract it to the folder.
    Go to Device Manager, select the Wlan card and install the driver. The source of the driver is the folder of extraction.

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    Model: Toshiba Satellite C660-117
    Part number: PSCOLE-00Y00JEN
    Serial number: XA458343K

    I have just rewiped my laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. I use the laptop on a wireless connection. In Device Manager, I have an exclamation mark next to the Ethernet controller. This prevents me from going online.

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    Thank you much much in advance.


    Hey Buddy,

    Controller driver Ethernet can be both: WLAN or LAN card. All the drivers and tools can be downloaded from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    You have installed Windows 7 Ultimate, but may I ask why you haven t used the Toshiba with Windows 7 Home Premium recovery disc? On this disc are all the drivers and tools are installed because it s a picture of factory for you don t have stress with driver and installation tool.

  • Re: Satellite A100-692 - how to replace the CD/DVD drive?


    the device DVD/combined my A100-692 is damaged and I want to replace it.
    I found no still no guide how to replace the unit.

    Is there something available?

    Thanks in advance!


    AFAIK, you must remove the keyboard first, before you can replace the CD/DVD drive. Remove the screws on the lower side, and then you can push the disc if you have replaced the keyboard.
    It seems to be a bit tricky

    Maybe you should ask a technician for laptop to help. They can replace the CD/DVD drive for you.

    Good bye

  • Equium M50 164: cannot install the Ethernet controller driver

    My laptop was recently formatted and everything is back to normal except the DSL; Device Manager displays a yellow exclamation mark on Ethernet controller.

    I tried to find a suitable and closest driver, I had was Equium M series PSM59 (5.621.628.2004). I have downloaded and run the installation, but the yellow exclamation point is always there - even if I uninstall the driver and restart the installation. I get the message "new hardware found" and the installation wizard appears. But when I try to refer to the specific location for the driver, it says driver not found.

    What is the correct driver for the machine? If not, what is it and what is the address of the site? And I do it the right way?

    Thank you



    Satellite A50-164 belongs to the series of PSM57E, not the PSM59 series that you have posted.

    In order to check the Toshiba website for drivers and the controller again missing Ethernet could be the card LAN or WLAN card.
    Make sure you have both installed.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A350-122 - how to install the second HARD drive?


    I'm a french owner of an A350-122 (serial no: 39169719K)

    In the french of the manual user, page 1-5, it is written that it is possible to insert another disc hard, and on page 2-6, the rear of the A350-122 view shows a second branch on the left for a second hard drive.

    So, I bought an SSD Intel X 25-M to put in the second location. I opened the second location and there is nothing: no sata, no power connector connector, only a location empty.

    So, what's the problem with this Satellite A350-122?

    Thank you for your response.

    Hey Buddy,

    I agree with the user above. Not all Satellite A350 models support a second HDD. The point is that laptops are country specific products and this feature is not available everywhere. In addition, all models A350 by using the same notebook case in order to have a crack but no connector.

    In any case, you can use t a second HDD. :(

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    I checked the main site and they don't have an Ethernet controller I've ever seen.
    I can just be giving on it or research in the field of evil, but anyone know where I could find the Ethernet Controller driver for my laptop?

    Thank you

    First of all, it would be interesting to know which driver LAN do you need? XP or Vista

    Second, the A105 laptop is an American series. I know that because of the last digit in the model number. 5 at the end means that it is a series that was designed for the American market and you need to find the drivers on the Web from Toshiba site we!

    However, if I understand correctly, you have already activated the Device Manager and the network card is not in the network adapters. There is an unknown device. Am I wrong?

    Often the LAN chip must come from Realtek. Then maybe you should try to download the driver directly from the Realtek page.

    Check it out

  • ESXI how to install the network adapter driver

    Hi all:

    My ESXI5.5 has been installed, but find that the network card can not be identified, how to install the network adapter driver.

    Thank you very much


    Follow the VMware KB for the installation of the NIC driver, hope it helps.

    VMware KB: Cards not detected on a host ESX ESXi network

  • Satellite L10-209 - how to install the display driver for Windows 7?

    I formatted my * Satellite L10-209 * and * Windows 7 *. All the drivers installed fine but the * video card *: xD

    How to install the display driver (graphics card)?
    Tools & Utilities CD does not work with Win7,


    I m wondering that you have installed Windows 7 on this good old classic. In my opinion Windows XP would be the best choice, but ok, you can do what you want ;)

    Anyway, AFAIK your laptop is equipped with an Intel graphics card then I recommend to download the driver form Intel directly because the Web from Toshiba site displays only the Windows XP display drivers.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L655-1FO - how to install the audio driver?

    How to install the audio driver on my l655 1fo? I download the driver of toshiba, but it cannot start. Can someone help me how to install it on Windows XP. Thank you


    Before starting with the installation of the driver it is important that you install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, because it contains important updates for cards high definition sound. Otherwise, you are not able to install audio driver.

    Download & install SP3 and then you can start with the driver installation :)

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    Hello world

    I want to install the network on the server appearing, HP driver while the Installtion ESXI5.0 time, how to install the driver on installation of ESXI5.0 third-prty?

    As windows, press F6 to install the driver on the installation. Please share your answers sound really update my knowledge.

    Thank you


    You can also check this Installation ESXi5 on an HP G8

  • Satellite A100-233 - how to use the multimedia buttons in Linux


    I used to use media keys and ALTLinux on Toshiba Satellite A100-233 (who, under the power button)... Its possible? If so, how?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English... If you can answer on Russian... =)


    Hmm these buttons belongs to a characteristic of Toshiba and this function needs special drivers of Toshiba.
    Unfortunately, there is no drivers for Linux distributions and that's why I put t think you will get these buttons work after installing Linux.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A100-727: how to change the config of media buttons?

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite A100 727 and it was these media buttons Nice on the left side of the key board.

    They are great, but I have no idea how to change the keys.
    I had put them to launch internet and exploited with mediaplayer, but after that I had to do reinstal windows, my harddisck crashed, functions on the buttons has changed, they start up the InterVideo WinDvd.

    Does one know how I can change the functions of the buttons?
    I read something about the tools of Toshiba, but I can't find them anywere.

    TYVM in advance


    Using TOSHIBA button controls, you can set the key features. If you have it installed you can find the TOSHIBA controls icon in the Panel.
    You can also find if you open TOSHIBA help > Optimize.

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    My question is, can I install the bios of an A100 (PSAA9) on my own?

    Thank you don t mix versions of BIOS and install the BIOS designed for your laptop model only.

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