Satellite A100 - no sound with Windows XP Pro SP3


I'm the reconstruction of a laptop Toshiba A100-PSAA9A-10U038 with a new installation of Windows XP Pro SP3.

At this point, I have not all sounds (Yes, the volume is set to the top).

As this is my first post I covered I hope that most of the bases as with SP3 and I installed all the updates available from Toshiba and Microsoft - well at least, I guess I have. I downloaded the latest updates from Realtek who advised in a general forum but no luck.

Device Manager tells me that there are problems with a "PCI Device" and a "unknown device", and I assume that one of these two is the culprit.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Hi mate

I think that you have installed the driver of his evil.
See this page:

you will find all of the Win XP drivers for this model of laptop.
As you can see there are two different Realtek drivers:
V Realtek Audio Driver
-Realtek ALC861 Audio Driver

To my knowledge, you have the Realtek HD audio Manager.
But before install you the audio driver SP3 must be installed, it seems, that you did
However, the most recent audio Realtek driver can be downloaded from the Realtek page directly.
Select this check box, and then choose Manager Realtek HD audio for Win XP.

Should work.

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    See you soon

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    Good bye

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