Satellite A100 - problem with ADSL connection


I managed to install the ADSL modem, modem, but the connection can be made by Toshiba Software Modem - propeerties of connection in the field "connect using" it is impossible to choose another Toshiba software modem.

I tried on another computer (not Toshiba) and saw that it connects via WAN/ATM/ADSL miniport. I have this network adapter in the list of devices on my Toshiba laptop, but have no idea how do connect through it.

Thanks in advance


It's really strange, but you have installed your laptop with the recovery disk? If you reinstall with the disk recovery Toshiba problem could be solved, but I don't know m.

Good luck and post your result!

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  • Satellite A100 - problem with the operation of the battery


    My laptop (I bought 1.5 years ago) has a big problem when you use with the battery.
    First of all, with a fully charged battery, the notification of "limited battery status" appears after 2 minutes of operation and after 5 minutes, he goes to the standby mode due to the level of the battery is very low.

    Then, I plug it into the AC power and the battery remains yellow for about 15 minutes light and then turns blue.
    (The battery is OK, I tested it on another satellite A100)

    What can be the problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    Given that you have tested the battery in another satellite A100, the problem must be in the settings of your computer:


    2 > you will now see a screen that shows your management food and note * one * has a tick that is a small point in a circle:





    7 > YOU SHOULD HAVE: you will need to have play with these settings, or you can click on restore plan defaults to see if that will solve your problem

    Notes by clicking on the * + plus SIGN next to tany of these options below will allow you to change what event happens on your computer.






  • Satellite L645 - problem with Internet connectivity Wireless 'limited access '.

    Hi all

    I recently bought a Satellite L645 laptop, however, there is a big problem. Whenever I connect to a wireless network, it will connect in a minute, he removes the connections and said "limited access", he could return by being connected but then back with limited access, so. However, when the laptop is connected to an ethernet internet cable works. I checked and the driver is updated, it is a defective material? software? is there something I can do? Help, please...

    Thank you.


    Here the material is ok.
    You must disable for the Wlan to save energy.
    You can do it in 7 QL power management.
    In addition, go to-WLan card-> properties > Device Manager
    You will find a named tab to save energy. You should uncheck the option here that allows the computer turn off the Wlan device to save energy.

  • Wi - Fi dies in Satellite A100/002 with Vista Business 64-bit


    I have laptop Satellite A100/002 with Windows Vista 64 - bit Enterprise edition. My Wi - Fi died shortly after a random time. When I try to search for a wireless network, he found nothing. The only working solution is to restart the computer, and then it works fine until it dies again.
    I have updated the Wi - Fi drivers but it didn't solve my problem.

    It's really annoying especially when I play any game online.
    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Have you updated the BIOS? Check the Toshiba site for a newer version. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Also try an update of the firmware of the router. You can find it on the site of the factory.

    Last but not least, you must disable the security features of the router for the test. I mean hidden SSID, MAC address filtering and so far.

    Also, make sure that the option of the energy-saving WLAN card is disabled:

  • How to use the recovery on the Satellite A100-192 with 2 partitions CD

    I have a satellite a100-192 with 100 GB hard drive.
    When I bought it I used magic norton 8.0 partion to divide the disk into two partitions, c drive (used for files of program and other things; 20 GB) and d ' drive that I use for all my documents, music, videos and similar stuff...

    and now, because of a few bad shots, I made (the software bad... lol) I want to reinstall windows. and honestly, I have no idea how to proceed. what I mean, I don't know what cd to use (I have two CD when I bought the computer), in fact I guess that's the one with ms a note on it, but how to do it safely without losing all my data on the d drive?

    The problem is that I did a lot of relocations on desktop computers when you hava clean facilities and then I know what I'm doing, but I have no experience with bundled windows installations.


    Usually, Toshiba laptops are supplied with a Toshiba restore CD.
    On this CD, you will find the image of Toshiba which contains all Toshiba drivers and utilities.

    The question is what CD image you received.
    Some people here in the forum suggested that, since January 2006 the Toshiba Recovery CD supports another recovery procedure. The new recovery CD does not support the ghost but the surface RECO and it s not possible to choose the partition for the installation of the OS.
    In this case the whole HARD disk will be deleted and you will lose all your partitions.

    I have only one old recovery CD and so I can't say if it is possible to choose the right partition. It was possible on the old recovery cd by selecting the expert mode.

    In my view, that should make a backup of you all important files before you begin the recovery procedure.

  • Satellite A100-011 with Vista: DVD-ram UJ-850 s can not burn DVDs dual layer


    cannot find answers to my problem, so start a new topic.
    Having Satellite A100-011 with Vista preinstalled and Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ-850 s (firmware 1.10).

    Recently installed Nero 7.5.9 and you want to burn DVD (6, 5 GB) media dual layer (Immation - Ritek).

    First time Nero stopped with information: could not perform start of Disc At Once (without damaging the media).
    After that, run Nero as Windows XP - SP2 program and burn half the disc (first layer), but when to start to burn the second layer (I guess), stop once again with the same error information (could not perform start of DAO).

    Simple disc burning layer without problem.

    Anyone any idea how to solve this problem?
    Thank you


    tried to record double-layer of a different brand? Maybe you should try it, because sometimes certain brands are not really taken in charge or not very well. And check the toshiba (or google) pilot site for new drivers or firmware for this drive, sometimes that it really helps.

    I think that the media are not really compatible, I ve read some similar problems in the roxio forum and they solved by using another brand.

    Would be nice if you give some information on this case... :)

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  • Sierra Siri, «I have some problems with the connection...» »


    I just installed Sierra on my MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, early 2015) version 10.12. I can't get Siri at work, the app tracks, he hears what I'm saying, but after awhile, he returns with two messages, both on the screen and verbally "I have some problems with the internet connection. Please try again in a moment. "&"Sorry, I'm having problems with the connection. Please try again in a moment. »

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    It's a network problem.

    Check the proxy settings that blocks maybe, or a firewall.

    System Preferences > network > Advanced (for your current connection) > Proxies

    Something there?

  • Siri does not (problems with the connection)


    I installed macOS Sierra yesterday. Everything seems to work fine, except Siri. With Siri I always get an error message "I am having some problems with the connection. Please try again in a moment. ». But this seems to appear every time. The network connection works fine, I can't access the Internet without problem.

    No idea how solve the problem?

    I use an iMac (27 inch, mid-2011). Internal microphone is connected, I also see the 'waves' change while I am speaking.



    Hey, thochstrasser. Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    It seems that Siri is reluctant to make his debut on your iMac after upgrade to Mac OS Sierra. I want to make sure that you get the benefit of this new feature on a Mac.

    1 try safe mode if your Mac does not start -even if your iMac to market, safe mode makes sure it starts successfully.

    2. How to test a question in an another user account on your Mac - since this is most likely a software problem, test to another user will indicate if it is right to your user account or throughout your system.

    3. use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - if it seems to be systemic, the next step should not cause problems. But it is always better "to have" a backup to the "need".

    4. on OS X Recovery - the issue as part of the operating system, reinstall should do.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Siri having problems with the connection.


    I have an iPhone 6 Plus, 64 GB with IOS version 9.3.3 (G 13, 34) and the carrier is Vodafone.

    I have problems with Siri, feel when I asked her a task (research or appeal), after a few seconds of waiting, the answer is always "sorry, I have a problem with the connection. Please try again in a moment. »

    I have the right connection with Internet with WIFI and 4G data stream.

    I did reset network settinjg, but I don't see any improvement.

    Please indicate what I can do and if it's a common problem with the iphone 6.

    Thank you!


    After the reset of the iPhone ("home" button and close button for 10 seconds, with the iPhone connected to the computer), Siri works!

    I am concern I have to do this reset every 2-3 weeks if I need services of Siri...

    Good luck to all of you who have the same problems with their iPhone of hares!


  • problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    Problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    On the Pro iPad, tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    You will need to re enter your Wi - Fi password.

    Then try to connect to your Wi - Fi network.

    If this does not help, more available in this support article suggestions > If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi-Fi network

  • Is a message "cannot find server" a problem with Internet connectivity or something else?

    Original title: Net question?

    When I get a message "cannot find server", is this a problem with internet connectivity or something else?  MSN and explore will be not open.  Thank you.

    Hi Aziz,.

    The Cable Guy came and installed a new modem and the new thicker cable.  So far so good.  Thanks for your reply.

  • problem with Internet connection sharing, error: connection ad - hoc has "no internet access" on the cell phone of the customer

    Original title: problem with Internet connection sharing

    my laptop running on Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (this one has access to the internet by using the dial-up modem and will to act as a sharer of internet connection or as a host) and the client computer runs on Windows 7 Starter

    in a first step, I try internet connection sharing, I've set up an ad hoc network and I just changed my setting modem dial-up on the sharing tab, of course what I change, it of 'Allow an other network users to connect through this computer internet connection' and choose the on Home Networking connection wireless network connection , then my mobile client to connect to a special that I created and portable client connected to the internet via ICS
    then the problem came when I restart my laptop. When I tried to use ICS once again, my customer laptop really takes a long time to connect, he continues saying 'identification' side host and client. and after that "identify" is complete, it says ad - hoc connection, I create has "no network".
    so, I'm a person answer in this forum
    ' Obtain an IP address automatically is the wrong setting on the Ethernet connection. "  To return to the sharing tab and unshare the wireless connection.  Close all windows network, and then open them and re - share the wireless connection.  Who must configure IPv4 for the Ethernet connection properties for:

    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway: no
    "DNS server: none.

    I put this on my laptop of the host, and and I put the IP address on my laptop customer in with the same default gateway as my portable computer host IP
    and made some progress in this case, when I try to connect host and the client is no longer to 'identify' phase, immediately connected laptop both but my mobile client can not connect to the internet and displays "No Internet access" on the ad hoc network, I have create

    I tried a lot of things but always completed my mobile client can not connect to the internet and displays the message "no Internet access.

    What makes me confuse is first, I try to share the internet connection everything works like a charm, I set up an ad hoc network, and then change the setting on my modem dial-up so he can share the internet connection, and voila, computer laptop client connected to the internet. I change even not all IP settings
    But why after I restart my PC, this problem comes...
    someone knows how to help me with this problem?

    Hey, Mimbs,

    You can try the similar thread to the next with a possible solution:

    Also for reference:

  • Problems with ADSL modem Satellite A100 - isuser.dll might not be installed

    I tried in vain to install two different modems for ADSL on a Satellite A100 (running Vista).
    I started by uninstalling the drivers on the computer and then install the new 32-bit drivers from the manufacturers Web sites. (Tompson ST330 and Alcatel 330).

    Installation always seems to be going well until the end of the process, when he said that he did not and suggested that I call my ISP.

    It seems odd that two separate modems, made by different manufacturers do not reach a similar to the installation point.

    I know that the usb cable, filter, cable, modem and line are all ok, as if I unplug the modem to my laptop and connect it to my desktop (XP), the desktop can connect to the Internet without any problems.

    At this point, I got an error message that says "an installation support file that c:\...\_isuser.dll could not be installed - Access denied. "SpeedTouch PPP adapt."

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    > I did uninstall the drivers on the computer and then install the new 32-bit drivers from the manufacturers Web sites.

    CA? It's really difficult to understand what exactly you were doing! Why did you deleted the drivers from the laptop and then installed all drivers from the manufacturers Web sites? And that the drivers have been removed?

    The entire description confuses me?  :|

    However, in my opinion, is there something wrong with the system files. The simple and the best way to solve this problem is; Recover the laptop with the CD after the operating system configuration and recovery Toshiba around trying to install the ADSL modem as shown in the modem manual!

    Install all 3 third-party applications or drivers after installing the CD recovery because of the bad influence!

  • Satellite C600/C660D - problems with WLAN connectivity

    Hi guys

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D laptop to replace my old. I set up a wireless connection at home too. According to my laptop and wireless connection that I am connected but when I go to use internet and try to search for something it won't let me. I ran the troubleshooting and Diagnostics over and over again and the message I get is "your computer seems to be correctly configured but the device or resource is unresponsive."

    It is not a problem with the internet connection that I tried to plug in on my old Toshiba laptop and it works perfectly well and my sister tried it also on his Sony laptop and no connection problems.

    Is there a setting that needs to be adjusted?
    I would be very grateful for any assistance with this and as I don't know what else to do. its starting to get a bit frustrating now

    Thank you

    It's very strange.
    Have you noticed the same thing using different browsers?
    You can use any other application like Skype or MSN?

    What you can try is to update WLAN driver.

    Please visit Toshiba s WLAN portal and install the latest driver for your WLAN card -

  • Problem with wireless connection with Satellite U500

    Three months ago, I bought a Toshiba laptop Satellite U-500 (Windows Vista). I have a problem with the wireless connection - sometimes, it does not work and I have to restart pressing F8 and repair, then the connection is re-established; If I put into hibernation the connection is intact, but after a stop the problem maybe redo surface after the 2nd or 3rd session.

    I tried to format it, but it worked only for a while. The 2nd item in network adapters in the device (Realtek RTL8192E Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC) Manager shows a yellow exclamation point. The message is this:
    "This device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)
    Click on 'Search for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available. »

    Could you please help. I have sky broadband and am currently connected via the ethernet cable.

    Thank you

    For 32-bit Vista go here [ erOS = & action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & salts Eries = 198 & selProduct = 855 & selShortMod = 1 & selOS = 26 & selType = all & country = 8 & language = 13 & searc h =] and download and then run the wireless LAN driver. That should clear the «!» If it isn't you can also find the vista driver at [ Conn = 5 & DownTypeID = 3 & GetDown = false & downloads = true #R TL8192E]

Maybe you are looking for

  • SIM card does not work in my camera

    I have an iphone 6 at & t carier but its own IMEI. I had asked at & t compony to unlock my device and compony approved my request but now when I insert any sim in my device then the phone shows no Service or research, what is this problem with my pho

  • Modules common Toshiba is not installed on the Satellite L300-01:00

    Hello The common Modules is very important and I can't install it.My OS = XP SP2 64 bits SATAlaptop model: L300 01:00 There are very many questions on this topic (not the common Modules installed) and support boys don't give a solution.That is to say

  • S - Video does not work on Satellite L10

    Why the S-Video port doesn t work on my Satellite L10?I have upgraded the video driver and still doesn't work!

  • Node Firmula is missing a closing parenthesis

    The code following the formula node If (Res == 'Full'){MS1 = 0;MS2 = 0;McStep = 1;} Generates this error. Error on line 1 is marked by a character ' # ': "if (Res == # 'Full') {MS1 = 0;".   M '. RES is a digital Cntrol with the properties of the Enum

  • HP Pavilion HPE: Has stopped working

    I get this message "Windows Explorer has stopped working and has () reboot or should close" in addition, no matter what screen saver I use gives message tgis 'screen saver stopped working and needs to close. "  Help!