Satellite A100 (PSAA2/PSAAE) no departure with clogged Dynadock


does anyone have the same problem?
No Satellite A100 PSAA2 PSAAE no start with Dynadock clogged

What should I do?



What you mean excactly?
The laptop powers on?

If this is not the case, try to remove the battery and the AC adapter, wait 1 hour and then plug in the battery and the adapter.

The laptop starts without Dynadock?

Good bye

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  • TR/agent.1220467 detected as I ran that Satellite A100 PSAA2E BIOS update file

    I was about to update my BIOS Toshiba laptop Satellite A100 PSAA2E on-site official (I downloaded the update file and unpacked to run it): * ios.jsp? service = EU
    When my antivirus (Avira Antivir Personal) has detected a TR/agent.1220467

    Of course, I stopped everything, asked to remove, Avira have another full scan, it was deleted again and restarted my PC.

    I am always very careful with what I download, but as I trusted blindly the official site of Toshiba as being safe, I don't run a virus scan on the file update and stupidly flat it once it has been downloaded.

    And now how I will:
    1. ensure that this virus is gone for good?
    2. switch to update my BIOS knowing that it is not safe to do?

    Please help me!
    .. .and make sure that this file to update the BIOS is not infecting hundreds of other users!


    Don t worry buddy there is no virus
    The BIOS file is safe and I guess that your virus scan recognized the file as a virus because of the similar application procedures

    First of all you should not update your BIOS if your laptop works well!

    Second, you must disable all 3 rd party applications like virus, firewall, malware, software software of scans, while the BIOS update!
    These tools can affect or interrupt the process of updating the BIOS and the laptop cannot!

    You know that the update of the BIOS is a sensitive technique and if something goes wrong during the update, then you will not be able to power the device!

  • Satellite A100 PSAA2A - BIOS recognize only 1 GB of RAM after upgrade


    I have a Satellite A100 PSAA2A. RAM is up to 2GB (2 slots).
    Now, I have 256MB + 512 MB (Kingston KVR533D2/S4/512) total = 768 MB (Samsung 256 MB DDRII 533FSB).
    It works well

    I want to improve my RAM. I've got Kingston KTT533D2 / 1 G
    I have 512 MB + 1024 MB = 1.5 GB

    I removed 256 MB to 1 GB. Now she has 512 MB and 1024 MB
    But BIOS recognizes only 1 GB (Windows XP as well). I changed my slot machines, a different combination made - always 1 GB (not 1, 5 GB)

    I checked each memory separately 256 MB, 512 MB, 1024MB - works well, but combination of combination and 512 MB + 1024 MB 256 MB + 1024 MB do not work.

    I did a BIOS upgrade and set version 2.3

    Any ideas guys?

    Thank you.

    I m not sure but I think the problem are two different modules. They come from different manufacturers have different abilities.

    If you want to, or more than 1 GB RAM, use should use the same modules. At a time when prices are cheap.

    But you can also test the RAM with special tools like Memtest86:

  • Need Win XP drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA2)

    Hi all!

    I got a troyan horse program, so I formatted by the magic of the part.
    I have installed 2 new windows (for XP Recovery CD is corrupted) on "C" and "D", but there are now some problems:

    the following things are listed with a "?" in the Device Manager: 1.

    Ethernet controller
    SM Bus controller
    USB universal host controller
    PCI device (Bus PCI 7, device 6, function 3)
    videocontroller (VGA compatible)

    2. I checked the system by Everest, but he cannot recognize this device (brands like [NoDB]).
    3. I can't install driver so that the features of the Toshiba site... Windows does not see, does not recognize drivers for Ethernet controller. Altogether.
    I know that this procedure, but this driver can be installed somehow!

    4. especially important. I can't connect to the internet. Cookie is green, connection looks to be OK, but I can't download all the information on the internet, I can't open any site!

    Satellite A100 (PSAA2), Windows XP. SP1

    My situation is in part as𣂬
    (Technical Spike), but I can't find the Canada-specific triggers! (((
    Help me, please!


    Please take a look on Toshiba Canada website. It is easy enough to download all the drivers: Support => Mobile Computing-online drivers and utilities
    Then, you can search for your model.

    I'm a little confused as to question 3, you said that you can t install the drivers of Toshiba and at the end, you said that you can t find the drivers of Canada m

    Please download and install all the drivers, then problems are solved because without a driver, you are not able to go into the internet.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100 PSAA2E Setup hangs after connecting new HARD drive


    I have a problem with TOSHIBA Satellite A100 PSAA2E (3 year old laptop)
    I bought the new SAMSUNG SPINPOINT 250 GB SATA (model HM250JI) hard drive.

    After connection, the computer hangs on the first screen. I can't access the BIOS Setup (press F2)
    I can't boot the CD of form (I can't select same drive to start by pressing F12)

    It just hangs.

    When the HARD drive is unplugged I can access the configuration of the BIOS or boot from CD. When the original hard drive (FUJITSU 40BG) is connected, everything is ok.

    I updated the BIOS to version 1.5 to the a more recent 2.6, but it did not help.

    HARD drive runs under windows xp, when connected by USB port. It is formatted with NTFS: a primary partition(15GB), a stretch with two logical partitions (20BG, GB 215).

    You have no idea where could be the problem?
    Should I format hard drive in a different way?




    Check if your new HARD drive has been fitted with a small jumper that controls the master/slave/c-salt settings.

    A friend of mine bought a new HARD drive and BIOS didn't recognize because the rider has been set to the wrong position.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100 (PSAA2E): if I install the bios of PSAA9?

    Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 (PSAA2E)
    My question is, can I install the bios of an A100 (PSAA9) on my own?

    Thank you don t mix versions of BIOS and install the BIOS designed for your laptop model only.

  • Satellite A100-147: problem of Bluetooth with BT dongle for mobile devices

    Hi guys, take it easy because this is my 1st post.

    I see there are some problems with BT and yes I am here with problems too!
    I recently had to reinstall XP PRO due to a virus, I ve installed all my drivers and even tried the recommended download links but nothing.
    When I load a BT2stack (tried different install x 64 etc.) installation driver, it came with small BT symbol in the taskbar, but when I clicked to toggle the box was just 'grey' and cannot be enabled.

    I noticed the code BW on the underside of my lappy is slightly different, but the a, just do not know if it s compatible with its location in the code.

    Code ends with 15WBT/DS2/LM/W... This seems ok or am I Bluetooth less!

    Whatever it is, the strange thing is I ve it works ok in the past by a BT toggle was having taken in the usb port, no probs in the past using this with my cell phone, but on the purchase of a new (old we had stood on) one mini disc 'pilot', it came with comes up with "E:\ is not accessible" and my disc drive is ok! weird but my 1st rocking didn't come with a disk and the other the box "found the new device" came it was straight forward.

    Axious even now I need this facility to work.

    Please, if anyone has a simple step-by-step tutorial for me to follow then that would be great. I m obviously missing something, but all leads come to a dying.

    see you soon... pete!

    PS. do not operate my FN + F8 but F1 etc seem to just put me on another page on this site?

    I confirm the information published by Blue2S.
    Satellite A100-147 was NOT equipped with the Bluetooth module!

    So you can not activate because there is NO BT!

  • USB 2 USB 1.1 on Satellite A100 PSAA2E with Win XP as

    I recently did a factory on a friends toshiba A100 PSAA2 installation, I installed all the latest drivers and installed the latest version of the BIOS.

    When I plug a USB device, I get a message saying that this device can run faster, so her acting as a USB 1.1 port. I checked into the managed device and is said improved USB.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get USB 2 to work?

    Cannot find anything obvious in the BIOS.

    Solved the problem.

    Only, I removed all devices from the Device Manager and rebooted the computer.

  • Satellite A100-784 - external monitor flickers with AC adapter


    I have problem with external monitor on Toshiba Satellite A100-784.

    _Problem 1: _
    External monitor blinks as a flag up and down when the adapter is connected to the laptop.
    What laptop works on this medication batery is ok. What is the problem of my od my laptop power adapter (graphics card) od something else?

    _Problem 2: _
    When I use samsung 22 "on batery then monitor does not Flash as a flag but pixels moves randomly left or right. I try to find new drivers for my graphics 945GM card, but on the toshiba support page there is an old drivers which was already instaled on my laptop.

    So, if you have any suggestions for me for problem 1 or 2 Please help a cant use my monitors :(

    PS Can use drivers from Intel official Page for graphics card?
    If I can't then I contact toshiba support team to release new drivers :).

    Thank you all.


    For your first problem, I think that the AC/DC adapter is faulty or it s a motherboard problem.
    This should be checked by a technician for laptop.
    I put t know what OS you use, but you can try to use the driver from the Intel Web site.
    There should be a more recent version available:

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100 PSAA2 - HDD counters every 30 seconds after the BIOS update


    I recently renewed my BIOS to 2.20 to 2.30 on a Toshiba A100 PSAA2, after that my disc HARD spindows every 30 seconds when not in service, the shortenes course, that's life. I tried, clean XP SP3 and other Toshiba utils, programs like drive HARD silencer, Ubuntu, now I'm working on Win 7 RC, the problem remains, even when I select No to turn off the hard disk in the Windows settings.

    I think that Toshiba set the counters of setting in the BIOS to shorten the life of HARD drive... How downgrade the BIOS to 2.20 v., this watch WinPhlash I have an older BIOS and could not crush him.

    Can someone help me?

    Have you tried to reset the BIOS to its default settings?

    Only an ASP (Authorized Service Partner) may downgrade a BIOS. There is a list of the ASP on the Toshiba site.

  • Satellite A100-083: A Geforce 7600Go with 128-bit or 64-bit?

    Hi, has the Geforce Go 7600 128 or 64-bit?


    Remember that the Satellite A100-083 (PSAA9E) has installed a Code name G72M graphics controller NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300.
    I searched on the NVidia site for more details and it seems that the Geforce Go 7300 supports 64-bit and Geforce Go 7600 G73M 128 Bit

  • Satellite A100 - 147 Compression file error with the product recovery disc

    I have Toshiba A100-147, just out of warranty. I tried to recover with a disk, disk unpack to 69% and then I get the message "ERROR READING OF COMPRESSION FILE (1). I have no choice but to click OK in the error message box, and then quit the recovery as she stops running.

    Any help would be extremely welcome.


    It looks like a problem with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    Have you tried to repeat this procedure?

    What of the HARD drive? You format the HARD drive using an original CD of XP MS?
    It s very interesting if a format of HARD drive could allows to perform the installation of the OS since the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    I remember that something like this has happened on my laptop s friend was not able to recover the operating system using the Toshiba CD. Finally, we found that some sectors on the HARD disk has been corrupted. Format drive HARD allowed integer and my friend was able to install the image of Toshiba.
    It's worth a try ;)

    But of course, this error could occur because of the faulty recovery CD.

  • Satellite A100: Parallel Port to USB with Vista printing error

    I have a new laptop Toshiba A100 with Windows Vista installed. I can't make my printer A3 HP works via USB with a USB/parallel cable.

    Vista recognizes the connection and says driver installed. Try to print, and it just says: "error" Vista will not let me load the driver supplied with the connecting cable. Anyone got a solution for this?


    Are you sure that the driver that came with the connection cable was designed for Windows Vista?
    I assume that the driver is compatible with early versions of Windows like XP.

  • Satellite A100-451: conflict of IE with the BT software

    I bought my Satellite 100-451 in May 2007.
    Windows Internet Explorer often didn't work since the beginning, so I downloaded Firefox and have used it since then.

    I recently installed the software for my newly installed BT Home Hub, BT Yahoo email, talking about BT, BT Softphone and BT Vision, which does not open with Firefox for some reason any.

    It opens with Internet Explorer and my computer now freezes everytime I try to use the BT software.
    As soon as I uninstalled all the software of BT Internet Explorer started working intermittently again.

    I tried to reinstall Internet Explorer in the past and I've always updated over the months.

    The problem must be something that is in conflict with.
    I always send reports to Microsoft when asked, but they have not sent any patches.


    HM and may I ask you what you expect now?

    First of all, I don t think that IE is not compatible with your BT Home Hub software.
    If something is not compatible with the BT Home Hub with the IE software ;)

    In my opinion, your first point of contact should be the BT Home Hub software manufacturing support team.
    Guys design software and must ensure that own software would run on Windows operating system.

    That's why to visit website of the BT Home Hub software manufacturing and check if it y some fixes or any further details on similar problems.

  • Satellite A100: Vista can't microphone with Skype

    I call on Skype cannot hear me, although I can hear them. Vista doesn't seem to be picking up a microphone. Help appreciated.

    I installed Vista on older Satellite M70 and also Skype. Use the connected external headphone cable and everything works fine. I don't know what the problem is in your case, but check all the options of Skype Sound devices.

Maybe you are looking for