Satellite A100-PSAA9E - FN + F4 does not not for the hibernation

Satellite A100-PSAA9E

I installed Windows XP pro and that you have installed all the drivers.
I installed the controller driver and the driver Toshiba Hotkey.
I don't have to put my laptop into hibernation

Someone knows how to fix this?

Could you please after how do solve you this problem?
It would be interesting to know.

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  • Satellite A100-786: Win XP does not recognize the Bluetooth


    When I had Windows Vista Home premium on my laptop, I used the bluetooth device normally.
    But I had to install Win XP and now he don't even know that I have a bluetooth device!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Seems that you have not installed the driver of BT stack.
    This driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba page!

    You choose the Satellite A100 series form of the driver and download the BT software.
    Select it with FN + F8, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Satellite A100 keyboard input language does not match the physical keyboard

    I'm sorry.

    In fact, it is the first line:

    & é " ' ( - è _ ç Ã* ) =

    Kind regards


    I have a laptop SATELLITE A 100 (model PSAARE-02X01TFR) with the french (I think) QWERTY keyboard here and may not know how to configure it under Win XP.

    It has these characters on the top row:

    (The numbers are off)

    The second line has:
    q w e r t y u i o p ^ $

    The third:
    q s d f g h j k l: a¹ *.

    The fourth:
    z x c v b n m; , !

    Any idea what and how I have set up?

    Thank you, Leonardo


    As Akuma, you can change the input language of keyboard in Control Panel. It is very easy and takes only a minute to change.
    Check it!

    If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L300-PSLB1E: XP does not control the wifi to the power connection

    * + Hello + *.

    I have a model Satellite Pro L300-PSLB1E and a XP Professional SP3 on it.
    Already everything works because I had a compilation of drivers copy of the past.

    The problem is that XP does not control the WiFi works without danger the and it disconects when I close the lid.

    So I tried with the power that said safety program to:

    Bq. [06/04/08 Power Saver Toshiba Windows XP 7.04.02I |] + doesn't work-error 0 x 0 +.
    And I tried also with the thought of program Toshiba wifi on 32-bit compatibility:
    Bq. [Intel PROSet/Wireless Software |] + doesn't work too-Said controller is not installed when you and full work +.

    So, how to control the peripheral power turn off on?

    Bq. * + thanks for your attention and patient. + *


    Firstly the Toshiba Power Saver requires the installation of the common Module.
    The common Module for Win XP v1.00.05 can be downloaded from the European pilot page Toshiba.

    So before installing the energy saver, install common Module, restart the computer, and then try the energy saver.

    In addition the Intel PROSet/Wireless Software can be used only with the Intel Wlan card.
    Is the laptop supports the Intel wireless network adapter?

    AFAIK the L300 series can be equipped with a Realtek, Atheros and Intel Wlan card
    Check it!

  • Satellite A100: USB and Modem does not


    My name is Clarisse and I have a Satellite A100, which I use for school. I'm having a problem with its usb ports and modem.
    When I try to connect to the internet, he just say he of no tone and tells me to ensure that lines are connected, who they are and the phone line works certainly, as I checked with my PC and I also checked the phone if it was busy, it wasn't.

    I then try again and a window appears and says that there is something wrong with my modem, how can I fix?

    The other issue is my usb ports who refuse to work, they can't recognize anything I plug (for example, bluetooth adapter, flashdisk, ipod) even though they are installed!

    However, the strange thing is that when I plug in my printer it connects and does its job:(je suis tellement confus et scolaires est devrait commencer bientôt.)

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you


    In my opinion the modem connection does not work due to the modem settings.
    Go to Device Manager and select the properties of the modem.
    Please select the Modem tab. You will find the option "wait tone before dialing." You must disable (uncheck) this option.

    I guess that the USB ports cannot recognize the external USB ports because of the power.
    The USB ports provide 500mA. It is a standard USB. If external devices use a power greater than 500 ma, so it is possible that the device may not be recognized.

    In such cases, the USB hub with an external power supply can solve these problems.

  • Satellite A100 - BIOS and Windows does not start after the BIOS update

    Hello, I extend my Satellite A100 laptop BIOS.

    After update, I can't start my laptop and the BIOS will not start.

    You see the Toshiba logo?

    Was there a power failure when you updated the BIOS?

    Try to remove the battery and the adapter and leave for a few hours. You can also try reinstalling the RAM.

    If this does not help, you will need to send it to a Service Center for repair.

  • Satellite A100-1011E - AV button does not work

    Hello world

    I'm new here but I have an urgent problem. I hope that you guys can tell me what to do. I have this laptop SATELLITE A100-1011E model. My AV button which located on the left side of the keyboard does not work.

    I'm sure that it works always 3 days ago, but I don't know what I did and it doesn't now. I n it's a driver issue cause I just bought this phone 5 days ago. I checked with this 'Toshiba' commands in the Panel and I've assigned to the right program (windows media player 10) but it does not work when I press a key.

    Can someone help me with this? :( Thank you very much.


    Until you try anything roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool. Maybe it will help you.

    If this don't work let us know.

  • Satellite A100 - Synaptics pointing device does not

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A100-062, that is around the age of 10 months. The other day while I was using the laptop touchpad no longer meets nothing that do about it, including the mouse buttons. I did a system restore and then used the toshiba recovery disc but nothing solved the problem. Then I stopped using it for a few days I was getting ready to return to the shop, but beforehand, I thought I would try something. Before I had tried something I booted up it to make sure that the mouse was still not working. However, it was and I did not anything else to fix.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if you have how many times it happened, and whether or not it is repairable.

    Thanks for any help in this matter.


    If the touch pad does not respond after clean installation of the operating system (DVD release) there must be a hardware problem. I recommend you contact the service provider authorized in your country. After 10 months the warranty should still be valid. Let check the touchpad and if there is a hardware problem it will be exchanged free of charge.

  • On the Satellite A100-784 Internet connection does not work

    I use a Satellite A100-784 with Vista Home Basic and a US Robotics router. My question/problem is that when I discover the network connection, it shows I am connected to the router, but not to the internet even though I am.

    It is a quirk of the Vista operating system or is it normal if you use a router? Should I worry or not?

    Thank you all in advance and my apologies for the newbie question.

    Each router must be configured and the right data ISP (internet service provider) must be inserted.

    -Don't configure you the router?
    -How about the TCP/IP settings? All the settings are set to automatic?
    -How about firewalls? Have you used one or you turn it?
    -Have you tested different browsers?

    Please check the points above.

  • Satellite A100 - 906 internal LCD does not work

    Hello, I have laptop Toshiba Satellite A100-906, and I struggle with internal LCD. Only three gray belts are displayed with horizontal lines or without. Backligt works. External monitor works.
    Initially, the screen freezes sometimes but after short time continue to work. But now is still dead.
    What is defekt? LCD or graphics card? It's the Geforce Go 7600 with 256 MB.

    Help, please.

    > External monitor works too.
    You said that external monitor is not affected. Right?

    Well, in this case I think that the graphics card is OK and the problem is related to the internal display.
    If the graphics chip would be affected, both screens would not work properly.

  • Satellite A100-062 - USB mouse does not work


    I have a Satellite A100-062.

    I've never been able to get a USB mouse to work with her.
    The OS is Vista Home Premium, whenever I have plug in a USB mouse, the operating system detects a device has been connected to the USB port, but eventually the message material has not installed successfully.

    So I have to rely on the touchpad, the problem seems to be limited to mice only, I've successfully used a USB webcam without incident.
    I tried several USB mouse with the machine exclude a problem with my original mouse.

    Has anyone else had similar problems?

    Thank you

    > So I have to rely on the touchpad, the problem seems to be limited to the mouse only, I have successfully used a USB webcam without incident.
    Looks like a problem with the USB mouse and not with the laptop or with USB ports
    I would recommend testing different mouse and using the other.

  • Satellite A100-447 - DVD player does not read some discs


    I have a 4 month old Satellite 100-447 (PSAAN), came preloaded with Vista Home Premium and a carpet * CD/DVD super-multi UJ-850 s player.

    The DVD player does not work properly. It will recognize a few blank, but never DVD-R DVD and won't recognise any DVD at all serious. He is very good with CD and DVD movie discs. It's just recordable DVD where there is a problem.

    Also when you try to write to a DVD, when he chooses to recognize a TI-error in half way through.

    What can I do?

    Thanks for your help.


    You can do the follwowing:

    Go to this website,

    Download the latest update of the firmware for this drive, install it, and then try again.

    Sometimes, the manufacturer must update their readers for the newer recordable media and so I think that it is possible that your drive is simply not up to date.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100: Toshiba Power Manager does not work

    Hello everyone!
    I just installed Vista on my laptop (originally I had Win xp on it)
    First I installed video drivers from
    Then I installed the bios update and additional package toshiba.
    But the toshiba Power Manager does not work!
    Vista uses only its tools to manage the battery.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    Why do you offer the Power Saver doesn t work properly?
    You are getting error messages or what?

    The Toshiba for Vista energy saver is not the same as for Win XP.
    You can find some additional options in Vista power options!

    There, you can choose between 3 different power option.
    Choose one and click on the link below changes the power options

    The new window should appear and you can click on change advanced power settings link.
    In a new window, you can see the Toshiba Power Saver Settings.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-812: screen brightness does not not & screen turns off after a while

    Some power management features do not work after a bios update (5.90).
    The display brightness can be changed in the power manager, or the top menu system. In the power manager, the cursor can be moved, but the brightness is not set. Toshiba menu system appears to hang on trying to change the brightness with F6 - F7 and won't move the cursor.

    In addition, the screen does not turn off after the set amount of minutes in the power manager.

    What is going on? How can this be repaired?
    Thanks in advance.


    Some questions; Why you have updated the BIOS?
    Are you sure you used the right BIOS?

    In my opinion you shouldn't t to update anything if the laptop works properly!

    However, try to access the BIOS, set the default settings and save the settings before exiting the BIOS.
    If this does not help, I would pick up the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100: CD/DVD drive does not appear in the Manager of peripherals and BIOS

    The CD/DVD drive does not appear in the window manager and I can't incert CD
    The BIOS displays "none" instead of "optical device".

    This means that the CD device is dead?

    Hey Micky,

    Unfortunately it's probably :-(. You can try to remove the optical drive and then reinsert it into Notepad, and then marketing and see if it is recognized as a new device.

    Check also that it is not displayed in Device Manager and if it is remove before trying the above.

    Kind regards

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