Satellite A100 PSAANE: need of Modem driver for Windows XP

Hi all

Please help me
I have the XP operating system.
I have not found the Driver Modem...

Thank you...



I can't believe that! Have you checked the page European driver of Toshiba?
I chose your laptop Satellite A100 PSANN series starting from the download form and I found the XP modem driver. Again, where is the problem? The XP modem driver is available for you.

I think you should also take a look at the installation instructions document.
You will find a driver the installation order that is important!

Good luck

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  • X satellite L40-12: need of Modem driver for Windows XP Home edition

    I need downgrading to Windows XP Home edition to my new Satellite L40 - 12 X. For now, Toshiba does not provide driver Windows XP Home edition for my laptop, exept for Atheros Wi - Fi.

    So I found the drivers for each device directly from the only supplier site except for the modem of Toshiba. Vista driver does not work and the list of devices in its .inf file tells that the chipset is Agere.

    On the site of agere, I have not found what I need... anyone can help me?
    Thank you


    I had the same problem on my L40 - 13G. Before installing drivers, you must download and install patch KB888111 and KB835221 for Windows XP. And try to install the XP of satellite L30 drivers (if you have modem with toshiba chipset) or L100 (if you have chipset connexant).
    P.S. sorry but my English is not good - but I hope you understand me :-)

  • Re: Satellite A300 PSAGCE: need HDMI Controller driver for Windows XP

    I have Toshiba A300-23d (PSAGCE) and I have downgraded to Windows XP.
    Everythink work fine aprat from controller HDMI.

    Need controller HDMI for Windows XP.


    The driver for the HDMI Control Manager is only available for Vista 32 bit and 64 bit!
    There is no special driver HDMI for Win XP!

    But why are you needed it?
    I m not an A300 owner but my other Satellite was equipped with HDMI port and I installed Win XP too.
    I n t need a driver HDMI in order to use the HDMI port.

    I have connected my external monitor via a HDMI cable and everything works perfectly!

  • Satellite M100 (PSMA2E) - need to display driver for Windows XP


    I buy a Toshiba Satellite M100 (PSMA2E) from a friend and had installed Windows 7. I reinstall and I put Windows XP but I have a problem. I can't find display driver. I have try your site, but none work. Also I install several detectors driver (driver magician, cheker, finder, everest) and no match. I found that my chart is ATI redeon xpress m200. I have download and same thing: not working

    Please help me

    Hey Buddy,

    Why display drivers work and what happens exactly? No work is silent while you get an error message or what is exactly happening?

    Usually the drivers you can get here:
    * Archive * > Satellite > Satellite M Series > Satellite M100 (pMSA2) > PSAM2E > Windows XP

    On the same page, there is also a document of instructions installation for correct driver installation order.

    By the way: make sure that SP3 is installed before installing the drivers.

  • I use hp 3330 pro Micro tower PC, I need graphics & Lan Driver for Windows 7

    Hello Sir,

    I use hp 3330 pro Micro tower PC, I need graphics & Lan Driver for Windows 7 32 bit. I need Intel HD graphics driver for my pc. I feel my modem internet connection problem. Please help me.


    What is the version of your Windows 7? Please use the following link:

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite A100 PSAANE - need drivers for Windows 2003

    Hi all

    I try to search the Internet for satellite a100 PSAANE drivers for windows 2003 but I can not find...

    Can someone help me please!


    You won't find these drivers anywhere
    Win 2003 uses Win XP as the basis
    This is why you must use the Win XP drivers!

    Visit the European driver of Toshiba page and choose the satellite A100 PSAANE

    Then, you will get all the drivers for Win XP

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100 PSAAN: need drivers Vista for Pioneer DVD - RW DVR-K17A

    Someone at - it a Vista driver for readers PIONEER DVD - RW DVR-K17A installed in my Satellite A100-PSAAN model? -Tosh or Pioneer want to know.

    Vista driver? Sorry, but Toshiba does not offer driver for optical disc drive. ODD uses the standard Microsoft driver. You have a problem with it?

  • Satellite A100-413: need extra Vista driver to use SRS Truesound

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A100-413. As some or most of you know, this laptop is equipped with Harman/Kardon speakers and requires software SRS Trusound use the capabilities of the speakers.

    I used to have Windows XP on my laptop and speakers were running without any problem.

    However, last weekend, I opted for Vista (business). I found most of the required drivers for Vista. However, the only pilot that I can't find is one for my speakers. I installed the audio drivers, but need an additional driver for the srs.

    Can someone help me on this topic?


    There is no any driver for the speaker s feature. What you're talking about is just a tool that allows different sound settings. As far as I know that his tool is called virtual sound. I have it on my Satellite M70 too.

    I checked the Toshiba download page and virtual sound really isn't there. I don't understand not why, but in the past, I noticed that the missing things appear sooner or later. Check the download page from time to time. Maybe you'll find it soon.

  • Satellite A210-1AS - need Ethernet Controller driver for XP?

    Need driver for Ethernet Controller for XP.
    They are not on the Toshiba site and I need the driver to connect, someone help?


    If I m not mistaken this laptop Equium A210-1AS belongs to the PSAFJE series.

    According to me it was equipped of the * Realtek(10/100M) 10/100MBit LAN chip *.

    So if you need an XP driver for this chip LAN then I recommend you research the Realtek is website owner.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A100-599 - cannot install the driver for nVidia GeForce Go 7600 graphics card

    Greetings to all!

    Try to install the driver for Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 after reinstallation of the entire system, but without success. Only safe mode is available after this pilot plant, tried with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and with different drivers from Nvidia and Toshiba sites - same result always :(

    Would be happy to be aware of how this problem... Thank you very much.
    Satellite A100-599
    Current OS: Windpws Vista Home premium sp1.

    Post edited by: Airtoground


    > but without success.
    Does that mean exactly? You get an error during installation or what exactly is going on?

    > Only safe mode is available after the installation of this driver
    Why only safe mode is available? What happens if you start Windows in normal mode?

    And before you start a lengthy discussion: what laptop do you have?

    You may notice no problem if you install Windows recovery disk Toshiba?

  • Satellite P100-106 - sound and modem driver for WXP Pro


    I bought a P100-106 (PSPADE) a few days ago that had Windows Vista Home premium pre-installed. What I tried to do is to install win XP pro SP2 because I realized that Vista not fully cover my needs again.

    While Toshiba does not support this model with the drivers, I found some models to the driver downloads page, such as PSPA3E, with the same hardware configuration. I downloaded the drivers makes it easy with my system (almost all). After completing installation instructions all worked fine except the sound drivers and modem.
    I downloaded the driver for the sound is Conexant After installing the patch kb888111 (UAA), which is included in the record of the driver, my system has recognized the PCI device unknown as "Audio device on high definition audio bus" and the modem as "Device Modem on high definition audio bus". Then I followed the installation instructions that Toshiba has provided (, but the window that appears, there are no devices listed and no 'OK' buttons to press! Simply "CANCEL".
    The same thing happens when I am installing modem drivers.
    Can someone help me please? Does anyone of you have the same problem?

    I would be grateful for any information or solution

    Thanks in advance

    Hi guys

    You are right. For now, that Toshiba does not take in charge the new models preinstalled Vista laptops to Windows XP Home edition. I assume that it will change in the future, but of course the Vista upgrade is a priority. As you know a lot of old notebooks preinstalled WXP must be Vista supported. It makes sense to upgrade is more important than the downgrade.

    Anyway, I heard that the new laptop models have a different sound chip and it can happen using soundcard for notebooks WXP drivers help much. Audio driver is also important for the modem function and because of that you also have problems with the modem function.

    I know that you will solve the problem as soon as possible, but if there is no, you must wait for realize Toshiba drivers for Windows XP Home edition and put on download page.

    It is very interesting that every day more and more users are not satisfied with Vista n want to use Windows XP Home edition on the newer models. To be honest I still use my Windows XP Home edition and right now I really don't want to install Vista on my lappy.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite A200-1BP: need to display driver for Vista

    Hi guys!

    I have a satellite A200-1BP... that one must download a±? A± did not understand these = PSEAC, PSEA0...

    So I installed one of them for vista... for geforce go7300.but my display driver has not changed... it still didn't give me that a± want a good perormans... A± couldn't play NFS carbon: (...) How can a± install my display driver for vista? help me... Please explain correctly and in detail

    Thanks for your answers rigth now...


    Additional numbers describes the series of laptop! There are different A200 series!
    At the bottom of the unit, you will find the integer and you need only the first characters and numbers 5.

    Please choose the right Satellite A200 series and download the graphics driver on the right!

    But the way in which; I don't know if the game performance will improve after the installation of the new graphics driver I've read somewhere that Vista needs a lot more material performance and that's why some games don t m runs smoothly.

    In such cases, it s advisable to run and play games on Win XP operating system!

  • Satellite Pro L450D-need fix WLAN Driver for XP

    I put Windows Xp on Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L450D with drivers... The only driver I'm not 100% on is the Wlan driver for xp so I can use it wireless...
    Could someone please send me the correct link please... I now use a driver but I keep losing the connection now and again...
    Which wlan card would be in this laptop as well... Thanks in advance...

    > I have other computers here who have windows xp who have no problem to stay online wireless so its nothing to do with
    You can compare two identical OS and hardware to be objective with these comparisons identical books.
    You use the original WXP recovery disk you got with your laptop?
    Have you noticed the same behavior with Win7 you have with your laptop?

  • Re: Satellite L300-254 - need Win XP driver for WLan and FN keys

    I have laptop satellite L300-254 pslbge and have problems with drivers. This computer was emty (no recovery disk or drivers) then I bought it.

    I installed Win XP SP 2 disabling AHCI. Instaled the common Modules, Chip Set Utility, and when I try to install the drivers of controls (for the Fn keys). It is said that I did not install common Modules.

    Tried to install the WiFi drivers (realtek, but I do not know if the wlan hardware is realtek), but it is not recognized in Device Manager, (? ethernet controller), Lan works well.

    So please help me with wlan and the Fn keys problems

    Hey Buddy!

    I m using a Satellite L300 too with XP and I t notice any problem. It works correctly and the Web from Toshiba site displays all the drivers and tools for this.

    However, firstly everything that you should make sure that you have installed all the drivers for your laptop. The site Web of Toshiba shows only Realtek driver for WIFI then I guess you have Realtek WLAN card. You can run setup.exe to install drivers or if you get an error message?
    If you are not sure, you can also check what WLAN card you have on this site:
    The vendor and device ID, you can see in-online WLAN card properties Device Manager.

    Toshiba tools for FN keys, I can only say that you must install applications first Toshiba and then all the other common Modules. Common modules are required for all Toshiba applications works. Then remove the tools installed Toshiba and use this installation order that I used successfully on my Satellite L300:
    Toshiba Common modules
    TOSHIBA Hotkey utility
    Toshiba Touchpad POWER utility
    Toshiba Utilities
    Toshiba controls
    TOSHIBA Power Saver (not necessary, but very nice tool).

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1400-103: need to display driver for OS W2K


    missing the display driver for Win 2000

    Can someone help me?

    Where there's a problem?

    I really put t know why you n visits t page driver of Toshiba Satellite 1400-103, choose the shape of the driver and download the display driver (Trident) for Windows 2000

    I checked the page and the driver exists!

Maybe you are looking for