Satellite A100 reboot with USB

I have a new laptop satellite A100. I installed 2 device (modem ADSL and Webcam).
I can't reboot my pc with the device, because I have a black screen. The hard drive does not work,
and SO does not start.
SO, if I reboot reboot without device, start corretely.

Can you tell me why? and what I have to do?

Thank you.


Hello Pippo

I noticed the same thing. If the USB memory key is attached to the unit needs a lot of time to start. Once I wait about 20 minutes, but if I remove the key USB the unit will start immediately.

Believe me, that I tested it with four different Toshiba notebooks and everywhere that I got the same result. I put really know why this is happening but maybe you can try to use the USB hub with own power supply.

Satellite A100 is a fairly new unit and I don t think that there is a problem with the operating system. The fact is that all the USB ports don't external devices of t with the same power supply. Sometimes may happen this work one device on a port USB port but not if you are connecting to another.

As I said, you can try with USB hub.

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    I have laptop Satellite A100/002 with Windows Vista 64 - bit Enterprise edition. My Wi - Fi died shortly after a random time. When I try to search for a wireless network, he found nothing. The only working solution is to restart the computer, and then it works fine until it dies again.
    I have updated the Wi - Fi drivers but it didn't solve my problem.

    It's really annoying especially when I play any game online.
    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Have you updated the BIOS? Check the Toshiba site for a newer version. decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Also try an update of the firmware of the router. You can find it on the site of the factory.

    Last but not least, you must disable the security features of the router for the test. I mean hidden SSID, MAC address filtering and so far.

    Also, make sure that the option of the energy-saving WLAN card is disabled:

  • How to use the recovery on the Satellite A100-192 with 2 partitions CD

    I have a satellite a100-192 with 100 GB hard drive.
    When I bought it I used magic norton 8.0 partion to divide the disk into two partitions, c drive (used for files of program and other things; 20 GB) and d ' drive that I use for all my documents, music, videos and similar stuff...

    and now, because of a few bad shots, I made (the software bad... lol) I want to reinstall windows. and honestly, I have no idea how to proceed. what I mean, I don't know what cd to use (I have two CD when I bought the computer), in fact I guess that's the one with ms a note on it, but how to do it safely without losing all my data on the d drive?

    The problem is that I did a lot of relocations on desktop computers when you hava clean facilities and then I know what I'm doing, but I have no experience with bundled windows installations.


    Usually, Toshiba laptops are supplied with a Toshiba restore CD.
    On this CD, you will find the image of Toshiba which contains all Toshiba drivers and utilities.

    The question is what CD image you received.
    Some people here in the forum suggested that, since January 2006 the Toshiba Recovery CD supports another recovery procedure. The new recovery CD does not support the ghost but the surface RECO and it s not possible to choose the partition for the installation of the OS.
    In this case the whole HARD disk will be deleted and you will lose all your partitions.

    I have only one old recovery CD and so I can't say if it is possible to choose the right partition. It was possible on the old recovery cd by selecting the expert mode.

    In my view, that should make a backup of you all important files before you begin the recovery procedure.

  • Satellite A100-011 with Vista: DVD-ram UJ-850 s can not burn DVDs dual layer


    cannot find answers to my problem, so start a new topic.
    Having Satellite A100-011 with Vista preinstalled and Mat * a DVD - RAM UJ-850 s (firmware 1.10).

    Recently installed Nero 7.5.9 and you want to burn DVD (6, 5 GB) media dual layer (Immation - Ritek).

    First time Nero stopped with information: could not perform start of Disc At Once (without damaging the media).
    After that, run Nero as Windows XP - SP2 program and burn half the disc (first layer), but when to start to burn the second layer (I guess), stop once again with the same error information (could not perform start of DAO).

    Simple disc burning layer without problem.

    Anyone any idea how to solve this problem?
    Thank you


    tried to record double-layer of a different brand? Maybe you should try it, because sometimes certain brands are not really taken in charge or not very well. And check the toshiba (or google) pilot site for new drivers or firmware for this drive, sometimes that it really helps.

    I think that the media are not really compatible, I ve read some similar problems in the roxio forum and they solved by using another brand.

    Would be nice if you give some information on this case... :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100-683 with Win 7 - screen brightness adjustment does not work


    I have a model of Satellite A100-683 PSAA9E with Win 7

    My problem is that I don't have a brightness in my dashboard-> laptop Center

    I tried to install the drivers from the site Web of Toshiba (additional package, return), but stops the installation always with errors such as: value added package: PVAT Setup error

    I tried to install the drivers for Vista...

    Please help me!
    Sorry for my English mistakes.


    The installation may stop due to system problems or the PVAT erroneous version.
    I recommend you to uninstall the installed VAP.
    After the PVAT has been uninstalled, restart the laptop.
    Now, download and install the tool small freeware called CCLeaner.
    It helps to clean the system and deletes files temporal garbage from the HARD drive.
    After the cleaning of the system registry, you must restart the system once more.

    Now, go to the page of the Toshiba UE driver and download the Toshiba value added Package for Win 7. Note! Choose the right! There are differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit version.

    Unzip the package, run the exe from installation or installation file and start the installation.
    Installation should finish properly and after new reboot, you should be able to use the function keys.

  • Satellite A100 - problem with the operation of the battery


    My laptop (I bought 1.5 years ago) has a big problem when you use with the battery.
    First of all, with a fully charged battery, the notification of "limited battery status" appears after 2 minutes of operation and after 5 minutes, he goes to the standby mode due to the level of the battery is very low.

    Then, I plug it into the AC power and the battery remains yellow for about 15 minutes light and then turns blue.
    (The battery is OK, I tested it on another satellite A100)

    What can be the problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    Given that you have tested the battery in another satellite A100, the problem must be in the settings of your computer:


    2 > you will now see a screen that shows your management food and note * one * has a tick that is a small point in a circle:





    7 > YOU SHOULD HAVE: you will need to have play with these settings, or you can click on restore plan defaults to see if that will solve your problem

    Notes by clicking on the * + plus SIGN next to tany of these options below will allow you to change what event happens on your computer.






  • Satellite M645 - Hang with USB modem

    Need help, my Satellite M645 (PSMPML - 00H 003) always hang using with USB specially if you use USB modem.


    Hey Buddy,

    Can you post more information about this behavior? The entire notebook to hang or freeze if you connect the USB modem? Is it so if you connect a USB mouse or a USB?

    What operating system is currently installed?

    If you have USB problems I recommend an update of the chipset driver. Have you ever done this?

  • German satellite A100-411 with OS-> I would like an English OS

    On a recent business trip to Germany, my laptop died just before an important series of meetings. I bought a laptop in a local shop, and of course, the operating system is in German.

    My German is OK, but life would be easier if I could get the OS to work in English. Is there a way I can change the language of the OS (regional options do not work in the control menu) or I have to have a full OS to re - install?

    The recovery disc supplied with the machine is not language options, until I get another Toshiba? The model is a Satellite A100-411, model No. PSAARE-O4POOMGR.

    Thanks for any help.


    It of certainly not possible to change the language of the OS and you will need to purchase a new English version of your OS.

    In the regional option which is placed the Control Panel provide only a language provision of the keyboard or time zone change, etc, but it will not change the language of the OS.
    This was not possible under XP and I guess that it s is no longer possible on the Vista operating system.

  • Last updated by Satellite A100-289 with a new CPU and additional RAM

    Hello. Sorry for my English in advance :) I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A100-289. Despite I am satisfied with the laptop, it is possible for me to update, so I have a few questions on this topic.

    Fact laptop support Modules-SO-DIMM 2 GB of RAM? Also, what mobile CPU is supported for upgrade? Is it possible to replace the Core 2 Duo T5500 (default), with a few other Core 2 Duo processor, such as T7400, T7600, T7700? And if I install a new processor, it will influence the energy consume and warming temperatures drastically?

    Thanks :)

    Post edited by: mister yetti


    with regard to your question: Yes you can.
    Usually your chipset is capable of a maximum of 4 GB of RAM, but due to the limitation of the slots (Slot 1 cannot handle a 1 GB module), you can move only to 2 GB maximum, because your machine has only 2 slots.

    And what with your CPU? You can certainly try, but you won´t have a lot of luck. Excluding the small fact that each machine has it s own system of cooling for the processor which is equipped with this machine.
    the won´t CPU run at full speed.

    Why not? The problem is and now speak from experience;) that when you replace the processor in a processor intel pentium M or Core(2 Duo) system, something in the bios change, then the new processor
    will not properly recognized. And then the old? Nope. After you swap the CPU, you will have to bring your machine to an ASP.

    They have software that reactive something in the BIOS and the CPU runs at full speed. Since then they to the ASP will notice that you tried to Exchange something in the Board of Directors,
    you will face a cancellation of the guarantee and you will have to pay for everything that happens to be broken after the revocation.

    So I propose: update your RAM, but don t touch your CPU.

    Have a nice weekend

  • Satellite A100 compatible with DDR 667 memory?

    I have a question about the compatibility of memory, it seems that the Toshiba Satellite A100 series has the new motherboard (945 PM).

    The site intel, he says that this motherboard supports DDR 667. Although if you look closely at the specifications the A100 comes with memory DDR 533, isn't that strange? Or toshiba made to reduce the cost?

    Thanks to all those who are willing to clearlify this problem


    There are different models of Satellite A100, but I found information that these modules of memory are supported:
    DDR2-533 256 MB (PA3389U - 2M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    Depending on your region, can be supplied with the DDR2-533 or DDR2-667. These can be mixed, however, when mixed will default DDR2-533.

  • Its virtual does not support my Satellite A100-998 with Vista


    I have the Satellite A100-998, and yesterday I find for my driver the new laptop. I download Virtual Sound to my laptop and for vista, and when I try to install the driver that I have error "Toshiba Virtual Sound can't stand your computer." Why

    PS. Sorry for my bad English, but please help me!


    I think the problem is that your computer has a sound card, which was designed for XP and not Vista. Thus, you need to download a special driver
    to make the Gizmo work.

    Try here:

    and tell us if it worked.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A100-626 with Win7 - cannot install Bluetooth


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-626 and I recently installed Windows 7. I was able to install all the drivers except bluetooth!

    There is no bluetooth device in the Device Manager... There is no unknown device is... When I try to install Bluetooth Stack, I get an error message saying, plug in and press OK.

    I don't know what to do... Can anyone help? In XP bluetooth worked well and I have used so many times...

    Help, please.

    Prior to installing the BT software, you must activate the BT module.
    The principle is the same as for the earlier operating system: turn on the WLAN antenna and use the FN + F8 key combination.

    The question is: can you use FN + F8 key combination to activate the BT?

  • New drivers for Satellite A100-451 with Windows XP x 64?

    Who knows where I can download the new BIOS and drivers for x 64 Windows of Toshiba Satellite A100-451?

    Maybe you can find something in the page of the European driver of toshiba, but also you can find something in, search by the model of your laptop!
    I hope you can solve the problem!

  • USB 2 USB 1.1 on Satellite A100 PSAA2E with Win XP as

    I recently did a factory on a friends toshiba A100 PSAA2 installation, I installed all the latest drivers and installed the latest version of the BIOS.

    When I plug a USB device, I get a message saying that this device can run faster, so her acting as a USB 1.1 port. I checked into the managed device and is said improved USB.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get USB 2 to work?

    Cannot find anything obvious in the BIOS.

    Solved the problem.

    Only, I removed all devices from the Device Manager and rebooted the computer.

  • Satellite L870: Problem with USB to serial interface with FTDI chipset

    Hi all

    bought a L870 year last to run software amateur radio via USB to the serial interface.
    Interface uses the FTDI chipset.

    The problem I have is that the switch on the led on the interface flashes green to red several times to indicate that it works, but then must remain on green but task on every minute she goes through the same process again.

    All the controls on the drivers and the Manager of devices indicates that everything is ok. No problem with interface on computers laptops happens or advent.

    Is there anything on the Toshiba laurys usb ports every minute.

    Thanking you in advance for any ideas

    First of all, I must say that there are different models of L870 Satellite on the market supporting different hardware and software. Some are preinstalled with 8 and some Win with Win 7.

    In addition the L870 supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standard.
    If you recommend to check the different USB ports and check if your software works correctly with the USB 3.0 standard.

Maybe you are looking for

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