Satellite A100 system goes to a black screen after the recovery procedure

I tried running the recovery CD, I received on my cell phone. the process perfectly, (I have only one CD, I don't know if I need a second). At the end of the process, I have the option to insert the second CD, or jump.
Because I don't have that one CD I have support on ignore.

I tells me that the installation is complete and I can restart my system.
Then I removed the disk and I tried to reboot the system. The system goes to a black screen (on which he indicates that Microsoft load) and then crashes. That was the problem I was facing before recovery.

Basically, the recovery process has not worked. I don't think I did something very wrong, unless I need a second CD. What could be the problem?

Help me please!


The A100 is one of the new series of laptops and AFAIK the image of Toshiba was placed only on a CD (DVD) recovery.
I think that the message and the possibility to insert the second CDconfuses a little.

In my opinion the black screen and freeze has nothing to do with the recovery procedure and the new installation if Windows OS.
Due to the fact that this problem has occurred until you have installed the OS from the recovery CD, I assume that there must be something wrong with the hardware.

But it s very interesting to know if the same problem appears after the new installation of Windows from the original CD of Microsoft.

It's worth a try.

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    After problems with a virus, I ran the recovery disk and reformat the hard drive and reloaded the OS. When the process pushes me to remove the disc, it begins to restart, but only shows a black screen. I restart the process of recovery only with the same results.

    The laptop came loaded with XP, but that the recovery Application is running, it says it is loading Windows 98. Could the original recovery disc was loaded with the wrong operating system?

    What's next?


    > I restart the process of recovery only with the same results.
    You can install Windows using a normal Microsoft Windows disk?
    So, you can check if the problem is related to the computer laptop or recovery disk itself.

    > it says that it is loading Windows 98
    Don t worry not about this message. As far as I know it has something to do with the software that allows you to copy the recovery image on your HARD drive. Recovery disk still contains Windows XP ;)

  • Satellite L675-10T stucks in a black screen after the new RAM upgrade

    Hi all

    I recently decided to upgrade the memory in my laptop pretty.
    I went online, has adapted Rams and ordered.

    What I got are 2 of them:

    The installation is very easy, but as soon as I turn on my laptop, it stucks in a black screen with a straight white line underscore.

    I guess it's an incompatibility problem?
    Could you please help me?

    Thank you.

    I think you're right, it seems that the modules are not totally compatible, even if the online retailer page says they are
    You can remove the new RAM modules just to check if the laptop to boot up properly I guess correctly the unit upwards.

    Solution? Use a different RAM modules I had good experience using modules from Kingston, they might be a little expensive, but I think they should work correctly.

  • A60: Error Message blue screen after the recovery procedure

    I have an A60 and in the course of the last 3 months, I ran the recovery of 10 to 15 times disc, windows installs fine, then a few days later the computer either freezes and gives a blue screen of death, when you try to turn it on, or it turns on and comes up with a message saying "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem" and then completely stops responding , or gives a similar message on the subject of what we call the Dr. Watson debugger core and similarly, unresponsive, now. After trying to format and analysis as well as on my knees and beg the computer please please please work, I'm out of ideas, the hard drive is perhaps the problem? is this a common fault of A60?

    also in a completely different topic, where can I get a new 'c' key, mine keeps falling off the coast for some reason any.


    The blue screen appears usually due to hardware malfunction or bad software.
    If you, I suggest that there could be something wrong with the hardware. Of course there is also something wrong with the HARD drive. But to be 100% sure, you should contact Toshiba service. He can do some diagnostic tests.
    You can also order the additional keys of the Toshiba service partner who is responsible for your country.

  • Satellite A100 loads the operating system correctly after the recovery procedure


    I'm in trouble... I used the recovery CD last week after my laptop developed problems. After the recovery procedure, when I turn on the pc, it loads directly in mode 'Owner' - the pilot of the internet has no charge, Norton AV, supplied with the pc does not load. Basically, it's a shadow of his former self.

    And when I try and start the recovery process, that it doesn't... it does not read the disc.
    I know that the recovery process did not work properly cos when I look in C: it shows that 60 GB of data is present on the hard disk, so the recovery is not cleaned the hard drive at all.

    The only way I can describe it, is that the pc is in some sort of limbo. I can't access the original account I created.

    The recovery disk is still okay because I "explored" the drive on another computer and it contains all the data.

    Help, please.

    Looks a bit the problem I have with an A100 recovery disk. Mine formatted PC, unpack
    a load of stuff and then freezes.

    Like you, I can read the DVD in another PC. I wonder if there is a batch of duff of recovery DVD?

    I think I'll try to install XP from a different installation disk. It'll be a bit of a pain in the neck
    because it will not authenticate with MS, but at least he's going to prove whether or not the hardware of the laptop is duff.

    I'll post back here when (if) I get anywhere.

  • Satellite M70 - black screen after the installation of recovery

    So far, what I did is put in the Recovery DVD - ROM product. Then when my computer restarts I was invited to restore my computer failing and said. After that he went through this process, that he told me to remove the disc that I did. Now he only get a black screen after the Toshiba screen that gives me options f2 for Setup and f12 for options.

    I don't know what to do now to make my laptop works again. Help, please.

    Hi Zach_1,

    Have you tried to launch the installation of recovery again? Maybe that something was wrong during the first installation, it might have arrived
    Then retry the recovery facility and see what happens.

    If it doesn't work you should try a normal Microsoft disk so determine if the problem is related to hardware or recovery disk.

  • Pavilion 15-243cl after automatic update of windows 8.1 I get a black screen after the home page.

    recently installed an automatic update of windows 8.1. Now, I get a black screen after the home page. I can load the Task Manager and access the internet. tried to go to the SafeMode to start with f8, but several attempts failed. I updated my graphics driver from AMD today and same black screen. I've also restored sytem to an earlier date using the HP utility with results screen - black even after the home page.


    Try the following.

    Boot the computer normally and log.

    Black screen, old the ctrl and alt keys and press delete.

    Select Task Manager.

    Click on file and select the new task.

    Type rstrui - also enter a tick in the box for "create this task with administrative privileges" - and click on Ok.

    When the system restore interface is loaded, choose a restore point at least 48 hours before the opening of session question (IE before the last batch of Windows updates have been applied) occurred initially and then proceed to the system restore.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Black screen after the windows login

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion DV7 notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. A problem I've noticed is that, once I connect to windows during a boot, the screen is black for about 1-2 minutes. After awhile, explorer.exe would with desktop, taskbar and icons. I am concerned about this 1 to 2 minutes of black screen after the boot as it did not exist previously. I know I have options such as restoring the computer laptop back to the default state, or by using the system restore. However, I don't want to lose all my stuff, and with respect to the restoration of the system, I'm not sure when the problem happening, as it was some time ago. I have read a Microsoft article, ( and tried all the steps with the graphics card and the regestry, but nothing seems to work.

    -Task Manager is able to open when the screen is black (shows explorer.exe running)

    -J' have the drivers on the HP support site

    -laptop is HP Pavilion DV7 3024ca

    You will need to login using the method of trial and error. Please uncheck all of the MSCONFIG Startup tab and restart the system. If the black screen issue is resolved, then check out an application every time and restart the system. This will help you to identify the program interfere.

  • Get an error message when turning on the computer, then just get a black screen after the message saying cannont find script file c:/windows/run.vbs

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    I have windows 7 and get an error message when turning on the computer, then just get a black screen after the message say cannont find script file c:/windows/run.vbs

    What can I do?

    Enter your bios usually with keys F2 or delete to the first powered

    Use default Optimize can be the F5 key and save and exit,

    Insert your installation disc or flash media and press F8 or F12 to boot on it

    Then use the recovery tools to run the Startup Repair tool.

  • Satellite A30: HDD size after the recovery procedure and Defrag

    I have a Satellite A30 and just did a complete reinstall from the recovery of the product disks. My question relates to the amount of disk space hard should be resumed aftre reinstall it.
    My hard drive is 4.95 full GB according to the procedure that is much higher than I expected.

    Also, after reviewing the reader with Defragmenter I seem to have twice taken up training with Greens, unmovable files like Blue contiguous files. Unmovable files is there and if not how to I remove them?

    It's where I guess that extra hard disk space is lost when it is lost?

    Thank you


    It's not easy to say exactly how much space should be taken after the recovery procedure.
    I have so much that I know on the recovery CD, you will find the whole operating system Windows XP, driver Toshiba and utilities as well as additional software like OneNote, WinDVD, etc.
    This additional software could take as much space on the disk outside the OS.

    Blue not moveable files belong to the Windows operating system, and as a result, the files are placed together.

  • My Satellite L505D goes to a black screen after startup

    It seems to boot up properly and everything. It starts Windows 7 and goes to the user selection screen, but since there is only 1 user, it only says: Welcome to the loading circle. But when he tries to load the page office or home or whatever you call, all that happens is the mouse.

    I can move the mouse normally, my anti anti-virus pop ups see the place if necessary. On my last attempt to try to solve the problem, I got my user to open the file, but has happened automatically. I tried taking the battery twice thing. If any ideas on why the screen just looks like a black screen and the mouse visible.

    PS: I use the keys ctrl + alt + del function to get these options appears.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to understand why all this is happening, but what you can try is to start the operating system in safe mode and roll back the OS to an earlier time to see if it works.

    Can you please try this and post comments.

    Do as a first step. Later, we see what can be done.

  • Black screen after using Recovery CD - Satellite A60


    After a few Virus attacks, I tried to format my Toshiba laptop HARD drive and to install Windows XP Professional (normally a family license for XP Edition).
    Everything was good, but I couldn't install some drivers (display, WLAN, Ethernet LAN...).

    That's why I tried to use the recovery discs. But after the recovery has been completed I should replace the disk and restart the system. After the restart there is a black screen and nothing happened. Now, I have a problem. Why the laptop does not start after the recovery process.

    Are there important invisible files on the hard disk, which could have been deleted when I tried to remove the HARD drive and install Windows XP Professional?
    If so, how can I get back those files?

    Hello Phillip

    > Why the laptop does not start after the recovery process
    It is a good question. On the HARD disk, you will find the image of Toshiba and this image is placed on the Toshiba Recovery CD. As you see it the laptop should load and initialize correctly after recovery. Nothing was concealed on the internal HARD disk

    What is the Toshiba screen appear early initialization? You see nothing?
    If not I would not recommend removing the battery and unplug the AC adapter.
    Wait 15-20 min and reconnect the pieces.
    Then try to start the laptop.

  • Everytime I try to log in its just goes to a black screen with the cursor on my laptop Windows 8.

    * Original title: Admin Login

    On my laptop Windows 8, I can't connect to my admin user or even use my administrative password. Whenever I try to open a session in his will just a black screen with the cursor, and when I try to use my password it dims the screen and I can't do anything. Is there anyway that I can fix this?

    I solved the problem by resetting my laptop using the recovery mode.

  • Black screen after the mode 'sleep'

    My laptop never wakes fashion "Eve" and just keep with the dreaded black screen.

    If anyone has had this problem or have solutions?

    I am currently using a hardware, operating system.

    This message can help,

  • Vista black screen after the loading bar

    I have the problem that I am assuming that almost all users of Windows Vista have probably experiences - the black screen with the white cursor lonely after the loading bar 'Microsoft Corporation'. Here are the steps that I tried to solve the problem, but have not yet worked:

    • With the help of "last known good configuration" brings back me to the screen and the white slider
    • Go into safe mode which brings back me to the screen and the cursor
    • Activate the video mode low resolution which brings back me to the black screen and a cursor
    • Using Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC to appear during the black screen Task Manager
    • CTRL + Alt + Delete does not work on the black screen
    • I do not have access to the installation CD, as it was preinstalled on the computer

    Yes, as usual, what happened after a windows update - I really should stop waiting for something good to these updates.

    I'm under the original version of Vista Home Premium without service pack - these caused a similar problem, but at least I was able to return the system restore.

    Thank you in advance, I know how useful these forums can be.

    Yes, a new installation of Windows 7 was the way for me. Lucky he composed a back all my documents, however. Thanks for the help all. Unfortunately I have no where near more closely to solve the problem, then when I started.

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