Satellite A100: trouble for connections to the WLan internet at the use of current alternative

I can't connect to the internet via a wireless connection, it is my laptop is in charge. If it uses no batteries, it connects fine. In addition, the cable connection to the modem works when the computer is using the battery or AC.

The machine is a Satellite A100 Configfree running. I think that maybe that's the problem. A few times when I connect I get an error message on the cfserv.exe stop which is the executable Configfree. I tried to download a new version of configfree but I'm not sure that I need (there are 5 registered on the Web site for the A-100).

Any suggestion?



You simply check the details of the laptop. There are various laptop A100 but there must also be a serial number on the label at the bottom of the unit.
Then select the good laptop in the shape of pilot page.
You select the operating system and download the new version of ConfigFree

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  • Satellite A100-036: need WXP video, LAN, WLAN driver

    Satellite A100-036: need WXP video, LAN, WLAN driver
    SASA. [email protected]


    Satellite A100-036 is a part of the series PSAANE;
    Go to the page of European Toshiba driver and choose the PSAAN A100.

    You will find all readers for your laptop ;)

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-590 PSAA9E freezes on the Toshiba start screen after BIOS update


    Yesterday, I made an update of the BIOS on my Satellite A100-590 PSAA9E 03Z00QGR with the appropriate flash: = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 624 & langua ge = 17 & selOS = 10 & selType = all & yearupload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = userMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = all & selectedLanguag e = 17 & type = all & page = 1 & ID = 58477 & DISO =-1 & driverLanguage = 42

    BIOS -

    After flashing, the machine restarted automatically, but unfortunately it keeps now suspended from Thoshiba welcome screen. Also by pressing F2 or F12 will not change anything. It seems that the BIOS is damaged.

    I saw that in the BIOS package are delivered the two files (s10gm590.rom and s10pm590.rom) flash. But just the execution of the BIOS590MP.exe SanAntonion10 a .vbs script starts decides which automatically selects and loads a flash file. Maybe she chose the wrong?

    What should I do now? Is there a way to restore the BIOS, or do I have to send my laptop?

    Thanks in advance



    sounds are really serious. Unfortunately, I can just give you the only clue you will get with each user here in the forum:

    Find the nearest authorized service partner (you can find one by using this link:
    and bring your machine. In addition, you must explain the guys what happened so they can do something for you.

    Good luck buddy

  • Satellite A500 - unable to connect to the WLan

    I'd like someone to help me.

    Have recently bought a satellite A500.
    I'm new in the world of laptops so I'm wrong.
    I connected to a router via a modem, the two netgear, the news.

    Had the two config for my network. Works well as long as ethernet is connected to the router of computer.

    My wireless icon on the front of the laptop is orange.
    If this should be green as the router?

    Pressing FN f8 it tell me wireless is connected.
    When I remove the ethernet cable it tell me to fix the problem, I need to plug in the ethernet cable.
    But I want to go wireless, I'm sure I'm missing something.

    Rang netgear but after that my router and it is not connected to wireless technology they could help me more.
    I use windows7.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

    > My wireless icon on the front of the laptop is orange.
    > Should it be green as the router?

    The WLan led can only be ON or OFF. If the light comes on (any color) then it means that the Wlan switch is on!

    It seems that the WiFi is enabled. In this case, you will need to properly configure the WiFi network.
    You can use the own WLan settings in Windows or a Wlan configuration tool like Intel ProSet utility.

    First need choose the right SSID (wireless network name), right of encryption (WEP, WPA, etc.) and password encryption.
    Please note that all of these parameters should be the same on the router WLan and WLan configuration software!

    Please check if the firewall does not affect the connection to the internet as well!

    PS: make sure you use the latest version of the WLan driver
    Here you can find the drivers:

    In addition, search and read comments here on the forum!

  • Satellite A100-033 - where to get the cable/connector for power switch?


    I change the cable/connector for * power switch button * which connect to motherborad. If anyone no where I can get in? I tried at PC world, but they do not have cable, I am looking.

    My laptop SPAC:

    Satellite A100-033 part number: PSAANE-03J02GEN

    Thank you

    Hi rjbuz,

    I can t tell you the part number because I m not the owner of the Satellite A100, but a service provider authorized in your country can do this: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Just give them a call and ask. Maybe they can send you the replacement part. :)

  • Satellite Pro A100 does not connect to the internet if the power adapter is plugged

    I have a Satellite Pro A100
    The machine will connect to internet on battery OK. However, if the power supply is connected it does not connect. Any ideas?
    See you soon


    How do you connect to the internet? With the WLan or cable LAN?
    It s very unusual as the intermits connection when the power adapter is connected.

    This question appears because you buy the laptop?

  • Satellite A100 - after only 15 minutes the WIFI connection is lost


    I have a Satellite A100.
    Well whenever I connect to a wireless network, after 15 minutes or if my connection is lost (each time) and I have to reconnect.
    Also at this time my network icon is spent hence time is.

    What can I do?


    You should try to update driver wlan:

    Read this number for more information:

  • Satellite A100: Language for the Vista issue

    Hey all,.

    I just bought myself a Satellite A100 something something with Vista Home premium.

    When I turned on the computer on windows, it has proved to be the French. That in itself is not surprising, as I live in Belgium, where people speak Dutch and French. "Not a problem," I thought: "this manual is in French, Dutch and English, and therefore all the documentation.

    I'm sure the restore disc has all three languages out there, and I'll simply choose English. Or even the Dutch one for that matter. Anything other than the French! »

    So I start from the restore disc, and, Oh surprise, there are three languages out there: French, Dutch and English. Unfortunately, the computer won't let me choose any language but French because "you have selected French, now, you're stuck with it. (off bugger) ", or something like that.

    Unfortunately, I never selected French: the Distributor, or Toshiba himself has made. Is it possible to bypass this protection, or I'll have to return the laptop and make sure that I do not get a French?

    Thank you



    One question: has Vista already installed on the laptop when you started the laptop for the first time?
    Usually the Vista operating system there are on the HARD drive, but if you turn on the laptop for the first time, you should get the CONFIGURATION window and you should be able to set all the parameters such as language, country and keyboard by yourself.

    By the way; This is not a bug in recovery CD! As far as I know, you can only choose one language from the recovery CD that supports 3 languages. I guess that this State is saved in the BIOS or elsewhere and you can select only this language which was chosen at the first time.

    In your case I contact the dealer of the new laptop and ask the guy if they or someone else has already installed the OS on this laptop

  • Satellite P750: Unable to connect to the other PC with WLAN

    Satellite P750 was working fine until yesterday.

    Today, when you use the Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless adapter I can't connect to the other pc on the network.
    However, I can connect to the internet ok.
    Other pc can not see me either.

    * When I use wired everything is ok *.
    I tried to stop the antivirus and firewall, but it made no difference. I reinstalled the drivers and etc. shares checked file.

    Can anyone help please?


    You should enable the option called Ad-hoc to peer option in your WLan settings!
    Go to network connections
    Select connections-> properties-wireless
    Add the new network
    Here you must configure this (insert SSID, encryption, and password), and don t forget to check this is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network

  • Satellite A100 - Wi - Fi connection times out


    Whenever I connect to the internet via my modem WiFi (Gateway 2701HGV-W) at home, the connection will end after 3-7 minutes and wireless turns off automatically.

    Wireless stoped working so I decided to re - install Windows XP Pro to see if that would fix it upward, it did it not. I sent BigPond thinking it was a problem with the modem but it's not that I can easly connect to Internet via wifi with the iPhone. So I'm guessing its a hardware problem or a problem of setting.

    I also tried to connect wireless to my sisteres modem and computer connect directly to the Internet (and she has the same modem and configure it as I have)

    I uninstalled connections wireless network connection and added it but still the same problem.

    My specs are:

    Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAA9A (with built in Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection.)
    Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3
    I already have a totally clean antivirus and antispyware, scan.
    I've already updated my drivers to the latest version.

    I saw the problem that is mentioned in other forums, I already googled and I tried all the solutions given on google without success. I'm desperate for help, please help me

    Thank you in advance, I really need help


    > I decided to re - install Windows XP Pro
    Have you done this using original Toshiba recovery media you got with your laptop?
    I assume that you have installed the operating system and all the Microsoft updates available and then noticed problems with WLAN. Am I right about that?

    Please post us some more info on the installation of the OS and installed updates.

  • Satellite A100 683: can I upgrade the internal card?


    can someone tell me if it is possible to replace the original map (3945ABG) of the Satellite A100 683 by a new, n support card (4965AGN)?

    I would say that it should be possible since both are mini pci cards and I use Windows Vista (which is a system for the 4965AGN requirement), but it would be nice to have a confirmation before buying this card.

    Thanks in advance.



    What card do you mean exactly?
    Do you mean the LAN or WLan?

    I ask because I m not 100% sure what car say you, but to my knowledge only the WLan card is removable!
    As you say it s card miniPCI and especially two wires connect the card with the motherboard
    Both Brown and white cables connect the WLan antenna.

    However, theoretically, it should be possible to use another wireless network card but I see really no reason that these updates.
    If you have a Vista compatible driver for your card, then everything should work great.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100: How to connect to wireless internet

    I am a user of portable Virgin and will take my Toshiba Satellite A100 when I go to Portugal for 1 year.

    Please can someone advise how I can get internet connection Wi - Fi while I'm away.

    Thank you

    Hi Jane

    To connect the laptop to the wireless LAN, you need to first configure the WLan router.
    Each WLan router manufacturing provides a statement of installation and configuration.

    After configuring the WLan router, you must activate the WiFi card on laptop you.
    Turn on the WLan switch and use the FN + F8 key combination.

    Then, you must use either software 3rd party WLAN client configuration like the Intel Proset utility or you will use the own Windows OS option for the WLan connection.

    Detailed advice, you will find in this category of the forum or the internet. Google simply

  • Satellite L350 does not connect to the internet, network adapter yellow exclamation

    Trying to help my Nan with his laptop...
    Model is Satellite L350-170

    Does not connect to internet, even using the Ethernet cable. Network cards have yellow exclamation marks on it and seems he needs an updated driver. How the hell can I download and update if it does not connect to the internet. And then, what update is necessary, because I searched on here and there is no update driver for network card?

    She had various internet help from its supplier and a visit at home but still no joy. Internet works fine on other devices. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    All the drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba UE driver page.
    Choose your model of laptop in the form of download and the system that is pre-installed on you unit.
    Then, you will get the list of drivers.

    If you are not able to connect to the internet due to lack of driver LAN/WLan, then you another computer for download.

    You asked how to remove the network card?
    Usually, you need to access the Device Manager (in Control Panel) then we need to expand the area to network adapters and you will find the LAN and WLan card.
    Click the single LED adapter, and then press or click on uninstall button driver

  • Satellite A100 is locked because of the fingerprint BIOS & user password

    Hi all

    I have my A100 to my work, recognition of the TouchChip fingerprint a year ago. On initial installation, I recorded my fingerprint of the windows interface.
    Six months ago I had to reinstall windows XP due to infection by the virus that is not repairable. I have installed Windows XP Home edition and downloaded all the drivers and additional software from Toshiba's site.

    I him didn't record again my fingerprints, and I have NOT activated the TouchChip software this time. My problem was only an annoying message at the time the sign that said «you have not saved your fingerprint again...» "and that's it.
    After a 2 week out of town trip (My A100 was locked in my office, and powered OFF - no connection to the sector) at first start, software TouchChip is back from the dead!

    Screen 'TouchChip Bios Extension' appeared after plugging, and my finger is required to load WXP!
    When connecting user WXP dialogue the additional message "you have not saved your fingerprint again... is always here, but I cannot start the machine without my fingerprint." After some digging later in PowerProtector (?) I found an option that says 'enable or disable the use of fingerprints for system and user password BIOS' or something like that.

    I turn this off, and the machine asked to reboot. It was the last time I saw the office.
    After reboot, the system asks password. BUT I DID NOT PUT ANY SYSTEM OR USER PASSWORD!
    Is this possible?
    I did something wrong?
    What is the solution?
    I'm locked out; I don't know why and how the BIOS is locked with a password (so I can't unlock it).
    Please someone help.

    Best regards, Georgios

    I don't know what exactly A100 computer laptop you have, but it seems that the laptop came with the Vista operating system preinstalled.

    You have installed XP and drivers XP only from the Toshiba page.
    But from my understanding, the BIOS should be updated too! The Satellite A100 series supports a special XP BIOS version. If the BIOS was not updated the laptop might not run correctly.

    I don't know if it could have a negative influence on the fingerprint, but nothing is impossible!
    However, the fact is that the BIOS asks for the password. If you don't know this, you need to remove the other... and this can be done by a service provider authorized in your country.

    Request assistance from technicians and explain the whole story! Maybe they will remove the password for free!

    Bye and good luck

  • Satellite A100-773 - how to install the Ethernet controller driver?


    I reinstalled Win Xp Prof on my satellite A100 - 773 (PSAA9E) and have a problem with the Ethernet controller. In Device Manager, the controller is marked with a yellow '?'.

    I use this driver = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 624 & selSho rtMod = 444 & language = 17 & selOS = 10 & selType = all & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 12 & electedLanguage s = 17 & type = all & page = 2 & ID = 55434 & DISO = 1 0 & driverLanguage = 42

    Install it on the Device Manager and right click on ethernetcontroller - installation driver. This is the message that no driver is found (in the right! folder) nothing can be installed...

    I also remove ethernet controller, so that windows automatic reseacht for this, but nothing works.

    I don't know what I can do

    PS: Chipset utilities are installed


    I can post a link where you can download the driver but I put t know what driver is missing now. Do you mean the WLAN or LAN card? What is the device?

    Please check the vendor and device ID to identify which device needs a driver. Go to Device Manager > right click on Ethernet controller > properties.
    There you should find some information like PCI\VEN_xxxx & DEV_xxxx
    With these codes you can look here to identify the device:

    After this verification, the page of Toshiba to download a driver.

Maybe you are looking for