Satellite A105-S4074 - which HARD drive for upgrade?

I want to replace the Toshiba MK1234GSX (120 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA-150, 8 MB cache) hard drive on my A105-S4074 laptop with a bigger. My question is whether it is good to buy a Toshiba HDD no.

Available on direct to my computer Toshiba laptop is only the following HARD disk:
Toshiba 320 GB 2.5 "5400 RPM internal notebook hard drive - SATA"
Capacity: 320 GB
Interface: Serial ATA 150
Speed: 5400 RPM
Buffer size: 8 MB

I wonder if such a 320 GB or 500 GB WD HARD or Momentus drive will work very well, for example
-Western Digital 320 GB / 500 GB Scorpio blue SATAII 5400 RPM 2.5 IN. 8 MB in bulk / OEM hard drive (WD3200BEVT/WD5000BEVT
-Seagate Momentus 5400.6 320/500 GB 5400 RPM / MIN SATA 3 GB/s 8 MB Cache 2.5 inch internal NB Hard Drive (ST9320325AS/ST9320325AS)

Also, is it wise purchase a 7200 RPM HARD drive for this laptop? Would this work?

Thank you



First on interface SATA there is no capacity limit. This means that you can buy each HARD drive with SATA interface and it should work fine.

It is also irrelevant if you buy a Toshiba, Western Digital, etc. There is not much difference between the models. It of your choice what you buy! ;)

Theoretically, 7200 RPM HARD drive should work but don t forget that they produce more heat and need more battery power. 5400 RPM should be sufficient for most applications.

Good bye

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    Dear users, I have a problem with choosing appropriate new HARD drive for this model. I have no idea of this title is to the maximum with what my BIOS will manage. This model, I bought on the year 2006.
    I would be grateful for any help.


    AFAIK this Satellite Pro L100 has been equipped with a SATA HDD controller.
    All hard drives 2.5 SATA should therefore be compatible controllers SATA HDD with no limitation.

    Beginning taken IDE controllers support only 28-bit LBA and allows only to hard disks up to 128 GB.
    Given that the ATA - 6 the 48-bit LBA is supported which allows the use of larger hard drives?


  • Which hard drive for my Pavilion s3714uk?

    I ran a diagnostic check on my desk s3714uk and reported ' error BIOHD-8', which seems to mean that my hard drive may be failing, now my question is this - what disk hard if I replace it with?.» At present, it is equipped with WD3200AAJS-65B4A0 Ata device. I'm out of touch with the latest technology, but I see that the drive on which is installed doesn't have the wide ribbon cable I served in all these years, it's the last kind of connection or a particular type?

    Or if I just ordered from a retailer - WD3200AAJS-65B4A0 Ata device would be this surface. ?  That of all, hope you can help, best regards, Peter in the United Kingdom


    Nice to hear someone else in the United Kingdom

    The link below is an example of a hard drive for your Slimline - so this is a 500 GB model will offer a little more storage.

    Hard drive 500 GB

    The type of drive in your PC uses a SATA connection to the motherboard (it is a type of very fast connection and the cable itself is much thinner.

    The following link is the service manual for your PC.  The section on replacing the hard drive begins on Page 16.

    Repair manuals

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes

    DP - K

  • Satellite 2430-402: which HARD drive I can use for an upgrade


    I have a 2430-402 satellite and the hard drive is full. Can someone tell me the greatest, he will take care and what kind do I buy? (Probably not PATA or SATA but I should look into IDE)

    Thank you



    You are right. To my knowledge, the Satellite 2430 was delivered with an improved interface to drive HARD IDE (ATA-5). Therefore, we must look for IDE hard disks.

    I'm not sure about Mr. size of HARD drive max. I think that Toshiba provides official information what size HARD drive max can be used. I presume to test

    Laptop has been delivered with a40GB HARD disk. Am I wrong?
    Hmm in my opinion the 60GB HDD should run. You might also try a 80 GB HARD drive if it s compatible.
    But I really very skeptical about larger sizes.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A200-1QK - need new HARD drive for upgrade

    I was planning on upgrading my A200-1QK (320 GB of HARD drive).

    I was looking for a HARD drive with more space and possibly with more speed, I work with the composition and recording of the audio mixing software and libraries tend to consume a lot of space (I know that an Office would be the best option and I have one, but sometimes I need a more portable solution). I even thought connecting the BONES a SATAII external 1 TB HARD drive but I don't know if it's possible.

    Well, but the question here is:
    What are the technical proprieties that I should look for in a HARD drive so it works on my laptop?
    Y at - it no avaible 7200 RPM for laptops? I'm looking for some 500 GB or larger.

    Thanks in advance =)


    Theoretically, you can buy a HARD drive with 7200 RPM, but it produces more heat and need a little more power as a 5400 RPM model. So it of your choice what you buy. ;)
    You can buy each portable 2.5 HARD drive with SATA or SATA2 connector. If you are looking for a small tray on online shops, you should find enough hard drives of 500 GB at 7200 RPM.

    I have good experiences with Hitachi and Western Digital hard drives.

  • HP is not a hard drive for upgrade

    My HP Pavilion DV4t is only TWO months OLD and the hard drive is quickly drop to the top. I got a 160 GB based on my experience with my old desktop running Windows XP (I have much more space in the hard drive).

    With my new laptop, I have only 70 GB of available, I think because of the huge amount of space used by Vista and the frequent updates of this operating system.

    I ran the disk cleaned several times, I uninstalled software that I will not use and I have hardly any large files like photos or videos.

    I contacted the technical support and after TWO HOURS of conversations, I have no resolution at all. HP says that they do not have a bigger hard drive in stock, so basically I will be stuck with a laptop that doesn't work if I can't upgrade my hard drive.

    Please, let me know if you have any suggestions, because I have suffered enough in the hands of technical support.

    Thank you!!

    70 GB is still a lot of space hard drive... but if you want to release a bouquet empty files from system restore. Vista's system restore uses huge amounts. Run Disk Cleanup, but this time after scanning, click the "More Options". Now you should see "system restore and shadow copies" with a button of 'clearing '.

    Click it and you should find a large part of the hard drive.

  • Which hard drive buy for my laptop Toshiba Satellite 15.6 "3 GB HD 320?

    After receiving an error of 10-FA12 - 054D and do not recover my laptop to zone out, I believe that I have to buy a new hard drive.

    Which hard drive buy for my laptop Toshiba Satellite 15.6 "3 GB HD 320?

    You can check the Toshiba site for which specifications you need.  A general rule is to buy something at least two times greater than the one that failed, because the data use and therefore the space doubles every 18 months.

    You may want to consider a large enough to allow you to make backups and store in another partition

  • Satellite M40-154 (PSM40E) - which HARD drive new can I use?

    Hello community,

    need a new HARD drive for my * Satellite M40 154 GR PSM 40th *. The old a HDD is: Toshiba MK8025GAS. The new need Toshiba also, 5400 RPM and 80-100GB capacity.
    I already try to find out which is right for my laptop, but I do not understand much about the HARD drives. There are more types, like GSX... But I need one that is compatible with my M40. Pleas help.

    Kind regards.

    AFAIK you can use each HARD top of page 120 GB disk because your laptop is a limitation of LBA 28 bits. This means that you can use the top of 128 GB of DISK space.

    The new HARD drive should be have an IDE interface and size 2.5. All that s and normally each Toshiba HDD should work with these specifications.

  • Need drivers for Lan, sound and PCI for Satellite A105-s4074

    I need drivers for LAN, PCI and its for satellite A105-s4074.

    Thank you

    I put t know what operating system you are using, but you should find the drivers for this laptop on the page of the Toshiba driver we.

    Satellite A105-s4074 was designed for the American market, and therefore, you should use this page:

    Best regards

  • Upgrade hard drive for computer laptop dv6626us

    I searched for the hard drive on my laptop dv6626us upgrades. When I read the comments they seem to all be positive with regard to the replacement of my current (factory loaded hard drive). One of the concerns is that the computer has been delivered to the factory with Windows XP loaded. I don't see the comments of those who have Windows 8.

    Upgrading the hard drive for the dv6626us with windows xp installed at the factory would be compatible with the hard disk depending on whether I have found as being compatible for windows 8.

    recommended update: Seagate portable, SSHD hydrides disk HARD 1 TB Sata-600 n/p.

    The hard drive I have on the computer named above is: WD Scorpio WD1600B EVS - training 60RST0 settings: LBA 312581808.  This hard drive has been charged at the factory.

    Hello mikee1960,

    HP does not have hardware support for Windows 8 on any system purchased before October 1, 2011.  Most of the Windows 7 drivers work in Windows 8.

    Check out this page to see if your computer has been tested by HP with Windows 8.

    You can run the Upgrade Wizard, which will scan your PC and report on what is currently installed on your PC is compatible with Windows 8.  This guide was updated for Windows 8 provides lots of information which is needed for all those planning the upgrade.

  • Need new hard drive for my Satellite L755D

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L755d-14 x (part No. PSK36E-057006N5)
    Which hard drive (internal) should / can buy?

    Now when you need new HARD drive I recommend to update with SSD. SSDS are very fast and with the help of SSD you will have much better laptop performance.
    What you need is SSD with SATA interface.

    David info on SSD available at your dealer.

  • Secondary hard drive for Satellite Pro P200-1DV

    Anyone know if it is possible to add a second hard drive for the P200-1DV?

    There is room inside the machine, but there is no connector?

    As I know the second HARD drive update is not possible because there is no available connectors. The universal laptop Briefcase belongs and it will be used for all models of laptops P200 and some of them come with 2 hard drives.

  • Which hard drive internal for Late 2008 MacBook Pro

    After a help in this forum, I now need to replace my internal hard drive for my MacBook Pro - towards the end of 2008.

    Can someone advise what internal hard drive, I have to buy with up to 1 TB of space, also do I need to change or replacement anything else to take account of this change... ?

    Look online and there's nobody with good reviews:

    Hitachi 7K 1000 1000 GB Travelstar HTS721010A9E630 internal

    Hope someone can help

    Hitachi (HGST) makes hard drives that I personally support but other brands are also compatible and work very well.  That you selected is a good choice.   This link will give you an idea what is available:


  • Re: Satellite C850 unbootable - broken HARD drive

    Hello people,

    I bought a * Toshiba Satellite C850 - 1F2 * with * + Windows 8 + *.
    After installation, the upgrade to * + Windows 8.1 + * and setting up everything, the whole machine worked well enough.

    BUT since yesterday, the laptop no longer starts!
    When I turn it on, the HARD drive is click and click and the system tries to boot from DVD, USB, HARD drive, IPv4, IPV6, and then he said, that there is no boot device.

    Unfortunately, I tried to do the + restore Windows 8 - backup - DVD + this weekend!

    Well, I have one more * + Windows-7-DVD original and license + *, which would be good as well (I used it in recent years).
    * YET *, I can't install * + Windows 7 + *.
    He says something like that, that this system is not available for Secure Boot +.

    I read about 'Secure Boot'.
    So I pressed F2, turned on the laptop and managed with this BIOS.
    It's a * + InsydeH20 Rev 3.7 + *.
    * BUT *, when I go to "Boot Mode" I don't see myself, this option is grayed out and I cannot change the UEFI Boot + to ++ CSM Boot +.

    Even changing the HARD drive made no difference.
    I put in my old HDD with Windows 7 installed (which works in the other laptop), but the system does not start, because it is + not suitable for Secure Boot +.

    * Then, of WHAT NOW? *
    I mean, we can't really politics of Toshiba, you need to take your laptop, if the HARD drive breaks, it can?
    Because I create the rescue-DVD, I just my DVD of Windows 7 and an another HARD drive and installed Windows 7.

    I have to buy another license of Windows 8 and an another disk to reinstall Windows 8 (suitable for Secure Boot)?
    Would it even work like that?
    Or is it possible to upgrade the BIOS for it, I can then change boot UEFI to CSM Boot?
    Or is there another chance, to use my other HDD with Windows 7, or at least a new HARD clean disk, on which I can then install my Windows 7 operating system?

    I hope someone can give me good advice, what to do now... without throwing the Toshiba laptop ;)

    Thanks in advance!

    > I hope that someone can give me good advice, what to do now... without throwing the Toshiba laptop
    Let's start with this sentence. You must not throw your laptop. There's always a last stage that can be done and in your case, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    This model of laptop is fairly new, so I can imagine that the warranty is still valid, so I think you should contact the service and ask if you can get a new HARD drive for free. I mean why not if the warranty is still valid.

  • Satellite Pro L300 29V - hard drive is dead

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-29V only about 2 months, and suddenly the hard drive (very full) is apparently dead.

    Initially the laptop starts Windows correctly, but now the HD is not yet recognized in the BIOS. If it goes beyond the Toshiba splash screen, I get the thing PXE saying "a cable is unplugged. I tried to re-allocation of places the reader twice, but still nothing.

    It's really disturbing, because I had transferred recently practically my whole LIFE on it on other computers which many many many hours of musical recordings that I can't really afford to lose.

    I think I'll have to buy a HD dock and see if I can read and copy the data.

    Does anyone else have this problem? It is likely that the drive could have been erased?

    I should also mention that a day or two before this happened, my girlfriend was using etc. Open Mobile (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word,) - computer I pressed the power button that normally makes hibernate - and when I turned it back, rather than resume where he left off, the computer started from zero and no work/windows were saved.

    I'm afraid that might be some stupid day, Avira, or on the Windows updates without end that has damaged something...

    EDIT: OK, I have a picture of the error I received before complete failure, but I can't download it here. Here is the text (on a blue screen):

    A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Check to make sure any new hardware or software is installed correctly.
    If it is a new installation, ask your hardware manufacturer or software, the windows updates, you might need.

    If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable the BIOS memory options such as implementing caching or shading. If you need to use safe Mote to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.

    * Technical information: *.

    * STOP: 0 X 00008086 (0 X 00000000, 0 X 00000000, 0X00000000, 0X00000000) *.


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    Hi mate,

    First of all, I must say that I have this Satellite L300 too. But I didn t have no problem, the HARD drive works fine for 1.5 years and I use this laptop for Internet and emails everyday. I m very satisfied.

    However, what do you hear now?

    I hope that you can copy your data to another device and you will need a new HARD drive for your Satellite Pro L300. That's fact!
    In addition, there are a few good programs that they can the recovery of data from faulty hard drives. Just search with Google, you will find some interesting links.

    Good luck!

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