Satellite A110-195 - LAN problem (realtek RTL8139)-"Limited or no connectivity."

I Satellite A110-195 and having problems with the connection on the net, I reinstal driver and aplication but the problem remains, only what happens is that I get messege "Limited or no connectivity."

Help, please!

You connect to a cable or a wireless connection?

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  • Satellite A110-195 lan crashes


    My satellite a110-195 crashes when I send files to another computer on the local network. There is nothing wrowng with another computer on the local network
    because I have also tested it with an a100-906 and works very well.
    I have hard drive formatted and reinstalled windows xp but the problem is still there.

    I use the latest version of the bios. Is a very strange problem.
    LAN works fine with my internet connection and the system crashes only when I transfer large files.
    About 800 MB of files.

    I think it's a software oriented.
    Looking forward to a response.

    Edit: a little more information. Laptop goes down ONLY when I send files and ONLY when I use the battery. I ordered a USB to lan card, to see what is happening. But it's a shame a laptop from a week to have such problems.
    Thank you

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    This will only occur if the laptop is running with the power of the battery?
    HA I think I have an idea and a solution! ;)

    To me, it seems that the computer is on the LAN card feature to save power!

    You should just go to the Device Manager and select the properties of LAN card under network adapters!
    Here, you select the last tab called power management. Please disable the option called allow the computer to turn off this device to save power!

    Additional on the Advanced tab (I think that it s a second tab) you can activate the optimal performance of the option and disable the link down to save energy.

    Hope this helps dude :)

  • Satellite A110-195: can not record audio internal using all programs


    I have a problem with recording the sound of internal Windows (which is known as Stereo Mix)
    I have the Satellite A110-195.
    I update my sound driver for the latest updates (Realtek HD Audio Driver Sound). I tried to check it out, I pressed the icon in the tray of the taskbar > Options tab > mixer device: Realtek HD Audio Input.

    I don't have 'CD' and 'Volume Mic'. As far as I know, I should have "Stereo Mix" and "Mono Mix" too.

    I don't know if the sound chipset does not support to record internal sounds.
    Could someone help me please?

    Thanks in advance...


    You have Vista preinstalled on Satellite A110-195?

    I have a Vista on my Satellite that supports the Realtek audio chip.
    I have also the Realtek HD audio manager preinsatlled.

    I discovered that the stereo mix has been disabled on my laptop.

    I could activate by following these steps:

    -go to control panel
    -access the Vista sounds
    -Choose the second tab called record
    -Right click and mark options see the disabled devices and show disconnected devices
    -Stereo mix should be visible
    -mark, choose Properties and turn it back on

    I hope this helps.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A110 - 195 PSAB0E - sound card stopped working

    My sound card has stopped working it was working fine but suddenly the sound quality started weak and, finally, it stopped working I tried the following methods:

    Realtek is audio by default

    Control Panel / sound & Audio devices / Audio tab / Sound click play on arrow down and check that the audio OK is selected. In general, the problem is they something like "modem line 0 playback" could have been substituted the right audio device. (Did not work)

    Chipset utility - install (Did 'n' t Worked Aswell)

    Start/Control / Panel / Administrative Tools / Component Services / a separate window opens in the left pane click Services (Local) of the tree / scroll down to Windows Audio service / if the service is disabled or manual right-click > select Properties > under Startup to automatic Type change > click on apply / click Start > OK Reboot. (Worked) But first the quality was not as he was before and sound card then stopped working again.

    Try a file system check
    go to run - Type "sfc/scannow" without success.

    I installed windows again, but without success. :(

    Here is the detailed model no. Satellite A110-195


    Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    If I understand you right you have just updated the chipset utility, but in this case, you must update the sound card driver.
    You can find the Toshiba site, so check that! > support & downloads > download drivers

    In addition, I would like to try a BIOS update and then you'll see if it works or not.

    You have yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

  • Satellite A110-195: card driver Ethernet needed for Win98

    I need a driver for the etherneth of my computer card laptop toshiba satellite A110-195 for Windows 98.
    Please help me.

    I imagine that you will not find the LAN for Win98 driver on Toshiba website for this laptop.
    But you should check the LAN card chip that was used on this laptop.

    As far as I know it s a simple I / F chip Realtek RL8100CL on-board LAN chip. rodID = 14

    So please check the area to download the site recommended for Win98 driver

  • Battery not be chared on my Satellite A110-195


    This is nikhil patel, of the India.

    I have satellite * A110-195 * notebook that's good my cousin to the United Kingdom.
    My problem is now _battery is not in charged_ and my laptop runs only on AC power.

    Please tell me why this is is has happened and what is the solution.
    And if there is demand for new battery where can I get it and at what cost in India.

    I live in _gujarat ahmedabad. _


    First of all the people here in the forum can try to post some suggestions that may help you to solve different problems of portable but you shouldn't t wait you will get a good solution to 100%. I think you can understand that without putting hands on the laptop, we can offer only on the reasons why something happens

    To return to your question; in my view, you must first check if the battery is defective and if new battery might help.

    I checked the Toshiba page Options & accessories on the European site of Toshiba and found the batteries compatible with the Satellite A110-195;
    The batteries are;

    Battery (Li-ion, 4000mAh, 6 cells) PA3465U-1BRS
    Battery (Li-ion, 4300mAh, 8 cells) PA3457U-1BRS

    Good day

  • Satellite A110-195: WiFi connected but no Internet

    I have a Satellite A110-195.
    The RLR says its connected to our modem, but all we get is "cannot display the Web page.
    Can anyone help?


    Is there an internet connection the router/modem?

    What happens when you do a ping to a Web site? Do you have an answer?

    Try again with another browser. I use Firefox and I never had any problems with it.

    Good bye

  • Issue of satellite A110 - 195 Ram upgrade

    Magalie everyone I need to ask a critical question on my Toshiba laptop model name: satellite a110-195, nude model: psaboe.

    1. I'm a Ram with Buss 533 512 MB DDR2, if I changed it to Buss 667 2 GB of Ram it downgrade to 533 buss works well & not cuz disorders & being stable in my laptop or not?

    2 - What is the maximum Ram sizes & bus which can my laptop deals with it?

    Please review quickly because I have problems in Rams upgrades thx

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    Say the user manual on the upgrade of RAM?
    In general this info is always mentioned in the user manuals

    But generally, must be knowing that RAM upgrade depends on the chipset.
    The FSB (front side bus) chipset is important for the speed of the RAM.
    If the FSB supports only 533 Mhz then your RAM modules would go max with speed 533 Mhz and RAM modules support a faster speed; That is to say to 667 Mhz.

  • Satellite A110-195: network + pci card missing card controller driver

    I installed all the drivers of "", and in the materiel management area, the above controllers have question marks in front of them.

    I also tried to set up a network and failed, probably due to the absence of the network controller. My network card appear to be installed.

    Satellite A110-195 PSAB0


    I have a question; How have you installed the drivers Toshiba?
    Did you follow the lines in the installation instructions document that has been also on the page of the Toshiba driver?

    As far as I know that some problems might arise if the drivers are installed in the correct order.
    I recommend you to choose the right drivers and then follow the line guide recommended in the document of Toshiba.

  • Is it posible to change CPU in Satellite A110-195?

    Is it posible to change the processor in the Toshiba Satellite A110-195 or it is soldered on a motherboard?

    Now he's got cpu T2250.

    The CPU is in almost all cases "nested" which means that the processor is removable from the system board. But even if the removable part, this does not mean that the party must be exchanged/updated or changed.

  • Satellite A110-195 - Ram upgrade questions


    I have Toshiba Satellite A110-195

    My questions are:
    (1) what is the maximum size of ram per slot, 1 GB or 2 GB?
    I have 2 cylinders on my laptop right now 512 MB each. Am I able to replace one of them with a ram of 2 GB?

    (2) right now on my laptop I have DDR2 [PC2-4300] Rams.

    Any SoDimm DDR2 ram working?
    Either the ram DDR2 and exactly PC2-4300.

    Laptop supports the Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset

    According to the Intel page, the chipset handles max 4 GB RAM.
    This means that you can use 2 x 2 GB RAM or 4 GB RAM module.

    The chipset supports DDR2-400 / DDR2-533 / modules of RAM DDR2-667

  • Satellite A110-195 - how to reflash the BIOS?

    After failed bios updated my Toshiba Satellite A110-195 (PSAB0) doesn't post. How can I Flash my bios with a rom to work?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi tharaleos,

    Here you will find the same issues:

    Please check this thread!

  • External sound with Satellite A110-195 is the lower lock

    When I connect with my Toshiba Satellite A110-195 speakers the sound is low lock. How can I change?


    Please use the advanced Forum search option and put bass A100 as search terms. You will find some very interesting topics on the same theme.

  • Satellite A110-195 shows only 3 GB of RAM


    Last week I bought laptops SATELLITE A110-195 and memory KINGSTON KVR533D2S4 / 2G to expand memory to 4 GB, I want to have 4 GB, but after putting is computer shows 3 GB not 4 GB. Could you help me?
    Why shows 3 GB not 4 GB?

    Please see this site:

  • Satellite A110-195: which means that the GPU memory can be up to 128 MB?

    What is saying that the memory of my grphic card can be up to 128 MB? How do I upgrade memory grafic? My laptop is Toshiba Satellite A110-195 with Mobile Intel® 945GM Express chipset.


    Specifications of your laptop for graphics is described as follows: 8 MB - 128 MB shared memory. This means that the use of a shared Intel technology memory graphics card.

    With short words: 'shared' video memory with the video chipset on the motherboard, RAM your laptop will share some of the ways reducing its own RAM memory for the rest of the chipsets motherboard and the process.

    If you want to find some info on shared memory technology, Google around and you'll find many interesting pages.

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