Satellite A110-260 - USB ports do not work

I have a Satilite A110-260 of my brother.
The problem is that the USB Ports do not work :-(

They go into the hardware Manager, but I can't install it.
I have download the hardware installation of the Toshiba homepage but... :-(

Can you help me?

Sincerely of John

PS Sorry for my English ^^

Can you please tell us what OS are you trying to install?
SP1 or SP2?

Please after the installation of the OS, the first thing you need is install driver Chipset.
Did you install the right one?

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    My satellite L650-12N usb port does not work. I did everything that I could and it does not work.
    It shows a yellow exclamation mark on my system.

    I try so many ways, including the recovering auto troubleshooting, formatting and system he could not work.
    Under the key USB gives error code 43, I do not understand.

    The webcam and the wireless card no more.
    This boot problem after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Please can someone help.
    Thank you


    > This problem start after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Because other devices don't work properly and because procedure didn t get it back help you solve this problem, I think that the problem is related to the hardware malfunction possibly that the motherboard was hit by lightning, which would explain the problems

    I think you should ask the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country to check the motherboard.

    But in my opinion, that the warranty does not cover the issues of environmental impact maybe your household insurance could help you

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    If the USB ports are properly recognized in device then as Quad Manager said it could be an external problem. The USB port is 500mA power. If the external device requires more power to work in this case, it of necessary to use the external power supply.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L40 - 18W - USB ports does not work after format HARD drive

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    Could you please help me on this issue

    Thank you

    Ben is right. After the installation of the operating system as a first step, you need to install driver chipset.
    Please see the download page for Toshiba under
    There you can find all the drivers for your model of laptop including driver chipset.

  • Satellite M300 - left USB port does not work


    I have a M300 Satellite, with a USB port on the right and the other on the left side. The one on the left has never worked with anything. Its never bothered me until now - I bought a portable HD and I need to connect it and a mouse at the same time...

    Interesting note though that when I put the laptop HD in the left USB port, the led lights, hard disk. The lappy himself made no sign he knows its there and I cannot access it, however...

    Any advice? Thank you very much!


    I guess, it is burning or something like that. You can buy a USB hub, it's a device that develops a single USB port into several so that there is more available ports to connect devices to a host system. It's not expensive and you connect many devices.


  • Satellite Pro 6100: USB port does not work after the return of the mode "Eve"

    I have a strange error on my USB ports on Satttelite Pro 6100 with XP SP2.

    Two USB 1.1 ports work fine after cranking up what the laptop goes into mode 'sleep' (automatically or manually).
    The restart afret optical mouse connected to the USB port does not illuminate and the XP system displays the error message on the device not recognized on USB port.

    Plug the mouse on or off doesn't change anything. Only restart helps.

    Any ideas?

    It's very strange, but it will be interesting to see if the same problem persists with other USB devices. Can you test and post again on the results?

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    I have a Satellite L650D-103 with usb ports not working only (no mouse, no printer) of a windows update 7.
    I tried a system restore, but it has not solved the problem.

    When I check the generic system card realtek controller is disabled.

    What can I do?
    Thank you for your help

    + The message was edited: post has been translated.


    I recommend you remove the hubs and USB controllers in Device Manager.
    Expand the domain controller USB (in Device Manager), choose the USB devices - root - hub USB enhanced host controller, and press DELETE. This must be done for all devices listed there.

    Satellite L650D-103 was equipped with an AMD chipset.
    The chipset driver is part of the ATI display driver and that's why I recommend you to reinstall the ATI display driver again.

    Finally, restart the laptop and test the functionality of USB port.

  • Satellite A135-S2286 - USB ports does not work after BIOS update

    I recently had the dreaded BIOS password prompt problem. I checked online to the toshiba support site and took the laptop to a toshiba authorized service center and is fixed by getting the updated BIOS updated to 1.60, but after update BIOS, none of my USB ports work.

    When I connect a USB device, a warning from yellow pop up comes up unrecognized USB device. The same USB device works fine on other computers/laptops. I searched online for a solution and found on a lot of people have the same problem, but did not find any fix for this error.

    It will be useful, if someone has a solution for this error.

    Hey Buddy,

    Is there yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager next to USB ports or they appear correctly?

    If you notice a yellow exclamation you must remove the USB port and restart the computer. All USB ports are installed automatically, you do not need an additional driver.

    I hope that it helps :)

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y - USB ports do not work

    Recently replaced hard drive and re load Vista Home Basic. Downloaded and installed all the drivers specific to this site and everything seems to work except the 2 x USB ports. Tried several discs of pen work known, but error pop up appears saying "USB device not recognized".

    Controllers USB Device Manager shows 3 x ATI processors Comm (x 2 OHCI 1.1 and 2.0 OHCI), unknown device and 3 x USB Root Hub. I tried used to uninstall all USB devices and restart, but the symptoms remain the same.

    What Miss me it please? Thanks a lot :)

    Have you installed the ATI display driver version?
    ATI chipset driver should be part.

  • Satellite A200-13O - USB port does not work

    Can you help me? I have a new Satellite A200-13O, USB does not work.

    Hi Gilbert

    What do you mean exactly with the USB does not work?
    You plug the 3rd USB external devices advantage, which cannot be recognized?

    Have you installed all necessary drivers for these devices?

    What operating system do you use? If you are using Vista are you sure that the external USB device is compatible and supports the Vista operating system?

    Please post more details!

  • Satellite Pro 480cdt: USB ports do not work with Windows XP

    Hi friends.

    I install xp window in my laptop, now I can not install any material thanks to a port USB flash drive IE, wireless modem, camera

    Hello my frend

    You are joking or you are serious with the use of Windows XP Home edition on this point, unit for almost 10 years. ;)

    The set comes with Win 95. Try to use Win 98 and be happy if it works properly.

  • Re: USB Ports do not work on my Satellite L830-145

    I have Toshiba Satellite L830-145 with Windows 8 and all USB ports do not work. Have updated the Intel BIOS drivers and uninstalled and so on tried a lot and still no luck
    Maybe here someone will have an idea

    When I start the computer power light before windows starts and goes dead when windows starts loading
    On USB3 I can recharge the phone, but it won t recognize anything in windows
    Any help much appreciated.

    According to specification for laptop, your laptop comes with Win8 64bits.
    Using the original version of Windows preinstalled?

    All that you have done is just, but if nothing is done, maybe you should try to reinstall original recovery feature by image and test with the factory settings.

  • USB ports do not work after waking up Satellite A200 from sleep mode

    After that I spend my Satellite A200-244 "sleep" or "hibernate" USB ports do not work!

    Hi mate,

    already tried this:

    Open start and type Device Manager and then press ENTER, to start Device Manager. Click on the sign + next to "Controllers of Bus USB" and then in the list, you should see some devices called 'USB hub root'. For each one, click right, hit properties, go to the power management tab and uncheck the box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." Then restart.

    Maybe it works. Another solution would probably be this Microsoft KB document:


  • Satellite P200 - 17 c: USB ports do not work after BIOS update


    Just updated my BIOS for my Satellite P200 - 17 c to version 1.80, running Vista Home.

    Now my USb ports do not work according to the normal when I insert flash drive microdrive or my Creative Zen MP3 player. (crash explore and not entirely file transfer)

    I just wanted to know if it is a known problem or is the problem unrelated to the update of the BIOS.

    Any info or advice would be great.

    See you soon.

    Glad you ve found a solution and thank you for sharing this with us

  • I have an imac 27 "... on power there is no signal to startap, usb ports are not working and its deadlock with the logo of the Apple with the circle of rotation... Help, please

    I have an imac 27 "... on power there is no signal to startap, usb ports are not working and its deadlock with the logo of the Apple with the circle of rotation... Help, please

    Wake the computer to your Apple store or Apple authorized service for the service provider. He probably suffered a hardware failure.

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