Satellite A200-1 TB - need driver card reader for Vista 64-bit

Hi all

I just bought a new laptop Satellite A200-1 TB and I installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (x 64) on it but, unfortunately, it did not the mass storage driver (the driver memory card reader).

Can anyone know where I can download it? I tried on the Toshiba driver page and I couldn't find.

Thank you.


Download this file:

[TI Card Reader Driver for Windows Vista/XP |]

but do not install it via the installer. Unzip using winzip/winrar/7zip and manually update the driver in device pointing to the Directory Manager

+ unpacked_archive_dir + \Windows\tiinst\Vista64

works fine for me

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    Any help please?


    Have you tried the Vista driver?
    Please check!

    Usually the Vista driver should work under Win 7.

    The pilot called Flash Media Driver for Texas Instruments, and AFAIK vista version is - IEC

  • Satellite P300 - 18 M - use the card reader for Vista Ready Boost OK?


    I have a P300 - 18M, and due to get a new phone, have a spare Micro SD 8 GB card.
    I put it in the card reader, and I currently use it for Ready Boost, even though I have 3 GB of RAM, there is certainly a performance gain...

    However, no one knows if this could endanger the card reader? (IE damage it in any way) to be used all the time?

    Thank you


    Hmm. I wonder about the 8 GB card Micro SD.
    As far as I know and according to some details in the internet, Satellite P300 supports the microSD (with adapter) 512 MB to 4 GB.
    Usually the laptop card reader s should recognize either large 4 GB microSD cards.

    However I doubt it might affect the functionality of the card reader in the worst case that the 8 GB microSD card will not be recognized by the card reader

    See you soon

  • Satellite A200 - cannot find the graphics card just for Win XP driver

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    Rebuilding, & having bad identify & location fix the Radeon graphics card.

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    Can you please post the complete laptop model name and model number?

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    There only seems to be the pilots who settled in the folder C:/toshiba/drivers.
    I tried ATI but they do not support the mobility for Toshiba drivers...
    I tried modding program to make the catalyst drivers compatible with laptops... no joy... have also tried omega ones... no joy...

    Someone had a bit of luck...

    Also, I now have 3 copied Manager install ATI in my list of programs... and when I start the computer, I get the error message saying that the Manager had planted... I can't remove them from the list of programs in vista...

    Also my web cam not working with msn messanger... big disappointment

    display-20070713155107 released yesterday it let me play: quake wars.

    I can now play planet lost on dx10... but it seems much worse
    I reinstalled the drivers of webcam of C:/toshiba/drivers and everything works fine it very happy both sofar... Thanks Toshiba to release new drivers...

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    Any ideas? Machine model is 64771RG.

    Thank you



    MOD: link fixed

    Ok thank you

    How do you install the drivers? Follow-up for manual installation instructions in the Readme (see below)? Or you just unzip .exe package to Lenovo site?

    3. specify msiexec.exe /i MC87xx.msi with the name of the full path of the location where the files have been extracted, and then click OK. Example: C:\DRIVERS\WIN\WWANUMTS\msiexec.exe/i MC87xx.msi

  • Satellite P100: Need 5 in 1 card reader driver for Vista 64 bit

    I am not able to operate the card reader internal of my Satellite P100 with Vista 64 bit, it seems that in the download section, it has the drivers for Vista 32-bit, with tips for using the flashcard with vista 64?



    Try this driver Toshiba

    [ |]

    I hope this will help you

  • Need Driver Wireless Lan for Satellite C670D-126 for widows 7-64 bit

    Need Driver Wireless Lan for Satellite C670D-126 for Widows 7-64 bit PSC4AE
    I can't download the file driver Lan Wireless page

    Thank you

    The Satellite C670D-126 laptop supports Atheros AR9285 802.11bgn / Bluetooth combo card.

    You can download the driver here:

  • Satellite P300 - 1-9-10 SD card reader code

    Hi all

    I have a new Toshiba P300 - 1 9, good for six months, and have just for the first time I tried an SD card into the slot of the multimedia card digital.
    The card does not appear in 'my computer '. In Device Manager it shows with the yellow sign fault warning of a problem.
    Double click it gives this message "this device cannot start code 10" in the management of the disk of the card is not listed in the upper pane, but shows as a player in the lower pane without a drive letter assigned.

    If I try to assign a drive letter, I get a message saying that the operation failed because the disk management console view is not updated.
    He wants to refresh the view by using the refresh task. Which does nothing.

    I reinstalled the drivers for the SD card listed under disk drives when the card is in, storage controllers and generic volume on storage volumes. I've also updated the driver for SD host adapters.

    A card format made no difference. I know that the card reader is correct because a few days ago, I took an image updated with Acronis TI and then reinstalled the OS from the recovery media. The card worked fine then. I have now put the Acronis image and the map does not work. I had loads of driver updates on the road to Toshiba for various things (but not the card reader) through their service Tempro, including an update of the bios.
    I wonder if the bios update caused the problem. I'm debating whether the BIOS to the default setting.

    I have tried everything I can think and followed by a number of suggestions after googling the problem. The MS Knowledge Base was not very useful and many people seem to have the same problem. I am now at a total loss.

    Thank you


    Any ideas would be welcome.

    Thank you.


    The 10 error code means that the device cannot start.
    Card reader is not ready and is not running and therefore the SD card cannot be used and is not recognized in my computer.

    In most cases the update driver/relocation should help sort put them this question.
    Satellite P300 - 1 9 belongs to the PSPCCE series.

    The European driver Toshiba page provides the controller driver of card reader for this model of laptop. This is the driver that controls the SD card.

    I recommend that you download this driver. Access the Device Manager, and then uninstall the previous driver. Reboot the laptop.
    After restarting again the OS must find a new device and should request the necessary driver.
    Then you must point to the driver that you downloaded and should complete the installation.

    Usually, this should solve your problem.

  • need driver card chart and WLAN drivers

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    First install the Intel chipset driver and restart.

    Then try this graphics driver and reboot.

    You need this driver for the wireless... dIndex? softwareitem = ob-131223-1 & cc = us & dlc = en & lc = e...

    Bluetooth driver: dIndex? softwareitem = ob-130390-1 & cc = us & dlc = en & lc = e...

  • X 230-problem with Driver card reader


    I found a bug with the card reader Driver. I use Windows 8 x 64 and with installed Driver card reader, I often have a high CPU usage after waking from stand-by. It is caused by the SYSTEM process. In investigating this, I discovered that it was caused by the module of the driver for the card reader. I uninstalled and you have no problems since.

    Am I the only one to go through this and I have no disadvantage to uninstall this driver?

    Hi TPuserX100e,

    I'm glad you found the cause of this! I experienced it myselfand so far have not noticed any bad Effect to use the generic driver.

    I hope this helps!

  • Satellite A500D - FN key does not - need tool for Vista 64-bit

    Hi experts,

    I would like to ask for help on the problem of my laptop.
    The FN key is not working now. I tried to restart the Flash cards, but nothing happens.
    I read on a few discussions that I must download the VAP and drivers section flashing utility.

    That is, that there is no option for vista 64 on the list. I have the European backup installation discs (CD 7 or 9?) but I do not intend to reinstall new OS.
    I can not activate the button for the antenna, because it requires the combination FN + F8.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you


    It seems that there are only some a lot of drivers for Vista 64 bit for Satellite A500D not published on the page of the European driver Toshiba
    This is why I would recommend checking the VAP (value added package) and card Support Flash Utility released for a series of Satellite A500.

    In fact, utility Support Flash Cards for Vista 64-bit is a v

    Value added package v1.2.8

    Hope this helps!

  • Re: Satellite A200 (PSAE3E) activation Bluetooth cause BSOD using Win 7 64 bit


    I have a problem with Bluetooth in Satellite A200 (PSAE3E).
    My OS is Profwessional in Win7 64 bit.

    When I install a pilot system BT did everything correctly, then by restarting (after inviting).
    When the WiFi and BT switch is off, everything is ok but after turning a wireless connection with this switch after fiew second computer shows dump and does not work... Restert help until the next turn on the switch on the front panel.

    What's wrong? I am trying to install the drivers, unistalling everything and install...

    Thank you very much for the help.


    Have Hmm you tried reinstalling the BT stack once more?
    How about Wlan driver update? Have you tried that too?
    If this isn't it.

    Here you will find the BT and Wlan Toshiba Europe page Portal Portal:

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    I download

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    Thank you

    HP Windows PE 3.0 Client x 86 and x 64 package driver

    64 bit




    32 bit

    sp71913\hp_dt_nb_wks_1.05\x86_winpe3\network\intel\P00KEKB2\Flat\Win7-32\E1D6232. INF

    sp71913\hp_dt_nb_wks_1.05\x86_winpe3\network\intel\P00KGTB2\Flat\E1D\E1D6232. INF

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