Satellite A200-10W: cannot use shortcut keys Fn after installing XP

I installed the XP drivers a new? Control, drivers, Hotkey Utility, but problem is staying. I can't? t use these keyboard shortcuts. Any ideas?



Satellite A200-10W belongs to the PSAEC series.
Are you sure you used the right drivers for the A200 series right?

In addition, I would recommend installing all the drivers available XP and tools on Toshiba as Chip Set Utility or hardware configuration page

See you soon

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  • Satellite A100 PSAA9A: Cannot use fingerprint & keys Fn after the new installation of Vista


    I am currently using toshiba A100 PSAA9A initially running a winxp pro sp2.
    But recently I received a window Vista on the other computer manufacturing so I reformat and installed.

    But after the installation, I checked all driver devices and they are all installed correctly.
    But I can't use fingerprints, as well as the shortcut key by pressing Fn more

    does anyone have a solution to this?
    Thank you very much

    Thanks for the info

  • Satellite A200-10W: I lost dual-mode Touchpad after Windows update

    I got a satellite A200-10W. The touchpad worked well at the beginning. Then, an update of windows has been installed and I lost dual mode on my touchpad.

    It is for me a normal function as a touchpad, but the mode button does not work. It lights, it do give me the button options, volume control does not work it did not scroll even in normal mode either.
    I reinstalled the drivers both synaptics and alps, but nothing helped.

    How can I ever use dual-mode again?

    Thanks for any help!


    Very strange I didn't noticed any problem with the touchpad after the windows update.
    I have updated my windows and then lost the sound. After restarting again I ran the update and the Øresund back

    But if you, it seems that the MS updates could be a bad influence on the functions of touchpad.

    Have you chosen the touchpad drivers just for the PSAECE series?
    The Synaptics Touch Pad driver to set the properties and the touch pad control functions.
    And the Alps Electric Touch Pad Driver allows you to set the properties and functions of mouse control.

    Perhaps you need to configure the settings again after the new installation of drivers touchpad?  :|

    But have you tried to update to Windows Vista again? Sometimes, you have to restart the laptop to get all the necessary updates that will fix the problems.

    In a value of the case, recover the laptop and does not perform the updates of windows

  • Satellite A200 PSAF0A - cannot use the DVD writer / reader more

    Anyone has any advice on this?

    Laptop: Satellite A200, PSAF0A
    Require: DVD burner / player sofware.

    My hard drive died last week, so a techno guy installed a new and reinstalled the OS (Vista)... everything works fine. But don't have Toshiba Utilities for the use of the DVD burner / player more. Where is it? I downloaded the player to DVD from Toshiba, but it does not work. It doesn't do anything. Media player plays sound but no video.

    The software that I used to play DVDs accompanying the package when I bought it; InterVideo WinDVD I remember well.
    I downloadeded V 8, but it does not work either. I need Codecs etc, right?

    Looked at Toshiba Europe site for the DVD player, but I think it's the same DVD s/w that I have already downloaded.
    But there is no download of my model, PSAF0A (Satellite A200) in all cases.

    I do not have the CD - they are comfortable in another country! (Unless, of course, my nephew is using them as a frisbee that could well be the case). Help!

    It seems that Toshiba do not publish the DVD software on the site... maybe its due to the issues of the region / license?

    Try AVS DVD Player (its free).
    If you need a MPEG2 codec, install ffdshow

    The two are in

  • Satellite L855-10W - cannot use AMD Dynamic Switchable

    Hello everyone,

    Fistly. sorry for my bad English,

    I have Toshiba satellite L855-10w with an AMD radeon hd 7670 m.

    I wonder, why I can't use AMD Dynamic Switchable and why I can't find Intel HD 4000 which should also be integrated witch Intel I7 3610qm in my system configuration?

    What do you think about this?

    Thank you very much


    I read somewhere on the internet that the AMD Dynamic Switchable feature is not supported on Toshiba laptops.
    It seems that only nVidia optimus Technology than (for laptops with chip nVidia graphics) is supported.

  • Can satellite A300d-16W - I use HARD drive recovery after installing Win XP?

    I formatted my PC and installed XP. Can I reinstall Vista using HARD drive recovery?

    > I formatted my PC and install XP

    No, you cannot use the recovery HARD drive after installing Win XP because looks like you have formatted the HARD drive and the HARD disk partition has been erased.

    So you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk that I hope, you created before you formatted the HARD drive.


  • Satellite 2450 S203: cannot use "easy keys".

    There are four buttons in the front part of my laptop for easy to use CD/DVD/MP3 (with the laptop closed), the so-called 'easy touches... "
    Anyone know how I can turn them on? I can't use them.

    Thank you

    Hello Mara,

    the easy keys are activated by software that control of Toshiba. You can download from
    Go to Support & downloads and then to the support home page. You could choose your laptop and settings. Then you can download Toshiba controls.

    If you have it installed, go to the Start Menu and Toshiba Console. In the Console, you have an icon called Toshiba buttons. There you can set the properties of your easy keys.

    Tip: You can install all the utilities toshiba, those that make the job easier! ;-)

    Hans Bye

  • Cannot use auxiliary keys keyboard after system restore

    I had to reload XP so I used reloading with the CD backup option.  I have an emachines keyboard that has additional, such as buttons that cut, paste, volume, etc., and after that I reloaded XP from the CD, these buttons not working.  The icon zHotkey in the folder WINDOWS from my hard drive, which allowed me to use it before restoration, isn't here, so now I can no longer use one of these buttons.  How can I get them back?

    You may be able to download a program the page of Technical Support and downloads of the eMachines keyboard driver.

  • Question about the use of with Satellite A200-10W USB network card

    Can I possibly use a wireless-G USB network adapt to my Satellite A200-10W [with Wi - Fi Finder]? Pls advise. Thank you.


    Why not? Surely, you can use this stick with your machine. Just put em in a USB slot, install the drivers and then let go! :)

    If you have any other questions, then just ask.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A200-10W and 64-bit support


    I bought a Satellite A200-10W and I replaced the 1 GB of RAM with 2 x 2 GB RAM cards, but I don't see a 3.07 GB of RAM. This means that the processor architecture is 32-bit, and he cannot use a 64 bit OS or what?

    Please notify.

    Thank you


    I think that the answer to your question, you can find in this document

    Good bye

  • Is the Satellite A200-10W supports a PCMCIA slot II type

    I want to know if the side slot on the satellite A-200-10w is a PCMCIA type II port and if not, adapters external usb for the same thing?

    Hello Hari

    Satellite A200-10W does not support PCMCIA location.
    The A200 supports only the Express Card location that is placed on the left side for laptop.

    > I get external USB for the same (PCMCIA) adapters

    Don t think so. I didn't see any USB key that would allow any PCMCIA interface.

    But I rally don't know why you want to use a PCMCIA card if the Express card slot is available.
    Using cards designed for Express card slot ;)

  • Re: Dual mode does not not on Satellite A200-10W


    I m using Toshiba Satellite A200-10W but I suddenly found that the mode of double in my touchpad no longer works!

    My OS is Windows XP Service pack 2.
    By the way I checked what written here [] and I found all my settings are correct!
    Is it possible to restore double to my touchpad mode?

    Post edited by: sshehab


    Maybe stupid question now but what do I tell exactly with dual-mode touchpad?
    Have you checked the touchpad settings?

  • Satellite A200-10W - where to find drivers for 64-bit Windows 7?

    I have a laptop Satellite A200-10W. Now I have vista x 86 installed, but I want to switch to windows 7 64 bit, but I don't know where to find the drivers because on the Web site, I can't find these.

    Can someone help me? How can I use sound card, network card, webcam and others if I don't have these drivers?


    I checked the page Toshiba, Satellite A200-10W belongs to the PSAECE series and so I was able to find only the Vista 64 bit drivers: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Normally, these drivers are also working on Windows 7, then you should try. Perhaps all will work them and if you have Windows 7 with all the drivers. :)

  • How to set the memory of the Geforce 7300 in Satellite A200-10W?

    my laptop Satellite A200-10W, came with a Geforce 7300.
    I know that the card has its 256 MB dedicated memory, but I don't know how to use shared memory.
    In other how can words, I use the committed memory, as well as the memory shared of my cards.
    Thank you.


    just for info: won´t you get more than 256 MB of RAM. The only graphics memory is your dedicated, I Don t know what you mean with that shared, in my view, there is no available shared mem.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A200 - 10W PSAECE - BIOS need for Vista 64-bit


    I'm having problems trying to update my BIOS under Vista 64-bit of the system. The plashnt.sys driver generates an error when loading.
    On the update of the BIOS page I can't find no 64-bit BIOS update for my laptop Satellite A200-10W (PSAECE). Also I've seen most of the computers portable ETA is updates of BIOS of 2009 and my update to the newest BIOS comes from 2007 (version 1.80 for Windows Vista)!

    The reason why I'm trying to update my BIOS:
    I have recently installed 4 GB of RAM on my laptop, the screen of the BIOS reports 4 GB but during POST, there are only 3! Vista reports also only 3 GB of physical memory total. I ran a series of landmarks and notes I got using 4 GB are well below the marks using only 2.
    Memory modules have been tested on another laptop and none of these problems has occurred (another laptop of the manufacturer).

    So I really need a sollution to update my BIOS and prefferably a BIOS update of 2009 available for download.

    On the other hand, I was looking for specifications of my laptop on the Toshiba site and I couldn't find my model on the current models, or models discotinued page. In 2007, when I bought the laptop, it was listed as new on the current page of models, so I expect at least to see it in the abandoned list.

    Thank you for your time!

    > 1. Why there is no updated BIOS newer than that of 2007 and
    There is no update of the most recent BIOS as Toshiba didn t release new updates.
    Why? Who knows maybe a new update is not necessary.

    > . Why my laptop is not listed in the discontinuous model (Satellite a200 - 10w psaece)
    Why should it be included as a discontinued model? The A200 series is not very old... so I n t think that this series could be abandoned

Maybe you are looking for