Satellite A200 - 10W PSAECE - BIOS need for Vista 64-bit


I'm having problems trying to update my BIOS under Vista 64-bit of the system. The plashnt.sys driver generates an error when loading.
On the update of the BIOS page I can't find no 64-bit BIOS update for my laptop Satellite A200-10W (PSAECE). Also I've seen most of the computers portable ETA is updates of BIOS of 2009 and my update to the newest BIOS comes from 2007 (version 1.80 for Windows Vista)!

The reason why I'm trying to update my BIOS:
I have recently installed 4 GB of RAM on my laptop, the screen of the BIOS reports 4 GB but during POST, there are only 3! Vista reports also only 3 GB of physical memory total. I ran a series of landmarks and notes I got using 4 GB are well below the marks using only 2.
Memory modules have been tested on another laptop and none of these problems has occurred (another laptop of the manufacturer).

So I really need a sollution to update my BIOS and prefferably a BIOS update of 2009 available for download.

On the other hand, I was looking for specifications of my laptop on the Toshiba site and I couldn't find my model on the current models, or models discotinued page. In 2007, when I bought the laptop, it was listed as new on the current page of models, so I expect at least to see it in the abandoned list.

Thank you for your time!

> 1. Why there is no updated BIOS newer than that of 2007 and
There is no update of the most recent BIOS as Toshiba didn t release new updates.
Why? Who knows maybe a new update is not necessary.

> . Why my laptop is not listed in the discontinuous model (Satellite a200 - 10w psaece)
Why should it be included as a discontinued model? The A200 series is not very old... so I n t think that this series could be abandoned

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    I've got A200-10W for a few years and a year and a half I decided to change the form of Vista 64 bit do Windows 7 64 bit, I installed it, everything worked fine until a month ago what problems began to occur.

    When the BIOS screen it shows sometimes freezes and sometimes takes a minute to move to Windows 7 loading screen, I checked the BIOS version and it's 1.40 (yes I'm a fool to update only not earlier), so I decided to update the BIOS but I can't find no updates except 1.80 for Vista 32 bit can someone please help with this? =(

    SRY for grammar bar


    I agree with Akuma. You can always try the 32-bit version of Vista, it s has nothing to do with your 64-bit system. If it s is not compatible, you get an error message.

    But unfortunately I doubt THAT BIOS will help you. If the computer hangs at the BIOS screen, that it might be related to hardware. Possibly peut t computer recognize part of properly hardware like RAM, HARD drive, or something else.

    Until you try to update the BIOS to load the defaults (F9 key). Save & Exit new parameters and test again if the error occurs or not.

  • Need drivers Windows XP for Satellite A200-10W (psaece)

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    Hi Marc

    Visit the download page for Toshiba under

    Select your laptop model and you will find there the drivers of Windows XP Home edition.

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    I uninstalled to acciently mass storage controller driver and cannot find anywhere! Can someone please help me find this driver?

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    You have the following options:

    Go to the website of toshiba driver and just download it here by choosing your model and operating system:

    or go to the Intel website and download it here:

    Good luck

  • Satellite A200-10W - where to find drivers for 64-bit Windows 7?

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    Can someone help me? How can I use sound card, network card, webcam and others if I don't have these drivers?


    I checked the page Toshiba, Satellite A200-10W belongs to the PSAECE series and so I was able to find only the Vista 64 bit drivers: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Normally, these drivers are also working on Windows 7, then you should try. Perhaps all will work them and if you have Windows 7 with all the drivers. :)

  • Problem of camera Chicony after Vista Ultimate upgrade on the Satellite A200 - 1CZ PSAEC

    Hey all.

    I recently bought a Satellite A200-1CZ (PSAEC). It has Vista Home Premium preinstalled. But I wanted to be able to connect to my domain at work, so for this purpose, I had to upgrade to Vista Ultimate. The update itself went well, but after the upgrade, I can not the built-in Chicony webcam to work again. I tried to reinstall the software of the camera without success.

    I also tried to plug the driver installation to the place on the PC where the drivers. He says that it is indeed the correct drivers, but there could be missing a post in the INF file. It seems that it must be written specifically for ultimate.

    Anyone got a few other pilots or maybe a solution to this problem?


    Hi Dan

    Please don't be angry with me, but why you n t search here in the forum first?
    Advanced forum search is the option to find related discussions this topic.

    I found this:

    Also, here is the solution to your problem = TIU00000038fc


  • Is it perhaps connect my Satellite A200-10W for TV

    I could connect my satellite A200-10W to TV?
    If so, should what device I buy?

    Yes you can, simply buy a S-video ( cable you connect and you also need an Audio cable that can give an audio output to the TV (

  • Satellite P100: Need 5 in 1 card reader driver for Vista 64 bit

    I am not able to operate the card reader internal of my Satellite P100 with Vista 64 bit, it seems that in the download section, it has the drivers for Vista 32-bit, with tips for using the flashcard with vista 64?



    Try this driver Toshiba

    [ |]

    I hope this will help you

  • Satellite A500D - FN key does not - need tool for Vista 64-bit

    Hi experts,

    I would like to ask for help on the problem of my laptop.
    The FN key is not working now. I tried to restart the Flash cards, but nothing happens.
    I read on a few discussions that I must download the VAP and drivers section flashing utility.

    That is, that there is no option for vista 64 on the list. I have the European backup installation discs (CD 7 or 9?) but I do not intend to reinstall new OS.
    I can not activate the button for the antenna, because it requires the combination FN + F8.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you


    It seems that there are only some a lot of drivers for Vista 64 bit for Satellite A500D not published on the page of the European driver Toshiba
    This is why I would recommend checking the VAP (value added package) and card Support Flash Utility released for a series of Satellite A500.

    In fact, utility Support Flash Cards for Vista 64-bit is a v

    Value added package v1.2.8

    Hope this helps!

  • Satellite A300 - need drivers for Vista 64 bit

    Hi all

    I have the satellite A300 (PSAGOS - 03401C), I did a fresh install of Vista 64-bit, but unable to find the drivers for the device. Research on Toshiba driver support has not been successful.

    Any help appreciated. Thank you

    Hi married,

    Satellite A300 PSAG0S unknown to me, but on the European page, I created a similar model, PSAG0E. But the problem is that there is no drivers for Vista 64-bit, so I tried a Windows 7 64 bit and here I could found the more pilots. Normally, Windows 7 drivers should also work, they are compatible to Windows Vista downgrade.
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite A300 > PSAG0E > Windows 7 64 bit

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A200-10W: I lost dual-mode Touchpad after Windows update

    I got a satellite A200-10W. The touchpad worked well at the beginning. Then, an update of windows has been installed and I lost dual mode on my touchpad.

    It is for me a normal function as a touchpad, but the mode button does not work. It lights, it do give me the button options, volume control does not work it did not scroll even in normal mode either.
    I reinstalled the drivers both synaptics and alps, but nothing helped.

    How can I ever use dual-mode again?

    Thanks for any help!


    Very strange I didn't noticed any problem with the touchpad after the windows update.
    I have updated my windows and then lost the sound. After restarting again I ran the update and the Øresund back

    But if you, it seems that the MS updates could be a bad influence on the functions of touchpad.

    Have you chosen the touchpad drivers just for the PSAECE series?
    The Synaptics Touch Pad driver to set the properties and the touch pad control functions.
    And the Alps Electric Touch Pad Driver allows you to set the properties and functions of mouse control.

    Perhaps you need to configure the settings again after the new installation of drivers touchpad?  :|

    But have you tried to update to Windows Vista again? Sometimes, you have to restart the laptop to get all the necessary updates that will fix the problems.

    In a value of the case, recover the laptop and does not perform the updates of windows

  • Satellite A200-1AE (PSAEC) - when the new update would be available


    I have Toshiba Satellite A200-1AE (PSAEC) and the latest BIOS is since 2007.

    Toshiba means update?

    I think that old "deserts" Toshiba series and that he cares only for new.


    Hi mate

    Why should Toshiba BIOS update?
    There's a problem with your laptop that should be solved by the BIOS updated?

    To be honest, I don't know if the new update of the BIOS would be available for an A200 but if something would not would be not wrong with the old BIOS Toshiba provide an update
    One of my friends has a laptop A200 and its working properly

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A200-1AI (PSAECE) error using Toshiba Disc Creator

    I have an A200-1AI (PSAECE) running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - Bit with 3 GB of RAM and a TEAC DV-W28ECT Combi drive...

    Whenever I try to create a CD/DVD or anytype of media using Disc Creator, I get the error messages 6 or more: -.

    An unexpected error has occurred.

    This error message appears 6 times, when I run the software and select Audio or data.
    Then the window file transfer normal 6 tracking software-related the same error messages and the software is unable to burn anything... When the software is closed, it does so with 6 error messages more before closing...

    The laptop is installed with Vista 32 bit and I formatted the computer before installing Windows 7 64 bit as a clean install...
    There were no problems at any time during this process, the laptop infact has been better than ever... so far :)

    I already had 10 Roxio installed in my burning software, but I couldn't get along with it if he took off for Toshiba Disc Creator (as it's FREE!)
    Media Player and Windows itself also consumes CD ok...

    I can provide more information if necessary.

    Hi mate

    May I ask where you got the creator of Toshiba drive for Win 7 64 bit operating system?
    I checked the European driver of Toshiba page and there is nothing in the box Satellite A200.

    In my view, the error message is displayed because you use software that is not compatible with Windows 7 installed.

  • Satellite A200-10W: cannot use shortcut keys Fn after installing XP

    I installed the XP drivers a new? Control, drivers, Hotkey Utility, but problem is staying. I can't? t use these keyboard shortcuts. Any ideas?


    Satellite A200-10W belongs to the PSAEC series.
    Are you sure you used the right drivers for the A200 series right?

    In addition, I would recommend installing all the drivers available XP and tools on Toshiba as Chip Set Utility or hardware configuration page

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro A10 S811 - need drivers Vista 32 bit

    Hi all

    Im a new user in this forum my English not best... IM from Bulgaria.

    I need drivers for vista 32 bit

    Model: Satellite Pro A10 S811

    Satellite Pro A10 is model of 7 year old laptop and so old books are not supported for Windows Vista and for Windows only.
    Sorry, but Toshiba doesn't offer Vista drivers for this older model laptop.

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