Satellite A200-130: done remove from the hidden partition void warranty


remove the hidden recovery partition will void the warranty on the Satellite A200-130?

No, certainly not!

You can delete what you want ;) you can also install a different operating system.

You would lose the guarantee only if you open and disassemble the laptop or attempt to upgrade not upgradable components such as CPU for example.

Just for the note; You can set the laptop back to the factory settings using the Toshiba Recovery CD.

This would create a new hidden too restore partition.


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  • Satellite L300 - I can recover from the hidden partition


    The vista on my L300 will not start.

    I try to use the modem for the first time, but he could not communicate with the line. So I delete in "Device Manager".

    After the reboot, vista boot screen appears only for 3 seconds then restart the laptop. There is no way, no safe mode...

    Contact the hd as an external drive XP say 'unknown' 0 bytes, with Linux just like named 'vista' and I could open all the files.

    I have no recovery. DVD burning with the Toshiba Recovery program has failed tree times and so I give up.

    the hidden partition is ok. On my laptop from a different manufacture, I can recover from this hidden partition. Is it possible to do it on my L300?

    Thanks for the information



    The hidden partition you want to say has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image.
    There are files for system restore, and it is a feature of Vista, not Toshiba. If you want more information about the restore of the system here is a good article from Wikipedia:

    The HARD drive recovery folder contains the original recovery image and if you don t have access to this folder and do not burn the recovery disc, you need a new.
    You can get one from an ASP, but you can also order a disc here:

    Good bye

  • Removal of the hidden Partition

    HI, I'm going to rebuild my system with Windows Vista, as it has been bundled with XP.

    In doing so, I considered the removal of the hidden partition.  If I delete it, will be I have only be removing the option to restore the default settings?  I did recovery DVD, so if this is the case, I should be fine.  I have will always have the ability to strike the thinkvantage button at start up and have some other tools that are there, such as diagnosis, or don't lose that as well.

    Thank you


    I deleted my hidden also partition after recovery disks.   You can use the discs to restore everything, including the hidden partition if necessary.

    The removal of the partition information is here:

    An excellent guide to a clean install of Vista is here:

    Good luck!


  • Satellite A200-12s - not boot from the CD/DVD drive


    My Satellite A200-12 s does not start on CDDVD. It is well recognized in the bios. In the trunk is first CDDVD. Under Windows, it works perfectly.

    Thank you for your help
    Thanks to Google translation.

    BIOS Version 2.60 64bits

    Hi michel_91,

    If the drive works properly in Windows, it seems to be related to your startup disk. I put t know which drive you are trying to boot from, but you should try another. Maybe it s scratched or something else in order to test another.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A200-130: can I overclock the bus 667 Mhz front


    I have an A200-130 with Core Duo 1.86, which runs on a 533 bus, but as 945 GM Intel chipset supports 667 Mhz tp bus. Then, there are the possibilities of overclocking?

    Forgotten man. Computers portable overclocking are not possible.
    These procedures are possible on the desktop because the card BIOS mother different desktop provides the necessary adjustments, but the BIOS of computers laptops don't support these options!

    So he just said; is not possible

  • Satellite A200 - Crackle sound comes from the HARD drive


    I have the Satellite A200. When I start my laptop the patter comes from the hard drive.
    Someone knows something about it?

    Thank you

    In my view there s nothing wrong with your HARD drive.
    My drive HARD click every time while accessing data on the laptop and everything run ok for 3 years.

    But that doesn t mean that there is no hardware problem with your HARD drive. Usually it's not easy to tell when a HARD drive wound begins to malfunction. My first HARD drive died after 6 years of use. But the other HARD drive died after 1.5 years. This damage was covered by the warranty.

    Finally, I would recommend backup your data always on an external HARD disk to prevent data damage.

    Good bye

  • Satellite R630 - 130 missing Webcam from the device after Win7 Update Manager

    Computer laptop only 6 days in use. After that Windows 7 update integrated webcam just disappeared from the Device Manager and, as a result that does not work.

    System just can not find. New drivers did not help, as well the default BIOS setting. I even restored the system 6 days back - nothing like Web camera in the Device Manager.

    This problem is common on the Internet - but there is not a lot of information on Google.

    Any ideas?


    I really wonder why the OS cannot recognize the webcam?  :|
    Generally, if the driver or the software is not installed, you should see an unknown device, but as I understand your message, even this unknown device is not visible.

    What to say try upgrading the BIOS, I read somewhere in the forum that the BIOS update can be useful in such a situation.
    If this is not enough, try the new OS installation (recovery of the laptop) and check if the webcam seems once again

  • Re: How to start the recovery from the hidden partition?

    Sorry for my English.

    I reinstalled Windows from DVD Windows (win Vista) because I get blue screen sometimes. After the reinstallation, I had the same problem again.
    Now the shop wants to charge me for the service because recovery F8 does not work. I still have this hidden partition, but I put t know how to do the recovery. Any chance of fixing the problem?

    I don t care about the data and the blue screen, I think than is hardware problem.
    Thank you


    Now you have the problem. You can start the recovery folder HDDRecovery facility just if your laptop has the factory settings.
    When you use Microsoft facilities disk for the installation of the operating system, this option will be gone.

    You have created recovery DVD such as recommended by Toshiba?

  • Re: Satellite A200 - 1 M 4 - where the HDD partition D?

    I have Toshiba A200 - 1 M 4.
    When I open my computer, I see some hard drives C and E.
    Where is the hard drive?

    How can I make hard drives (C, D and E)?

    Thank you

    I assume that you have installed Vista on this laptop?
    Am I wrong?

    Vista uses two partitions on the HARD disk. C is necessary for the common Vista operating system and the hidden D partition is necessary for files and Vista restore options.

    Like I said what it s hidden and should not be used!

  • HP Pavilion dv7t-4100: Factory reset when Win7 was removed from the main partition

    I'm preparing this old laptop for sale. I started on a USB key and erased the C: partition where Windows 7 was installed. I then he reformatted to NTFS and set it as the partition active.

    When I rebooted and you press F11 to get to the system recovery, I get a message, there is no operating system on drive C.

    How can I do a factory reset at this point? The recovery partition is still there, I checked, so it's good. I have the ISOs for CD recovery, but I need to burn to disc to use. Is there a way to perform a factory reset of the recovery partition, without going through the hassle of doing this? I heard that there could be an option to boot from a USB?

    Thanks in advance

    Did not work. I guess I need to go buy the CD :/

  • Satellite A200-1IW waking up from the idle screen mode - black

    I lost the instructions "Eve". I have Vista 32 bit official A200-1IW.
    A few days ago, I noticed that by pushing the "sleep" button I get one screen is turned off.

    Hard drive is working as processor (I hear the fan works) and seeing only flashes red. Incidentally, Hibernation is still alive (powercfg/h on) and hybrid sleep mode is turned off as it was before in power management. So I made no changes in the BIOS and in the registry.

    Enough of tender regular Vista upgrades. And thinking about it, I ve tried to recover the System State which was confronted with the problem. No difference. I used in the powercfg /a command line it shows S3 is active, S1 and S2 is not supported.

    I ve tried to change the power management settings and get no results. I can use the hybrid sleep mode, but I put t like it. Now the "sleep mode", single screen is turned off.

    Can you help me with my problem? I found a similar problem in the forum...

    PS. I disable LAN, I have not all updates are running and other applications. Maybe some service is hunging this mode and in that case why is the work of hibernation?

    I think that the solution is simple.
    You must update the BIOS and the graphics card driver.

    I read here in the forum that it must be a solution for these problems with the mode 'sleep'.

    Access the Toshiba driver page and choose your laptop and Windows Vista.
    Update the BIOS, then the graphics card driver.
    Restart the computer to update the latest Vista patches and reboot again.

    Once this laptop procedure runs correctly

  • Satellite A200-1GH. Questions about the replacement of HARD drive

    Someone made about?
    Consider replacing _TOSHIBA MK1237GSX factory-installed ATA Device _ with HDD 320 Gb SATA - II MK3252 _Toshiba GSX_ (120±, 5400 RPM, SATA-II)

    What I'll do with the hidden partition of Windows Vista that is used for the start?
    Is it possible to ignore it?

    Any suggestions?

    > What should I do with a hidden partition in Windows Vista that is used for the start?
    The hidden partition is needed for the repair of the system!
    If something goes wrong with the system, Vista would be able to repair the system using the files from the hidden partition.
    The Vista operating system creates this partition automatically during the installation of the OS!

    After you change the HARD drive, just start using the Toshiba and Vista recovery disk should create the partitions and must run the installer automatically

  • Satellite A200-130 - how to remove the BIOS password?

    Would you help me how to remove the password of the BIOS for the Satellite A200-130 PSAE0E-00Y00YAR model?

    My laptop was asked to enter the password when I put under tension.


    Just check this article:
    [How do I remove a BIOS password if I forgot it? |]

    As you can see it s not possible to remove the BIOS password. It can only be done from an authorized service provider.

    So, you should contact the guy and ask for help. They are able to remove a password from BIOS :)

  • BT on the Satellite A200-130 pilot facilities


    I bought a new Satellite A200-130, two weeks ago and when I run the Bluetooth from the BEGINNING or F8 + function, it opens the Bluetooth driver configuration, THEN COMES THE PROBLEM: it gets stuck. I opened the Task Manager to see if it has been using any CPU.
    It was actually using 1 or 2 sometimes 3 CPU. One day I left the configuration of work from 12: 00 to 12:00 and nothing happened.

    If a expert TOSHIBA? ¦. What is the solution?
    Keep in mind that I made the recovery for him but STILL< the="" same="">

    Can anyone help?
    I will appreciate it! Thank you.

    I checked your previous assignments and it's very bad that you didn't have success with BT on your A200 Satellite installation. I have the Satellite A200-1CR with BT, and in my case everything was OK. Different components have been installed and where BT finished was ready for use.

    I know you hate me for this, but I recommend you to follow:
    1 install the OS via recovery DVD new
    2. unplug all external and Vista boot devices
    3. turn the WLAN switch on WE
    4. when the WLAN led is used in combination of keys FN + F8 and switch to BT only.
    Please, don't use option ALL

    After doing this BT components must be installed. It takes about 10 minutes, but in my case it worked fine. Please if you have time do it again. I really can't imagine that this will not work. Install BT after clean operating system installation.

    I hope that you have success next time. :)

  • Satellite A200-130: Upgrade the RAM to 4 GB but Vista 32bits see only 3.1 GB

    I just bought my laptop Satellite A200-130 memory 2 * 2 GB and trendy bars, but if I see the size of the total as memory is 4096 MB, on Windows Vista Home Edition (32 bit), in the BIOS, I can see only 3.1 GB.

    I checked on the Toshiba site and it states that the laptop can take up to 4096 MB, so can any please tell me how to fix this problem?

    Why 3. 1 GB shows, instead of 4 GB?

    Have you read or heard something about 32-bit limitation of Windows?

    Isn't it?
    Well, I advise to use google and search for it.
    It turns out that all 32-bit Windows operating systems can see only 3 GB of RAM

    In addition, you can find some details in the Microsoft Knowledge base.

    Welcome them

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