Satellite A200-14F (PSAEC): XP driver links do not work

I want to install Windows XP on my laptop.
I went to the download page and he gave me a number of xp for my A200 drivers, but the links do not work.
where can I get the drivers?

Sorry my friend, but I can't understand what you mean with not labour relations. I checked 2 minutes ago and I noticed something strange.

Can you please explain problem with links a little more precisely?

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  • Satellite A200 - 1 H 2 with Vista does not work after restoring


    I have a laptop Satellite A200 - 1 H 2 with a Windows Vista Home System.
    Computer was never connected with the Internet and I use it only for the doc write, play music and watch movies. It worked fine up until yesterday.

    After turning on, there was a massage "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" corrupt (spleen? Sorry, I don't remember).

    So, I used the product Toshiba Recovery DVD and after reinstalling system reboot. And now I have a "Startup Repair" massage, which is:
    "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically" and below:
    "If you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and then restart the computer. If you continue to see this massage, contact... blah, blah, blah. .... Click Finish to exit and turn off your computer.

    It's weird cos I have no device connected to my computer and it was during my recovery system.

    After pressing on "discovers the diagnostic and repair details" another pop-up window shows and he says, that all test "completed successfully" (the last is "Control of State Setup") and who
    "Root cause found.
    Failure so that the Setup program is underway"

    What should I do now? I don't have any bootable Windows Vista DVD.

    Please heeeeelp!

    PS. Sorry for my poor English :)

    That s odd and I assume that the laptop would be correctly after reinstalling the Toshiba Recovery disk
    However, maybe that something was wrong during the first attempt

    Try using the recovery again disk and try reinstalling this cell second time

    Good luck

  • Satellite A200: TOSHIBA Value Package - notification "Fn" do not work


    After buying the new Satellite A200 lappy I am disappointed to see this SLOW top-bar with options to adjust the brightness, zoom utilitly and so on. So, I decided to upgrade the entire Toshiba software and installed package "Value package" form Toshiba America site (transfers better download).

    Since then, top bar reacted very quickly but the notification made by key by pressing [Fn] + F6 for example disappeared! I can't adjust the brightness using my fav. FN combinations.

    Can you give me some idea of what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance,.


    The same notebook here! You are absolutely right. With the factory settings these flash cards are moving very slowly. This has been resolved with the latest version of VAP. Before installing the new version uninstall the system.

    One more thing: Please use European site downloads only if you have a European model for laptop. I agree with you that the download is pretty slow, but we have no other choice.

    When you download the VAP make sure you install the correct version (No button model 3-button or 6 button model).

  • Satellite A200 - 1 M 7: the sound does not work after the downgrade to XP


    As in the topic I have a problem with my sound card - it simply does not work under Win Xp (under Vista everything worked).

    In Device Manager I have two 'points of inquiry:
    -Controller\ PCI memory
    -Unknown device
    I assumed that the unknown device is my sound card, but still can't make it work :/

    I've already upgraded the bios and install page of toshiba Realtek drivers.

    Really need help.



    No sound after installing XP operating system. What to say man I searched here in the forum similar threads and it seems that it is a common problem.

    But you worry about don t; I think that I found the key ;)
    After installing win XP, you must update the latter State. Install all the patches and hotfixes provided by Microsoft. You must use the website to update Ms. The tool on this page checks the system and selects all necessary updates!

    Very important are the patches; KB888111 and KB835221
    These hotfixes must be installed before installing the sound card driver.

    The Realtek sound card driver can be downloaded from Toshiba or on the official website of Relatek page.

    By the way; It is very important to install drivers in the correct order. On the Toshiba page, you will find the installation instructions. So please follow the guidelines mentioned in this doc.


  • Stop Vista automatically on the Satellite A200-14F (PSAECE)

    System stops - but re - start automatically. Have updated the BIOS, but still no luck. Have tried all the settings on Vista power options.

    For me, it looks a bit like a problem of overheating or a problem of Vista system.

    Let's talk about overheating;

    Usually the laptop stops automatically if the temperature reaches a critical threshold. Then the notebooks overheat protection stops the laptop to prevent material damage.
    Especially, the temperature rises to a higher level because notebooks modules of cooling don't work properly.
    You can try to clean the fans with a professional pneumatic sprayer.
    It s a really useful tool for blowing air even if the railings of cooling and get rid of the dust and debris. These sprays, you can buy a portable computer/computer dealer.

    But this problem could be related to a software problem;
    In this case, I would recommend reinstallation of the operating system with the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    Best regards

  • Satellite Pro P200: Reinstalled audio driver - microphone does not work

    Satellite Pro P200, bought Jan 2008.

    Managed to disable onboard intervene somehow, trying to disable them so that when I got the USB speakers loud the built-ins would not interfere with the sound.

    Driver installed P200_X200_Audio_Vis3264_6015477_1.exe.

    Speakers work fine now - microphone is not.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Dave

    Did you check the audio settings in Windows Vista?
    Maybe the microphone is muted or the volume is at the lowest level. Did you check that?

    In addition, I would recommend reinstall the sound card driver. Remove the old version first and then restart the computer and install the latest version on the Toshiba site.

    You use the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?

  • Re: Satellite A200-14F - how to see 4 GB of RAM?

    Ladies and gentlemen.
    There are Satellite A200-14F
    with 1 GB of RAM

    After rising 2x2gb, it is possible to see only 3 GB of RAM

    Pls let me know what we will do to get all 4 GB

    Thank you


    Just a few hours earlier, he had someone ask them the same question:

    If it does not help, do a search on the forum, it has been discussed several times.

    Welcome them

  • Pavilion G6 touchpad driver download link does not work

    I own a HP Pavilion G6 model 2010ax.

    I tried to download the drivers for touchpad for the model from the following link on the Web of HP India site:

    A page is not displayed an error message is displayed by clicking on the download button.

    Final download link:

    Is there another place where this driver can be downloaded? Or should I use the latest orders from synaptics Web site. Even if it provides drivers to download, synaptics Web site recommends using drivers that are released by the manufacturer of the laptop.


    It seems that the driver link does not work for all phones g6-2000.

    I would use the model series g6-2100, which should work perfectly (and the download works also).

    Otherwise, feel free to use the one directly from synaptics.


  • Satellite A200 - 10W PSAECE - BIOS need for Vista 64-bit


    I'm having problems trying to update my BIOS under Vista 64-bit of the system. The plashnt.sys driver generates an error when loading.
    On the update of the BIOS page I can't find no 64-bit BIOS update for my laptop Satellite A200-10W (PSAECE). Also I've seen most of the computers portable ETA is updates of BIOS of 2009 and my update to the newest BIOS comes from 2007 (version 1.80 for Windows Vista)!

    The reason why I'm trying to update my BIOS:
    I have recently installed 4 GB of RAM on my laptop, the screen of the BIOS reports 4 GB but during POST, there are only 3! Vista reports also only 3 GB of physical memory total. I ran a series of landmarks and notes I got using 4 GB are well below the marks using only 2.
    Memory modules have been tested on another laptop and none of these problems has occurred (another laptop of the manufacturer).

    So I really need a sollution to update my BIOS and prefferably a BIOS update of 2009 available for download.

    On the other hand, I was looking for specifications of my laptop on the Toshiba site and I couldn't find my model on the current models, or models discotinued page. In 2007, when I bought the laptop, it was listed as new on the current page of models, so I expect at least to see it in the abandoned list.

    Thank you for your time!

    > 1. Why there is no updated BIOS newer than that of 2007 and
    There is no update of the most recent BIOS as Toshiba didn t release new updates.
    Why? Who knows maybe a new update is not necessary.

    > . Why my laptop is not listed in the discontinuous model (Satellite a200 - 10w psaece)
    Why should it be included as a discontinued model? The A200 series is not very old... so I n t think that this series could be abandoned

  • Problem of camera Chicony after Vista Ultimate upgrade on the Satellite A200 - 1CZ PSAEC

    Hey all.

    I recently bought a Satellite A200-1CZ (PSAEC). It has Vista Home Premium preinstalled. But I wanted to be able to connect to my domain at work, so for this purpose, I had to upgrade to Vista Ultimate. The update itself went well, but after the upgrade, I can not the built-in Chicony webcam to work again. I tried to reinstall the software of the camera without success.

    I also tried to plug the driver installation to the place on the PC where the drivers. He says that it is indeed the correct drivers, but there could be missing a post in the INF file. It seems that it must be written specifically for ultimate.

    Anyone got a few other pilots or maybe a solution to this problem?


    Hi Dan

    Please don't be angry with me, but why you n t search here in the forum first?
    Advanced forum search is the option to find related discussions this topic.

    I found this:

    Also, here is the solution to your problem = TIU00000038fc


  • Satellite A200-14F: BSOD when using the FN keys

    Hey all and its not so mind my English.

    OK, I have problem with my laptop its Satellite A200-14F and when I press the FN button for toshiba flash cards, he appears just BLUE screen and it stops my computer!

    Thanks in advance.
    P.S. I have instaled the new aded value pack and cards flash driver (thast at the start of all the problems)


  • Windows xp Satellite A200 - 19L (PSAECE) display drivers

    Can someone help me findout the display and modem drivers for Satellite A200 - 19L (PSAECE) for Windows XP... I findout all the drivers for this model in the toshiba Web site but they drivers display put wrong for this model... very strange... Because my Geforce GO 7300 display hardware id and they have posted drivers for intel... I searched in the Nvidia site but no driver for this model... Can someone help me?

    Also also lack drivers medem
    any help would be much appreciated...
    Thank you


    The A200 has been delivered with the Intel cards and nVidia mind maps! So, straight on the Toshiba driver page.

    If you are looking for a graphic driver nVidia, I would recommend research on Toshiba Canada website.

    In addition, you can visit this 3rd pilot sites that also provide graphics drivers nVidia for laptops;

    By the way; Please don't post twice next time! You have already started a thread on the same topic:

    See you soon

  • Satellite A200-1AE (PSAEC) - when the new update would be available


    I have Toshiba Satellite A200-1AE (PSAEC) and the latest BIOS is since 2007.

    Toshiba means update?

    I think that old "deserts" Toshiba series and that he cares only for new.


    Hi mate

    Why should Toshiba BIOS update?
    There's a problem with your laptop that should be solved by the BIOS updated?

    To be honest, I don't know if the new update of the BIOS would be available for an A200 but if something would not would be not wrong with the old BIOS Toshiba provide an update
    One of my friends has a laptop A200 and its working properly

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A200-21dts CD/DVD drive with a Blu - ray drive replacement


    I have a laptop Satellite A200-21dts supplied with the mat * a UJ-850 drive.

    My original disk no longer works...
    I plan to buy a new one, but I wish that whoever has a buit in the Blu - ray dvd player.

    I've heard that not all players are working with Toshiba laptops, so I would like a little help to find a bluray player that would work with my laptop.

    Two readers caught my attention:
    the Panasonic UJ - 120 and the Sony BC 5500 has.

    These drivers work with Toshibas?
    Anyone have another suggestion?

    Thank you much for the help!


    > These drivers work with Toshibas?
    I think you will have to test it yourself.
    As much as I know Toshiba didn t nothing said about Blueray players compatible Satellite A200.

    The fact is that not all readers are compatible due to different master/slave/c-salt settings.
    With the help of ODD is not compatible you will get an IDE #1 error and the drive will not be recognized by the BIOS.

    But I've read here in the forum that some guy managed to upgrade own Toshiba units with a blue ray player
    So I m thinking you've got a good opportunity to update.

  • Satellite L300 14 c: driver download link does not work for XP


    From the 19/05/2008, Windows XP compatible drivers & utilities launched by TOSHIBA, I try to download the same.

    But I am facing a common error for each download "Page is not found... "as if the source files are not all present or URL is wrong!

    Also, I could not see any link to report this problem to the administrator of the Site!

    Is one out there facing similar problem with the Satellite L3xx XP drivers?

    (These sites also take a lot of time to refresh / load, it is a common observation?)

    same thing here... the links do not work!

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