Satellite A200 - 19l: function FN Touchpad do not work Vista Ultimate


I installed my Satellite A200 - 19l new with Vista Ultimate to a microsoft dvd.
It works fine but the FN keys (like e-mail, Volume etc.) do not work on my Touchpad.

I installed the package of value added and other FN keys on the F keys work.

Thank you for your help.


Satellite A200 - 19L belongs to the PSAECE series.
The Toshiba driver page provides two drivers touchpad;
One of the Alps Electric and other Synaptics

The Synaptics driver to set the properties and the touch pad control functions.
The Alps Electric driver to set the properties and functions of mouse control.

Check if both are installed properly

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  • Satellite Pro C50-A-153 - Touchpad does not work properly

    First, sorry for my bad English.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-153, the problem is its touchpad and not work correctly, the mouse does not move when I move the finger on the pad, it seems that if I had to roll the bar "or the mouse wheel.

    Sometimes, the 'mouse' works for 20 seconds and then again the same thing. An external mouse works fine.

    It is not the problem of the functions "Fn". I tried to stop, reset the battery and press the power button to 50seconds. I also tried to uninstall the drivers for the Touchpad, and I think that I tried to change all the properties on the 'Control Panel - mouse'.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you.

    On most computers laptop Toshiba is installed the Synaptics touchpad driver. With this driver, there are available additional touchpad settings. Try it please change these settings and turn off the features you don't need.

    How to do that you can read on

    Check it out.

  • Satellite X 200-219 - the touchpad does not work as it should

    Hi all

    I recently bought a 2nd hand Toshiba Satellite x 200-219. Had some problems with it that I have overcome now, except one... The touchpad does not work as it should. I think that the cable has been damaged at some point.

    So I'm wondering if I should use the same ribbon cable to connect the keyboard to the motherboard or can I get one of a different model of PC Toshiba laptop?

    I tried searching on the net for advice but have resulted in nothing so thought I would try the forums.

    Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    I think you can use the items to the satellite X 205 series since this seems to be the same series as X 200:
    Found some related parts the touchpad:
    Satellite X 205 / X 200 touchpad Board with cable: reference number: K000047950
    Satellite part number for the TOUCH PAD FFC X 205 / X 200: K000047980

    But why you n t come into contact with a Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and order the part necessary and compatible?

  • Satellite C50D-A-12 x - touchpad does not work after Windows Update

    the touchpad does not work after the windows updare

    I always recommend you read other threads / messages and spikes before considering opening new thread in the forum

  • Satellite L50 - B - 24 c - touchpad does not work


    I apologize for my bad English, however, a few months ago, I bought a laptop Toshiba (L50 - B - 24 c) and after a few weeks, the touchpad no longer works. I have before, I had connected a mouse for your comfort for some programs.

    Now when I disconnect the mouse pointer disappears from the screen.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


    I guess that your laptop supports ELAN touchpad driver.
    I read in another thread that in the past, an update of the ELAN touchpad driver has caused a few problems and the touchpad is not working properly...

    That's why I recommend you to uninstall the driver for the touchpad MOMENTUM of the system.
    After that, restart the laptop and check if the touchpad would work again...

    In case the touch pad work, download the driver of the ELAN touchpad from the page of the Toshiba driver and install again.

  • Satellite A200 - 14 d PSAECE - Fn keys not working not not & other function keys


    (1) I ask your help on installing my Fn keys drivers for my laptop Satellite A200 14 D PSAECE.
    My OS is Windows XP and I have Bitdefender Internet Security 2009.
    Drivers Toshiba download page, I got all the drivers for my laptop (36 of all - or close), but reinstalations of Xp a lot, I did on my laptop, only after all keys Fn worked when pressing Fn + key and the corresponding icons appeared on my screen. I have read a few forum topics and I understand there's a problem on the order in which I have to install (I already installed all, but it does not work), so I need someone to tell me who are the drivers for the Fn keys only and in what order to install. Don't forget that I can turn off my Bitdefender but not uninstall.

    (2) the same problem with the buttons preset above the keys - start-stop, Internet, Media Player, Play-Stop-Rewind, I need the driver and order.

    Thank you for your time :)
    Sorry if this question is already answer in the forum somewhere, but I couldn't get this exact answer.


    I remember that the BIOS must be updated to the version of Win XP on Satellite A200 series.
    There are two different versions of the BIOS and installed (Vista or Win XP) the correct version should be used.

    But there are a lot of FN buttons which requires an additional installation of various tools.
    For example, the Touch Pad on / off Utility must be installed to use the FN + F9 keys.

    In addition, you must install the 3.22.2701 and pilot controls in order to get control of Toshiba functionality of buttons.

  • Satellite A200 PSAECE: Dual Mode Pad does not work XP

    Dear friends,

    My dual pad to stop all of a sudden.
    I reinstalled the on/off button and touch pad drivers. But still nothing.

    Y at - it a specific to the driver or software for the pad dual mode?

    If Yes, what is it?

    Thanks in advance!

    My OS is Windows XP SP2.

    Laptop model: Satellite A200 PSAECE (1 g)

    This laptop has been pre-installed with Vista am I right?

    It s I knew not what application you have installed or what drivers are missing on your laptop, but you must install the Synaptics and Alps Electric Touch Pad Driver to use the touchpad.

    In addition, the BIOS must be updated to version XP.

  • Toshiba Satellite A200 Synaptics Touch pad, scrolling does not work.

    Questions of Toshiba Satellite A200 SKU PSAF6A - 02Q01N Synaptics Touch pad, scrolling does not work.

    Operation system Win7 x 64, re-formatted and updated since Vista x 32, after having teething problems, install the drivers and do everything to work smoothly (for at least 2 months now), I managed. Today out of the blue the scrolling on the touchpad stopped working.

    I read on some forums that do, most said try using CCleaner to uninstall the driver and reinstalling.
    Tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver support Aus > drivers, done this, but received the error, (something) do not recognize the operating system.

    I went to the Synaptics site found a driver that has been recognized, it has installed but not really want to reboot the pc before I get some advice first. As there is a warning about the specific drivers for specific models and manufacturers...

    Help required, please.


    Uninstall the existing touchpad driver and install it:

    Recently, it has been already discussed on the dysfunction of the touchpad in this thread. But unfortunately it did not help him

  • Satellite A200 - 25 X - remote control does not work on Windows 7


    I have a Satellite A200 - 25 X (originally performed with Vista) and just installed Windows 7.

    Problem is that now my remote (model No. G83C0008A110) no longer works. So far, I have not found all the drivers for the remote control.

    I hope someone here can help me.

    Thank you


    Have you ever seen the Toshiba driver download page? You have an older model laptop, so pilots are moved to the archives, but it is possible to download all the drivers: > support & downloads > download drivers
    * Archive * > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A200

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A200-1VP - new WiFi card does not work

    Hi all

    I just bought an intel 4965agn wireless card to replace the original card intel 3945abg. I bought the card on ebay, it's a computer dell laptop.

    I installed it (connecting the black wire on pin 2 and the white wire to Terminal 3). The device appears in the device manage correctly without any problem. I installed the latest driver from intel for this card.

    the problem is that no wireless connection cannot be captured. the utility intel built in diagnosis, the card seems to fail the test of material. The section troubleshooting said to check the Device Manager and install the appropriate drivers. I've done it before, so I'm not sure of the problem.

    any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hi ansarali,

    Why you traded a new WLAN draft N card if you can t use it? I want to say that your laptop was only equipped Intel abg card and for standard project you also need 3 antennas and as much as I know Satellite A200 are not equipped with 3 antennas

    In addition, the antenna cables must be connected correctly. This means that you must connect the white cable to the HAND and the black cable to the auxiliary voltage
    Check this box!

  • Satellite A200 - FN and multimedia keys do not work

    Satellite A200-23d
    Windows 7

    I have problem with special function on Toshiba Satellite A200
    Can u tell me what I need to install drivers?

    First of all I recommend you to install all the stuff available from Toshiba support and download page.
    For this special features you must install the utilities and the various tools of Toshiba.

    Please re-check the Toshiba download page and install the utilities and added value package.

  • Satellite A200-1FL (PSAE6) - FN key does not work on Windows 7

    I have just installed Windows 7 on my laptop and I can't do touchpad Fn key works. I tried to install the drivers from the Synaptics touchpad, but it does not work.

    What can I do?

    Hi navarone_1,

    This means that the work of FN keys and you can t use the pad touch, right?

    Well, in this case I think that the touchpad is disabled with FN + F9 key combination and therefore, you must install the Toshiba tools to activate the FN keys.

    You can find all the drivers and tools for your laptop on the Toshiba official European page: > support & downloads > download drivers

    You need Support Flash Cards of value added and utility package. These two tools should be released for Windows 7. For Windows 7 32 bit, you can find package of added value but Flash cards Support utility you must download it from another laptop, e. g. Satellite P500. It should work on your model too.

    Last but not less than first installation package of added value and Flash then cards support utility.

  • Satellite L850 - 13N - function keys ("FN") does not work


    I have Toshiba Satellite L850-13N with Windows 7 x 64. The problem is that my function keys does not work. Could someone write me that I need to install drivers?

    PS. Sorry for my English :)

    Thanks for the help.


    Are you using the original os that you got with your laptop?
    What you need is Toshiba Value Package added. Try please reinstall.

  • Satellite A200-1 g: Fn keys do not work on Vista

    Ont. A200-1 g just to reinstall Vista Ultimate version. Drivers installed page value Pack added. With the mouse clicks on respect all works of FlashCards, but when I press Fn + F1 - F12, nothing happens.

    When FlashCards started I normally use functions via the function keys. What I can do to solve this problem, looks like there is a bug?

    Hmm... It is a very strange problem because there is a link between the sheets and the Fn keys.
    If the Flash cards are disabled keys the FN should not usually work.

    Have you installed everything as mentioned in the instructions for installation of Toshiba?

    Please it!

    The order of installation is very important. Using the right order, sometimes the will of tools and utilities does not work as usual.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A80 - 154 - keyboard and Touchpad are not working


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A80 154

    The keyboard doesn t work.
    I see the light, but no key worked. The same thing with the touchpad.
    I can t go into Bios.

    When I plug a keyboard and USB mouse in works fine.
    I am looking for a new Ebay. The best offers $ 24 + $ 6!

    I see in the Windows, the keyboard and the touchpad with one!
    I put t know what the problem is, but it's not a prob of Windows.
    It doesn t work either in Bios.

    Thank you for the help


    It looks like a hardware problem.
    If the warranty is valid, you can contact the ASP in your country for a verification of the material.

    If the warranty is not valid, you can first check if the keyboard cable is properly connected to the motherboard.
    If it s properly connected then a keyboard failure is possible and it would be wise to check if a replacement would help solve this problem.

    Compatible parts can be ordered also from the ASP in your country.

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