Satellite A200-23U: can I use microphone audio output as inbout


I have Realtek HD Audio (ALC268) card installed on my laptop.
Can I use mic on the façade as second exit?

In other words, I need 2 * independent * stereo outputs (for example, headphones and speakers).

I think he called 4.1 mode :-)

Hey Buddy

Unfortunately, this is not possible.
The port of microphone cannot be used as an audio

If you want to use audio systems 4.1 (4 speakers + 1 low boost) so you can connect your laptop to an external stereo sound system that supports 4.1 using this cable:
[Audio cable Y |]

Welcome them

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  • Satellite A200-23U - strange Grapich/display problem


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200-23U and it has a problem... sometimes graphics seems worse suddenly or are destroyed. A simple reboot can operate correctly, but it is very possible to reproduce... when I say that the graphics are getting worse I mean the resolution becomes a little bit worse, and the colors are unacceptable... some waves are created and the areas that were almost of the same color before the problem are now surrounded by a ring-wave , they have only one color with no shading and a few white spots are in these areas... after the restart, everything is ok...!

    I think the problem happens when the laptop is hot, but I'm not sure because he appeared also when the laptop was working only a few minutes in a cold environment and sometimes the device can be turned on for long hours and very hot, but the problem does not appear... Where did you think is the problem?

    The possible reasons, I can think of is the monitor or the cable that connects the graphics card with the monitor. Another reason that I n t think it's quite possible is the graphics card. I think this is less possible because if the problem exists on my laptop and I connect to another external screen as my TV, the problem still exists on the screen of the laptop, but the image on the external monitor is perfect...

    I'm ready to put new and bigger (2 GB I'll put 4gp) memory ram because the graphics card uses the RAM and the RAM is very high work when I play a game or watch a move.

    Do you think it will help or solve problems? What do you think I could do?

    Hi John

    What then? As I see you have good test connect your laptop to the TV. Always is that this test can help you see if the problem can be related to the graphics card, but if there is no problem graphics card is probably OK and this graphic problem must relate to something else.

    Of course, this virtual path, no one will be able to offer the exact diagnosis and say what can be the problem and we can only speculate what part of the material may be troublemaker.

    In my opinion there must be a problem between the motherboard and display. I don t think that the display is faulty, but perhaps the cable must be exchanged, perhaps connector on motherboard make problems. It is not easy to say what to do.

    Fact is that analysis only offer exact answer so I think you need professional help with this.
    Maybe you should contact the closest service Toshiba and ask for help. Let them check it all and ordering new parts if necessary.

    I put t think that you want to risk and disassemble the laptop everything yourself, have you?

  • How to install Windows XP on the Satellite A200-23U?

    I bought the Satellite A200-23U. I downloaded the BIOS for xp version 5.4, but isn't not suport drivers SATA and windows xp does not work.

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager is the key ;)

    You must first install the SATA driver, which is part of the Intel Matrix Storage Manger.

    In this forum, you will find discussions much useful on this topic

    Search all simply

  • Satellite A110-275: can I use FAT32 instead of NTFS with recovery CD?

    Satellite A110-275
    Can I use the file system fat32 instead of ntfs disk recovery system.


    Well, on the Toshiba Recovery CD you will find only the ghosts.
    This ghost files contains image with all the files and data from HARD drive.
    I guess that the image was made on NTFS.

    I think it s not able to change the file system on the HARD disk without formatting or losing data on this HARD drive.
    If you want to change the FAT32 file system, you must format the HDD to FAT32.

    But I put t know why you want to do. It makes no sense to me.
    In my opinion, the NTFS system is more powerful than FAT32

  • Satellite A40: Can I use the audio as audio output

    can I use audio (microphone) as audio output on my Satellite A40? I need two audio output jacks to use an audio system 4.1. I got a PC where it was possible by changing the Bios.

    What? Audio input in the form of Audio?

    Sorry, I put t really believe that it of possible.

  • Satellite A200-1CR: can I install Vista using my Vista DVD installations?


    I would like to get some answers to my questions...

    I have the satellite A200-1CR (PSAE0) and I want to install vista on my own... not with the recovery DVD but I have some serious questions...

    (1) may I have problems during the installation... (Drivers SATA, etc.), problems of BIOS or Toshiba has no restrictions?

    (2) what problem if I erase the secret (winre) partition and what is its purpose?

    (3) if I do a clean install with my DVD with my vista... If I want in a future close that I can use the recovery DVDs I got it or not?

    (4) to the drivers section for my laptop for each part has 5,6,7 or 8 drivers for win vista... which is good, or it's all the same?

    (5) in general, what do you propose? Are there reasons why not to do my format? I did a large number of formats in desktop, but never in the notebooks.

    Sorry if you tired with my questions and sometimes my bad English...
    Thank you in advance...

    Why not.

    As to the question;

    (1) possibly the Vista operating system does not recognize the HARD drive during the installation of the OS. In this case you must install storage Intel Matrix (Robson package) Manager first! It of a driver SATA and can be found on the Toshiba or Intel driver page.

    (2) Windows recovery environment (WinRE) is placed on the hidden partition and it of necessary to restore a damaged operating system.
    The Vista operating system automatically creates the hidden partition and Windows re installing the OS.

    (3) Yes, you can use the Toshiba Recovery CD. But it erases the entire HARD drive always.

    (4) take a newer version

    (5) generally I put t see any reasons to get in shape. The preinstalled Vista operating system has been configured and all the tools of Toshiba, drivers and additional software should work very well.
    I don't recommend a new format if the operating system is working well.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-1AG: can use the play, pause buttons with other software?


    I have question about my satellite A200-1AG.
    It's as well as the power button some other which are assigned to media player.
    Can I reprogrammed in some way to the music of change/play/stop/skip with the buttons?

    I never use media center, I know it is asigned a deflaut with the toshiba Vista Home recovery disk, but I just use winamp

    Is there a solution?

    No, as far as I know you cannot reconfigure the keys like play, pause, stop, etc.
    They can be used only with WMP (windows media, media center player)

  • Satellite Pro A200-16N: can I use the recovery CD after upgrade to Vista


    IM thinking of upgrading to windows vista on my Satellite Pro A200-16N and I ran the pre-upgrade of windows vista from microsoft website and it says that my system will be in charge of windows vista so im ok about it.

    The problem is that if my laptop was to break or something like that at some point, will my recovery CD provided by toshiba to work always on the laptop with windows vista?
    They will return the laptop for windows xp or from my laptop has another operating system they will not work?

    What's the deal with BIOS? : S
    I don't understand!
    If I were to upgrade to windows vista should I upgrade my BIOS before or after the upgrade to vista?
    As I download the new drivers before upgrading Yes?

    Thank you!

    The restore CD will of course work.
    The recovery CD will always set the laptop back to the factory settings. This means that the whole HARD drive will be formatted and the image of Toshiba will be installed.

    > What's the deal with BIOS? I put t understand!
    > If I were to upgrade to windows vista should I upgrade my BIOS before or after the upgrade to vista?
    To my knowledge, that this laptop was already shipped with Vista, so you need not update the BIOS if you want to reinstall Vista.

    Some series Satellite A200 needs a BIOS update if you want to use the XP.
    In such cases, it s advisable to upgrade the BIOS to version XP first, then install OS X.

    Best regards

  • Need help with installing the driver Vista for Satellite A200-23U


    N ° Version of the component name
    1 Windows Vista RTM
    2 native Intel ICH7M Chipset utility
    3 945GM Intel display driver
    3 nVIDIA Display Driver G72MV-A3/NB7P-GS
    Realtek Audio driver ALC861D 4
    5 Realtek 8101E 10/100 / Driver LAN Gigabit 8111
    6 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver (with LuxPad)
    7 ALPS Touch Pad Driver
    8 card reader TI Multiple digital media
    9 TOSHIBA software modem
    10 Golan Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    11 Kedron Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    12 Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
    Camera Chicony 13 software
    14 Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
    15 Bluetooth monitor
    16 TOSHIBA Value Added Package
    17 TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support utility
    TOSHIBA 18 hardware configuration utility
    19 TOSHIBA supervisor password
    20 TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities
    21 TOSHIBA ConfigFree
    22 TOSHIBA Assist
    TOSHIBA Speech System 23
    24 TOSHIBA Extended tiles for Mobility Center Windows V1.01
    TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility V5.6.0.3221 25

    But the [code] nes & action = search & teddProduct = 738 & selShortMod = 532 [/ code] I don't know what connection is No2 chipset driver (I use vista 32 bit), similar what link is No3 display driver.

    Can you help me to download 25 entry because I'm bad at computing :(
    Sorry because of my English... THX

    Hey Buddy

    You have a machine with the ATI graphics card. Am I wrong?
    If Yes, then the Chipset driver is ALREADY included in the ATI graphics driver that is available on the European driver Toshiba page!

    The order of installation displays the instructions step by step for all THE portable Satellite A200 PSAE6E but the fact is that devices were equipped with different material parts and that's why some single drivers do not appear or are not available.

    Once again; Utility/driver chipset is available/included in the ATI graphics driver

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Impossible to install the audio drivers after installing Win XP realtek


    Recently, I repartitioned my laptop HD to install XP and kubuntu (it came with vista)... However, I was not able to install audio drivers for its audio devices...

    The laptop is a toshiba Satellite A200-PSAE6E and everest indicates the following audio controllers:

    ATI hd 2xxx hdmi @ ati radeon hd 2600 - controller high definition audio
    Realtek alc268 @ intel 82801hbm ich8m - audio controller high definition

    First I tried to download the audio drivers high definition realtek web site (32-bit version of windows xp). I tried to run the installation, manually navigating to WDM file during the installation of the pilot and navigation manually the folders where the drivers have been copied during the installation under c:\windows\system32\... all to nothing done...

    Then I tried to download drivers toshiba official of the support web site of europe from toshiba for the realtek chip... I've lived the same behavior (both when you run the Setup program and install manually force pilots)

    Then I tried to download the drivers for ATI HDMI audio device from realtek website... with the same results...

    Windows tells me that it was impossible to find a driver in the any of the archives...

    The only thing that could be the culprit because as far as I can tell, is that I installed service pack 3 RC2...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    P.S. I've tried the two automatic installation through specification of a folder and choose the options "I will manually choose a driver from the list" in the hardware installation wizard... the result is always the same... Note that the audio works perfectly under ubuntu...

    P.S.2 IMPORTANT! I recently discovered that toshiba offers bios versions for the A200 PSAE6E depending on if it is equipped with windows xp or vista...

    This refers to which the operating system has been installed when the system was purchased, or the operating system that is currently used? Can I upgrade the Bios of my laptop with the XP version or this break from things?


    Regarding the sound issue.
    A lot of people already asked for it here on the forum and my knowledge the driver sound doesn't work because that some Member States the fixes and patches are missing.

    Please check this thread:

    You will need to install KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix

    With regard to the BIOS;
    Yes, some series of laptops needs a version of XP BIOS if you want to install and use the XP on the laptop. AFAIK the A200 is one of these series of laptops.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-1AI (PSAECE) error using Toshiba Disc Creator

    I have an A200-1AI (PSAECE) running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - Bit with 3 GB of RAM and a TEAC DV-W28ECT Combi drive...

    Whenever I try to create a CD/DVD or anytype of media using Disc Creator, I get the error messages 6 or more: -.

    An unexpected error has occurred.

    This error message appears 6 times, when I run the software and select Audio or data.
    Then the window file transfer normal 6 tracking software-related the same error messages and the software is unable to burn anything... When the software is closed, it does so with 6 error messages more before closing...

    The laptop is installed with Vista 32 bit and I formatted the computer before installing Windows 7 64 bit as a clean install...
    There were no problems at any time during this process, the laptop infact has been better than ever... so far :)

    I already had 10 Roxio installed in my burning software, but I couldn't get along with it if he took off for Toshiba Disc Creator (as it's FREE!)
    Media Player and Windows itself also consumes CD ok...

    I can provide more information if necessary.

    Hi mate

    May I ask where you got the creator of Toshiba drive for Win 7 64 bit operating system?
    I checked the European driver of Toshiba page and there is nothing in the box Satellite A200.

    In my view, the error message is displayed because you use software that is not compatible with Windows 7 installed.

  • Satellite A200-196: can't get all speakers to work with the home theater sound Creative T7900

    I run windows Vista Home premium, on my Toshiba Satellite A200-196, and I have a creative T7900 7.1 System.
    I'm not all stakeholders to work. Only the woofer and two front speakers are currently playing a sound.

    The sound in Control Panel option gives me the options in addition to stereo speakers.

    I have no possibility to choose 5.1 or 7.1 speakers and I need to know do I need a software driver (all drivers are appearing to date), or do I have to change to another option, or buy an external sound card?

    I have only two input jacks, input microphone and headphone output. How can I get all stakeholders to work and achieve the home theater experience?


    I Don t think that the sound card is capable of doing 5.1/7.1 since there are many takes longer then a "sound-output.

    If I were you, I would buy an external USB soundcard that is capable of doing 5.1 or 7.1 to offer you experience complete home theater.

    Another solution is not existing. Sorry mate.

    welcome them

  • Re: Satellite A200-1IZ - can I install RAM 800 MHz?

    I have a Satellite A200-1IZ and I want to change my orginal RAM memory 2 x 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 2x2gb 800 MHz DDR2. It will work properly with 800 MHz?
    Here's something on the processor and RAM:

    Intel Centrino Duo processor with Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 processor technology, card WLAN Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN and Intel PM965 Express chipset
    Clock speed: 2.0 GHz
    FSB: 800 MHz
    level 2: 2 MB cache
    Standard system memory: 2 048 (1 024 + 1 024) MB
    maximum extension: 4 096 MB
    technology: DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)


    Theoretically, you can use the 800 MHz modules because they are compatible downgrade. This means that the RAM is also able to run at 667 MHz. as much as I know that the chipset supports only up to 667 MHz speed and you won't see a performance gain and you can also buy some RAM to 667 MHz.

    In any case, I have good experience with RAM Kingston. I use the modules of this factory always for the upgrade of my notebooks.
    Maybe this information is useful for you

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-1CO - where to find the audio driver?

    Hello dear users of Toshiba

    Could you tell me where I can download free audio driver for Toshiba Satellite A200-1 Cor?

    very graitful in advance


    I put t know to what operating system you need an audio driver but all the drivers, you can find here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    As far as I know that it belongs to the PSAE0E series, so you must search for Satellite A200 PSAE0E downloads.

  • Satellite A200 - I can boot from PCI express card?

    I have a laptop A200.

    I recently bought a PCI expresscard HD. Many people have asked this question already on many sites and regarding several different brands and models of laptops. According to anadtech and other techys the only way to do an ExpressCard hd is updated the BIOS. During the installation of Windows it says that it canoe on the device because the BIOS is not able to boot from it.

    Toshiba creates a new BIOS to allow starting the expresscard hd or not Toshiba have a laptop model that will allow already, as im thinking of buying a new laptop but only if this option is available.

    There someone using windows vista/xp knows a way round.


    As far as I know it s not possible to boot from PCI express card on Satellite A200.
    In addition these books where you can boot from this slot are not known to me. Only the options HDD, CD/DVD, USB and network, but all that s.

    In addition, I put t know what you mean with PCI expresscard HD.
    Is what exactly?

Maybe you are looking for