Satellite A200 - 26 d: yellow exclamation next to WLan in Device Manager

Bought this from a parent who was downgraded from Vista to XP pro - The intel 3945ABG wireless card at the point of yellow exclamation next to it in Device Manager

_ * I tried things * _

-updated the driver from Toshiba Web site
-update the driver from the Intel Web site
-unistalling the device and put it back
-Disabling the device and re enabling
-update the bios
-around of rooting in the bios to see if there are any settings that might work
-Reinstall Vista
-Reinstall XP
-installation of windows 7
-control of the wireless switch is turned on on the front of the machine

Trawling the internet for hours to see if anyone else has had the same problem. There is more, but can't remember

* _things I do not have tried_
-Disassemble the machine and replace the card
-a fall from a table to see if things improve

I am currently using a usb wireless card attached to the lid using masking tape

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much


All drivers Toshiba wlan you can find here:

How to identify the unknown device read here:

This helps you search within the base driver

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    I have a Satellite U300 PSU30E Windows XP, SP3.

    After installing iTunes version 8 and after I rebooted, I get a popup that a new device has been added.
    The "device wizzard" fails to locate the appropriate drivers and I get relevant messages that the appliance could not install and so on. ""
    The system seems to work very well.

    In Device Manager I see that, under the family of controllers IDE ATA/ATAPI devices, I have a yellow exclamation mark next to "Base system device". All devices IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers tree appear in good condition. The family tree of device is:

    -IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    --- (!) Base system device
    -Intel 8280 1HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller
    -Intel(r) ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2850
    -Main channel IDE
    -Ricoh SD/MMC Host Controller
    -Ricoh xD - Picture card controller
    -Secondary IDE channel

    The machine seems not disabled on any topic, but I get the 'new device' message every time I start up as well as the routine "cannot install device.

    No idea what kind of device is that 'base system device' in the family of the IDE controllers?
    I reinstalled the drivers of Intel chipset to no change in the status of the device.

    Thank you very much!

    What happens if you remove iTunes8?
    You have the same problem after that?

    It is really strange, but maybe it has something to do with the upper and lower filters. The point is that if you install the CD/DVD software, they install filters in the registry that can cause compatibility problems.
    So follow this work around and post your result:

  • Satellite P200D-12f - two yellow exclamation mark in device Windows 7 Manager


    I have a 12f pspbqe toshiba p200d and I installed win 7 on it.

    everything works great but I have two yellow problems in Device Manager. can't get rid of them. I installed the thing u suggested and it work: S

    help please :)

    a device is unknown and the other is the mass storage device


    It would be interesting to know what you have installed yet things.
    In addition, you should check the vendor and device ID in Device Manager to identify the device.

    I know for mass storage controller, you must install the Intel Storage Manager.

  • Satellite A200 - can connect to the network (LAN & WLAN) but no Internet

    Hi all

    I have a problem very annoying and confusing.

    I've just set up my internet connection at home. From the beginning, my Toshiba was unable to properly communicate with the router to set up the connection, I had to use Mac. my partner

    After much time spent talking with the ISP and the manufacturer of the router, I was told that there is a problem with my network card - it is not compatible with the router. I don't think that this is the case, my laptop is fairly new, newer than the router actually. So, it seems a logical explanation. As this laptop was able to connect to every other internet connection as needed. And more importantly, my phone can communicate with the router as I can connect 'local only' but not to the internet. I get an error that can not diagnose Vista.

    Device Manager shows that my wireless and ethernet devices are working properly.

    My network settings are also on the parameters required by the router.

    I'm at a loss total, and personal support from my ISP and DLINK (manufacturer of the router). Any help / advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you


    Hello, Edward

    This explanation of compatibility is for me nothing else good joke. I use PC Toshiba laptop for years and none of them has a few special network adapter.

    Can you please as first step test the functionality of connecting your laptop to another router? Maybe some friend of you can help.
    When you connect your laptop using the cable LAN is green LED on ONE LAN port?
    You see a flashing orange?

    Do you have access to the settings of the router using internet explore on your Satellite A200?

  • WXP on Satellite A200 - 1 M 7 - now I have 4 unknown devices


    I had problems installing Windows XP SP2 home edition on my Satellite A200 - 1 M 7.
    Vista comes with this laptop, but I decided to go back to the roots.
    Downloaded all the drivers available for this model and install.

    Now, I have 4 unknown devices in the hardware monitor.
    I guess I know what it is because I still don't see things working:
    1. audio card: update done BIOS, installed kb888111 and kb835221 and sound driver. No change.
    2 Bluetooth monitor: installed the driver but also no change.
    3. WiFi: the same thing, I can see the window manager of Atheros Wi - Fi, but it does not work (I am sure about that because I have another laptop nearby, and he sees my Wi - Fi router).

    Does anyone have these problems and how to solve it?

    Very simple procedure ;)

    The Satellite A200 - 1 M 7 seems to belong to the series PSAE3E and you should switch in this series to download all the drivers from Toshiba.

    Before you install the try XP updated the BIOS to the XP version (at this time v.5.30 - victory)
    Then check install Instructions txt file and install all THE drivers Toshiba and tool using the order mentioned in the present document.

    Please note that Windows XP should be updated to the State and several important fixes must be installed directly on the Microsoft site.
    So I would recommend checking the MS Update site and install every difficulty.

    By the way;
    Bluetooth monitor is not the installation of the driver the driver Portal Toshiba BT BT:

    All Wlan driver can b found here:

    Driver Sound is also located here:

    Best regards and happy new year

  • Satellite A200-23Z - where can I find the WLAN drivers?


    Where I could find drivers Wireless LAN for Windows 7 for my laptop Toshiba Satellite A200-23Z?

    Thank you



    You can download the WLAN driver on Toshiba WLAN Portal:

  • Satellite A350 - NO led WLan, no. WLan in Device Manager


    I have the same problem...

    The led does not, not F8 in flash cards, no adapter wifi in Device Manager.
    The problem appeared after being reinstalled system.

    I tried everything (also this thread) and even to try to install the new wifi adapter - same situation takes place.
    When I search on the internet for solutions it apeared that many people had same problem after reinstaled the system.
    Please help :)

    (btw sorry for errors that may appear in this post in English is not my mother tongue ;)

    Post edited by: meraszka


    > The problem appeared after being reinstalled system.
    How do you reinstall the operating system?
    Have you used the Toshiba Recovery disk?

    If not then I guess that you have installed the wrong driver WLan

    > no adapter wifi in Device Manager.
    You have a yellow exclamation point in device-> network cards Manager?
    If so, then that would mean that a WLan driver is missing

    I put t know what WLan card you have, but you can find all the drivers here WLan:

    PS: make sure that the BIOS is up to date and it has been set to the default settings.

  • Satellite P30 - error code 43 on the graphics card in Device Manager

    Windows Vista Professional Edition loaded as my new OS for the studies and course work. Now my display driver no longer works correctly.

    Device Manager displays the following message on the graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700: 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) »

    Have search everywhere on the web for solutions but limited knowledge prevents me to get a positive result. There must be someone out there who can help...

    Hi BigPappaDom,

    In my opinion to get rid of this, you need to reinstall the display driver. I have checked the site of Toshiba Satellite P30 is no Vista driver available. This means that you must find yourself to get all the drivers. :(

    I searched a bit and you should try to install the Satellite P200D display driver. She also equipped graphics card ATI and this driver must be compatible with your other oldest: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite P Series > Satellite P200D > display driver

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L300-2This - wireless network adapter is not listed in Device Manager

    PL. seated me in solving the WIFI issue in my newly purchased Toshiba Satellite L300-2This (PSLBGE 020004AR)

    1. me confirm - this model is equipped with WIFI as shown in the Web of Toshiba site but my device manager it is not displayed at all. (using Windows XP)-its only display Realteck LAN

    2. I installed the drivers from the site web of Toshiba - but always hardware WIFI not be picked up by any driver. Device Manager showing that a single 'Ethernet LAN' not installed-may be it is the WIFI card but once again on three pilots (real teak/intel/Ac..). which is the right selection computer-based laptop model No.? as none does not detect the hardware.

    3. confirm me - this model is NOT - equipped also BluTooth?

    Appreciate the quick response in this regard.

    Violaine Asim

    Hi mate,

    Just a simple question: have you activated the wireless network adapter using the hardware on the computer switch portable and key combination FN + F8?

    Satellite L300 is permanently equipped with wireless network card because a friend of mine had the same specifications.

    However, you should try to update the WLAN driver. Check the download page of the Toshiba driver for an update.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - 1-2 - card WiFi is not displayed in Device Manager

    I have TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300 1 2
    Model number: PSAGGE-00100JRU
    Operating system: Windows XP SP3

    On the server of the laptop, there is a sticker saying he took radio RT8187B device.

    Unfortunately this feature is not in the Device Manager.

    Tried to install different drivers (including the latest Realtek) - no result.
    Tried to add the device manually choose these drivers - no result.

    Switch the trigger switch on the front panel only translates the appearance/disappearance of device Bluetooth in Device Manager but the device wireless in not there.

    FN + F8 does not help also.

    Maybe someone has any ideas?

    All advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    The Realtek RT8187B is the WiFi card in Notepad.

    You should try to update the driver. Search on the WIFI portal for an update:

    More updated the BIOS to the latest version. You can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Did you install the laptop with the Toshiba recovery disc or disc of Microsoft?

  • Satellite A200-1GC (PSAE3E) how to disable the WLAN switch?

    Hello everyone,
    is it possible to disable this stupid wlan switch, which prevents any new wlan card working properly? I tried to install several different wireless network cards: Intel 5100, Intel 5300 etc. Each card was working properly (Device Manager), but the wlan led not lit. Windows 7 64 bit always says, I should switch. But the switch is already turined. I installed the additional package of value also. The Fn + F8 key combination just doesn't work. When I install the old WiFi Intel 3945 card, then everything works well: the wlan led beds and so on. All reviews of toshiba in charge of people maybe?
    Kind regards

    I found a solution by myself. I cut the wire on my WIFI 5100 leading to pin 20 on the map. Still, the switch does not, now, does not prevent my card work nomally. Now I have plenty of 300 Mbps speed. :)
    Another option would be to cover the pin 20 on the map with a tape for example.

  • Yellow icon hp DVD-RAM GH82N Device Manager

    Hi guys and gals, recently I came across a small yellow icon which indicates a code 19 on the disk drive. Looked for the driver, but no luck is around or I have to go to another site?


    Try to follow the procedure at the title of the subheading "Let fix me it myself" on the link below to delete the upper and lower filters and see if that helps the issue.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite pro A60 com port are not not in modem device manager

    Have a new A 60 pro and cannot connect to the internet via the modem.
    The offer of 'solutions' by help needed to make sure com port 1 was turned on, but only a lpt port has been listed.
    XP pro says that the modem works well.
    How to get com port 1?


    Hey there,

    IM afraid that you do not have a hw to port com on the device. Com ports you have on the laptop are "virtual ports. If you're expriencing diffuculties internet connection, could you please go to Device Manager (by going to the system control panel and choose the Hardware tab) and then access the properties of the Toshiba software modem, go to the diagnostics tab and click the query modem button and display the result.

    See you soon,.

    PS you'll only com port listed in Manager of devices if and only if you have a serial port on the computer.

  • Satellite U400-138 - wireless network card does not appear in Device Manager

    Hardware WiFi isn't in Device Manager.
    Win Vista 32 bit, Ultimate

    Realtek Semiconductor Corporation

    May I ask what is the problem with your laptop?
    You description is not really useful

  • Re: Shows Satellite A300-243 with XP 64-bit? on the Device Manager


    I downloaded the Xp Professional-64 bit OS on my laptop.
    But it show in Device Manager after that? on
    Adapters - adapter VGA according
    Other devices - Audio Bus audio device high Defination
    -Device base system (4 issues)
    -Bus Audio modem device high Defination
    -SM Bus controller
    -Video controller

    Where can I find the dirvers for the latter

    Thank you


    You need drivers for Win XP 64 bit. That's fact.

    -Video controller is a graphics card and the graphics card driver is necessary.
    I think that the GPU is chip Mobile Intel GMA 45. Check the Intel driver page

    -High Defination Audio Bus modem device it s a modem driver

    -Audio Device on high Defination Audio Bus is the sound driver.
    It s a Realtek audio chip and you can try to use the driver for the Realtek page.

    But this is VERY important: you must first install MS KB835221 & KB888111 patch before install you the audio driver.
    The patches are part of the SP3 too. Therefore, it would be desirable to install and update Win XP before installing the sound driver!

    See you soon

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