Satellite A200-AH106C - cannot insatall the Intel Wlan driver

Reformatted hard and installed new copy of Windows XP Pro.
Downloaded from the Toshiba Canada for XP drivers

Network worm XP Windows driver
IMDGInst.exe decompression and running - window "Intel (R) Pro Wireless driver install.
Now, Setup, please wait... .then window disappears. (4 seconds without activity)

Audit of the NICs in Device Manager
* Network adapter 1394
* Realteck RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Other devices with question marks
* Ethernet control
* Mass storage control
* PCI device
The controller of SM Bus.

Any suggestions please.


Was reading my post, not much of a question! I'm sorry.

Bought A200 and formatted the hard drive and installed XP Pro that I am not yet ready for Vista.
Installed ok and downloaded the drivers and be able to install the driver for wireless network.

The Readme.txt says to run the .exe file unzip the files, and then run the IMDGInst.exe

He runs and displays the window mentioned above and does practically nothing.

Looks like this isn't the correct file bit, that I have nothing else to go other than the model number and part mentioned in the subject line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
* (estame6 atsbcglobal dotnet) *.

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